Week 24 A box by Jack

One day I was walking home from my friend’s birthday party when I noticed a box made of cardboard on the footpath and of course I bent down to pick it up. On the side of it, it said Raymandos Great Circus and on the other side of it, it said Danger do not open.  But of course, I opened it and it was empty.  What a surprise!

But little did I know,  I had unleashed a danger on the whole world.

Week 24 The Box By Szymon

Not too long ago a box full of expensive jewellery was stolen and everyone was looking for it. We were looking for it for about two weeks but we couldn’t find it. One day as I was walking at the fringe of the town I was looking in the bushes. Suddenly I found a box and it was the same one that has been missing. I opened it but it was empty. What a surprise!
Then I saw a man sneaking to a car with the jewellery and I called the police. The man was caught but not all the jewellery was found.

Week 24 Empty! by Mathew OG

I was walking on the fringe of town just alongside the bank when a man came bursting out the door. He was short and muscular and he had a backpack full of money. I curiously but stealthily chased him.

“HEY STOP RIGHT THERE” but he was in peals of laughter and kept running.

He got into the van and drove off leaving smoke from the exhaust of his van. I was able to catch up with him as the town was bustling with people because it was St.Patricks Day. The moneybag fell out of the back of the van…empty, what a surprise!

Week 24 April Fool’s Day By Danny

It was April Fool’s Day 2017 and all my family take it very seriously. We always trick my younger brother John as it was his birthday. It’s as if he was born by an accident.

For his birthday my mom made him a delectable sponge cake – it looked scrumptious.

At three o clock, my brother’s friends came over and we were having great fun. After the party, I gave John his present. But when he opened it,  he said ” Empty. What a surprise! “

Week:24 The robbery By:Tadhg

The wailing sirens wouldn’t stop ringing in my head. I knew that stealing was wrong, but I had to do it to get by. The wall was only meters away. As I jumped my leg got cut on the wire but other than that I was fine.

The throbbing in my leg now was unbearable and I was worried that I’d be caught. The bloodhounds were getting closer and closer by the minute. I only had one option … to hide.  If the bloodhounds couldn’t find me nothing could. I decided to climb up a tree. Surprisingly I wasn’t found. I walked home happily. When I got home I checked my bag holding the money –  it was empty. What a surprise!

Week 24 Irritated By Matthew D

It was Christmas Day and all of my family was going to be at my house as we were hosting Christmas dinner.

“Oh no” I  said in my head as my cousin that I loathed walked in the door.

As he gave me my present he had a smug smile on his face. But when I opened it it was empty. “What a surprise!” I exclaimed sarcastically.

I had to sit beside him while eating. My mom could sense the tension building and she pulled me to her side and gave me a stern talking to – she said “just one more hour and he’ll be gone”.

So when that hour was up she told me that I did a good job.

Week 24, The wallet by Tim

One day I was walking home from the shop and on the ground I saw a brown wallet on the floor. I got excited because I thought that there would be a lot of money in the wallet. I put the wallet in my pocket and I ran home. When I got home I rushed upstairs as fast as the speed of sound. Quickly I opened the wallet and I was very disappointed because the wallet was empty. What a surprise! I then realised that the wallet was my brother’s because it had his name on it. I felt very stupid …


Week 24 Rapid Rabbit By Marc

It was John’s birthday and there was a magnificent magician at the party. The magician pulled a rabbit out of a hat. My Mom brought a cake into the kitchen but we couldn’t see the cake because it was in a box.

The rabbit somehow got out of his cage. He went into the kitchen and ate the cake. When it was time for the cake we opened the box but it was empty. What a surprise! Suddenly we saw the rabbit eating the cake. John went rummaging through the box for a crumb. 

Week 24, by Mikolaj

I was a homeless kid and I really needed a pen because I needed to write my plan for the following day because my brain isn’t that good for remembering stuff. I was not finding a pen yet and it was late.

Suddenly I saw a man dropping one by accident. I didn’t want to ask him if he needed it because I needed it more. I checked if there was ink inside the pen and there wasn’t, it was empty. What a surprise. I was mad and I had anger issues…

Week 24: Inscrutable Door By Naglis

Suspiciously, I peeked inside and I spotted a weird eerie looking door. I was dying to see what was inside. The next night at eleven pm sharp I would sneak inside and check it out. As I shoved the door open the smell was of damp and decay. I could feel my heart thumping rapidly. My heart was beating like a drum. I was shaking like I just saw a ghost. I felt minutely safer as I had a flashlight. Suddenly my flashlight started flickering. I spotted a door half off its hinges. As it creaked open, I tiptoed inside.

“Empty, what a surprise,” I thought to myself.

“BOOM” and the door slammed shut…

Week 23: The Chocolate Factory By Sean

One day a factory was opened and it was a chocolate one and if you got a white ticket inside a bar you would be able to go inside. But there was a boy that was poor and he only had £2.  The bar was  £3.

He was walking one day and he saw a red ladder that had a £10 note under it.  He was very happy until he saw it sinking in the wet pavement so he ran and got it out.

He was very happy. He got the ticket.  And today he is the owner of the factory.

Week 23, Wishing Well, by Mikolaj

I was walking to school on the pavement and I saw a red ladder with a sign saying -Short cut to the top of the school. I was lazy so I climbed to the top of the school. I saw nobody inside the school. I decided to go home but went a longer way so my parents would think I was in school. As I was walking I saw a wishing well. I heard somewhere that if you throw coins inside and wish about something it would happen so I tried it out.

I did it and all I saw was them sinking.

Week 23: Superstitious Simon By Naglis

Simon was superstitious. He believes in every omen he knows. For example walking under a ladder and never growing again. Every year he would make a wish to the local wishing well. Sadly his wish never comes true, but he doesn’t give up.

As he was walking on the pavement he turned right and he arrived. He got three coins (that was his lucky number), threw them into the river and thought. “I wish that I could have a glimmering red Ferrari.” He watched them sink slowly. Next morning he woke up looked outside and guess what he saw… Nothing!

“I give up” he roared.

Week 23 At The End of the Rainbow By Szymon

Slowly I walked on the pavement, my heart sinking. I wanted to go and buy myself ice cream but I didn’t have the money to buy one as my parents weren’t home. I wanted to get a normal one with red, sweet strawberry sauce on top. I saw my neighbour on a ladder washing his windows but I didn’t say anything. Suddenly I saw a rainbow at the fringe of the forest. I ran as quickly as a cheetah and within two minutes I found myself at the pot of gold. As I was reaching for the coins … I heard rustling in the bushes…

Week 23: Never Will Believe Again By Marc

Sprinting down the pavement I  was going to my best friend.  He’s so funny -every time I see him and it’s like watching a clown falling over. Going there I walked under a mammoth size red ladder. Accidently I dropped a couple of coins on the ground  The isolated house that I never wanted to walk by was where I dropped the coins.

Later on, it was really late so my mam came to collect me. First, she saw the coins on the ground and she thought I got kidnapped as she knew they were mine. She had that sinking feeling. Then she realised  that I was there.

Week 23 Typical Larry By Matthew D

I’m Larry the Leprechaun and I love gold coins. “Yipe,” I cried as I saw a rainbow at the bottom of the valley. And everyone knows at the end of the rainbow there’s a pot of gold. I just have to make sure that my malicious Leprechaun friends won’t beat me to it.

Within five minutes I was where the gold was. I  looked in admiration at the fine specimen of gold coins. I got my red ladder climbed up and grabbed the pot out of the tree. As I was walking on the pavement I saw a little fish in the water and  I peered in to have a better look.

“Oh no”I cried as I dropped all the gold coins into the murky pond.

Week 23 The game By :Tadhg


The coins sank into the water. There was no way of getting them out as the water was too deep and they were already sinking to the bottom. I knew I would never get my new game anyway.

Jungle Journey was too expensive to buy. Suddenly I saw it –  I saw the game just left on the pavement under the red ladder. I rushed towards it and grabbed it and went home to try the new awesome game.

I inserted the disc and grabbed my controller. I clicked into the game. It showed the names. I chose Wolf Stone because the name sounded cool. … Suddenly I wasn’t in my room anymore ..I was in the jungle…

Wek 23, Sinking, By Tim

I was walking on the pavement heading for the ship. On my way I saw a man who fell off a red ladder so I decided to go and help him out. I continued my walk to the harbour. I counted my coins to see if I had enough to buy something from the gift shop on the ship. Luckily I was the first person to get on the boat. I went to my room that was big and opulent. I jumped onto my bed and went straight to sleep.

Suddenly a few days later the ship hit a rock that made a big hole in it and water started pouring in. A few minutes later the ship started sinking. I was terrified so I looked for something I could float on.

30 minutes later.

The ship had completely sunk and I was rescued by the rescue team.

Week 23 Disappointed by Mathew O G

It was Wednesday and Mary asked a man politely to paint her house. Mary told him to surprise her with the colour because she was staying in the Pavement Hotel for the weekend.

The painter said okay with a smug smile on his face. On Saturday the painter came with his red ladder.  She paid him a few coins and he waved Mary good bye. As soon as she turned the corner he left..

When she was coming home excitement  fizzed inside her like a fresh glass of lemonade… But to her disappointment, the house wasn’t even painted.  She was beginning to get that sinking feeling…

Week 23 A Terrible Day in Irish History By Danny

On the 10th of April 1912 the Titanic was just about to set sail. Everyone was waiting for the red rope ladder to come down so that the people could get on.  Poor people were counting their coins to see if they had enough to get on. Other people were standing on the pavement waving at their family saying goodbye.

Four days later news came in and it wasn’t good. The Titanic was just after sinking. Everyone with family on the ship felt a bit queasy and were squirming with sadness yet hopeful they might have survived.

A terrible day in Irish History.

Week 23 The Toy By Ciarán

My friend and I were on our way to the toy shop to buy the brand new red wreaker 2 game. Once we got to the store we got the last copy but we had a sinking feeling because we were a couple of coins short.
So we walked out of the shop empty handed.  I told my friend I would catch up to him later. I kept walking until I came across a ladder and under it were the coins I needed.  But when I reached out to get them I got my hand stuck in the pavement – it was wet cement.

Week 23 Unlucky By Jack

It was a hot spring day and Pat was working on the tiles of a house.  After a while Pat decided to ask the owner of the house he was working on could he have a bottle of water.  The owner said yes and Pat set off to work again.  He climbed up his red ladder onto the roof and started working. Pat thought he forgot to pay the owner for the water so he hopped down off the ladder and ran to the front door and knocked.

” I’m so sorry,” he told the owner as he gave the owner the coins.

” It’s ok,” the owner said, “you didn’t need to pay me.”

“Oh my word -you are sinking into the pavement- I forgot to tell you it had just been set – now it’s ruined.  You are fired!” the owner screamed.

” I’m sorry…” Pat began but before he could finish his apology he was shoved out the door.  Pat just walked away sadly.

Week 22 By Oisin

I was entering a baking competition.  I was baking sausages and chips and to make sure I would win I added a little cupcake at the side.  Oh, I just remembered I added some vinegar as well.  It was two minutes to go. I completed my work with five seconds left on the clock and when the judges took a bite they said the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 22: Miserable Meal By Naglis

“Hello everybody, welcome back to Master Chef!”

“Today we are watching the two competitors Max and Frank trying to make a salad out of just vegetables and a vinegar in twenty minutes!”

Max was extremely worried and he thought this task was insurmountable. Max started by chopping his vegetables neatly. Next he put it all into a bowl and started mixing them together. After a while you could hear one of the judges shout “10 seconds left!”

In the heat of the moment, Max accidentally poured way too much vinegar in. When he handed it to the judge she squirmed as the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 22, Too Strong a Smell, by Mikolaj

I was really bored so I went upstairs and got my phone and played piano tiles 2. My Mom was bored too but she had things to do. She cleaned the sink with the vinegar. I was starting to get hungry and I was in the shop yesterday with my friends and I bought sweets that I left in the fridge. I went down as fast as I could. As soon I was entering the kitchen I smelled the disgusting smell of vinegar. The vinegar was too sharp. I ran back upstairs and got my book to settle me down. My Mom came up to check what did I do and she was confused. I told her to never ever use vinegar again when I am home. She agreed and I lived a happy life.

Week 22: Why By Marc

Cleaning for a long dreary time I had to wash the floor. My mom shouted “make sure to use vinegar for washing the floor.” So I put vinegar in with the blue water but I think I put in too much. The vinegar was too sharp to clean the floor and the cupboards. I started cleaning the cupboards anyway. I started cleaning the cupboard that mom said not to open because it was stuck. Suddenly while I was cleaning the dank cupboard started to open…

“Why was she hiding this from me?”

Week 22 Yuck By Matthew D

“Oh no ” I cried as I saw the nurse come into the ward with a trolley in front of her. We have the same food for every single meal  – fish and chips and the vinegar was too sharp on the chips. It was ridiculous and it didn’t even trouble the nurse.

I thought these people were meant to cure you not poison you. I squirmed as I slowly placed a chip in my mouth. I said to the nurse ” Why are you giving us this horrible food?” Her reply was “Eat it or starve.” so I ate my chips but I didn’t enjoy them.

Week 22, The New Chef, By Tim

Yesterday I went to my favourite restaurant for dinner. When I got there, there was a new chef. I ordered my food but was a little bit nervous because I thought that he wouldn’t cook it right. When my food arrived I got excited to eat it. When I took my first bite the vinegar was too sharp. So I told the waiter that something was wrong with my soup.

The waiter brought the food back to he kitchen. While I was waiting for my food to be fixed I read a newspaper and on the newspaper, I saw the chef. It said that he was a prisoner that had escaped from prison a few days ago. It said he got fired from six restaurants because he would poison customers. I called the police and they came to arrest the chef.