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Week 35. The V.S.O And Sierra Leone. By Shane C.

Dear Mr. Sesay,

Hi Mr. Sesay recently my classmates and I have been doing some research on the V.S.O and on Sierra Leone. Here are some of the things that we learned.

Firstly we found out that V.S.O stands for voluntary service overseas. Secondly we heard that the V.S.O helps women going through pregnancy and their babies.

I was horrified to see that only two hundred thousand people in Sierra Leone have electricity. We worked it out and that’s one thirtieth of the population only! This means that most hospitals don’t have electricity. Is it hard working in the dark? We also saw that Sierra Leone is in Western Africa and is a tropical country.

We really appreciate your work.

Yours Sincerely,


Week 35 : Dear Mr. Sesay by Paul

Hello my name is Paul and today we were learning about you, Sierra Leone and V.S.O. It’s incredible how some countries are so poor. We did the maths and only 1/30th of people have electricity that’s less than 5%!

But they still have an abundance of diamonds, iron and gold. I think that the government is corrupt but I may be wrong. The V.S.O is very good but I’m still baffled at how some people would help others with no pay. Do they give you food and such? If so then why not just give you the money used to buy the food?

Anyway I’m grateful for people like you. Keep on helping people man.

Week 35: Letter By Kallum Y.

Dear Mr. Sesay,

Today my class and I learnt about the V.S.O. and what the volunteers  do for women in 24 different countries. We learnt that the V.S.O. stands for Voluntary Service Overseas.

I couldn’t believe that only 200,000 people out of 6 million have electricity in Sierra Leone when solar lights only cost €50. Are there secondary schools in Sierra Leone? If so are they called secondary schools or do they have a different name?

What made you want to become a community health officer?

Yours sincerely,

Kallum Y.

Week 35 A letter to Andrew Sesay by Sean Mc

Dear Andrew Sesay,

How is life in Sierra Leone?  In school we learned that only 0.2 million or 1/30 of people have electricity and 5.8 million don’t. What is it like with out light and other essential equipment?

How long have you been with V.S.O ? and how do you help?  Do you get breaks? or do you have short days some times? I hope everything is going well.

How far away do you live from your workplace?  How many lives have you saved? And how do you feel when you save lives?  Why did you join the V.S.O.? I would like to find out.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Mc

Week 34: Leak in the boat By Liam

Being a fisherman is hard. Every day: battling the deadly weather. Waves crashing against the ship. Hauling in ponderous and hefty amounts of fish.

But none of that could beat what just happened; a fisherman’s worst nightmare.

“Cap’ain, we’ve got a problem” I screamed, letting my fear leak out.

“Get every pump, we need to get every single drop of that water out of here” Roared the captain, fearless as ever.

I went down to the lower decks to get a pump. I scurried up to the again to see water everywhere. The water just kept gushing out of the ever growing  crack.

Suddenly the ship tilted and everything went black…

Week 34: Dutch Dyke (Alternative Ending) by Jack

Merrily skipping along, the little Dutch boy approached the local dyke. Abruptly, he stopped.  To his dismay, he found a hole in the dyke. Water was flooding out. Thinking fast, he hurriedly stuck his thumb in the hole. Gladly, he sighed with relief. He was safe……….he thought………..

After hours of helpless calls and shouts, he was beginning to grow extremely tired. Curiously, he pulled his thumb out of the hole. The water just kept gushing out. Frantically, he stuck it back in.

Days passed; no one came. The poor little Dutch boy couldn’t even feel his thumb at this stage. Suddenly, he heard something. A crackling noise. He looked at the dyke. It was cracking. The water pressure at the other side was too much. And then, it burst. The water flooded everywhere. Life was destroyed…….

Week 34 : The Dark Sunset by Adam

I was asleep, then all of a sudden water started gushing in. It was coming from the kitchen, I closed the door but the water just kept gushing out. I ran to my bedroom windows and opened the curtains.

There was a thirty foot drop. The water was now up to my chin, it rushed right over my head. My life flashed before my eyes. Now all I could see was the sunset and that would be the last!

A small tear managed to go right down my cheek. I closed my eyes and just waited!

Week 34 The ship by Gary.

I was on board the best cruise liner ever made called the Titanic going home to New York. I had been away from my family for 6 years. But I didn’t know at that time that I would never see them again.

On that horrible night I woke up with a start. My bedroom was filling up with water! I tried to stop it but the water just kept gushing out. I decided to go up to the top of the boat to investigate.

Suddenly the whole boat started tilting. As the boat came closer and closer to the icy water I thought about my family and how I would never see them again….

Week 34 The great escape By Denis

“This is a great idea to rob this house.  No one is home and they’re on holiday.”

It was one o clock in the morning and they had fire arms.They kicked down the door as they knew no one was home. They took a while to find the safe as it was underneath the bath.

Then there was trouble – it was on a water pipe. They missed the safe and hit the pipe and the water just kept gushing out. They all bellowed – trouble !

What do they do now? -the money was sopping wet. They went outside and then to make it even worse they heard the sound of the police.

Week 34: The Day I Won’t Forget By Aivaras

It was in the middle of winter when one day it started to rain. It was pretty light but then it got worse. I looked out my window and thought would it ever stop.

I went over to the river and then realised it was starting to flood. I warned everyone as fast as possible. Everyone was then evacuated. The dams could not keep the water and anymore. The dams were then opened. The water just kept gushing out. It made a mess of the town.

I will never forget that day and I hope it never happens ever again.

Week 34 What can we do? By Ewan

We were working on digging the foundations of a house. John was working the digger. Suddenly he hit a pipe and the water just kept gushing out.

“What should we do?”  I said.

Anybody who got any bit close to the pipe was pushed away by the force of the water. We tried to use the shovel of the digger but that was not strong enough either.

What can we do?

Is there any way of stopping it at all?

Week 34: The Unexpected Zoo Disaster: by Kasparas

I was woken up early in the morning to go to the world’s largest zoo. Even though I could barely stay awake the only thing that stopped me was the excitement in seeing the largest aquarium weighing at a crazy 234,574 tonnes of water.

When I read this I just couldn’t imagine the size it would be compared to me standing right beside it. I heard that it houses around 100 species of different fish and 123 of creatures like jelly fish and crayfish and crabs.

I also heard that last year there was a disaster where the same sized aquarium broke because of a stupid child aged 7 who started to bang the glass with a toy hammer. The water just kept gushing out and flooded the whole. Luckily only zoo two people were hurt.


Week 34: The Water just kept gushing out, by Seán M

I was on the PlayStation last Friday night. I went to the toilet. I was in a rush. I washed my hands as fast as lightning and I went back to the sitting room.

Suddenly I heard a massive splash of water outside the door. I looked out. There was some water on the ground. I saw more leaking under the door. I opened it very quickly. I thought maybe a bottle of water had spilled but it was then I realised that the water tank had spilled!

I ran back into the sitting room in horror. A mini tsunami was coming and the water just kept gushing out! I was forced to jump out the window!

Week 34: Disaster! by Kayden

I was at my best friend’s wedding. Everyone was in their best suits and dresses. I was in charge of the power control.  There were switches all over the panel and I was bound to forget what one of them did. I was testing everything before the bride and groom arrived.

There were special coloured light switches all in front of my eyes. When they finally arrived I got everything ready. Everyone was waiting for about an hour for them to enter the chapel. I looked around. Everyone was checking their watches and arguing. “They are late!” “Oh be quiet they’ll be here soon!” I heard.

Finally they arrived. I flicked the switch I thought would trigger lights but it turned on sprinklers instead and the water just kept gushing out. Everyone was furious. “I guess that should cool the scorching sun!” I smiled, embarrassed.

Week 34 The Fire by Dylan O’C

One day my friends and I went to explore in the woods. We then found a half built shelter and we then decided to go inside to have a look.

“Why did we decide to do this on a wet day?”asked Jim.

“Because you suggested it,” I replied.

Lightning struck at the tree near us when we entered the building and the house caught fire with us inside it.

“What do we do now?” Jim asked in a quiet way.

“Call the firemen and pray,” I replied in a rough tone.

Luckily for us the sprinklers in the ceiling activated and the water kept gushing out of it and within minutes the fire was gone.

Week 34 : Tsunami. By Kajus.

My friends and I went on holidays to San Francisco. As we arrived our driver took us to the hotel right beside the Golden State Bridge. As I entered my room I could see the Golden State Bridge.

My friends and I went outside and all the water was coming back to the sea and in the corner of my eye I saw a Tsunami approaching so we ran as quick as the wind. The water just kept gushing out of the hotel building. We went on top of the roof which was really highest place in San Francisco. All the glass was broken and the whole building was full of water.

Week 34 The deep base by Kasper

The plan worked as expected. We made a massive reinforced base looking into the ocean. We discovered lots of places and gigantic creatures with all of these cameras.

We don’t allow tourists yet because it is not so stable to have millions visiting this base. For sure people want to see this beautiful yet terrifying place and the creatures that habit these places.

Suddenly a gigantic angler fish swam into our base; smashing the glass. The water just kept gushing out. I fell into the darkness, only to see the fish with the light above me and its glowing eyes looking into me. Then it swam to me with its mouth open, ready to swallow me up.

Week 34: Ship Wreck Part One By Kallum Y.

As I walked down the hall way the ship began to shudder. The expedition to the North Pole had gone great until water started pouring out of all the doorways on the left side of the ship bringing all the contents of the cabins with it.

All the crew started scrambling out of their cabins to get to the deck. But by that time the freezing north sea water that was flooding in was already after  flooding up to beyond some of the doors lower down. The water just kept gushing out of doorways and down the stairs and now was overflowing on to the bow of the ship.

Week 34: Tsunami! by Christopher

Eventually, I finally finished my Sandcastle, that’s when I noticed the water just kept gushing out extremely fast. It was very strange, then that’s when I remembered what I had learnt in school.

“A tsunami is about to hit!” I shouted, “Run!” Everybody on the beach rushed inland. My sister and I ran home to warn our dad.

We then all abandoned our house to get inland. We drove in the car but got out of it at a massive car crash. Then the tsunami alarm went off. The waves started gushing in at about sixty kilometres an hour but we were too late.

Week 34 The water flood. By Kyle

One morning I got out of bed and I went to get my breakfast. When I got it I turned on the TV. When I watched the news it said if you hear any thing burst get out of where you live. Flood warning.

Suddenly I heard a pipe burst and the water just kept gushing out. I saw a rescue boat also. When I saw a hand reach out for my hand I jumped and I caught the hand and was pulled into the boat.

They tossed a life jacket to me and the captain said put that on now. Then I heard someone saying help. I said stop and pointed to a girl. We saved the girl.



Week 34 A true miracle! By Dylan K

I was plodding over to my car. I thought my car was panoramic. Anyways as I was heading over to Niagara Falls, I came across this boy. The boy looked lanky with scraggy and greasy hair. His clothes were torn and the aroma from him was awful.

“Do you need any help with anything?” I asked curiously.

“H..Am yes please – can you take me to Niagara falls? I lost my family whilst exploring,”sobbed the boy in a very dismal low pitched voice.

“Yes sure I’m heading up that way anyway.”

When we arrived at the astonishing Niagara Falls I noticed that the water just kept gushing out of the water fall. On approaching the waterfall the boy spotted his parents and ran over and gave them a huge heart warming loving hug.

The family were all re United!!

Week 34: Wrong Switch! By Shane C

Earlier today my aunt had gotten married. We all now sat in a hotel after the ceremony, all dressed up, awaiting our food. After the food most of the children were as bored as a bear so we decided to go outside onto the small green at the front of the hotel.

Some time later I needed to use the toilet so I went inside.

I reached the toilet and it was quite dark in there. I hit a few switches and eventually the light came on. When I got back outside some wet and angry faces were looking at me. The water just kept gushing out of the sprinklers.

….”Ammmm… It wasn’t me!

Week 34 A Letter Of Complaint By David

Dear Pipe World,

I would would like to tell you that the pipe I bought from you last week burst after just one day. I went to get washing up liquid under the press when I got squirted in the face by a load of water. I tried the stop it but the water just kept gushing out.

After three hours of hard work with a plumber we managed to stop it. I would like a refund and to be compensated for water damage to my house.

Your sincerely,

James O’ Leary.

Week 34 : Damned To Hell By Paul

There once was a man, a terrible terrible man. He kidnapped people of every age, and crushed them down like a page.

The blood leaked and poured from every sore. He bottled it up and stored it away. Until he grew thirsty like a fox home away.

He sipped and lavished the blood until he cracked his neck. Now he goes to hell (where he belongs) and got a punishment more than a speck.

Locked in a room with a canister of water. Every time he drank from it the water just kept gushing out like the River Lee.

How fitting for a drinker and cannibal. Now all who died by this man will shout with glee.

Week 34, A Deplorable service, By Bryan.

Dear Board of management of Irish Water,

This is a letter of complaint about that so called plumber you sent out to fix my burst pipes. He was very unpleasant not to mention the mess he made of my whole house.

Everything was running smoothly ’til I walked down in to my kitchen and found it under 2 feet of water.

I put on some waders and went down into the basement where the previous problem occurred. To my shock I saw pipes with only 2 bolts where there should be 5. The water just kept gushing out all over my house.

I will be suing you for the price needed to repair my house.

Yours sincerely,

Mr B Murphy.

Week 34 The Flood By Shane F

I was washing the dishes as I usual but today the rain was not stopping . We lived next to the local dam . My dad was getting towels in case there was a flood which was very likely . When I finished I went out side to see the huge dam . SUDDENLY I saw a huge cloud of smoke come out of the dam: huge chunks of concrete falling off the dam .

The Sound was unbearable . I could hear a distant voice shout through the speaker. ” Turbine 1 , 2 and 3 have overloaded.” I saw men and women running away and some trying to stop the fire . I immediately ran into the house but as I ran inside the water just kept gushing out of the dam coming towards our house.

Week 34 The Tsunami sign by Laurynas

On a beautiful Monday morning, I was enjoying my morning walk. The wind was blowing gently and everything was calm when suddenly the water was disappearing into the sea.

Gazing at this I knew this was a bad sign. Fish were left behind and fishermen jumped to their feet and ran over to collect them. Someone rang the tsunami bell but it was too late.

The water just kept gushing out and humongous waves came.

” Everybody run!” I yelled but I was too incoherent to be heard. The waves reached the coast and everything was destroyed. My family, my friends, my pet dog…

Week 34 And then it hit me by Julius

One fine evening I was walking by the sandy beaches of  Borneo when it started to get a bit strange. All the birds were on very high trees but that could only mean one thing and that was a tsunami.

I ran back to the car that I had rented but the old thing just would not start so I had to ditch it, I got out and ran for my life.

I could here the water coming. I was ready to face my doom and I knew that this was the way that I was going to die. Then it hit me and I mean it literally hit me –  the water just kept gushing out and I started to fade in my hope to survive.