Week 21: Protect The Jewels By Adam

Tim and I were going to karate. When we got there we were told to put on a disguise to look like a tree. We had a mission to stay still until night. When it became night we started moving.  Our mission was to make sure no one stole the Jewels. We saw every person coming towards us.  We would stay still and if they got close to the jewels we would attack them and scare them off.

Inexplicably someone got behind us but luckily I saw him and scared him off. In the morning we barely got home due to hazardous weather. When we got home our teacher gave us a medal for being so brave.

Week 21 In Honour By Szymon

Boom! Exploded another bomb.

A group of men was moving very fast when one of them saw one of their enemies. Straight away one of their allies shot their enemy. They were planning to deploy a bomb at the enemy base and blow up all of the injured men and the enemy’s captain. One of the men got shot but carried on. When they reached the enemy base they deployed the bomb. They put the timer to five minutes and started running away. It blew up but tragically all the men died.

They had statues built in honour of their braveness.

Week 21 Men Looking Like Trees By Danny

One fine sunny afternoon my family and I were in the park when suddenly we all saw men looking like trees in yoga poses. They were all in different poses. After looking at them for a few minutes my brother and I went on the swings, the slide, the roundabout and the climbing frame. After that, we got an ice cream, went home and watched television for a while.

Just then my mother noticed that she had forgotten her hat at the park so my father and I went to get it. When we got there I noticed the tree people doing yoga were gone. I was really scared.

Week 21 The master’s poison! BY CONOR

Today I was out in the forest and saw people doing taekwondo. I was wondering if it was a trap because the person who was leading them was doing really weird moves and did not know what he was doing.

For a second he paused and rummaged in his bag. He took something out of his bag that looked like a bottle with a poison in it. Everyone screamed. AAAHHH!!!!!!

He poured it over everyone and they all turned to wood!


Week 21 A Close Call by Joe

“Why though? ” said David. Dad was in shock. He was speechless. But then Mum came in. “You are going because you said you wanted to,” shouted Mum.   “Not with granny Margaret, ” he replied.  He was so annoyed and ran to the park.

As the day went on he realised there was no getting out of it…

“What was that?” he thought. It was coming closer. There it was – the evil doctor Bob and he was turning all of the yoga people into trees.

In the end, David got turned into a tree too.

Well, perhaps it was better than staying with granny Margaret.

Week 21: The army of wood and flesh by Liam A

It was a nice sunny day. The birds were singing and the mild wind was blowing.

Dad asked would I like to go for a walk in the park. When we got there, we saw the US army just coming back from war.  They said that there was an evil man coming and that he was going to turn everybody into wood.

Suddenly we saw the man with his wooden army walking down the road smashing cars up against houses and buildings.

But the US army had a plan. And that was to annihilate them.

What would happen next?

Week 21 Night ninjas by Colin

The night trees look sweet but inside they are bitter. They move around at night and attack about 70 people too. The biggest fear is the hazardous stench off them. At day time they look like they are doing yoga or Kung-fu.

One day a child went over and started climbing the trees. He asked his mom could he get a picture with the trees. His mom said yes so they got a picture. The boy gave them all names. After that something hit the trees hard. IT was that humans were actually nice! The boy said "bye" and skipped off in joy. 

Week 21 The guards of the park by Maciej

Running through the park on a nice sunny day my friends and I saw seven wooden statues standing in between the old birch and oak trees .

“They are neat and fine, ”  said one of my friends.

When we were going back we saw rubbish  . “What had happened here?” asked one of my friends ? ” I don’t know” I answered . The next day we saw the statues tidying the park . The statues were not statues they were robots .

Week 21 WOOD NINJA by Kacper

Was this the end for me?

I was going to the park and I saw this creature. I asked him” who are you?” “I’m the wood ninja. ” I asked could I be one and he said he would teach me.

I was happy.  Then he said to me that I had to go and defeat a monster.As  I was going up a hill I felt that was the end (of me). I was bad at fighting but got better and better and I defeated him. I was happy and went home.  My master was happy too and we ate pizza.

Week 21, World War By Tim

It was a long time ago when  8 men were turned into statues for betraying their king. In 1872 they were found in the woods and placed in Central Park in New York. One night they were caught moving by a security guard.

They captured one and they brought it to the city laboratory but the other statues followed them. On the way, they saw other statues and they made them come to life. They finally reached the laboratory where they found their brother and took him back to the woods.

The military followed but found more than 8 statues  -there was every statue in New York. The statues had weapons catapults and crossbows. The war had started…



Week 21 The Curse by Ciarán

Have you ever wondered how you would feel if you were cursed?

This happened to me!

It was a stormy night my parents and I were on our way home.  My dad was a little cantankerous because my mom always gave me what I wanted when I wanted it.

That night at dinner time I munched and gobbled my food and went up to bed. As I  turned off all the lights I saw a spirit who said you will be forever cursed.

I ran downstairs as fast as I could but my parents were not there. I looked outside and I saw two small wooden statues…

Week 21 : The Wood War by Aidan

“Join the wood army” Woody was shouting as Woodo the woodman was wakling through the town.


Woodo was delighted to join. The train was to leave at 9’o clock the following day and the war to start at twelve.

That night Woodo got preapared and packed clothes ,shoes and food. He walked to the train station and hopped on. He knew that the wood army would annihilate the leaves.

When he got there he started trembling. They took their position on the battle field. The leaves walked onto the pitch and stood for a few seconds until someone shouted ”CHARGE!”

They all ran onto the field – this was the start of the first wood war…


Week 21 Slower Than Snails By Jack

In the 90th century, a wood carver named Matthew carved ninjas out of wood. But when he was carving his first ninja a rock hit him in the back of his head.

The rock was green and shiny and he decided that for every sculpture he would use a small piece of the rock for their eyes.

When he was finished all of the freshly carved sculptures he realised that he still had a big piece of the rock left.  That night he thought the rock actually moved but …Oh No! it was the sculptures…

Week 21: Tree wars by Mathew OG

In the local park, there are a couple of saplings that look like ninjas. The locals say it’s a huge tourist attraction. But they are actually ninjas frozen in time…

One summer they defrosted… They attacked the city with great force. Many people absconded from the city.

My family and I did not abscond. Soon we called the police but they were helpless so they called all forces to help. In the end, we won the war.

Many people came back for a big celebration. At the celebrations, there were fireworks and cake and it was great fun.

Week:21 Sprinting Statues ,Dan

Huff! Puff! I went as I jogged my usual lap of the park.

It was just then that I noticed some new wooden statues by an old bunch of trees.I ignored them and kept doing my lap.

As I headed for home I bumped into Barry, he said that the day before the wooden statues were running around the park. I didn’t believe him for a second until he showed me a video of them having a race.

“Do you think it is fake? “I asked him.

“It’s not because I took the video,” he answered in a serious way.

Suddenly … they came to life…




Week 21:Taoisuna by Liam O

Huikyoido was in an island cluster on the southeast of Japan. The island was a very traditional island where the houses were traditional and the festivals were traditional.

Also on this island were a group of ninjas called Taoisuna and they had made a micronation called Taoisuna.  The group decided to attack the rest of the island.  10 hours later the only bit left was the capital of the island Kyoto.

The ninjas were way underpowered as the Huikyoido army marched across the city of Kyoto. Soon after the ninjas decided on a ceasefire. A treaty was signed, the micronation dissolved and everything was back to normal again.


Week 21: Why on my birthday? By Marc

On the 11th January 1996, it was my birthday. My friends and I were at my house. Suddenly they heard a bunch of people screaming in the town. My friends asked my mom could we go to the park to play football. When we got there we wished we never went.

We saw people turning into hardwood with our very own eyes. It probably was the worst birthday in history . We started sprinting like lions running for food as we headed to my house. We dropped my ball and it turned into wood. I was crying because one by one my friends turned into wood. …

Week 21: NINJA TREES by Tadhg

Jason was scared as there were only seven people left in his tree tribe. They would have to suffer on until they became extinct. Jason was bamboozled. He had tried to teach them self-defense but it didn’t work. If he didn’t teach them something fast they would be in trouble. They were going in fast rates already so it would be hard.

The next day another one of them disappeared and then there were only six left. That day he had taught them Kungfu and it worked. (All the tribe were fond of Kungfu Panda ) They could kick punch and even dodge.

He was proud of himself.  The tribe was saved.

Week 21, Ninjas, By Wojciech

“… Run!” I  screamed to my friends.

We were close to the house when we looked back we saw the ninjas.  I opened the door immediately.  We hid in one place before they came in. Afterwards, when they left us, we were so ravenous that I baked popcorn and cooked chips and watched television.

Later on, they came back I hid in a different place. The rest of them hid somewhere else… I was in big trouble as they sat on the sofa and I was behind it. I went out and got a sword and hid.

After awhile they sprinted away and we were really happy.

Week 21 The Gang By Matthew D

How did they make them?  How did that quiet man make those fantastic ninjas?

There were always lots of people watching these superb ninjas in action. The next day when I woke up I went out onto the balcony and I saw the ninjas annihilating the houses in the city. Then a couple of moments later they went by an affable policeman. Somone thought the man who invented them had put an evil in them and that person was right.

The people of the city had no other option but to lock them up. They would always be remembered.

Week 21: Troublesome Trees By Naglis

“Look to your right Tommy – It’s the forest” chattered Sarah-Tommy’s mother. Tommy sighed. Suddenly Tommy saw a tree move!

He wanted to investigate. The day before,  the town’s pompous mayor opened a titanic amusement park and the trees didn’t like that because it was their old home.

During the night the trees were practising karate. As soon as they were about to finish up,  Tommy came in and his eyes popped and his mouth opened wide. Quickly he sprinted home.

What Tommy didn’t know was they were going to annihilate the city.

What would Tommy and the city do?

Week 20: The Old Diamond mine by Maciej

“I WON I WON, “I shouted.

I had just won the trip to the diamond mine in Galway. On Sunday my family decided to go there.  But before we went to the diamond mine my mom wanted to go shopping in the city of Galway. After shopping, we headed back to the diamond mine.

Going down to the diamond mine I heard a clicking sound and then BANG! The lift broke. At last, the doors opened. We thought were stuck in the diamond forever. Forty minutes later we found the way out. We were saved now .

Week 20 The last dinosaur by Tim

It was the weirdest day of my life.

My friends James and Ryan and I  were at the park next to a river. Then I saw something in the water. It had a long reptilian tail.  It looked like an alligator tail but bigger.

When we went home we checked every book about reptiles and dinosaurs. 1 hour later I found the page – it was a raptor. Then James heard the front door open. We went to see what opened the door.

Then we heard a loud roar in the family room.  So we went on our bikes and cycled to the police station where we told them what we saw. Then they said they would handle everything . 2 days later we heard that they had captured the raptor. The end.

Week 20 Bill’s secret by Joe

I went to stay with my cousins, Charlie and Thomas for the weekend.

The first day  Thomas and I went cycling down the road. We were moving very fast when we were on the straight road… But after, we crashed.

“I thought I told you to not use Charlie’s bike “, said Thomas. I was puzzled. I looked at the bike once more. “I thought this was your bike “, I answered.

We slowly trotted home and put the bikes in the shed. Suddenly Charlie ran into our room.

“WHO WAS USING MY BIKE? “, shouted Charlie.

We both froze. “It was him “, shouted Thomas and he was pointing at me.

Week 20 Disaster by Colin

One bright sunny morning  Brian and I  were going to Bounce tastic  a trampoline park. We were nearly there when the engine cut so we called a mechanic to look at it. The engine had a snapped wire cable so we had to walk all the way to the park.

When we got there we noticed a new roller coaster so we went over to have a turn. The queue was long but we got in early so in no time we got on.

We put on the straps and then it zoomed off. We were moving very fast when it started to wobble. My eyes opened in fright… Was this a dream?

Week 20 : African Adventure by Aidan

My family and I live in Africa and we are very poor. But that doesn’t stop us adventuring.

One sunny day we went out to the tall grass and saw a bug that we had never seen before. Tom and I picked it up and started shrinking.

“We might as well have some fun while we are down here,” I thought.

A few hours later we heard our mom’s call. So while a peregrine falcon wasn’t looking we hopped on its back. Suddenly it took off. We were moving very fast when we spotted our house. When it landed we jumped off and magically turned back to normal.

This was the best day ever!

Week 20 My Family Are Rich By CONOR

One normal day I was my family’s mansion. My brother and I were feeling kind of bored so we went into the garage. My dad owns a load of cars such as a Bugatti, a Ferrari and a Lamborgini. I wanted to get in the Ferrari. So we did.

The key was still in the car and I accidentally turned the key and drove out of the garage. On the road, we were moving very fast when……………KABOOM!

It smashed into smithereens!

Week 20 The tunnel by Liam A

It was a bright sunny day. My Mom and Dad called me into the kitchen and asked if I wanted to have a friend over. I wanted to get Conor over and we decided to go to the park.

We spent a lot of time there and eventually did a race around the park.  We were moving very fast when we saw a fire in the distance.  We ran as fast as possible to see what it was?

All we saw was fire and smoke.  It was at my house.  I went in to save my parents.

But was it too late?