Week 1: A Genius Plan : By Dan

Sparks flew in all directions around the shed.  John had just finished his robotic statue. He was going to use it that night to rob the bank . . .

John parked outside the bank and unloaded the statue. John Swiftly drove to a dark ally and powered the statue on. It had an internal camera so John could see where it was going.

The statue walked over to the ATM and cut around it with its laser eyes. Suddenly the statue yanked the ATM  out of the wall.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance as John loaded the statue into his van and drove away swiftly.


Week 6 The Mixup By Benny

I ran swiftly towards the train while pulling my ticket out. I had a meeting on and had to be early. On the train I sat down next to a man with the exact same bag. It was an awkward silence between us for the whole trip. When I arrived, I took my bag and left the train. It was heavier than I expected. I went inside and they were all waiting for the paperwork. I checked my bag and found rocks inside. I was confused. They became irate when I told them I took the wrong bag on the train.

But why was the other bag full of rocks?

Week 6 The Bucket Of Acid By Ronan

I was working my shift at the lab when my boss asked me to bring over the large bucket of acid in the corner. It was heavier than I expected but I managed it. My boss started to scoop some out with what he called an acid-proof spoon. He put big heavy weights on the bottom so it would sit firmly in the corner. It turns out that the weights made it almost four times as heavy. I stumbled two times already but when I stumbled for the third time all the acid in the bucket sloshed out.

Week 6 The Robbery By Warren

“Get out of the car” I said

“Ok Jonny park out back and we will meet you in about a half an hour” I demanded

“Ok don’t get caught” said Jonny

So me and my assistant sneaked into the museum.

“We’re looking for silver, right?” said my assistant

“NO you buffoon- Gold” I said

So we walked around and suddenly I spotted it

“Over here” I whispered

So I broke the glass and tried to lift it but it was heavier than I expected. Suddenly an alarm went off. My assistant and I quickly extricated ourselves from the museum…

Week 6: The mad scientist: By Liam A

My dad and I were in the lab. Dad was making something but I wasn’t sure what. I was a bit bamboozled with the way he was talking but I just didn’t listen. I was very bored but suddenly I saw a green slime that was moving. I walked over and opened the tin and it got out and was going crazy. Dad was furious. Suddenly I saw the slime covering my dad. I grabbed it but it was heavier than I expected but I managed to get it back into the tin. When I did dad thanked me but grounded me.

Week 6 The Finger print By Kristupas

I was walking down to the town park and suddenly a man said can you lift one dumbbell. I said why. To get money. Ok but I’m going to be careful. Where are we going? I said the local gym.

We went over and he gave me the dumbbell. I tried to lift it but it was heavier then I expected. I looked at it and I saw a finger print scanner so I asked him `lift it ` he did and I asked can you put it down somewhere else. The man did and I could lift it then because it was not on the pad for the fingerprint scanner.

Week 6 The Robbery By Adam

One day John and I had a genius plan to rob the bank. It was time and we walked in and we asked the man at the counter could we go to where all the money is stored? The man let us in and we tried to steal a bag but it was heavier than I expected. Eventually, we got it out. We were really gullible and the guy asked could he see that and we gave it to him but instead he ran off with it. We were really annoyed and walked home.

Week 6 The bank heist By Sean

At night we will rob the bank. But that is the biggest bank in the world. Our hacker is coming he will hack the vault for it to open. It is time for the bank heist. Let’s hope this works. We need to hack the security cameras. Cameras are down  -let’s rob that bank. The vault is open and there are gold bars silver bars and a lot of money.

I went to lift the gold bars. It was heavier than I expected.

Leave it we need to get out of here.

The robbers got 500 000 euros

Week 6 Why is it heavy? by Rhys

Last weekend I got into the Weight championship finals. There were forty-five people who made it. When I got there they explained the rules. The first round was good. I was still there. In the second round, there were ten people who got knocked out. I was bamboozled. Then in round three, I did my lift – it was fine. It was heavier then I expected but I was still there. There were only three people left. Everyone was cheering for me. Eventually, I came second. I was sad but then I heard that I could represent Ireland in the Weight world cup.

Week 6: The Box : By Dan

“I want a robust fearless man to complete my mission” bellowed our bunker’s leader.

“I’ll do it” I shouted.                                                                                                                      I walked over to the airlock and pulled on a nuclear suit. I picked up the box that I was supposed to carry. It was Heavier than I expected, but I didn’t take notice of that because I had a job to do.

I stepped outside into the remote and deserted barren lands that so many in our cramped little bunker used to call home, but after the undetectable enemy plane nuked it we were left only with a bunker. I struggled along into the distance with the box.

Week 6 The Chase by Dylan

I screamed, I tried not to but I couldn’t help myself.

I was walking downtown and I saw a group of animal like people crawling around in an alley.

They saw ( and possibly heard me ) and started crawling towards me at an amazing speed.

I dashed to the nearby park and hid behind the slide until I felt something breathing on my neck…

I threw my elbow back and heard a spine chilling screech.

I picked up a rock and threw it .

It was heavier than I expected but I managed it .

I was then cornered and they pounced.

Week 6 The Prank By Joe

Johnny and I were walking around town, we were up to our usual shenanigans. He realised that it was April Fool’s day. He grinned at me and let out a chuckle. I knew that it was a bad omen but I tried to not let it get to me.

I was right, when I got to his house I asked for a glass of water. When he came out with the “water” I took a sip and he started laughing. It was only then that I realised that he gave me vinegar.

I found a plan to get him back. I got a big bowl of water but it was heavier than I expected. When he saw me with the bowl in the air he tipped it over and it went the wrong way.

Week 6 The plan by Ben

My name is Jake. I am a superhuman – that means that I have super strength and that I can fly. My best friend is a genious and a famous scientist. Me and him came up with a plan. He was working on a time machine and when he was done we were going to go back in time to 9/11 where I would use my super strength to stop the plane before it hit.

Then one day he rang me – it was complete. I flew to his lab. We went into the time machine and went back in time. It felt weird. The plane was about to crash. But I got there in time. It was heavier than I expected but I still managed to stop it.

Week 6 THE ZOMBIE by Jack

One sunny morning a scientist and his assistant were experimenting on lots of stuff. 1 hour later the scientist spilt a lot of chemicals on the floor. He turned it a zombie and tried to eat everyone. But his assistant saved everyone by curing them it took a lot of work but he did it.  Everyone didn’t remember anything but they remembered him curing them for some reason. He became famous around.  He was so cool – everyone loved him.  He was experimenting on animals. He died in 1999.  He was from London and he was made into a statue. You can visit him now.


Week 6 The diamond by Jacob

It was heavier than I thought it would be. The guards bamboozled me. There was a skinny one, a strong one and a ghastly looking one. They kicked me out.

I had a good plan. At the warehouse, I made a suit called the cyclops. It busted through the gates. I went to the diamond and it was gone. I looked around and then I saw a pink-haired lady with the diamond. I shouted saying give it back. I chased her. I scanned the area. I found her before she could scream. I said to be quiet.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Jane” she answered. “Want to be partners? ”

“Sure” I said.


Week 6 The Vikings by Aidan

As the bell rang, pandemonium rushed through the streets. The Vikings were there and everybody knew it. The ship docked in and you could hear the roar of the Vikings. I raced towards the top of the round tower gathering all the gold and gems. While I hauled it on my back I realised it was much heavier than I expected. Every time I took a step I stumbled to the ground. Sprawling across the steps I got nowhere. I took a peek at my predicament while the Vikings edged on me. I felt a sharp pain strike my back and I knew I was done for…


Week 6 The Robbery By Evan

It was Thursday night and the gang and I were going to rob a bank. Warren was the getaway driver and Liam and I were the thieves. So we went and we cut open the back of the bank. We took as much gold as possible. I could not take all of it because it was heavier than I expected. So we got in the car and in no time we were up by a town called Mallow. But before we knew it there were helicopters above us so we kept going. But soon enough there were police cars behind and in front of us. We were caught and we were jailed for 7 years.

Week 6 The heist By Colin

I took a sharp corner – my arm whacking off the crisp white wall. The art museum security guard was hot on my tracks. I slammed into a double doors and stumbled to the cold marble tiled floor. The guard burst through the door and tripped over me. He sprawled out on the floor and I elbowed his back. He howled in pain and I fled the scene. I turned another sharp corner and tripped. My head hitting a door. It flew open and I peered in. My eyes widened when I saw a crisp bar of gold. I stumbled over and tried lifting it. It was heavier than I expected. Suddenly I felt a dart of pain in my back. I howled in agony.

Week 5 The Statue by Dylan

” Did that statue just move” ? I asked my mom.

We were in the vicinity of Missouri when we came to a roundabout and there was a statue of a weird creature that I thought moved.

“No don’t be silly ” said my mom.

The rest of my trip in the beautiful Missouri was great although I thought I kept seeing the statue.

When I got home I decided to look up the statue

It said the statue just appeared there one night.

I then heard pounding on my window and saw the statue there.



Week 5 THE GIANT by Jack

One sunny morning a little boy was going on a Ride but he was too small.  He was so mad so went to a well and wished to be taller. The next morning he found magic beans on the floor and he ate them. Then he went to school. He went to the toilet and he started to grow. He walked out and every one started to laugh. He ran home and cried. Then people laughed and laughed but he was not shrinking.

” I never should have wished to be taller,” he thought so he went back to the well and wished again…Then he woke up. It was all a dream.

Week 5 Down Memory Lane

I was driving past a roundabout and saw a big statue. I asked my mom what it was. She didn’t know so I looked it up when I went home. The statue was of a person who had a world record and was the tallest man In the world. It was him looking up and asking God `to help every person small or big to live a perfect life . So that’s why there was a statue of him in the roundabout. I went and told my parent about it and she said… That was what happened In my dream

Week 5:The Giants:By Liam A

Running through the woods I could hear my heart beating like a drum, the cracking of tree trunks snapping in half and the giants’ feet shaking the ground. Then I looked behind me and they were gone – there wasn’t a sound only the rustling of the leaves on the trees.

Suddenly the giants pounced out from everywhere. I was surrounded. There was no escape…Suddenly I could hear the roaring engines of trucks. It started to rain and I saw that the giants were in pain. The army ran up the hill and started firing at them. Suddenly all of the monsters looked up and turned to stone.


Week 5 Experiment X By Colin

“Hand me the syringe, Civet” he called from the corner of the room.  Civet look at him with a bamboozled expression.

“Are you sure sir”? She called back.

“Sure I’m sure” He grumbled.

Civet opened a small drawer and took out a sharp syringe and walked over to him. Each stepped echoing through the grim room.

“Do you have the syrup, sir?” She said in a hushed voice.

He snatched the syringe and stuck the needle in a bottle. He walked through a pair of doubled doors and Civet followed. He was next to a Gigantic man and stabbed the man in the leg… Suddenly it came to life!!

Week 5 The Growing Potion By Ronan

One day as I was going to sign up for the local football team, I got a message from the team manager. It said that I was too short and skinny to join the team. I was really disappointed so I ran home and whipped out my old science kit. I mixed everything together and it made a glowing green liquid. My plan was to drink it and hope that I would be stronger by the morning. My plan was faultless… Or so I thought.

By morning I hadn’t gotten any stronger but I had grown about four meters taller.

Week 5: The Wishing Well By Benny

It wasn’t fair that I was so small. I wasn’t allowed on any rides since I was so small. I was the smallest in my class. I saw a well in the distance next to a few food stands. I sat down and decided to buy a hotdog. I had spare change so I threw it in the well and made a wish.

I woke up the next day and realised I had grown. I grew a bit too much. When my mom walked into my room she screamed. She immediately rang a doctor. He then gave me an antidote and I was cured.

Week 5 The Silly Boy by Warren

It was the day I started secondary school. I was excited but also nervous. I was walking to school with my friend Derek. We were in the vicinity of the school when I saw one of my other friends getting picked on by a few of the older kids in the school. Derek and I sprinted over desperately to help him. “STOP” I shouted. Suddenly everyone turned around. The older kids burst out with laughter “Shorty” they were saying.

That day at home I asked my dad who was a scientist did he have any potions for getting taller “yes” he said so I drank it. So the next day I was walking to school I was about to enter the school when “CRASH” I froze and began to grow…

Week 5 The Giant By Joe

Rapidly I ran through the forest, the bullies were right behind me. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. When I got to the creek I stopped. ” It’ll be alright,” I thought to myself as I took a deep breath and got my energy back.

“He’s over here,” I heard one of them say. I quickly ran behind a tree and waited for them to pass. I ran to the park and saw a new statue, I went over and touched it on the foot only to realise that it wasn’t a statue  . . .

Week 5 Moving statues BY Sean

One day a strange statue showed up in the middle of the town. People were saying it looked like a giraffe. I went out one night and the statue moved to the school in our town. The next morning the students and the teachers were very confused. The next night I went out very early. I saw the statue move. When it saw me, it ran around the side of the building and I never saw it again