Week 36:The Gun Man by Liam A

Gun shots everywhere –  I could hardly sleep I was so scared.

I was afraid that he was going to break into my house and shoot me as well as my Mom and Dad. … Then it was all peaceful not a sound . I opened the curtains very slowly and saw police dead on the ground.

The next day nothing was there . I didn’t go outside for the whole day after that. I was too afraid that he would come back. But then I just had to man up and go out … just then I saw a gun tied up in a knot.

Week 36 Court by Aidan

Dear Judge,

I can explain.

My brother and I were playing star wars with our fake guns and lightsabers .We were leaping from couch to couch making pew pew pew sounds. It was great fun.

I picked up another toy gun but didn’t shoot. I pretended to reload the gun. While I was doing it I noticed how real it looked so I thought – this is a keeper. It was a revolver toy gun…

Week 36 Dear President Tommy Bowe By Danny

Dear President Tommy Bowe,

The past few days there has been shooting in our school. Almost forty people have died in our school in America. People  of  fifteen to eighteen years old  have just came into our school and start shooting. They are shooting teachers, young people. They are bullies.

It is just outragous that people are coming into our school and shooting. Some people are scared to come into school because of what’s happening.

So could you please close all gun shops.

Signed : John Long from Kanturk Co. Cork.

Week 36 The Murder By Szymon

I heard a gunshot followed by another one. I was very terrified. Finally I fell asleep.
When I woke up next morning everything was normal but things started to change very quickly. After I ate my breakfast,  brushed my teeth and dressed, I went outside. I was going to my friend’s house but I spotted a long shiny object. I went closer and saw that it was a gun. I ran home and called the police. They told me that they would come as quickly as possible.
When they arrived they told me what had happened and that someone got shot and the murderer hadn’t been found. The gun was knotted and someone got an inspiration from it and made a statue like the gun.

Week 36 The note by Colin

Dear Mr President,

I think it is outrageous that a normal person can have a loaded gun. The ordinary innocent person could just be shot or killed. You should take the situation into your hands. High school children walk into a school and start shooting people. It is not acceptable this NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

Any person in the United States of America can have a rifle or revolver. The law needs to change and only experienced hunters or guards should be able to have a gun.

This is a note to warn all young children that guns are very lethal and can end lives easily.

Week 36 The knotted gun by Ronan

One sunny day a hunter went out hunting in the forest.  He brought his gun with him so he could shoot animals. He spotted what looked like a tiger but he thought that was Impossible. He walked over to it to get a better look. He was right – it was a tiger. A very rare one too. He thought he would be a hero if he shot it and brought it back.

So he lifted up the gun. But just before he pulled the trigger … the tiger lifted up his paw and caught the gun and tied the end into a knot.

Week 36 Guns in school in America by Kacper

Did you know that you can buy a gun right now?

Americans sell guns everywhere. Could you tell me why?  Why do they do that? Loved ones die – family members are lost. This is just so sad. Even little kids shoot their brothers because they think guns are toys.

But sadly it happens. That’s why we made this revolver with a knot. We have the rights to stop selling guns to everyone and anyone.  We should stop every shop from selling guns.

Week 36 Dear Mr Trump by Dylan.

Dear Mr Trump,

I am after witnessing 2 of my friends were shot dead in the school. Their names were Bob and Jeff. I don’t think people that are not hunters should have guns of any type.

It is so scary that I witnessed my best friends being shot. I need you to change the law, please . I was so scared to find out I would never see them again. I actually can’t believe a man burst into the classroom wearing a mask and shot my friends.

If you change the laws I will be so happy.

Yours Sincerely,



Week 36 Knotted by Ciaran

I was just in the supermarket looking for some food when I saw a strange man carrying some kind of gun.  I hid behind the counter with the owner. I could hear his footsteps getting closer and closer and closer. I was terrified.

Then that was the moment I made a run for it … but I didn’t get very far. I ran right into him.


I could hear the sirens outside. I jumped at him and then I realised that the gun was a fake. They put up a statue of a gun with a knot to remember my bravery (:

Week 36 : The Sly crow , By Dan

” I’ m hungry!” squaked Bill the crow.

“Go eat the animals food then” his mother replied.

Bill flew down from the tree above and into the window of the barn. He sat on the feeder and pecked at the animals’ treats. Suddenly the barn door creaked open. It was the farmer with a REVOLVER!

BANG !! BANG!! Two shots rang out of the gun. Bill was just able to avoid them. Bill flew up to the loft and tried to hide.

BANG!! another shot fired right near Bill’s head.

“Where are you?” the farmer cried out.

Suddenly Bill noticed the shutter at the back of the room…

Week 36: Headless Hunter By Naglis

Hunter Harry went off to Scotland to look for and kill the Loch Ness Monster. He finally arrived and was very excited. He had a revolver with him and was nervous but of course he was excited.

When pupils around the world heard what he was doing they were extremely disappointed. He was now sailing around for quite a bit with his revolver in his hand and suddenly he spotted a shadow, a big one in the fog which was about a kilometre away. He got close.

Suddenly the tip of his weapon was twisted and the Loch Ness Monster was behind him. With nowhere to go what would he do..?

Week 36 At Gun Point By Adam

One day I was shopping in New York. I was having so much fun until everyone ran out of the shop and I wondered why?

A guy held me at gunpoint and told me to give him all the money I had. I gave it all to him and someone else came running in to save me but the guy shot him!

Someone else snuck up behind him and pushed and I ran out of the shop. We were out but the police stopped us and thought we were the robbers but we told them what happened and they let us go!

Week 36 Miss and Run By Matthew D

I was at my house alone. All I had was a revolver.  I knew that my arch enemy was in town. I knew this wasn’t going to end well but I was willing to do it…

I walked into the town where I knew I would find him. I walked down the narrow alley and there he was. He was standing there with his big black boots, his bald head, blue jumper and a black pants. We eyed each other for a second.

I got out my gun. I only had 1 bullet. I then shot at him. But I missed… He had dodged the bullet… Now I was in trouble.

Week 36 Title The gun By Wojciech

One bright day I  was inside my house playing. My mum told me that we are going to the park so I went as well. When we came out I saw a revolver it said that it was built in 1870. My mum told me to ignore it and I did ignore it. We were in the park it was really hot I went swimming in the lake it was really hot. I was really happy. We went back to the house my mum and I took the swimming pool out I was swimming nearly all the day It was HOT!!!.

Week 35 Halucination By Szymon

“Good Night” said Gabriela.
She was going to bed after a frustrating and tiring day. She had three tests and tennis practice that lasted an hour. In the middle of the night she started to hallucinate and she went to the house next door.
No one was in the house because the owners went to a party. They forgot to close the door so she got in easily and accidently took a necklace that was worth thousands. The next day she saw the police and saw that she was holding a necklace. She realised that it was the neighbours however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 The door was open By Danny

One day I was in the park playing hide and seek with my two friends Tara and John. Tara was on and she was looking for me and John but she couldn’t find us. So she went to the house next to the park.

She looked all around the house but she couldn’t find us. Suddenly she heard the door of the house open but no one went in or out. She looked in  the open door but she couldn’t see anyone, all she could see was the wallet of the man who lived there and she got it and ran away-  however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 Professional golfer by CONOR

When this 4-year-old girl was driving in her dad’s van to a golf tournament she asked him ‘what’s golf? Daddy’ Her dad answered ‘ So you get a ball and hit it with a golf club’ “I like golf ” she said. At the tournament, it seemed like she really knew how to play it.

About 15 years later she had become a Pro golfer. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 The hero by Dylan.

Bang! They heard a massive bang in the 3rd class.

The Titanic was sinking.

She was so scared. She woke up her two children and got them dressed and ran to safety. They could hear cries and screams as the Titanic broke in half.

She remembered her mother’s last words ” keep the children safe “.


They rushed to the lifeboats only to find they were on the other side. The two sides were separated and had to jump to the other side. She was only able to save her children.

However, she couldn’t believe what she had done. She died a hero.





Week 35: Ultra Bomb By Sean

The ultra bomb team is the best-trained team in the world. There is a girl on the team and she is the best one. And her name is Jane.

Jane, we need you in the office -there is a bomb at the White House and there are men with guns there –  so leave that to us.  You go now with your team and defuse that bomb.

2 hours later they were there and John was after knocking down the door and they are shouting at the men. But there was a problem there-there were only green wires. Jane just cut one and luckily the bomb stopped at the last second. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 The bomb by Mathew O G

Beep…beep..beep went the timer on the bomb…

Some bystanders ran past the crowd and bent down next to the bomb  -the timer was set for 72 hours. One of the bystanders reported it to the police.

They thanked him gracefully. They got a professional bomb defuser. She arrived the next day her name was Anna Scott. She was just out of boot camp. She cut open the bomb. She had to cut the red wire or the blue wire but was unsure…

She cut the red one and it halved the time on the bomb… However she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35:Tennis by Liam A

One sunny day a girl called Mary was playing tennis with her brother Jake. They loved tennis. Then the next day Mary decided to go play with the tennis club. When the people who were watching Mary play they were shocked at how good she was.  They wanted her on the team.

Then 15 years later she got a scholarship to play with America – she was amazed she was so happy. Now she will be playing in the Australian open however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Game after game she nearly won every game she played and every set. She was unstoppable. She was amazing.

Week 35 The race by Colin

It was the final of the ladies two hundred m sprint. 8 world class sprinters ready in the blocks. Complete silence until the gun went off.

BANG. Everyone catapulted their strides longer. Suddenly someone tripped over and grazed her knee. For the last hundred metres, everyone was sprinting like a cheetah running for prey. It came to the last bend then straight –  the race was really on now.

The crowd was roaring as the race finished. the winner, however, couldn’t believe what she had done. A gold medal for Ireland. the Irish roared loudly.

Week 35 The Washing Machine by Maciej

Mom ! Shouted Laura , where are you going ?

I am going to work.

Laura can you put on the washing machine later.

Yes Laura answered .

Then mom went to work. After mom went to work she put on the television for 15 minutes and went to put the washing machine. Suddenly she heard her favourite program so she put in too much of the powder.

After 1 hour she went to put the clothes out. But when she opened it – BANG!!! everything burst out. The floor was all wet . However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 : Mistake by Oisin

At home a girl got her clothes dirty and decided to wash them. She put in her clothes and then by accident got shampoo instead of washing up liquid and put it in the wrong container. She hit the On button and left it.

Two hours later there were bubbles everywhere however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Well time to get cleaning!  Mom came home and she said she was dirty so she went to have a bath but all the shampoo was gone.  I was in big trouble not to mention what my dad would be like –  he would probably lock me in my room for a month.

Week 35 Crisis by Jack

“What happened?” he said to another guard.

“I don’t know,” he said “but I think someone’s after breaking out of Alcatraz…”

It was a lovely summer morning …well not really because she was in jail.

“Hey Rudy,” she said.

“What’s up?… actually Laura, come here.”

“What is it Rudy? said Laura.

“There is word going around that Spike has a plan to break out tonight,” said Rudy. “But he is obviously going to get caught so when he breaks out and all the guards go running after him…  I’m getting out of here.”

“I’m going with you,” said Laura.

“Well it’s settled then -we’re getting out tonight.”

The night came and Rudy and Laura broke out.  Rudy used his sleeping pills to put the crocodiles to sleep they both used their bed sheets to make a rope to get over the wall but they were halfway up the wall when Laura said “Rudy I don’t think I can do this.”

“YES you can,” said Rudy.

“Ok  I’ll try.

They got over the wall and they swam to shore however she could not believe what she had done.


Week 35 The running race by Aidan

The four contenders jogged to the starting line – Katie ,Tom , Charlie and Alex. There was a sound of a horn and everybody ran off. Katie was in the lead straight away until Tom caught up and passed her out.  Alex was way behind and Charlie started so fast he tripped and he was taken away.

Katie and Tom were tying. Suddenly Katie tripped and Alex and Tom zoomed past her. Katie was hurt but she kept on going. Katie didn’t win but she did cross the finish line. The crowds went wild-  however, she couldn’t believe what she had just done.

Week 35 Prison again by Ciaran

Melissa was in Alcatraz prison. She had been trying to escape for 7 years.
Day after day she was thinking of a plan to get out. Then one day she looked at the courtyard wall with a menacing look and had a plan… but she needed some items to escape –  a rope, wooden planks, strength, and bravery.
First she pulled the bar on the window-  it broke after a while. T and hen she jumped into the sea she swam to shore. She made a small little raft however she couldn’t believe what she had done… she had escaped or had she…

Week 35 The Sinking of The Titanic by Ronan

There was a girl on the Titanic looking for a  better life for her family. She had never been to America but she was sure it would be better than Ireland at the time. Being a third class passenger was better than being no passenger…She had thought.

One night just about thirteen miles off the coast of America her mom was feeling very sick and was sure to die soon. She was about to die because she was not being taken care of properly and that was all her fault. However she could not believe what she had done. Suddenly she heard a crash and the scrape. She woke the family and got them dressed. She knew the boat would sink