Week 20 : African Adventure by Aidan

My family and I live in Africa and we are very poor. But that doesn’t stop us adventuring.

One sunny day we went out to the tall grass and saw a bug that we had never seen before. Tom and I picked it up and started shrinking.

“We might as well have some fun while we are down here,” I thought.

A few hours later we heard our mom’s call. So while a peregrine falcon wasn’t looking we hopped on its back. Suddenly it took off. We were moving very fast when we spotted our house. When it landed we jumped off and magically turned back to normal.

This was the best day ever!

5 thoughts on “Week 20 : African Adventure by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan
    What an original idea for a story this week. There are so many adventures that you could have if you shrank to the size of a bug.
    I was a little concerned that the falcon was going to eat you but I was relieved by the happy ending that you created.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

  2. Hi Aidan. What a lovely magical story. I really like the idea of you hopping on the falcon’s back for a free flight. It really was a superb adventure.

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