Week16: THE NEW HAMSTER. By Kajus.

When I woke up my family and I ate our breakfast and we got dressed. Suddenly we decided to drive to Tralee to buy me a new hamster because my other one died.

We walked to Pet Mania that is where I was buying the new hamster. I was picking the right Hamster for me. I picked my new hamster. It was a Dwarf hamster. I went to the counter to ask them to get the hamster for me please.

I picked a hamster that had golden fur and a grey line on her back. She is the cutest hamster that I own. Her name is Toffee.

One thought on “Week16: THE NEW HAMSTER. By Kajus.”

  1. Well done Kajus!
    Your love for animals especially hamsters comes across through your writing. I’m glad you replaced the hamster that died.

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