Grounded by Oisin

My favourite game was Age of Mythology –  It’s really old and no one plays it except me. But that game went missing and I trashed the house looking for it. I didn’t find it and I was so cross that I got sent to my room. I was in my room for at least an hour.  My mom told me to stay in my room until they were done tidying up. I never knew I made such mess and I was totally fed up of staying in my room. But then I found my disk and I was going to play it right away …if I wasn’t grounded.

Week 22 By Oisin

I was entering a baking competition.  I was baking sausages and chips and to make sure I would win I added a little cupcake at the side.  Oh, I just remembered I added some vinegar as well.  It was two minutes to go. I completed my work with five seconds left on the clock and when the judges took a bite they said the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 36 Title The gun By Wojciech

One bright day I  was inside my house playing. My mum told me that we are going to the park so I went as well. When we came out I saw a revolver it said that it was built in 1870. My mum told me to ignore it and I did ignore it. We were in the park it was really hot I went swimming in the lake it was really hot. I was really happy. We went back to the house my mum and I took the swimming pool out I was swimming nearly all the day It was HOT!!!.

Week 31 : Tom the Thunder Tortoise by Liam A

Tom the Thunder tortoise is a tortoise with a bolt of thunder on his shell.
He is an affable tortoise who just wants to make friends.

His biggest enemy is the lord of Nulth. He is the reason that he doesn’t have many friends because whenever he shakes hands with someone a bolt of thunder shoots into the air and whenever that happens his shell will crack and soon he will not have any shell at all.

He will get very sick and could die -we just hope we find one of Florence flamingo’s feathers.

Week 31: Jack the Jumping Jaguar by Dan

Jack the Jumping Jaguar lives in the deepest part of the Whispering Woods.
He is an affable friendly animal who loves jumping from tree to tree.
His best friend is Bertie the Bumbling Bee. They play races together around the Whispering Glade.

Jack’s enemy is the Lord Of Nulth! Whenever they meet, Jack pounces up to the nearest tree and waits until he goes away.

He adores having Chuckle Berries for dinner. Jack also likes going to his Granny’s house as she spoils him with biscuits.

He bumps into the Night Zoo Keeper regularly.

Week 31 : Colin the Courageous Cobra by Conor

Colin the Courageous Cobra is the most fearless snake in the woods and he absolutely loves scaring all the cheerful animals in the Night zoo.
One day Colin set off on a quest to kill all the animals in the night zoo.

But that will not be easy because he will have to get to the animals first. Grudge the bear is the strongest bear in the world and he is protecting the other animals but that does not mean Colin won’t get past.

Week 25 : Soldiers by Wojciech

The bomb exploded. The Americans had a fight against the Russians If the Americans will not fight the Russians will take over all of the U.S.A. The Americans had about 70 soldiers and the Russian had 90 soldiers. The name of the American’s captain was Washington. One of the Russians climbed up the Empire building. The Americans thought but how did they get up there?

The American soldiers attacked the Russian army. That battle was really bad. The Russians had only 20 soldiers and the Americans had only 10. The captain called for support and it came. The helicopter bombed the Russian army. When the Americans were walking they saw an injured man – one of their team and they put him in the helicopter. The soldiers were looking all around the building. They saw the captain of the other team. They quickly took him and arrested it him and put him in the jail for a really long time.

Week 25 : My Cousin’s New Cat by Tim

Yesterday I went to my cousins to see his new cat. His name was Puffy but when I got there the cat was on top of my cousin’s car. My cousin came outside to see me. He saw his cat and asked me “But he did he get there”? I got Puffy off the car and we went inside to have some lunch.

My cousin’s Mom gave us some pizza. And she gave Puffy some milk to drink. After lunch we went over to see my cousin’s friend. His friend also had a cat and the two cats played outside for the rest of the day. That night I went back home.

The end.

Week 25 : The Trial by Tadhg

Bang the gun fired we ran to skyscrapers. We ran up as fast as we could. If I didn’t make it up there fast I would lose the trial.

Something came flying by. It was a bolt. I had to run fast . There were tables to jump over and glass to break. When I got to the top there was no one there except me.

Then the man said from down below , “but how did he get up there?”
Suddenly I noticed the people climbing – they were only on the bottom flight of steps.
This is going to be a long day.

Week 25 : The Robbery by Szymon

AHH! roared Tom.
He got a fright when he could not find his cat. His cat’s name was Pebbles. He was named Pebbles because when they bought him he was tiny and looked like a pebble.

The same day meowing woke the president up. He was confused but when he finally spotted the cat he was terrified. Tom was putting up some posters of the cat and his phone number.

He saw a group of firemen in a truck. He followed them to the white house and saw his cat on the roof. He went to the president and told him that it was his cat.
“But how did she get up there?” asked Tom.
“I don’t know” answered the president.

They brought the cat down and Tom was very happy.

Week 25 : King Kong by Sean

One stormy night at a lost island was an animal. He was not the same size as a normal one but was the same size as a building and its name was King Kong.

As King Kong ran through the island a boat came on to the beach. The people on the boat had guns lost of guns. A girl called Jane was after waking up and she screamed when she saw King Kong. A man shot King Kong in the neck with a sleep dart and they took him to New York.

They gave him to the zoo but when he woke up he took Jane to the biggest building in New York. When people saw him they asked, ” how did he get up there?”

Week 25 : The Robbery by Ronan

But how did he get up there? I asked my self.

The jewellery shop has just been robbed It was mom and dad’s main talk for days. The person that robbed was definitely not from here and was said to have jumped down from the roof. They seemed to like diamonds. Every diamond object from the shop was gone. All the diamond necklaces were gone and all the diamond rings were gone.

Everyone was saying that he was from China. But I think he is an Eskimo from the Arctic. But I do not know how he got to Ireland. The owners of the shop were very angry and they phoned police stations all over the world.

But no one ever found the man.

Week 25 : Bamboozled Jimmy by Naglis

Jimmy-the guy who was in charge of watching the cameras in the bank heard that outrageously loud sound on the roof.
“Probably just a bird” he thought.
Next he looked at the camera on the roof and he saw a thief.
“But how did he get up there?” he thought once again.
He went outside and to his surprise he actually got up on the roof.
“I gotcha now” he shouted. All of a sudden the thief jumped off the roof. Jimmy cautiously slid down the pole and he realised that it was a stunt man.

“Oh dear I’m in trouble” he thought.

Week 25 : The Bully by Matthew D

It was my birthday party and I was having it in my tree house. The class bully turned up and I didn’t even invite him. I then told him to go away.

I told two of my friends to watch the tree house while we went in to get drinks. When we came back out the class bully was up in the tree house.

“But how did he get up there?” I said to my friend. I then asked my friends that were supposed to be guarding it and they said he pushed them off .I told my mom to ring his mom so she could pick up the abominable class bully.

Week 25 : The Mystery by MaTHEW O G

As I walked down to my friend’s house one day I heard a sad sound.
I turned the corner and saw him in despair.
I sat down next to him on the curb.
“Whats wrong?” I asked in a sorrowful tone .

“NOTHING!!!!!!” he snapped.
“Sorry” he said sadly …

“My cat is gone missing and I can’t find him anywhere.”

“Then let’s go find him” I said as we proudly we searched the street.
“Oh I see him” he yelped.
“Up there on that tall building .”
I was amazed…
Then I asked my friend,” but how did he get up there ?…”

Week 25 By Marc

“Ready or not here I come” I shouted.
My sister and I were playing hide in seek catch in our garden. Every time I was on  she went around a corner and disappeared.
But each time it was my turn to hide she found me in 5 seconds.

Suddenly I saw her in plain sight, she couldn’t disappear without me knowing.
Pooff! She was gone in a click of a finger.
She disappeared in a puff of smoke.
I looked up and saw her on the roof.
But how did she get up there? I thought when I saw her.

…Next I was in a dark room with chains locking me to a wall….

Week 25 : The Mission by Liam O

One dark rainy and quiet night in 1956in Washington D.C in the white house Donald Trump was talking to the leader of the F.B.I.  Later that night the leader of the F.B.I got a group of spies to go to Moscow and inspect what the Soviets were planning next.

A week later they arrived in Moscow. The group was equipped with pistols and voice recording shoes. When they got to the entrance of the building they saw a soldier at the top of the building. They wondered but how did he get up there? Some hours later the group was caught and was forced out of the building. When they got out they were arrested.

The End

Week 25 : The Shooting by Liam A

It was 1916 and they had already surrendered. In Kilmainham jail writing and drawing on the walls was the only thing that they could do as they waited. NEXT they roared out – the next person was going to die.

So they took him out to kill him. BANG – all was quiet in the jail and outside. Next, it was the last person’s turn and then that was it… Then a bang happened again. This time it wasn’t the guards.

There was a man lying on the roof – he had tried to shoot one of the guards. Everyone thought but how did he get up there?…

Week 25 : JFK By Joe

“Hurry Tommy , if you keep going that slow we`re going to be even later than usual! ” shouted mom in her very strict voice .
They ran out the door as fast as light and jumped into the car . The car gave out a loud splutter and didn`t turn on properly.
“We`re going to have to run ” said mom.

But all wasn`t well in town. JFK had been visiting and there was an ambulance outside his car. We were going to go closer but we were stopped. Nobody was happy ,everyone was crying. A bust open bullet fell on the floor and a black figure was on a rooftop .

” A sniper ” said Tommy . ” There is someone with a sniper up there.

But how did he get up there ?

Week 25 : Bang by Jack

Sirens blared as I walked home from school. It was Friday and I had until 6 O’clock to get home and it was only 4 plus I lived right around the corner from the school so I decided to follow the Police cars and see what was going on.

When I got to the scene I saw a man on top of a building holding a gun – it looked like he was threatening a family to give him money or he would shoot their child. That’s not right I thought and decided to stand up to the man but then I wondered how I was going to get up there? All the doors and windows were boarded up.

But then it struck me – there was a rope ladder at the back hidden away by the leaves of a tree. Without thinking I climbed up the ladder and when I got to the top I picked up a rock on the roof and knocked the man out. I saved the day. When I got home my mom asked me if I had heard of the boy who was brave enough to stand up to a man with a gun?
“Yeah, mom – yeah I have.”

Week 25 : The Kidnapper By Dylan

But how did he get up there? I thought in my head.

The kidnapper has a hostage on top of the empire state building.
Bang! is what we heard and then a scream.
I decided to go up there and stop him myself .

I found a way up through the fire escape.
I snuck up behind the kidnapped and freed the hostage.
The hostage was really hurt from being shot but she would be okay.

I showed the hostage the way down and took on the kidnapper.I tackled him with my fist and I slipped over. He then pushed me over the side of the building.
I thought it was over… but luckily some policemen caught me and I got a medal for the act of my bravery.

Week 25 : How did she get up there? By Danny

But how did she get up there? I asked myself

By the way, I am a journalist.
I usually go around my school to hear the gossip every one is talking about like when Neill locked himself into the bathroom… but Sally is the one who we are talking about now.

She tied her up herself on the top of the tree outside our school.
You’d be wondering how and why she is up there? Well I am not sure how she got up there but she is up there because she wants people to hear her.
I wonder will she ever get down?

This is Tom Sweeney reporting for Schools News.

Week 25 : By Dan

“Hurry up the storm is coming” I roared to Barry.
Just as Barry prepared to jump someone grabbed him.
“But how did he get up there?” I thought.

Suddenly I saw Barry flying towards me with no parachute on him.
It was a good thing I caught him.

“Where is your parachute?” I asked him.
“A man grabbed me and took my parachute and then he pushed me off,” he replied.

At that moment a strange man jumped off the building with Barry’s parachute.
He had a black mask on him and a bag under his arm – he was a crook.

Week 25 : Me and the Beanstalk by Conor

Back when I was a young boy I always used to go to the forest nearby and there always used to be a massive beanstalk growing there.
I just loved to climb to the tippy top of it!

One day I went there with my younger sister and went to the top. She always stayed at the bottom and played with her dolls.

But that day I was taking a very, very long time because the beanstalk had grown overnight.
Then my sister looked up and thought, ‘ But how did he get up there?’

Week 25 : But how? By Colin

“Run ! ” shouted all the monks as the Viking longships crashed onto the sandy beach. The helpless monks picked up all the fabulous jewels and ran to the round tower. The monks climbed the ladder and brought it back up when every monk was in. Looking up at the round tower one Viking thought, ” but how did he get up there?”

The Vikings burned and shattered their way around the small town. The whole village was in left in ruins. The sky was full of soot and black smoke. Houses burned down.

Week 25 : Ending Easter by Aidan

I hate Easter …anything to do with Easter. I hate Bunnies, chickens, eggs and chocolate eggs. I had decided that I had to put an end to it.

The Easter bunny never came to my house but he always went to my neighbour’s. So the following night I was going to capture the Easter bunny and give him to a pet shop. The next night I walked to my neighbour’s house and waited for the Easter bunny.

Suddenly I heard a hopping. I looked around but there as nobody there. I looked up and saw the Easter bunny on the roof. But how did he get up there? I thought. I climbed up one of the pipes and SNATCH I had got him in the sack.

Now all I had to do was get him to the pet shop and that would put an end to Easter.

Week 25 : Super Bounce Power by Adam

Jim and I were going to the Bounce house to play on trampolines. We were only there 30 minutes. After we went to Bounce house we went to the skyscraper. Jim jumped in excitement but instead of jumping a million times he jumped once and disappeared.

He landed on top of the skyscraper. But how did he get up there?
I jumped and then I landed on top of the skyscraper. Everyone around wondered and one person rang the fire truck to get us down but instead we jumped once and we landed on the ground with no injury.

Week 24 : The Magic China Cup by Mathew O G

“MOM!!!! WHERE ARE THE MUGS?” screamed Rob.
“I do not know” answered his mother.
“I guess I’ll just use the old China cup then.”

Rob started to boil the kettle. He grabbed two unusual teabags and popped them into the cup.
Just before he was about to put the boiling water in some weird things started coming through the teabags.

“Ugh “said Rob in disgust and he chucked them out the window.
Suddenly China cups were falling out of the sky.
One was stuck in the grass and it was massive.