Week 10 The war field by Warren

One evening I was taking my dog on a walk through the field next to our estate. The field used to be a battlefield for World War 1. Many people died in the field. Before world war 1 there used to be red poppies growing in that field.

As we were getting to the exit my dog stopped and started digging. When he finished, lying on the ground was a red gun. I was stunned into silence before we extricated ourselves from the field. The next day my parents said I was unusually quiet. I was in a quandary whether to tell them or not.

That day I went back to the field but the gun was gone…

Week 10: Death Valley : by Dan

We were dropping like flies. The poppies had given us away – they didn’t blend in with our uniform.                                                 What used to be muck was now a sea of red blood.

Suddenly bullets fired from behind the tree on the hill. We had been led into a trap by the Germans. Then the shelling started and all hell broke loose. Screams of agony and horrendous pain filled the air around me.

Then everything stopped, and the English tanks rolled down the hill. I saw the Germans leave their guns and run.

We were coming for them and they knew it.


Week 10: Fire By Benny

There was a huge, red fire in the distance. My friend and I didn’t know what to do. He suggested that we would go and see what happened. I was in a quandary. We decided to go and see what happened. An old, abandoned house had caught on fire. We didn’t know what caused it. I called the fire brigade and they came in minutes. No one knew what caused it. Later on that day I went to the house. I realised that a shell from World War I exploded and set the house on fire.

Week 10 Angry over nothing by Paul

I was sleeping one night until someone came into my room. I didn’t hear them because I was fast asleep. So when the person came into my room he pulled out his pen and red sauce.

When I woke up I felt something on my belly button .

I thought that there was a monster inside my belly button. The reason this happened was because I remember I saw an image on YouTube of a monster coming out of someone’s belly button. I panicked until I realised that it was just red sauce and pen. I got really mad and scared over nothing

Week 10 The War By Evan

It was 1923 and it was the Germans against the British. I was about to go to war. I am a German.  We took over a town in less then ten minutes. We got into our houses and got our snipers out and  before I knew it I sniped someone. The red blood laid all over the ground. Soon enough we burnt the town and moved on through the road. We were faultless… But suddenly an avalanche of soldiers came out of no where. I ran swiftly through the forest and when I came back … they were all dead.

Week 10 Poppy By Joe

Sadly tragedy had struck , my Grandfather is sick . My mother spends most of her time making sure he is okay . She is often glum and the reason she always stays by his side  is so she can give him good food and prolong his life.

One time when my grandfather and I were alone he asked me to get him a red poppy . I thought that it was a bit peculiar that he wanted a poppy but I still got him the poppy . He told me that he was going to keep it by his bed side so that when he died we would always remember him .


The mission was named Operation Poppies aka Project RED. As flacks tried to shoot us down, the heavy vast robust armour was shielding us.

My partner said “dive down to the ground.”

” What?! Are you nuts?”

He shouted to dive and I finally agreed. As we dived down the flacks hit us twice “almost there.. and go up!” The plane went up and the bombs hit the train.


Then we heard a BANG . Oh no I thought in my head “WE ARE SO DEAD!!”

“Take this parachute and go.”

I jumped … and now here I am at his grave.


Week 10 The road By Colin

I gazed at the poppy field from my bedroom window. The red poppies glistening gently in the morning frost. I strolled down the newly carpeted stairs. “I’m going to the fields” I bellowed as I stepped onto the stone porch. Slowly I stepped off the porch and closed the door. I opened the kennel  door to my golden retriever, Max. I grabbed a leash and clipped it onto his collar. I strolled down the passage to the poppy field. A gentle breeze flicking at my hair. I got to the gate and slipped back the beam. I unclipped the leash and he bolted away. I knelt down and prayed for the soldiers who fought in WWI.

Week 10 War by Aidan

The bomb shells flew everywhere. The peculiar stench of smoke and decay wafted through the air. You could hear the rat-ta-tat-tat from miles away. I sprinted along the trenches to the opening to take a peak at what was happening. Bodies lying everywhere, loved ones hearts broken because of this war.

As I walked closer I noticed four legs. Suddenly a horse galloped out of the vast area of no mans land with a red bay gleaming so bright it nearly blinded me. I was in a quandary -not knowing if I should get the horse or not. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. I held up a white tissue and shouted “stop firing”…

Week 10: The Mistake By Liam O

“Why did it happen?” that is the question I always ask myself today…

It was the last week of the war and everyone was feeling glum – even the jolliest people in the platoon. We had just advanced through No Man’s land and into the enemy trenches.

Our commander General Pierson had prolonged our advance and ordered us to wait for the rest of the platoon- that was a mistake.

About a few hours later we got a radio call from the rest of the platoon saying that the enemy’s artillery was getting ready to fire at us. We asked for them to try and hold them off, that was the last thing I heard on the battlefield.

About 5 years later here I am writing this story…

Week 10 The Red Fire by Ben

I was 30 years old during the London Fire. I had two children- their names were Jake and James. They were both only eight during the fire. I remember going to sleep one night and everything seemed so calm. Then I woke up to screaming. I looked outside and saw people running in every direction and only a few streets away there was a huge red fire spreading rapidly.

I got the children out of the house. But by the time I did the fire was nearly here. The top of a roof fell on top of Jake and at the same time James fell and broke his ankle. I was in a quandary – I only had time to save one of them…

Week 9 The Carnival By Kristupas

It was a pedestrian day and I was walking down the road. Then suddenly I saw a sign on a pole that said “come to the new carnival at Mil Street and go on rides. ”

I said to myself that would be fun. While I was going through the shops I saw two men one dressed in orange- the other in brown. The orange one spoke first.  He said that all the rides were half price.  So I rushed to the rides along with an avalanche of people.  I was delighted with my day. It went from bad to good as I went on all the rides.

Week 9 Pumpkin Competition By Adam

One day my friend and I were at a farm and we saw 3 talking pumpkins. We thought we were seeing things but no they were real.

“You should enter the best pumpkin competition,” we told the owner.

A few days later we were at the competition and we saw them. They were all different colours, one blue, one green and one orange. The orange one spoke first and suddenly an avalanche of people came running over. The judges were in the vicinity and gave them the first place.  The person in second place was so disappointed that he pummelled his pumpkin until it broke.

Week 9 She is witch by Rhys

In 1505 on the 31th of  0ctober it was Halloween-  the last day of school. Jake had invited people to a party.  Jake was rich. I was getting irate as I didn’t get one yet. There were two Jakes so we called one of them the orange one. Suddenly the orange one spoke.

” Will you go to the party?”

” Yes, I’ll go,” I said.

When I told my mom my brother said: “do you know that his mom is a witch?”

When I knocked on the door his mom answered and she had a broom and she took me…

Then I woke up and my mom said Happy Christmas

Week 9 The Alien Rush By Evan

It was Saturday night and I was making a video about nature in a forest. Suddenly I looked up and saw a UFO. Then it landed and an avalanche of aliens came out of it. Every single one of them was green except one that was orange.  The orange one spoke first and said ATTACK.

So I ran as quickly as I could to my motorbike and went to my bunker. I had something to eat and then watched some Boxing where one other guy got pummelled by another guy. I went to check the news and saw that the orange alien and the alien army was brutal and faultless and had taken over England.

Week 9 Halloween by Aidan

…Swiftly  I sprinted across the rooftops. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I had to do it if I wanted to live.

“Decorations these days” I whispered to myself while leaping over a giant spider and slipping on a leg.

“I hope this roof is robust” I chuckled to a pumpkin.

I lost my step while laughing and fell on top of the pumpkin. Then I realised there were two- one was purple and the other was orange. The orange one spoke first in a menacing voice saying “hey watch your step boy” “yeah” said the other not knowing what was happening. I fainted off the roof…

“But what happens next grandpa?” “Yeah” joined in the others. “I can’t remember because of my fall, now go to sleep kids I’ll see you in the morning”.

The titanic part 1 by Stas

AAh the lugshores ship, it is so vast !!! SO COOL man if I was 1st class well I’m not…


Stop shouting… okay okay(Paul)

Well I’m going to America (Stas)

That is what I just said (Paul)😒

2 days later it is pitch black and it is pedestrian.

(Jeb)Stas that an iceberg

Yes, it is -well I’m going to the captain 😢

Well it is getting closer – it has hit the ship. Man, I want to see some fun but no.


Week 9 The Haunted House by Warren

On Halloween night my friend came over to my house. He said it was very pedestrian being at home and I agreed. When he arrived he said that on the way he got a message from his friend that we shouldn’t go trick or treating at the mansion in the vicinity of his house.

We went trick or treating and when we came to the last house it was the mansion. It looked very robust and was extremely vast. We decided to knock. At the door, there were numerous pumpkins all in different colours. Just then my friend got another message saying the pumpkins at the door talk as the orange one spoke first.

We ran home…

Week 9 The Carnival of Doom by Dylan

The sweet smell of popcorn crept up my nose. I was at the carnival with my friend Gavin. It was announced over the loudspeaker to report to the big tent . On the way there we saw two people , one in black and one in orange. The orange one spoke first ” I am the star of the show- Mr Tophat ”

Unfortunately Mr Tophat was a name I never forgot….

When he stepped out on stage his smile to everyone sent a chill down my spine . The lights then went out and when they went back on Mr Tophat was beside me. We left straight away.

It the morning I asked Gavin if he remembered the carnival last night .

” What carnival? ” he said …..




On Halloween night my friends and I were going trick or treating. When we were walking we met two colourfully dressed men.  The orange one spoke first, he said “do not go to the spooky neighbour’s house. Do not take his candy .”

We looked at the neighbour’s house and we saw an avalanche of kids at his house. So we went there and we knocked on the door, “trick or treat” we said . He gave us Mars bars , Snickers and Jelly babies.  After that, we went home.

When we woke up we were in the neighbour’s basement…

Week 9 The pumpkins by Jack

One dark morning a little boy was minding his own business trick or treating when a black pumpkin and an orange one kidnapped him. He woke up and the black pumpkin was standing in front of him. He had a habit of spitting. I tried not to but I spat in his face. He was mad. Then the orange one spoke.  “You are the boy that told the police we robbed the bank. I’m going to kill you.” Suddenly the black pumpkin knocked out the orange pumpkin. He said he was sorry and took me home. I told the police he had saved me and they let him go.

Week 9: A surprise : By Dan


More trick or treaters I thought and then I opened the door. Two masked Men one with an orange shirt stepped in the door.

“Hey, where are ye going?” I asked as they walked into the kitchen and took the bowl of chocolate bars. They sat down and started to devour the chocolate. The orange one spoke first “I’m surprised you don’t know it’s us yet” He jeered as he finished off his ninth Mars Bar. He was right I should recognise the voice. And then it clicked. They were the escaped criminals.

They were done for now.

Week 9 The Halloween Bullies By Ronan

On Halloween night everything was fine until I knocked on the two sixth class bullies houses while I was trick or treating. They pulled me outside and gave me dirty looks. One of them had orange hair and the other one had black hair. The orange one spoke first. ”Give me all of your sweets or I’ll punch you to the ground” he said. After that, the one with black hair threatened me if I didn’t give him all of my money. The bullies started arguing with each other over which way they should split the sweets and the money so I saw that as my chance to run.

Week 9 Magic by Colin

There was a battering on my bedroom window as I peered out for my neighbour, James Hartman, to arrive. Ever since he moved in next door everything changed. He thought me how to do magic. I have been learning for 4 years now and am growing in strength. His car pulled up in front of his house. I pulled on my boots, stood up and walked out of my room. I walked out the front door and stepped onto the porch. I could see two men in the back of his car. I strolled over as casually as I could and opened the door. The orange one spoke first. He said he was a private detective and was looking for a prisoner and needed my help. I grinned in joy.

Week 9: The UFO: By Liam A

It was a pedestrian night and my brother and I were asleep in our room. Suddenly there was a big bang from outside. We looked out and saw a UFO. It was landed in the middle of our garden. Then a beam of light came from the bottom of it and strange objects came out of the UFO – one was orange and the other was green. Surprisingly they saw us straight away. We went to run but they were behind us. We were trapped – there was no way out. They stared at us and the orange one spoke first.

What was he saying?

I was scared  -very scared.

Week 9 Hallucinating By Joe

How did I get myself into this one? I was being coerced and there was no way out. I finally gave in to take a 40 kilos crate 80 miles as I was being bombarded with threats. Since the commander loathed me so much there was no surprise to anyone when he told me I had to do it .

Ravenously I walked through the hot orange sandy desert. I was so thirsty that I was beginning to see mirages and I was hallucinating. After a few hours, I saw a small group of different coloured men. The orange one spoke first.  “Do you want some water?”  Before I knew it, it was too late . . .

Week 4: The Robbery By Benny

There was something fishy happening. The ghastly voices sent chills down my spine. I was too terrified to go downstairs. What if someone was downstairs? I knew I had to go down at some point. I finally gathered enough courage to do it. I started walking along until the floor creaked. I froze. Two people ran up the stairs. One had an orange shirt on. The other was dressed fully in black. The orange one spoke first. He had a ghastly, deep voice. I ran out of my house. …When I went back in they were gone.