The Magical House, By Mikolaj

“Please get me out of here”, my brother Alex bellowed.

“I will don’t you worry, we just have to wait until it’s night time.”

I drove back home and went to sleep. I set my alarm on 1:25 A.M. Suddenly my alarm rang: it is time to rescue your brother from jail. I changed my clothes, ate an apple, brushed my teeth and in shock and dismay drove over to him. He was sleeping so I went to the office and stole the keys.

Sadly there was a very smart camera that when the wrong person will open the door he and the person near him will get teleported to an old, stinky house. Surprisingly Alex woke up and asked where did I take him? I told him everything but he wouldn’t believe me. OBVIOUSLY.

We walked out to discover where we were. Five meters away from the house was a cliff. We jogged the other way because we didn’t want to take a risk of falling. We looked around for some people or any food. There was nothing so we walked back to the house. We heard someone or something say open me, open me, and we went over to it and opened it and went inside.

“It’s a rift,” I yelled.

We were really scared to walk into it. Suddenly we walked into it and it teleported us back home. We walked into our parents’ room to see them but they were asleep. I was confused because at the magical house it was the evening. As I looked out the window it was dark. I checked my time but it was only 6:19 P.M and my Mom goes to work at 7:00 A.M.

At least I was happy because my brother and myself are finally safe home. I hope my brother learns his lesson and will not be bold again.

The Gate To The Secret Garden

Slowly Ann Stepped into the secret garden…

Ann is now 98 years old. She is my great grandmother.  Once she told me a story about what happened to her when she was 6 years old.

She said:

“When I was 6 years old there was a garden as big as a jungle and my brother Andrew kicked the ball in there so I, as usual, had to get it and open the creaky gate into the garden. (Mind you my mother told me never to go in there because a bitter old man lived in there.)

Anyway as I opened the gate  I heard howls of pain come from somewhere distant in the garden so I hurried quickly over to get the ball.

I picked up the ball and ran toward the gate and there standing at the gate with my brother in his grasp was an obviously angry barely alive old man. I mean you could see his bones through his skin and then without warning he ran at me with inhuman speed.  I ran to a tree and climbed it as quickly as I could. Gasping for breath I sat on a branch definetley confused.  I wondered how he was so fast and how I was going to save my brother and get out of there.

Just then I saw the old man walking around a tree trunk looking for me and then I noticed that his ears were pointy.

Bewildered I shouted, “AN ELF!”

And just guess who heard me?  The elf – I jumped off the branch landing on a few enourmous leaves that broke my fall on the way to the garden floor but it wasn’t enough and when I landed the impact knocked me unconscious…And when I awoke I realised it was only a dream.”

“That wasn’t a true story, Nana,” I said

“Ah young Luke, it is – if you use your imagination.”

You Wouldn’t Guess What Was Inside… By Naglis

“Are we nearly there yet. Mother?” I groaned wearily.

My parents and I were on a private jet travelling to cliffs in Thailand. As you probably realised I am a rich but adventurous twelve-year-old kid named Nick. Not long after, we finally arrived. I glared into the distance and I spotted a dreary looking, abandoned house. I couldn’t think of anything else but exploring that house.

“Nick don’t you dare go into that um eerie house!” snapped my mother.

“See you later” I replied menacingly.

As I shoved the door open it creeked perilously. As the door slammed shut behind me I thought there was no escape. It was as black as coal inside there and I was as pale as snow. Cautiously, I moved a few steps forward and I tumbled down into a hole. The smell was of damp and decay. My heart was beating like a drum. My shiny white teeth were clattering uncontrollably. I felt a little safer because I had a flashlight. In the distance, I heard a terrifying loud scornful laugh.

“Holy Cow! What was that” I thought.

To my own surprise, I kept walking forward. Down by the cliffs, my parents were worried sick.

“Should we go in?” my mother said while shaking.

“Of course not, he got into this trouble so he will have to get out of it as well,” answered my chubby pompous stepfather who was as arrogant as a cranky teacher.

But she didn’t listen to him. She darted across the field and when she reached her destination, the door was locked. Soon after I came to a wooden door half of its hinges. Courageously but carefully I opened the door and you wouldn’t guess what was inside…

Week 10: I Saw Him By Marc

Running pretty fast to the zoo gate while my mom was groaning wearily after me. We bought because we wanted to see the strongest gorilla in the world. They say trying to beat him is like trying to break bricks with your hands.

We were going around on a cart, but as slow as a snail. After a while we saw a pretty gorilla. WE knew he would be there too. We swaggered through the line and we were at the gate looking for the gorilla. Suddenly we saw a gorilla wolfing down his yellow food. We knew it was HIM.

Week 10 The gorilla by Kacper

Hello there friends, today I will tell you a story.

There was a gorilla in a zoo that was treated badly. But one day he made a run for it. He was meant to be in a show when… he was let free and… CRASH… He ran through the wall. He was running pretty fast for a gorilla. He hid behind the yellow wall for a few minutes and they lost him. After they lost him he broke down the wall and scattered bricks everywhere.

Week 10 A Crazy day by Mathew OG

It was a normal day in school.  My friend Josh and I were living right next to each other so every day we walked home from school.

But this day seemed very weird – car alarms were shrieking loudly. We were a bit spooked so we decided to start running pretty fast. Later we passed a yellow pile of bricks and on top of it was an immense menacing gorilla.

Sooner rather than later army men with deadly assault rifles came charging down the road. Josh and I hid behind a large rock. Within seconds shots were fired then we heard a massive roar…

Week 10 A Day At The Zoo By Jack

It was an ordinary day at the zoo or so I thought when Boom! George the gorilla crashed through the yellow bricks they were going to use for his new cage.

He was running pretty fast  -faster than I have ever seen him run in his life after a teenage boy who had thrown a banana skin at him while he had been eating.

George chased him out of the zoo towards the boy’s mum’s car. The boy hopped into the car and shouted at his mum to drive. But he was too late George had the gripped onto the back bumper of the car and was stopping them from driving away. But luckily I got there just in time and stopped George from ripping them to shreds.


Week 10 The journey BY:Tadhg

Josh stared out of the glass amazed -he didn’t even stop staring to blink. He was so surprised that there was actually a gorilla in his estate . It was running wildly around the place and staring continuously at the wall with the pretty yellow bricks that his neighbour painted around a year ago.

Josh went out and perilously he sauntered over to the gorilla. The gorilla didn’t notice him until he was 10 feet away. Josh could even smell the stench off the gorilla  -it smelt like rotten eggs and cheese. The gorilla looked at him and then turned and ran away.

Week 10 The Wall by Ciarán

It was a cold and wet day and I was building a wall to keep the Mongols out so we could live in peace. We were making the wall out of yellow bricks.  I was the guy who was running back and forward  – back and forward and trust me it was very tiring.  I was the youngest worker and all the rest were nearly a strong as a gorilla. I tried my best but I would always be weak and docile. I just hoped the wall would be built pretty soon.

Week 10: The scary day, By Mikolaj

It was my cousin’s birthday and he took me to the zoo in Dublin. We got our tickets and went in. We were beside the gorillas and I don’t know why but they were yellow.

As they got mad and growled at us we started running as fast as we could to the next animal’s enclosure. It was pretty cold so we decided to explore the animals quickly.

We went to the lions after but they were sleeping. We stared at the lions and suddenly walked into the giant brick wall. Bricks fell everywhere. I had a headache after that so my cousin drove me home and bought me pizza.

Week 10 Cornered By Matthew D

My legs were getting tired and the school bully was right behind me. He was like a menacing gorilla and he was coming for me. I saw a wall with yellow bricks and then running pretty fast I scurried over there and hid behind it. I heard him groaning wearily trying to find me.

Just at that very moment, a thick mist started descending. I then became bewildered because  I couldn’t see the bully. But then I found out where he was- he started backing me into a corner and he drew his fist up to my pale face.

Week 10: Run! By Naglis

A pair of boys named James and Mark were running around the zoo excitedly looking for the gorilla. It didn’t take long for them to find him, he was in his cage up to his usual shenanigans. They stopped and glared at him for a second. “Boring” exclaimed James.

Surprisingly they started throwing bright red bricks at the poor gorilla trying to impress the pretty girls wearing yellow dresses. The gorilla roared menacingly. The two of the boys’ teeth started clattering together uncontrollably. All of a sudden the gorilla shoved the door open perilously. 

             There was only one thing left to do-RUN!

Week 10 Dear Diary By Danny

Dear diary,

Today the school bully strutted over to us – one by one asking for our lunch money. He took my money but a few minutes later he wasn’t looking so I grabbed my lunch money back out of his back pocket and started running pretty fast. Soon after he was on my tail and I was starting to get weak and docile.

But then I remembered that this is the way that I go and come home from schools so I knew it very well. I also remembered that there was a wall with yellow bricks  and on the wall, there was a spray-painted gorilla so I jumped behind it and I was safe.

Week 10, Skull Island by Tim

At the end of World War 2, a young American soldier crashed his plane on an island. Ross was the name of the soldier. His body was found in the wreckage by a tribe that lived on the island. The tribe had made a special type of yellow medicine and somehow he felt better.

One day as he was exploring the pretty looking island,  he came across a giant Gorilla. Running back to the fortress which was made out of bricks he tried to warn the tribe.

The tribe started laughing. They told him that the gorilla was their king. His name was Kong and he protected the island at all costs.

Week 9 The Puppy by Mathew O G

It was a normal day, I woke up and went to school. I had invited my friend Dan over for a sleepover. My mom collected us. As I got into the car I noticed a box in the back.

I curiously opened it and to my amazement, there was a puppy in it. I almost cried  I was so happy. When we got home we played with the puppy all day- we named him Bonsey. It was 12 pm and we went to bed.

A few hours later we were awoken by a horrible scratching sound. I wondered what was behind the door. I opened it bravely…

It was Bonsey staring up at me.

Week 9: I’M ALIVE! By Marc

Dear Diary,

I was so excited to go on the Titanic.                                                                            Even though I was in third class,  I was still super excited.                                   My family are  very poor -they only had 10 pounds from their life savings to go on the Titanic.                                                                                                                                  Suddenly there was a big crash on the Titanic.                                                                 From the ginourmous crash the trap door had somehow locked.                          I was crying from fright as  I was really scared.                                                   My mom and dad were giving me hugs to calm me down.                                        After a while I found another door.                                                                                       I wondered what was behind the door.                                                                               My hands were shaking but I pushed the door open.                                                   Our lives were saved  – there in front of us were the  life boats.


Week 9 The Legend Of Áill Mór by Ciarán

Hello, my name is Sean Mc Coill. I am an adventurer and I am looking for the  Áill Mór. The legend of Aill Mór said that inside there are all the jewels in world – well that is according to the legend.

Two weeks later 1982 at 09:27 a.m.

I found a pyramid with a door on it that said Áill’s tomb in gold plated lettering. I wondered what was behind the door  – it could be Jewels or Death!  I would rather jewels but anything thing could happen.  I walked over to the door, pushed it open and  walked in …

R.I.P Sean Mc Coill  1982 ):

Week 9 Afraid By Matthew D

“I wondered what was behind the door? ” Samuel exclaimed. Samuel and I were trick or treating and there was this house that had the lights off yet the cars were at the house. I rang the doorbell several times and there was no answer. I was getting frustrated whilst Samuel who was a bit scared was saying “D0 you want to go home?”

I then said,” NO Samuel there is something suspicious going on here “. The wind started to pick up and it started lashing out of the heavens. The door then opened…

Week 9: The Embarrassing Day, By Mikolaj

My parents went to the cinema with their friends and left my sister and myself home alone. I was playing the PlayStation with my friends. We were playing Fortnite. My friend said he’ll be back in a second and 1 minute later I heard somebody ring my doorbell.

My parents still didn’t come back and my sister was sleeping but my cat wasn’t. I wondered what was behind my door. Before my Mom left she told me not to open the door no matter what so I didn’t.

They suddenly came back and told me it was my friend giving back my controller.

Week 9: Dreadful Dare By Naglis

It was a dark dreary windy hazardous night and Luke, Theo and I were playing Truth Or Dare. It was Theo’s turn and he picked me.

“Truth Or Dare he asked excitedly.

“Dare” I answered nervously.

“I dare you to explore the eerie house at the end of the street.”

And so I did. I put in a mammoth effort to open the door and as it opened it creaked perilously. The smell was of damp and decay. I could hear the whirling wind outside. My heart was beating like a drum. Unfortunately, my light started flickering. Soon I came to a door half off its hinges. I wondered what was behind the door. As I opened it I was in shock and dismay.


Week 9 New in the Neighbourhood By Danny

On the 12th of May 2015 my family and I moved into a new neighbourhood.  I was always on my phone so my parents told me to go out, get a bit of fresh air and make new friends.

Outside there were lots of children playing but I was too demure so I kept to myself. Just then I saw a really big old abandoned house but I remembered what our new neighbours said “Don’t go into the big old abandoned house.”

But I was so tempted to go in there.  I wondered what was behind the door but I was too scared so I just went home.

Week 9 Jail Run by Sean

One day I was arrested for taking part in a robbery but can I tell you something -it was not me. It was a man who was running across the road.

“Run!” yelled a man who was in a cell across the hall. A guard was asleep so I grabbed the key and opened the door. As I ran there was a man and he was saying that there was a door that had all of our stuff inside it so I went there. I wondered what was behind the door. As I opened the door I saw a light…

Week 9 The Door By Szymon

“Whatever happens- do not open this door!” roared the astronaut. I wondered what was behind the door?

” Picture this – you are stuck in a room with the most dangerous thing you can imagine,” yelled the astronauts. The astronaut’s voice was convincing but gentle. “I can’t wait to learn more about this place,” I said.

I just went onto my first space station but little did I know it was also my last one.

When everyone fell asleep I sneaked over to the door and opened it. I went in and suddenly something grabbed me by the ankles and roughly tripped me.

Why I love wearing the school jersey

Hello my name is Mikolaj, I am in 5th class Saint Colman’s Boys National School, County Cork. Today I’m going to tell you why I love wearing the school jersey.

So if you are on a school tour on a farm and you get lost then your teacher might see you because you have the same jersey as everybody else in the class. Also if it is the final of soccer, rugby, hurling, football or anything else and you are on the biggest stadium in your country you are representing your team because you have the same jersey as all your friends who are playing you would feel happy won’t you?

Let’s say you and your two friends were the best writers and readers in the school and you were picked as the best one so you went with your family and friend to a big hall and you are reading your story then you would feel confident representing your school showing what the teachers taught you.

OK so that’s what I wanted to discus today.


Why I like wearing the school jersey

Hello my name is Tim, I am in 5th class ST. Colman’s Boys National School, Kanturk. Today I will tell you why I like wearing the school jersey.

If you are on a school tour to the zoo and you get lost, then your teacher or principal  might see you because you have the same jersey as your classmates on. Also if it’s the final of soccer, GAA or rugby or anything that your school is wearing in a big stadium and get lost your parents will be able to see you in the large crowd of supporters.

I also love wearing the school jersey and representing my school in a football match or any other sport your school plays. The school jersey also means you are being respectful to your school. It also means you are taking part in something, like a group, team or even a community.

The most important thing is that you don’t let your team or school down.

Why l love wearing a jersey By Kacper

Hello my name is Kacper and I am here to tell everyone why I love wearing the school jersey.

I like wearing the jersey because I like representing my team. Jerseys show respect for our country. While your playing a match and wearing a jersey people know who’s team you  are on.

They also represent your club. Jerseys also show your number and people won’t forget who you really are. These are all my reasons why I like wearing the school jersey.

Your sincerely


Week 8 The Big Hide and Seek Game By Danny

It was the day that we were playing the big hide and seek game. Every year my neighbours and my family used to gather in one of the neighbours’ houses and talk for hours and hours but the children would get bored so we would go out and play a big game of hide and seek.

This year the gathering was on in my house so I got to choose who was on. I chose Billy even though he was on the year before.

He said “Why am I on?”

So I said ” because I said so.”

After that we carried on and had a great time.


Week, 7 The Contraption By Tim

One day as I was walking home  I saw a weird looking contraption. It looked like  a gun, so I picked it up. I rushed home to show my dad. My dad picked it up and he pulled the trigger by accident. He shot his bottle of water and it turned into a lego piece.

My mouth fell open. I went out to the back garden and tested the gun on myself. I pulled the trigger and I turned into a small lego figure. I was so small that the  ladybugs around me were bigger. I pulled the trigger again and I went back to normal.