Week18 The rescue by Mathew OG

There is an army next to the Sydney opera house. They look like statues but they are actually ninjas.

One day a huge explosion happened right next to the opera house. The ninjas heard and they flipped and rolled stealthily towards the opera house. They investigated the scene wondering where the bomb was thrown from.

Just then they heard a loud continuous beeping sound and BOOM!.

The ground shook from the force of the bomb. Many were ok but others were badly injured. The bombs just kept on coming and more powerful as they came…


Week 18, Trip to Sydney by Tim

Last week my father and I went to Sydney. My father bought a hotel for us to stay in for the three weeks. I was so excited to go and see the Opera House. We got to Sydney late so we had to go to sleep first.

The next morning I woke up very early. I brushed my teeth as I had eaten cereal for breakfast. My dad woke up at 1/2 past 8 and he also had cereal. After his breakfast we both got ready and we got a Taxi to take us to the Opera House.

After visiting the Opera house we took a photograph. After the photo, I looked at the picture and I saw coloured statues in the background. We went closer to see them. I touched one and I slowly turned into one of the colourful statues. ..

…My dad couldn’t find me because I looked like the other statues.

Week18 The curse of the statue BY: TADHG

Tom turned to stone straight away with only the sound of crying left in the air. Wacky the wizard ran and hid while he watched his first couple victims turn to stone. He ran to hide somewhere closer to see random people from the street turn to stone . Soon everyone would be turned to stone. He laughed an evil but hearty laugh.
Do you know what made him do it?
Do you know what infuriated him beyond belief that he turned people to stone?
Well, what made him furious was that he was sold a sandwich for 100 euro.

Week 18 : A terrifying nightmare By Oisin

I was going to Sydney when I saw a big jelly man. I wanted to take a picture and when I did one of them grabbed me and five of them took me to a cave. They started making a stew and then I heard these exact words …” time for the final ingredient” –   Time froze.  What if I was the final ingredient?

Then I looked at the positive side. I always wondered what it would be like to be dead … but time froze for me again and in a blink, I was in bed.  It must have been a dream ( Thank God!)

Week 18 : The red headed aliens : By Maciej

The aliens were ready to attack.

“They have their laser guns ready to shoot, Captain Syz,”  said the alien commander.

“Okay, we will drop them on Earth, in Australia,”  he said and pressed the button to drop the alien capsules .

The capsules landed in the sea . They burst in half before touching the water and the aliens swam to the edge of the beach. When the aliens reached beach people ran away. Everyone was scared but one of the painters by accident dropped his paint on one and the alien’s head turned red and he turned in to a statue. The painter then took more paint and spread it on the aliens and they all turned into colourful statues.

Week 18 Mime Artists by Ciarán

I was so excited my dad and I were going to Sydney Opera House. I have been waiting for this all year.
We were too late when we arrived so we decided just to go to the hotel first. On the way out we came across some mime artists –  a lot of them.
At first I thought I was going insane but then my dad saw them too – there were close to a trillion mime artists there.  I saw a lot of red and blue ones  and two purple ones.  Then one of the purples started to move and he ran straight at me… 😦¿`

Week 18 A Mysterious figure By Jack

One day in Sydney, Australia a mysterious cloud appeared. The cloud was coloured yellow, blue, red, green, purple and white. Suddenly there was the crack of thunder and a dazzling bolt of lightning struck the ground.
And in the exact spot where the lightning struck stood a figure like a human being except frozen still and all the colours that were in the cloud were covering it.
Everyone around the figure stared at it in awe but that was their mistake. Then without warning, a menacing little girl skipped over to the figure.
“Mommy -look at this thing,” the little girl called out chuckling.
“Honey,” called the little girl’s mother ” Get away from it.”
But it was too late.  She was frozen still.
“Run!” Someone shouted, “And don’t look at them.”

Week 17, My Sister is Lost, by Mikolaj

My Dad needed a kettle because he wanted to drink tea. He never ever drank tea. He was watching people on YouTube and they were drinking tea in nearly every video. So we decided to go to the car and get a kettle.

We got to Lidl and finally we found a kettle. It was 8:54 and the shop was closing at 9:00. My Dad bellowed , “Everybody run to the cashier before they lock us inside. “

When we got to the car I wondered where is my sister.

I told my Dad and he thought how could she just disappear?

Week 17: Daring Dinah By Naglis

“You’re grounded” roared Dinah’s strict pompous father.

“You are definitely not going to the concert” he added.

Angrily, Dinah leaped on her bed and started crying heavily. But an idea sprung to her mind. “I could sneak out” she whispered to herself cheekily. So she put on her best clothes and covered her face with her mother’s opulent make up. Next she darted out of the window and she scurried off to the concert.

Meanwhile back at the house her mother walked into the room to check on her as  her father wasn’t in a good mood. “But how could she just disappear?” thought Dinah’s mother…

Week 17: I’m Lucky By Marc

“Let me go!”

I was shouting for my life. I was getting kidnapped by a group of abominable men. They put me in a small car. The situation was fraught with danger. One man was being really ghastly and aggressive. We stopped at a dank place in the middle of nowhere. I did shenanigans to get away from these mean men. Suddenly I hit the man who was holding me, in the stomach. They were looking for me everywhere.

“But how could she just disappear?” the leader shouted in a malicious voice. Then I called the cops to rescue me.

Week 17 Can’t Keep up By Matthew D

I was doing my round in the prison and Bone Crusher  (A.K.A Lucy )was missing. This was a bad omen as she was a menacing prisoner that every prison guard loathed. I ran to the chief to tell him the bad news.

“But how could she have disappeared ?”he said with a sense of foreboding in his voice.

Suddenly we caught sight of a figure running out the back door. I chased the figure and I soon realised that the figure was Bone Crusher. After a burst of exhilaration I tried to catch her but she was too quick. I couldn’t keep up with her and then … she was out of sight.

Week 17 The day my teacher went missing By:Tadhg

“Alli for the last time, the teachers are not for breakfast. If you keep on eating teachers you wont be able to come to school with me.”
Okay -now we have to find out if the principal found out about it. If she does she is going to ban alligators from this school forever! “
Suddenly on the intercom …”Alli and Tadhg please come to my office immediately!”
“Tadhg did your alligator eat the teacher?”
“No Miss – he would never do something so horribly rude.”
“But how could she just disappear then?”
“She might have just hated her job and decided to leave .”
“Tadhg,  I blame you for what happened and I’m going to write a…”
“Good boy Alli -lets go home.”

Week 17 Milly, my guinea pig By Danny

“But how could she just disappear ?” I asked my mom.

But then something came to my mind. I had been in school that day,  when my brother John was at home and my mom had invited his best friend Tommy over. Straight away I ran up stairs just to notice that Tommy was still over. And then I thought to myself, ” I’m watching you Tommy. ”

The rest of that day I stalked the two of them but especially Tommy to see if he had Milly my guinea pig. Later on, I went into my room and noticed Milly on my bed. After that I said, ” well that was a waste of my day. ”

Then I noticed I didn’t have my homework done.

Week 17, Missing By Tim

I was walking my dog Lisa on a sunny Sunday evening. Then all of a sudden she disappeared. I was very confused because I was walking her on a leash. I ran home to tell my mom and my dad.

“But how could she just disappear?” my dad roared.

“We’ve got to find her” my mom cried.

We searched every were for her but we just couldn’t find her. I almost started crying because she wasn’t only my pet but she was my best friend. We looked all over the city but we couldn’t find Lisa. My dad and I put up missing posters.

3 weeks later.

I was playing on my Xbox and suddenly I heard whining at the front door.

“Lisa” I cried “You’re back”. I was so happy that she was back.

Week 17 Where Is She? By Szymon

I left my house to go to school. I met up with my friend at the park and then we walked to school. It was a fun day at school but when I got home I realised something was wrong.  My dog didn’t run up to me like she always did. I called out her name.
No response. 
There was NO trace of her. “But how could she just disappear?” I whispered to myself.
After a week of her missing I saw a glimpse of a Labrador at the park. I ran after it and then I saw it slowing down and collapsing. It was my dog and it was wounded.

Week 17 Confusion by Mathew OG

But how could she just go missing?

I shouted at my father who was trying to comfort me. He told me he had to sell the dog Poppy who was a rare species of dog and that he needed money to keep the farm. This was a very hard time for me because Poppy was my best friend .

As I got over it, other animals seemed to disappear . This made me very suspicious about dad . At about 3am I went down to the basement. I saw something that was glowing green  – it was a handle to the waste disposal.  I went to take a look and fell down…

There was a lab right before my eyes.

Week 17 The cruise by Ciarán

I was so excited – my dad bought me tickets to go on a cruise ship called Lani.  She is the most expensive cruise ship in the world.

Once I got on the ship I had a sense of foreboding. Half an hour into our journey…ZAP… all the lights went off.  The captain started getting people to go to the life boats in a hurry.

I didn’t know what was going on so I followed my parents. I could not hear myself think . Everyone was screaming.

Bang.. I woke up in a hospital . There was no sign of the ship. My parents and others are still wondering …but how could she just disappear. 😑

Week 17 Missing By Jack

“Granda, did you hear this a little girl called Ellie was reported missing 2 hrs ago? ” yelled Bob because his granda was half deaf.
” But how could she just disappear ?” said Bob’s granda in a low tone .
“Dunno Granda -wait -they are showing a picture  of her.”
” Holy guacamole! Granda she looks like the girl we saw on the side of the road this morning  – ooh, and whoever finds this girl will be rewarded 1 million euro  because her parents are rich and this is the number you call if you find her –  it’s 086 9561 233.”
“Let’s go fetch her the Bob and get that money.”

Week 16 TROUBLE by Jack

So you have all heard of Fortnite –  yes – well this isn’t a true story.
One day a guy was walking to his seat in the epic games code room for Fortnite. He sat down and started typing as usual but this guy was tired that day and he wrote a wrong bit of code.  He accidentally broke Fortnite! So no one could play it and of course, his boss noticed before he did because he was getting a lot of complaints from streamers so he told the guy to fix what he had done and leave the room when he was done because he was fired. The guy was angry as he had only made one mistake.
So he did what he was told but before he left the room he poured a bottle of pink bubbles into the room until it was empty. Then he threw the bottle at his boss and hopped onto his fellow coder’s bike and cycled away as quick as he could.

Week 16 Tragedy by Mathew OG

My Dad was recently fired from his job. We lost a lot of money and we had to sell the pink car. All we had for transport was Mom’s old bike.

My friend lizz and I arranged to go to the park on our bicycles. The basket on my bicycle was empty but hers was overflowing with bubbles. It was great fun in the park.  We didn’t only blow bubbles we played football too. As we left our faces were beaming with smiles.

As we were cycling home I had a bad feeling  and when we turned the corner WWWWHHHHIIIIIRRRRR!!!!!!!



Week 16 : A bad day By Oisin

Can you believe it?

I came into school in pink pajamas today. Then someone fired a toy gun at me.  After that, some other person blew bubbles into my face and my bicycle fell on the ground. I felt really empty inside.

I wonder what is coming next? (to harm me)

Well here’s a list:  I fell down the stairs, When I was on my sister’s trampoline I stepped in dog poo, I lost my pencil and I forgot to do my homework.

Everything was going wrong. I still have bruises from being on my sister’s trampoline.

This is honestly the worst day ever.

Week 16 The Temple By Tadhg

Crash !
” What was that?” I shouted angrily .
“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter – all it did was get in the way of our race”.
” Let’s check it out, “I said.
We went in .
Crash .
The roof fell over the door.
“I told you we shouldn’t have gone in here” said Tom.
“Now the bike is broken and we don’t have a way out of this empty temple-  where will we go now?” I yelled .
We went forward and suddenly we saw light . We found a ball. I raged and fired it into a bush . “I wonder where that ball came from?” said Tom . We looked behind the bush and found pink bubbles coming out of a hole.  “This place is weird and why was there bubbles coming from the ground?…”


Week 16 Unlucky By Szymon

The code was almost finished so I went to grab some food from the cafeteria. I ate chicken with mashed potatoes and for dessert I took a milkshake. This was a new pink milkshake so I took it into my office. For about two minutes I watched the bubbles pop.
I finished the code but before I could save it I accidentally knocked my milkshake over and it spilled all over the laptop. I picked it up and the cup was empty.
My menacing and cantankerous boss came in and fired me. Then I had to ride my bicycle home.

Week 16 Raid for nothing By Ciarán

“I had one job -reload the cannons- fire them -reload- fire- reload- fire,” Bang!!!!.

One of our lookouts has spotted the famous Captain Bubbles Ship. People say they have the best treasure in the whole Atlantic Ocean.

“Man your stations,” shouted our captain.

It was a long battle. We fired at them and they fired at us. We finally won and we went over to see what the legendary loot was like. It was very heavy but when we opened it-  it was empty EXCEPT for a pink bicycle……………….


Week 16, A Great Day, By Tim

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was my little sister’s 6th Birthday. She was so happy and she got a lot of presents. Her first present was a small pink bicycle then she got a toy gun that shoots bubbles.

The gun was empty so I filled it up with water and soap. We both went to play in the back garden. She fired her gun and bubbles flew around us and then she shot me.

Later we had McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza. After that we went back home and had the big, triple chocolate fudge cake Mom had baked, it was delicious. We got tired and we both fell asleep.

Week 16 Working In The Zoo By Danny

Hi, my name is Mick and I work in Dublin  Zoo. Every morning I cycle to work on my bicycle. First I always go see Bubbles the monkey. After that I go see Joey and Zoey the twin gorillas. After all that I go for my lunch. Once a week I have a pink milkshake.

After my lunch, I go see my favourite animals – the penguins. These are my favourite animals because they are my responsibility. When I went I zigzagged through the enclosure but it was empty. And then I knew I would be fired by my cantankerous and irate boss.

Week 16, The Worst Day Ever, By Mikolaj

It was the day that I was going to get my new pink bicycle. My sister was getting a water gun too. There was no time to waste so we hopped into the car and drove to the bicycle shop. As soon as we got to the bicycle shop Dad moaned that we had to go to the fish shop next door (not the fish you eat). I bought myself a bike and had to go to the fish shop. When my Dad and I were picking the fish my sister was buying her gun. My Dad said that he would name the fish Bubbles. Everybody bought what they wanted. We got home and when I closed my eyes for five seconds my sister fired the water gun at me and I was soaked.

Thank God it was empty after fifteen seconds.

Week 16 Circus By Matthew D

I am a clown and tonight I’m performing a big show. The crowd was chuckling as I cycled around the arena on my pink bicycle. I jumped off the bike and took a bow.

Next, I swaggered over to get my hat and I put it on my head. When I took it off it was empty-  well I thought it was but bubbles then started pouring out of it.

It was all going wrong. I scurried off as quickly as I could. After the show, the boss called me into his office and fired me. I left the room and slammed the door in anger.