Week 5 Long Legasus by Aidan

I have been researching for years but still, nobody believes that Long Legs is real. Long Legs is a creature that visits one lucky kid in the middle of the night every ten years and one year that kid was me.

Ever since, I have been obsessed with Long Legs and now I am thirty-three. I was on my holidays in Missouri, USA when I found the second Long Legs. He was a lot taller than the other one and he also had a body so I named him Long Legasus.

Week 5 The Small Giant by Ben

My name is Dave and I am a giant. I was always bullied by the other giants because I was so small. I was only 40 feet tall and most giants are about 100 feet tall.

But then the most famous scientist in all of Giant city called to my house. He said he had created a poiton that would make me taller. I instantly jumped at the chance. He said he would call me when it was ready. I waited two weeks but then he told me to come to his lab and that it was ready. I came and he gave me the poiton. But when I drank it …I didn’t get taller but instead, it turned me to stone.


It was a Saturday and football was on at 9:00.  My dad asked if I could go down to the shop to buy some snacks and drinks.

What a surprise I got when I was at the door. There was a statue that said: “Build my Strength.”  I put in 5 euros and it said “Best of luck.”

When I went into the newsagent I asked him “what’s that weird looking statue? ” What statue?” he replied. “The robust-looking one.”

He just shrugged his shoulders. When I went outside the stone statue was gone. Suddenly I heard a noise and it pounced onto me…

When I woke up my dad asked me to go down to the shop…

Week 5 The Tallest Man On Earth By Evan

Hi, my name is Patrick I am 36 years old. My dad is a scientist.

One day I wanted to become stronger. So I asked my dad could he give me a potion that would make me stronger. He gave me the potion and I drank it. But it made me so tall. When I asked him what happened he said he gave me the wrong potion. So I asked him if he had an antidote and he said no. But he said he could make one later. I went out shopping and very soon there were news reporters outside the shop.

I was famous.

Week 5: The Hero By Liam O

Once there was a fisherman and he was going out to do his daily fish for the nearby store one icy morning. As he was going out he slipped and slid into the water. From the outside the water looks normal but from the inside it looks purple because it is enchanted.
The fisherman was shouting “Help” under water but nobody heard. The fisherman then fainted from the shock. When he woke up he felt uncomfortable and he opened his eyes to find that he was a giant. He heard a roar coming from the nearby city. He jumped up and ran for the city.
When he got there he saw a monster so he ran up to it and punched it.  The monster flew through the sky. The man looked up and saw the throat of the monster flame up and a green fireball flew out. It went right for the man. When the man got hit by the fireball he turned to stone and the monster disappeared…

Week 5 The Day I Became Tall By Conor H

I was on the way to my uncle’s house. I could see it in the distance -the great big mansion that he owned. I was so excited  that I  rapidly ran to the house.

When I got there I knocked on the door and nobody answered, so I erratically knocked harder still nobody answered so I went to the lab that he made all by himself. Finally, I found him there and he cried ” AAH, Conor you are just who I need for my new potion!”

So I did what he told me to do and I drank it and now I am super tall.

Week 5: A Bad Doctor :By Dan

I really wanted to join the local basketball team but I was not tall enough. I arranged an appointment with my Doctor to see if he could make me taller.

“Dan for the Doctor” called the secretary

I walked into the room and sat down.” Doctor, I want you to make me taller” I exclaimed.

He rooted around the room until he found what he was looking for. A small glass bottle lay on the table ahead of me.

“Take this” he sniggered “It will help you to grow”

I slurped the bottle greedily. Suddenly… I began to grow rapidly!



Space company

A place where you build rockets = vehicle assembly building

PAB= plane assembly building planes that go to space

Space control = a control for space ships

Research facility = research parts for planes

Deep space  – unknown for us

Week 4 The Injured Bird BY Adam

My friends and I were outside when we saw a bird and it was chirping. We went over and tried to help it when it just wouldn’t take off. Our attempts to help the bird were futile because it had a broken wing. We were very glum because we couldn’t help so we put it in a box and took it to the vet. A few days later we collected it and when we got home we extricated it to the wild. The bird came back very often so we started to feed the bird and named it Jamal. The bird really loved us.

Week 4 The Terrible Accident By Sean

Nasa was planning to launch a rocket the following morning. People were not sure if it was going to launch or not. People were prolonging the build on the rocket. The next day the 2 astronauts set off on May 22, 2020.

If anything went wrong they were promised an emergency ship would be sent.  When we arrived the doors would not open. I contacted the Nasa station to say the doors were not opening. When the ship arrived one of the astronauts said the trip was futile.

WK 4 The day the Titanic wouldn’t start. By Paul

The year was April 13, 1912. The Titanic has just picked up people from Cobh. So Mr Murdoch told all crew members to start all engines. Suddenly the Titanic wouldn’t start so Mr. Murdoch went to Captain Smith and said “Excuse me, sir.  She won’t start. ”

Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay and Mr Murdoch went down to the engine room and no one was there. ” So that’s why it just wouldn’t take off.”

Week 4 The break in By Colin

I stepped out of my car about a mile from the castle. Knowing that Serpine would have his guards on the lookout. I turned the key in my 1994 Bentley and opened the door. I closed the door behind me and strolled along the dirt track. I touched my revolver in my pocket to make sure I had it. I could see the castle wall ahead and even more clearly see the robust guards. They held up their scythes and sprinted towards me. I could sense the danger and turned around. Lunging my body forward and breaking into a sprint, I eventually saw the car up ahead and jumped in. I turned the key but the engine only groaned. The guards had smashed the glass and opened the doors.

Week 4: My New Best Friend: By Liam A

It was a dull day my brother and I were on our bikes in the park. When we got to the bend we saw a bird on the ground and when it just wouldn’t take off we knew he was hurt. I went close and I heard my brother mumble, ” it’s futile – he’s just going to die anyway.” I picked him up and put him in my coat pocket with his head peeping out.

When we got home I brought him up to my room. I could see his wing was broken. I got a bit of paper and put it around his arm. A few days later he was back to normal and able to fly. I let him out and he was gone.

Week 4 The House by Dylan

My heart was pounding, sweat was running down my face. I was terrified. I was after sneaking into the old abandoned house with my friend Derek and the door shut behind us.

We were in total darkness until I turned on the torch on my phone. What we saw was horrifying, there was a man in a clown costume!

We kicked the door open and ran. We hopped into my car but when it just wouldn’t take off I got out and realised the tyres were slashed…

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder but it was not Derek…

Week 4 Sweet Revenge By Kristupas

It was the day of the science project. Yes, the homemade mini car It was perfect. I tried it earlier and It moved in an erratic way. But on the way to school I kind of lost hope as there were some brilliant projects. When the judges got to my desk they said to turn it on so I did and when it just wouldn’t take off, the judges said one out of ten .

So I tried to figure out who savaged my project. I found him – he was the only one smirking. So I went over and destroyed his work. And he got a one out of ten too.

Week 4 The spaceship By Warren

It was the day of the spaceship take off to Space. 3 people were on board- 2 men and 1 woman. I was watching it live from tv. I thought this trip was futile but I still watched it anyway. So they were ready to take off  – the men were testing everything to make sure it was ready.

Soon it was ready but all the 3 were waving out the window. When it just wouldn’t take off the men did everything they could and it still wouldn’t take off. So they postponed the trip for another year while they try to figure out what was wrong with it.

Week 4 The child by Aidan

What was I thinking -saying that we should stop to rob a gas station? The alarm went off and the kid started crying. As I peered into the boot I realised he was only little. He whispered to me through his sobs “Hello Mister Big Man”.

I felt pity for the child so I replied: “Hello, what is your teddy’s name?” “Teddy’s name is Bobo,” he told me. The kid was so cute I needed to get him back to his house before the gang came out. I started the car and fumbled with wires when it just wouldn’t take off. I saw the gang running up to the car and it finally started. It let out a screech as I drove off …leaving the gang for the cops…


Week 4 Dave’s story by Ben

My name is Dave and this is my story. I was 21 years old at the time. I was walking in the wood at 1 o’clock in the morning. I thought I heard someone. About 20 minutes later something moved out from the trees. It looked horrible .There was blood driping from its mouth. It looked like a fifteen foot bear but it had the head of a t-rex. I ran back to the car as fast as I could and turned the key when it just wouldn’t take off…

Week 4 : The fleet rescue by JACOB

When it just wouldn’t take off I was freaking out – then I saw the engines on fire

I shouted “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!” The crew on the carrier put out the flames and one of them said: “next time don’t scream.”

My face was blushing. A few minutes later I saw a battleship on fire in the distance. I got into a helicopter and the ship looked very robust. When I got to it people were screaming for help. I brought them back to the carrier. The captain of the fleet thanked me and made me rescue commander. I was happy.


Week 4 The Getaway By Conor H

‘So, here is the plan’ exclaimed the leader.

“Firstly, we are going to dress up as normal people and sneak into the bank. Secondly, we will aggressively bust open the ATM and run and that is where Phillip comes in and drives us home to victory.”

Just outside the bank door, the criminals were getting ready.

“1,2,3,” they whispered.

Suddenly they snuck in and busted open the ATM. Then was the time to run.

“GO,GO,GO!” they screamed.

Just then Phillip tried to start the car.  When it just wouldn’t take off, he knew he was in massive trouble.

Week 4 The Plane By Joe

I walked outside and saw large dark clouds approaching but they weren’t clouds –  it was actually a U.F.O.  cannon and there were 8 beams of light all joined together like a death ray.

We have been getting reports of a laser coming to destroy Earth and it was going to happen in 2 days. Everybody was scared and most people were already gone. We were trying to get a flight.

The time came and we rushed to the plane. On the plane we were waiting for the flight to start but when it just wouldn’t take off I was getting nervous. We were running out of time . . .

Week 4 The Amusement Park By Benny

I was finally allowed to go to the amusement park by myself. I decided to bring 3 close friends with me. As we walked in I could smell the delicious smell of popcorn. We chose to go on the rides instead. We split up since we all wanted to go on different rides. I decided to go on a horror ride. The people who just got off were as pale as ghosts and that sent shivers down my spine. I hopped on and was ready to go when it just wouldn’t take off. We were told that the ride needed some fixing. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to go on that ride.

Week 4: Tsunami Situation : By Dan

A loud siren had woken me up and I knew exactly what it was. I rushed to the front of the boat and looked into the foggy and misty distance.

A red light glowed in mid-air, a buoy I thought. The Tsunami looked to be about ten minutes away and getting higher and stronger.

I scrambled back into the control station and hit the ignition, all I heard was a faint cough. I panicked when it just wouldn’t take off.

Suddenly the sound of a Helicopters blades spinning filled the vicinity, they had come to rescue me.

I was saved!

Week 4 The Kite That Wouldn’t Fly By Ronan

Last week I bought a kite in Sports Direct. I took it straight outside to try it but I just couldn’t get it to fly. I was extremely annoyed when it just wouldn’t take off. I tried everything from flinging it out my attic window to blowing air at it.

One windy day I brought the kite out for the last time to see if it was going to fly before I threw it out. I threw it high into the air but this time it didn’t sink down like it usually did. It shot out of my hands and straight up into the air.

Week 4: The Getaway Train By Liam O

It was a rainy day. There was a getaway train in town. The gang in control are too strong for the police so the military was called to take control of the getaway train. When the military got to the getaway train the sergeant started giving orders.

“Soldiers! go and take your positions around the train. –  Commander get the chain and hook it up to that light pole so the train can’t go anywhere and for you.  – Lieutenant load up the machine guns to wreck havoc upon them.”

The gang heard this and told the train driver to get the train moving. The train driver tried and one of the gang members shouted when it just would not take off. Then the soldiers came and arrested the gang members.