Why I like wearing the school jersey

Hello my name is Tim, I am in 5th class ST. Colman’s Boys National School, Kanturk. Today I will tell you why I like wearing the school jersey.

If you are on a school tour to the zoo and you get lost, then your teacher or principal  might see you because you have the same jersey as your classmates on. Also if it’s the final of soccer, GAA or rugby or anything that your school is wearing in a big stadium and get lost your parents will be able to see you in the large crowd of supporters.

I also love wearing the school jersey and representing my school in a football match or any other sport your school plays. The school jersey also means you are being respectful to your school. It also means you are taking part in something, like a group, team or even a community.

The most important thing is that you don’t let your team or school down.

Why l love wearing a jersey By Kacper

Hello my name is Kacper and I am here to tell everyone why I love wearing the school jersey.

I like wearing the jersey because I like representing my team. Jerseys show respect for our country. While your playing a match and wearing a jersey people know who’s team you  are on.

They also represent your club. Jerseys also show your number and people won’t forget who you really are. These are all my reasons why I like wearing the school jersey.

Your sincerely


Week 8 The Big Hide and Seek Game By Danny

It was the day that we were playing the big hide and seek game. Every year my neighbours and my family used to gather in one of the neighbours’ houses and talk for hours and hours but the children would get bored so we would go out and play a big game of hide and seek.

This year the gathering was on in my house so I got to choose who was on. I chose Billy even though he was on the year before.

He said “Why am I on?”

So I said ” because I said so.”

After that we carried on and had a great time.


Week, 7 The Contraption By Tim

One day as I was walking home  I saw a weird looking contraption. It looked like  a gun, so I picked it up. I rushed home to show my dad. My dad picked it up and he pulled the trigger by accident. He shot his bottle of water and it turned into a lego piece.

My mouth fell open. I went out to the back garden and tested the gun on myself. I pulled the trigger and I turned into a small lego figure. I was so small that the  ladybugs around me were bigger. I pulled the trigger again and I went back to normal.

Week 7: My New Lego By Mikolaj

I was in Cork with my family and Polish school just ended. Luckily I was going with my family to Smyths. I found the lego that I wanted and my Dad bought it for me just for $25.0o. I was happy with my purchase so we drove back home and I started to play with it. It came with a lot of balls.

I put the balls on my rock that I have in my garden and put the guy in the middle. When everything was setup I started to play. My old sister came out for some fresh air and she looked at what I was doing and she started laughing.

I was angry at her so I took her friend into her room and showed her what my sister keeps there….She was laughing and my sister got mad at me.

Week 7: Lego VS Lady Bird By Sean

Long time ago before mankind there were people that weren’t real people but they were lego people. They were happy until lady birds wanted war.  So the great war began.

FIRE – BOOM!  A bomb hit them.  They send a boy to the other team who raise him.

Then one day they were under attack.  Then he saw a man being shot. The boy ran over and saved his life but the boy never knew that the man was his father.

The creatures by: Tadhg Week 7

“No it is too dangerous for you to go outside to the real world.”

“But mom ! I think I’m old enough now .”

“No son you are too young to go out and that is final.”

I rushed to the door and ran. I ran up a mountain and found ladybugs- they were about the size of a nut. Then suddenly the mountain started shaking and smoke started coming out.  I ran for my life.

When I got back home I screamed ” Volcano! Mom come on – we have to leave now .”

We ran and ran until we got to a big hill. We were safe.

RUMBLE! … I think…

Week 7 Dinjo The Lego Man By Danny

One day my friend and I were playing with my Lego set in my basement. We were having so much fun having a little war between ourselves – I was the good guy and John was being the bad guy. Suddenly we heard …

Boom, Crash, Bang! …

My favourite Lego figure was standing right beside me and believe it or not he was my size. I was so happy to see him. His name was Dingo. He was my favourite figure because he was so enthusiastic. He was happy as well because he could move his friends around.

Even though he broke a few pieces he was making a mammoth effort.

Week 7 The War By Szymon

“Fire!” roared General Ladybird.

The ladybirds effortlessly shot as a much as they could but it didn’t do much good. The lego army hid in the trenches until the ladybirds stopped shooting. The lego army hastily threw grenades and killed most of the ladybirds but in the process got their hands shot off.

The last ladybird which was General Ladybird got shot and died. The general of the lego army strutted over and was standing in the middle of a field covered in dead ladybirds. Before he knew it the ladybirds started to explode…

Week 7 The Lego Explorer by Mathew O G

Hi, my name is Tom and I am an explorer and a documentor.

This year we are exploring in New- Zeland and were are looking for a new species of insects. I brought my shapeshifting contraption- it was crucial for me and my team for finding insects.

After two days of searching, we finally found something. It was red and it had black polka dots on it. Using the shape-shifting device I warped into a LEGO figure. I carefully documented them with ease and we called them ladybirds.

My video went viral and now I’m rich and famous.

Why I love wearing my school jersey

Hi my name is Mathew and I am in 5th class in St.Colmans Boys national I love wearing my school because…

It gives you great pride to represent your school and community.

Also it is great fun to wear it while playing sports like soccer, basketball football and hurling.

In some ways, it gives you so much pride.

It also makes you do your best and not let the team down.



Why I Love Wearing The School Jersey

Dia Duit,                                                                                                                                             Is mise Naglis agus taim i rang a cuig i scoil Naomh Colman,                                         I am writing a letter to you about why I love wearing the school jersey.                     In our school  the sports we play are G.A.A, soccer, basketball, tag rugby and running. Sometimes children don’t really cop on and act the maggot but I feel that when they’re wearing the school jersey they get respect. They also get the courage to do their very best. When you are wearing it you really feel your part of something. They really feel that they can’t let the team down even though they are tired they don’t give up. 


Thank you for reading and listening to my topic on why my school should get jerseys.

Why I love wearing the School Jersey By Danny

Dia Duit, Is Mise Dónal agus tá mé i Scoil Naomh Cholmáin.

In our school we wear G.A.A. jerseys, basketball jerseys,  soccer jerseys and every boy who wears them- let it be for any sport – wears them with pride and responsibility. They don’t want to let the team down and all the boys here respect the school jersey.

In our school we are a part of a team, a group, a school and a community. I think everybody will agree with me that it is important to belong and in St Colman’s we all belong.

When I wear my school jersey I always respect my teammates and those we play against.

Slán leat agus go raibh maith agat.



Week 6: WORLD WAR 2 by Kacper

It was 9A.M and we were getting ready to leave America, but first we went for our suits and helmets. Our captain was in Bath, England. So our commander was our captain for today. We were going on small boats. When we were  close to the beach, the German were shooting us “DUCK DOWN ” shouted the commander. When we reached it, it was terrible. About 500 of us got killed. My best friend got really hurt so I rushed frantically to save him. They threw a bomb and we  all nearly died. Well, I threw the bomb back  and rushed back. We killed them and I got a silver medal.

Week, 6 The incident. by Tim

A few days ago a couple had moved in next door. Their names were John and Jenny Bath. They had been seen in the newspapers a lot. People say that they are spies.

One night I heard gunshots coming from next door. I went to check it out. I saw a man in an orange jumper and wearing a mask. He was holding a Glock 97 pistol. He had shot John in the left knee. The man ran away with a briefcase. Jenny went outside and saw her husband wounded on the ground.

I called the police and the ambulance for him. I told them what I saw and they said they would look for the criminal. A few weeks later John’s knee had recovered. They told his wife that he was a fighter during the surgery. Jenny danced when she saw her husband on the way home. Jenny fell clumsily but got back up to welcome back her husband.

Week 6 Champion by Mathew O G

As I woke up I clumsily walked down the stairs. There was a sharp knock on the door. It was the post man. He greeted me and handed me an envelope. It was an invitation to fight in the main event in UFC 229. I danced around in excitement.after 3 long months of training the fight had finally come.

As I walked out to the octagon in the BATH arena New York with my green, white and orange Irish flag the crowed went wild.

I entered the octagon with great confidence and in  the end I knocked him out with a right hook and I’m now the UFC leightweight champion of the world.


Week 6 Bath Arena by Matthew D


I am a fighter and I’m fighting in the Bath arena in a UFC fight. I was getting annoyed by my opponent’s support and for no reason, I danced across the ring.  My opponent was trying to hit me but he couldn’t.

That silenced the crowd as nothing was happening.

I zigzagged my way around the octagon. He was getting tired and the crowd were starting to get wrestles. After a while, a cheeky spectator threw an orange into the ring. I clumsily slipped and my opponents left was heading straight for my face…

Week 6: The Fighter By Mikolaj

My friend was playing a video game. He was not really good at it anyway so he decided to dance through the game. He danced with his teammates.

Suddenly a fighter from the opposite team ran up to him and shot him. My friend ran off the dancing floor zigzagging into the bath to hide. Later he clumsily walked out of the bathroom and he saw the fighter –   he finally killed him.

My friend was disappointed with himself. He screamed quite loudly and his Mom got mad at him and grounded him for two weeks.

Week 6: I nearly died By Marc

” MR. Bath, can I go to the bathroom please?” I asked.

 Silently but quickly I went to the bathroom. Suddenly I saw an orange flame at the bathroom door. I sprinted back to the class and told Mr. Bath. As soon as my words were out the fire alarm went off.

” Everybody, stay calm!” shouted Mr. Bath.

We were going to go out the door but there were ginormous flames by the door. Clumsily I fell over and knocked my books off the table.

“Over here” shouted a deep voice. 

A firefighter had just come in the door and rescued us. I was very pleased. 

Week 6: Pepper Made Pandemonium By Naglis

Back in the day there was a queen named Pepper who was hosting a party at her castle in Bath, London. Pepper was married to a fire fighter who was an extremely jolly man. But Pepper had a secret – she liked the colour orange which was known as a sign of weakness.

Later on people started gathering and the Party started. Everyone danced their heart out. Soon Pepper spilled a glass of champagne on her colourless grey dress so she went to change it. Clumsily  she put on a bright silky orange dress. She came downstairs and what a shock everyone got when they spotted her.

What would she do now?

Week 6 Fire by Ciarán

It was 2 weeks after the war and I was taking a bath but I clumsily spilled my orange juice and it went into the electric socket. My house went up in flames but luckily I live next to a firefighter and he called the fire brigade.

But when they got to my house I realised that my daughter was still inside probably dancing to the pop song  “Danced with the stars.” Luckily she was ok but now I will never bring orange juice into the bathroom again.

Week 6 B.A.T.H. By Danny

It was the 12th of May 2018 and I was getting ready for my first league match this season. I played for Boys Academy in Tottenham Hotspur but we called it B.A.T.H. for short. Everyone use to say that I was a fighter because I didn’t start a match. But I stayed with the academy because I loved it.

A week before the game I had been working non-stop to make the team and it worked because I was named up front. The game had started and midway through the game I fell over my orange laces clumsily but I got up and scored the only goal of the game and then I danced off in celebration.

Week 6 Why Me? By Szymon


A plate clumsily fell out of my hand. My parents were so mad at me they told me that I couldn’t go on the school tour. I really wanted to go because my class was going to Bath in England.

I already had my orange bag packed. I was so annoyed at my parents that I went upstairs. I tried to sneak out but they heard me so I danced to make them think that I was just dancing. It didn’t work  and I got grounded.

The next day I was watching my favourite fighter when I heard my parents shout to get ready as they changed their minds.

Week 5 The Getaway pt2 by Kacper

It was snowing outside since winter was coming soon, and here I am stuck in a cage all by myself. It was breakfast (9:00) and I had pancakes (it’s better than mushroom stew). As I was eating all of a sudden the lights went off.

It was so dark no one could see. I had a flashlight and I ran quickly. it reminded me of when I was running through the woods. After I heard a…


My team wanted to help me escape but when they got in we got cornered. We didn’t know what to do …

(to be soon continued…)

Week 5 The escape by Mathew O G

I peeked out the window seeing my old cellmate’s little boy sprinting towards him with tears in his eyes and screaming DAD! It reminded me of when my little boy was born. It made me think of what I had done. It filled me with rage.

I knew I had to escape from prison That night I slipped out of my cell carrying a shard of mirror. I used it to look around corners with stealth. I ran down the corridor shaking uncontrollably.

I dug a hole in the yard at the break and I knew it would come in handy at the right time.


Week 5: We Have To Score By Marc

My son was playing a football match, but it wasn’t any ordinary game it was an all Ireland final. My son was playing wonderfully well. It was like he was hungry and he was hunting but for the ball.

It reminded me of a time when I was in a football all Ireland final.

At halftime, the other team was panting like dogs because my son’s team were too fast for them. The score was at halftime was 1-2 to 0-4 so our team was beating them by a point.

In the second half things changed. In the final minute there was a penalty for us and we needed a goal because at this stage we were losing by two points.


Week, 5, Snow Day by Tim

Last night it started to snow so I went to bed early . I woke up and I looked out the window. The snow looked thick and fluffy. I woke up my brother and told him that it was snowing.
We jumped out of the bed and got ready. We wore our jackets, hats, gloves, and our scarves. We raced downstairs and out the backdoor to the back garden.
My brother jumped onto the snow I jumped in too – the snow was so thick that I nearly got stuck in it. We started to build a snowman and it reminded me of a time when my brother and I built snowmen with our granddad. We took a photo next to our snowman and we put it in the family photo album.

Week 5 TOYS by Ciaran

As I was putting my old toys in the attic I tripped and all the toys fell out of the box. I picked them up 1 by 1 and when I got to the last one then I realised that it reminded me of a time when I was small and used to play with these toys.
I used to spend nearly 9 full hours playing with them. But then I had to go to college so I brought one toy with me and left the rest of them in a high place where it was so high that my younger sister could not reach them.