The Jailbreak Week 20 By Szymon


We were escaping from a prison. We were moving very fast when one of the cameras spotted us and set off an alarm. Suddenly we heard footsteps and guns being loaded and saw a bright light. Tired we ran on and managed to hide in a bush but we heard dogs barking. The policemen found one of us and he got taken back to jail.

Then I found a Skoda and broke into it. We all jumped in and I drove off. We were on the most wanted list but that did not stop us from stealing again. We were courageous because we broke into the biggest jewellery store.

The police never found us.

3 thoughts on “The Jailbreak Week 20 By Szymon”

  1. Hi Szymon,

    What an exciting piece of writing! I agree with Mrs Boyce, I’m not sure you were courageous breaking into the store! Your writing is very exciting, I loved the way you started your sentence with a single word in bold! CRASH! Keep up the good work. Brilliant writing as always from your class!
    Ms Ferguson, St. Molaga’s SNS, Balbriggan. Co. Dublin

  2. I enjoyed your story this week Szymon – well done!
    I’m not sure if you were courageous or FOOLISH breaking into another jewellery store?
    Super work!

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