Kanturk Arts The Cliff Of Moher By Danny

On Sunday morning, the 20th of March 2012 my family and I were coming home from France from our holidays when suddenly we heard a BANG, CRASH, BOOM. Our plane had just landed in the water near a very big cliff so my mom, my dad, my brother and I swam to a colossal cliff for safety. When we got there we realised it was the Cliff Of Moher. We had to climb to the very top so it took about a half an hour. When we got up it was dark, everyone in my family was weak and docile and my brother and I were groaning wearily so we went to sleep.

The next morning me, my dad and my brother went to go look around the place.  About half an hour later we found an abandoned house – well that’s what we thought it was. We also saw smoke billowing from the chimney so from my point of view I thought someone lived there. When we went in, the fire was on and there were paintings all around the house of different species of bears from all around the world. But no one was in there. There was also a very nice comfy chair in the little cottage and it was obvious from the imprint that someone was sitting on it earlier on.

Later on that day we went back to get our mother and when we got her we went to show her the little cottage that we had found but this time we were not alone. When we were walking towards the cottage we noticed that there wasn’t smoke billowing from the chimney but then in the blink of an eye there was smoke. When we arrived at the cottage there still wasn’t anyone there but just then we heard the wind outside. We ran to see what was making the noise. It was the Wallaby 2 Mountain Rescue Helicopters coming to save us.

“Yippee,” I said