Liam A: The Day at the Zoo

One day my dad and I were going to the zoo. We got into the car and drove to the zoo.

I couldn’t wait to see the dinosaur bones and the elephants. After a while, we got to the zoo. But before we went to see any animals we had to get lunch first – dad got avocado with egg and I got a cheese toastie.

Our food came and dad’s avocado was purple. After a while when we were finished eating we saw the fossils and the elephants and the seahorses in the aquarium. It was the best day ever!

One thought on “Liam A: The Day at the Zoo”

  1. Hi Liam.
    I like your story because everything go’s so well.
    I wonder why your dad’s avocado was purple.
    From Ronan Mrs Boyce’s class.

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