Living by a Bus Stop: By Dan

I watched as the last bus of the day passed by.                                                                Night had fallen and the streetlights were aglow.                                                         Gone was the hustle and bustle of the day, gone was the smell of diesel fumes, after the last bus had departed.

I could see from my bedroom window the shadows of the bus stop and the orange glow of the city beyond. I often dreamed of perching myself on top of the canopy to go stargazing, and tonight I would. I slid open the window and hopped onto the window ledge.

Tonight was a breezy, cold and blustery night.  I grasped on to the slippery gutter and slid down it. It would have been easier to go out the front door as my clothes were covered from the sludge on the gutters.( A great start to my adventure!)

As I began my ascent up the bus stop canopy I could hardly contain my excitement; it was like climbing Mount  Everest, and finally, I got there. The cold night air hit my face with a blast; it was so welcoming after the climb up, but it was well worth it, the view was amazing.

I opened my backpack and got out all my essentials, my compass, my blanket and grandad’s old binoculars -the old gold-colored clasps on them shone in the moonlight. To my amazement, the night sky was aglow, so different from my bedroom window.





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