Lucky Save By Adam

One day Jimmy and Eve were debating whether to move country or not.  They chose to move to America and not to stay in France.

“But how will we leave” asked Eve?

“Either by plane or boat” replied Jimmy.

“Can we take a boat?” asked Eve?

“Boat it is” answered Jimmy.

They lived in the vicinity of the harbour and their boat was due to leave at around 3:25 in the evening. Jimmy was packing his bags and then realised and said: “what about our jobs?”

“I will go tell our bosses that we are moving country so we have to quit our jobs and find one in America,” answered Eve.

They left the house and it was a cold, rainy, windy evening. They were going to the harbour to get on the boat when suddenly they were stopped in their car at the railway tracks. A train had broken down right where cars drive over the tracks.

“What will we do now?” Eve asked.

“We will have to find another way around” replied Jimmy.

They turned around and the fastest route was 20 minutes away and the time was 3:00. They drove as fast as they could and when they got there the boat was gone.

“Nooooo!   What will we do now?” asked Eve.

“I don’t know,” Jimmy said.

He started pummelling the ground in anger.

” It will be fine,” said Eve “we will get the next boat and it will be fine.”

“There will be numerous chances to leave – it will be ok,” Eve said.

They got the next boat to America and when they got there it was really sunny and way better than France. Within the first week, they got jobs there and they were happy.

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  1. Hi Adam.
    I liked your story.
    It reminded me of a book.
    Please comment on my story.
    From Darragh from Ms Brennock.

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