My Weird Day By Kristupas

I’m writing this after it happened and I don’t remember much …all I do remember is this story.

I was walking to the restaurant downtown with my family and a weird person jumped out and started singing to us. He said to be careful where you walk and not to walk into a trap. So we made it to the restaurant and the waitress came and asked us what we wanted.  My dad ordered elephant steak,  my brother ordered got duck and salad and my mom ordered avocado toast. They gave us a sheet to colour and I made it all purple. For some reason, dad’s elephant steak had lots of bones in it and when we were leaving we saw an aquarium with seahorses in it.

2 thoughts on “My Weird Day By Kristupas”

  1. Hello Kristupas
    What kind of trap was he telling you about?
    Did you order any food?
    Was the restaurant fancy?

    Colin 5th class

  2. Hi Kriss.
    I like the part that the guy starts singing.
    I wonder what was the trap?
    Was the food nice and di you order anything? Was the guy a good singer?

    Adam,5th class

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