No…it isn’t true By Jacob

As gunshots were heard, two children asked their dad what’s going on. He said the Russians were here. Four big men busted into the house wearing gas masks…

As they carried us I grabbed the knife and stabbed them. My brother and I ran as far as we could.  He said he found a family journal on the wall of the house. As we read it, a map fell and we looked at it- there was a letter T on it?

We thought it was a treasure map so we followed it and found a kid called Buck. He followed us until he fell into a volcano. He called us crazy girl and crazy boy but my brother had enough and pushed him into the volcano.  He was happy after that.

We were in the artic and found a cub. The mother polar bear ripped my brother’s shorts off after that. We kept on walking and walking until we finally made it! There was a ship with a big Y on its sails but this ship was letting down the bridge and we climbed aboard the ship. There was a voice that said set the sails – now DRIVE! The boat was moving.

What was that mates?

Uh oh – we’re in for a fight.

We grabbed a blunderbuss and accidentally shot the Captain in the leg. We were able to get it out and were let out.


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