Week 14 Elf on the Shelf By Matthew D

My sister an I were decorating the Christmas tree and after a hard days work we were exhausted and decided to go to bed. The next morning I was fit to kick the door because all the beautiful decorations had been taken off the tree. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted an eye. It was my elf on the shelf correction it was my naughty elf on the shelf. I took him out of the room and put all the decorations back up again. Groaning wearily I put the last decoration up on the tree. That night I made sure I locked the door before going to bed.

Week 14: Whoops! By Marc

On Christmas Eve I had a plan to stay up and meet Santa.


“Santas here” I whispered. Running outside I saw Santa’s sleigh floating. I jumped on the sleigh and I went by the presents. Suddenly the sleigh started moving and I clenched my jaw. About 1000 feet above the ground, I tapped Santa’s shoulder.

“AAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Shouted Santa and straight away he let go of the rope holding the reindeer.


I was beginning to hyperventilate.

“You destroyed my  sleigh” Santa shouted.

“I can help you get the presents delivered,” I said and I did.

After a while … I woke up. There was a box full of presents at the end of the bed. 

Week 14 : Christmas by Tadhg

It was Christmas eve . We were putting up the decorations for the Christmas tree .The tree was artificial so it took longer to put up. We then put on the baubles  – they were all different colours .My favourite one was the gold one – it was cool and I could see my face in it . When we finished we then went to sleep .

We woke up early in the morning . It was Christmas  Day. We rushed down the stairs , ate our breakfast, talked to our family and then rushed to the Christmas tree .

Santa visited our home and under the tree was filled with Christmas presents.

Week 14 Remembering The True Meaning Of Christmas By Danny

  1. Bauble:  Hanging up the Christmas decorations with your family until you forget whose turn it is to put the star on top of the tree and then the trouble starts. But you make friends and put the star on the top of the tree together.
  2. Mistletoe:  Under which you meet the person you will live with and find true love.
  3. An Eye:  To be always watching you wherever you are, with your family or not.
  4. Presents:  When it’s Christmas day and children up at seven and hyper to see if Santa has come. And then it’s unwrapping time -the children’s favourite time but the parents had been wishing it wouldn’t happen until  later.

Week 14 The poor old man by Mathew O G

One cold Christmas eve an old homeless man was walking awkwardly down the street.

As the hours went by he checked his stolen watch –  it struck midnight and the date was December 25th . As night fell snow magically trickled down from the sky . He was extremely cold for all he was wearing was a t-shirt and a cargo pants.

He rummaged around in the snow searching for somewhere to sleep for the night. Sooner rather than later he found a bench near a house covered in fairy lights.

When morning fell he peered through the window of the house. It was Christmas morning.

Week 14 Magical Things Happen By Szymon

“Why!? Why won’t you let me out?'”
It was Christmas Day and I was in jail. I was waiting for something magical to happen since it was December. I went to bed exhausted but I couldn’t fall asleep. I was just too sad but eventually, I fell asleep. When I woke up I went for breakfast and started wolfing it down. Then I strolled over to my cell.
I lay down but suddenly a guard called me over. He opened the cell door and took me home. I hoped something magical would happen. I just had to believe.
My family was waiting for me with presents outside the house.

Week 14, The Eye Of Jesus by Tim

It all began on the day before Christmas. I was giving my little sister a Christmas card when all of a sudden a portal opened up in the family room. I walked in and the I saw a big red present. A second later my Mom, Dad and my sister walked into the portal. The portal closed up and suddenly the present started shaking and jumping around. It opened and a big blue bauble came out of it with a picture of me and my whole family in it. Then some mistletoe came out but I was very confused about the eye.

“The mistletoe means love and the eye stands for the eye of Jesus” my dad said.

Eventually the portal sucked us back into our living room.

Week 13 The escape by Mathew O G

As the prison guard stomped his feet on the damp narrow hallway James and Tom were contemplating their master plan for escape.
Suddenly James gasped with exhilaration,” I have it” he shouted out.
As he was explaining it to Tom, he beamed with joy.

“You’re a genius”  Tom whispered.

James was as proud as a peacock.
At approximately 2 am the escape was underway. They successfully escaped but five seconds later the alarm was raised.

“Run” shouted Tom the cold, audible in his voice. As they ran they saw the guards flashlight reflecting off the water. They wanted to dive into the cornfield but they were exhausted.

Week 13 Kanturk v Mallow By Jack

It was a dull day when the two teams were about to collide on Mallow’s home ground. I was a Kanturk man and  I was going out there to beat Mallow in rugby.

In the first half, they were beating us. We had more possession and more passes and tackles but they got in a lucky try from their best player, Darren. To be fair it was a good run and he broke through our defenses because we weren’t paying attention. But they were exhausted at that stage.

In the second half we caught back up with them and I scored the winning try with 30 seconds left to go. My friend Rory ripped the ball from a Mallow player and threw it to me and I knew then what I had to do. I broke into a sprint and ran down the pitch as fast as my two legs could carry me and sprinted past all their players and with 5 seconds left I crossed the line and put the ball down. I won us the game – the Munster cup.  The Kanturk supporters screamed as loud as a stampede of elephants running at 100 miles per hour. I became famous and three years later I started playing for Ireland.

Week 13: Creepy By Marc

Driving down the motor way, I was talking to my parents. Suddenly a deer jumped out on the road.


We were all screaming as loud as a  pack lions. Suddenly strange men were staring at us through our windscreen. We were trying to get out but we were exhausted. We eventually got out of the flipped car. We tried to call an ambulance but we were in the middle of the forest.

The men tried to attack but they were exhausted so they couldn’t attack. Suddenly we all fell on the ground even the men. The ambulance came but it was too late…

Week 13, The Dare by Tim

One day three boys were playing truth or dare. One of the boys dared the two boys to run to the shop and run back without slowing down or stopping. A minute later the two boys started running. The boys got to the shop, but they were exhausted and they said that they could not run back to the house.

One of the boys decided to buy a bottle of fresh water. They tried to run back but they were still tired so they walked. When they got to the house the boy that was waiting had fallen asleep. So one of the boys dared the other to pour water on the sleepy one’s face. He did it and  the 2 boys started laughing.

Week 13 The Tree! By Szymon

“Why”? I asked anxiously .
“We want to plant a tree, to be eco-friendly ” my friends answered.
My friends wanted to a plant a tree and it grew surprisingly quickly. They decided to climb it but I disagreed. It took them hours to climb up but when they reached the top they were amazed. It reminded them of the story Jack and the Beanstalk. There was a castle on a cloud and instead of a giant, there was a dragon.
The dragon found them and flew above their heads. They ran but they were exhausted. They were about to climb down but the dragon caught them…

Week 13 The strange beast by Tadhg

“Uff! What was that for Jack? ” I said.

“It’s not like we’re going to make it anyway,” said Jack .

“Stop fighting you two,” said Simon.

“We should at least try to get away from the creature anyway.”

“What is the point? ” said Jack” we are all exhausted and the creature is probably going to burst out of the bushes at any moment now.”

“Quickly we have to go! we have to go! ”


We heard the shout of the bull –  the one that Simon called a minotaur.  I got to safety behind the tree and looked at the others. They were running but they were exhausted already and the beast was closing on them from behind…

WK 13, The Rude People, By Mikolaj

I was playing my PlayStation and I ran into three random people. They told me their names, where they were from and how old they were. I asked them could they add me so we could play more often. They said they would but they were exhausted. When we died in the game, I took my phone out of my pocket because I wanted to check what time it was in their country. It was surprisingly only 11:oo am so I was confused. I was getting sad because they just maybe didn’t want to play with me. I rang them and asked them why didn’t they want to play with me. They said it was because I was too young. I threw my headphones off and went to bed.

I will never forget these rude people.

Week 13 Truth or Dare By Matthew D

My two friends and I were playing Truth or Dare. I came up with a bizarre dare that they had to climb Mount Everest. Their faces went as white as snow. We started walking the many miles. When we reached the mountain I couldn’t see the top of the mountain because the top of the mountain was above the clouds and there was a thick mist descending on it.

“It’s time to climb the mountain,” I said to my two friends. But they were exhausted so they couldn’t even stand up.

“I guess ye won’t be climbing the mountain today,” I muttered.

Week 13: Menacing Man By Naglis

Happily and Joyfully Patrick and James were driving carefully on a damp ghastly isolated road and suddenly they came to a halt. They stepped out. They realised they ran out of gas. They looked around. There was no one and nothing. The air smelt of damp and decay. In the distance Patrick spotted a dot that turned into a speck – then a speck that turned into a blob – then a blob that turned into a figure and a figure that turned into a man.  A menacing man that started chasing after them! They could feel their hearts thumping rapidly inside them like a drum. Patrick and James darted left into the woods but they were exhausted.                       What would they do now?

Week 12 Drama By Matthew D

My friend and I were at the local post office trying to get tickets for the concert. Suddenly three men swaggered in the door and one of them was armed.

“What skulduggery are you up to”? I asked.

There was no answer and the room was quiet. We were all on the floor with them standing over us. My friend and I finally got the courage to scare them off. I grabbed the gun and my friend tied up two of them as I put the other one onto the ground. When we went home we seemed to be on the television for our courageous work.

Week 12: The sky scraper race By :Tadhg

I dashed up the steps racing to be first . I could still hear the holler of the starting horn echoing in the building. I was in third place just behind my friend in second place. I was puffing hard and was sweating like a dog.

A stitch in my side started forming and became more painful after a while. I darted up past my friend and raced to be in first position. The stitch was now biting in my side and the pain was unbearable but I wanted to come first.Then I saw the finish line and I was first.

Later on, I went home and to my amazement we seemed to be on the television


Week 12: Why? By Marc

Thinking so hard it felt like my brain was going to explode. The reason why is that we were going on a quiz competition. I am one of the smartest people in the school. Our principal is so vicious he’s like a wolf that didn’t eat for a month.

If we didn’t win this quiz we would have homework for the summer holidays. Suddenly the principal swaggered into the room and with a frosty voice, he shouted: “It’s time.”

We got 99/99 so far and if we got the next question right we would win.

“The next question is, What is Obama’s last name? “It was tricky “Obama” I screamed.

Then we realised that we seemed to be on the television.   

Week 12, My first time on TV by Tim

Today was the weirdest day of my entire life. It all started when my dad and I went to the bank to get money for my mom’s birthday present. Then suddenly two men in black clothing wearing old, rusty ski masks came inside. They were also holding a shotgun. They started aiming at civilians and told everyone to put their hands on the ground. They forced the bank person to put the money in the bag one of the men were holding.

From a distance, I heard the police sirens go off. The building was surrounded by police cars. The police took care of the robbers and were sent to jail. My dad and I went home and told mum about everything that had happened, she was shocked. I turned on the news on the television and we seemed to be on the television.

WK 12 The Great Talk, By Mikolaj

I was in America in Washington DC. I really liked Donald Trump so I decided to go to see him.My friend came with me. It was 13:00, and I rang on his doorbell. He was making a video to post on the television. I asked him how was his day and how did he feel being a president. He told me all the good stuff about his life.

Later when we got home we seemed to be on the television. I watched the whole talking part. I was very happy I was on the television.

Week 12 WAIT WHAT!!! By Jack

Three weeks ago I was on television. My brother and I were skydiving off a plane and it turned out we were being filmed although we did not notice it at the time. We were about to become famous for pulling the most dangerous skydive move of all time.  We were bamboozled because we didn’t even think the stunt was that dangerous because our dad had showed us how to skydive and he was a natural.

By the time we got back home, we seemed to be on the television.  There were videos of us all over the internet and all over RTE news saying :

“Daredevil brothers pull off most dangerous skydive stunt of all time.”

Week 12 Cork Schools Hurling Final Day By Danny

It was the day that my school, St. Colman’s Boy’s National School were in Pairc Úí Chaoimh for the Cork School’s Hurling Final Day. We had won every game so far in the competition. When we got onto the pitch there was a thick mist descending. A few minutes later the school we were playing, Scoil Mhuire Milford from Milford swaggered onto the pitch. One hour later the match had started and it was time to get my game face on.

With one minute to go to the Final whistle we were down 2 points but just then I had a shot which rattled the back of the net. Just after that, the referee blew his whistle and we won.

That evening we seemed to be on the television.

Week 12 Super Hero by Kacper

One day I was going to a grocery store with my mom. When we went in the shop my mom said ” Stay in sight  -ok?”

” ok”  I responded.

I went to get some snacks and then I heard… BOOM … robbers came running through the door.

” GIVE US THE MONEY AND THERE WILL BE NO HARM” one robber shouted, and then out of no where I jumped at the robbers and tried to tie them up.

After a while police arrived and arrested the robbers. That evening when we arrived home we seemed to be on the television. We were HEROES.

Week 12 We Won By Szymon

“We won !” yelled my dad.
My dad just bought a lottery ticket and was checking after checking the numbers.
“How much?” exuded my brother excitedly.
” 10 million euro” my dad said calmly.
When we went to the shop to exchange our ticket into money my brother started swaggering in pompously. On the way back we saw a gr0up of poor people begging for money on the street. I decided to give each of them 100 thousand euro. My parents agreed. We didn’t realise that there was a news reporter behind us. We went home and watched the news and to our surprise we seemed to be on the television.

Week 12: Abominable Attempt By Naglis

Bored and tired my colleague-Jim and I were at home thinking about what we could get up to that day.

“I have an idea, we could get my fake toy gun because there’s no chance in the world that we would get a real one and go to the post office and demand money… can we please try?”Jim asked cantankerously.

“Sure why not?” I answered.

We put our black masks on and headed to the post office. Surprisingly it worked. We came home dancing in delight …until I turned the T.V on and we seemed to be on the television.

Moments later we heard banging outside the door

. “FBI open up!”

Week11 : The magic Ground : by Maciej

“Tom I whispered do you see him ?”

“No , Oh now I see him.”

“Where is he? …Wait… he is saying something . ”

“1h24e ,” said the man.

Boom !

Poofs of smoke were coming out of the secret cage and then the person disappeared in the black shade of the cage entrance .

“Okay  he is gone.  Let’s leave our bikes here on the soft ground . ”

“Do you remember the code ? ”

“Yes it’s 1h24e ”

… Boom !

And the cage opened and then the boys went in. After a while, the boys came out and then they saw their bikes in the tree.

Week 11: Afraid of jail By Oisin

I was walking in the Island woods when I saw a bike in a tree. I tried to pull it out but when I did the whole tree collapsed. I heard police cars so I ran for my life I ran back into the city. I hid in between two houses for five minutes but then I had to run as I was cornered. I was caught but instead of going to jail he asked if I was all right.

“Yes,” I replied but then I was certain I was going to jail but again I wasn’t although I did have to pay a bill for the damage which I did.