Week 19 The Bombing By Conor H

It was a normal day in the town of Kanturk. Everyone was watching the football final, but then breaking news flashed up on the screen. It said bombing was being planned for Kanturk. Nobody believed it would happen.

The next day-Saturday – People everywhere were in shock. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened because of the news.

Then in the blink of an eye there was a massive BANG!

All the people ran outside and glanced up into the sky and saw loads of planes about to drop bombs onto them.


Week 19 Outbreak by Dylan

Day 1042 of the Coronavirus outbreak
As far as I know, I am one of the only non-infected people in the world.
I was walking around town and although it was Saturday nothing was opened thanks to the virus. The once-bustling town I lived in was now a deserted wasteland. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard running behind me. I put on my gas mask and ran to my car. I tranquilized the person and injected him with the antidote I have been working on.
” What’s going on? “he said.
Time to save the world…

Week 19: An Unexpected Storm By Benny

Finally, NO more school!

It was Saturday, the start of the weekend. I thought it would be a good idea to start off the day by going to the zoo. It wasn’t open. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I was confused. The town felt deserted. I saw people indoors which confused me since it was a sunny day. They looked at me like I was crazy.

Suddenly, heavy rain started pouring down and there was a strong wind. I forgot about the news! A storm was supposed to come. I tried to run home but the wind made it difficult.

By the time I was home, I was soaking. I wish I read the news.

Week 19 The Strange Cycle By Ronan

One day as I was going out cycling with my friend Geoffrey, my Mom shouted down the stairs for me to get some milk and bread from the shops. I walked out the door to find that Geoffrey was already waiting for me on his brand new bike. First, we went for a quick trek through the woods and after that, I headed for the shops to get the milk and the bread. Geoffrey said he’d wait beside the old ash tree which was erratic because he usually hated being on his own. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened which was also erratic. I went back to the woods to meet Geoffrey but he wasn’t there…

Week 19: Deserted Village By Liam O

At the beginning of the day, I woke up very tired. I walked downstairs and got myself a cup of coffee, my father had the news on. I was so tired that the news was a mumble and all I heard was dangerous, evacuate and squad.

My father seemed worried but I didn’t think much of it and went for my morning walk. I went into the village and it was deserted. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened.  I saw a green box in the middle of the junction in the centre of the village. Since there was no one was in the village I decided to go home. When I got home no one was there… then it clicked with me –  what I heard on the news  – the green box was a bomb.

I whispered to myself “oh no” I heard an explosion and everything went black…

Week 19 The Bombing By Colin

I was walking through town. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. Suddenly sirens rang out all around me. It took me a few seconds to realise we must be getting bombed. I started to sprint back to my house. I was about 500 metres away from my house when I felt a deep rumbling followed by an explosion in the distance. I saw a cloud of black smoke billow into the sky. I started to move faster.  I got to my house to see it in ruins. The bomb must have detonated near here. Suddenly I felt another deep rumbling. I looked up to see a B 24 fly past. Then I saw it … a black ball hurtling towards me.

Week 19 Why is it not open? by Rhys

I was watching tv but I got hungry. There was nothing in the press.  I was irate.  I didn’t want to go to the shop but I guessed  I had to go to the shop. I was walking through town and no one was there –  strange.  I was in a quandary whether to go back or not.  It felt like I was in a ghost town but I continued to the shop.  Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I was bamboozled. I went home and no one was there.

“Hello!” I screamed.

I looked out the window and saw everybody was running.

“Why are you  running?”

“There are five bombs in town –  run!”



Week 19 The Invasion By Sean

One day my friend and I were downtown. We wanted to get stuff for our match tomorrow. We realised that the shops were closed. Although it was a Sunday nothing was open.

Then we started hearing alarms. It was an invasion. Buildings were getting destroyed by bombs. My friends and I hid in a building that was still stable. After a while the bombs stopped  – we were safe for now.

Week 19 The air war by Jacob

1942 DDay

As I was escorting an Mk-1 Hudson German aircrafts started to barrel down to us. I had no choice but to say to my squad to engage all enemy aircraft. As bullets were passing by, a bullet hit my shoulder. I was starting to pass out but I mustered the strength to pull my aircraft up but it didn’t work.

The sky was fully white. I found myself in a mall. I looked around – the shops were closed. Although  It was a Saturday nothing was opened.

I heard a voice calling my name. I woke up. My co-pilot said “you ok? It seems like you saw a ghost. ”

I started to panic  – my arm was cut off.  I passed out again…

Wk 19 The Blitz By Joe

It was a cold Saturday morning when I got up .  I didn’t know what to do so I made my breakfast and started reading a book  . I walked into the town . Although it was Saturday nothing was open .

I wondered why nothing was open  and why nobody was around so I walked all around central London but nobody was around . It was strange because at this hour usually people would be all over London .

Suddenly  heard a loud whizzing noise from above me . Then another noise . I looked up and saw a squadron of Nazi planes coming straight to London . . .

Week 19 The Ghost town by Ben

I had been walking in the desert for 2 days. That’s when I saw it – a town – a town. I ran to it as fast as I could. But when I got there I saw no one and although it was Saturday nothing was opened.

Then I saw something floating above a shop. When it saw me it started coming at me extremely fast. I ran down an alleyway and did all I could to shake it off but it was just too fast. It had nearly reached me when…

Week 19 Air Raid By Aidan

As I walked around the corner to buy bread at the bakery I noticed that it was closed. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened I thought. Suddenly sirens rang through the town and there was commotion as parents picked up their kids and ran to the bomb shelter – it was an air raid.

I could hear the roaring sound of the Luftwaffe’s propellers while screaming in horror as robust buildings crumbled to rubble. The Germans had a habit of attacking when it was unexpected. Hostile soldiers ran through the streets hauling rocket launchers on their shoulders. I leaped into the bomb shelter where I felt a cold hand grab my shirt…

Week 19 The Bomb Scare by Warren

I was in Spain on holiday. My sister and I were in the pool while my parents were sitting on their chairs. Suddenly a siren went off and an avalanche of people started running. We asked one of them what was wrong. “There is a bomb” one of them replied.

So we ran with the crowd but suddenly a man with a loudspeaker started talking saying “calm down everyone there is no bomb”. Then everyone stopped running and listened “It was just a  small fire”. There was a look of relief on everyone’s face. Everyone went back to the hotel looking shocked.

Week 19: WWIII by Paul

So I was just chilling on my couch until I got a message on my phone. It was from my mom saying ‘Paul!!!!!! WWIII is coming to Ireland’.

I texted back saying: ‘ But I thought Ireland was neutral’.

And she said. ‘Not anymore. Donald Trump is tired of Ireland being neutral…So they are coming here right now!’

So I headed off to the shop. When I got to the shop it wasn’t open. In fact, all the shops were closed then there was this one person who said ‘ Although it is Saturday nothing is open.”

The next day everything went back to normal but nearly all the town was destroyed but we finally  managed to open the shops, restaurants and more. Mmmmmm the good food finally get to eat.


PS Ireland is still neutral this was just for entertainment .

Week 19 The Nightmare By Evan

It was 9 o clock and it was time for me to go to bed. So I got into bed and got cosy and I went to sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the street. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I went around the street and saw a bulldog. It looked at me. I swiftly ran away for my life. Luckily I got away from it. I looked behind me and there a wave of smoke behind me. I ran as fast as I could I was then cornered by the bulldog and smoke. I gave up. I got swarmed by the smoke. ..

I woke up and realised it was a nightmare.

The computer by Jack

One sunny morning a boy was playing on his computer.  His name was Harry.  Harry was playing Minecraft.  He built a big city.  It took him 5 hours. He saved the world and turned off his computer.  The next day he went to school.  He did not like school that much but he wanted to tell everyone about his city.  First, he told Josh his best friend.  Then he told his cousin Gaby.   Then she told the rest of the class.  The next day it was his 11th birthday and after all the games he showed them the city.


Conor C

The sink was broken so we have to get it fixed.

I winked at my friend today at school .

My eye kept blinking at school.

I think that I am going to a soccer match.

The bird was shrinking a bit too much.

Week 18 The slow journey By Adam

My family and I were on the way home from a long journey to Dublin. It was so boring but luckily I had my IPad to entertain me. As we left the city there was a vast traffic jam and big commotion. “We will get out soon” My Mom Said. “But it is so slow,” I replied. We were there for hours on end. We got out of the city but as we were going into the town nearest to our home there was a crash so we had to turn around and go the long way. The journey was supposed to take 3 hours but it took 7 hours.

Week 18 The Tank By Kristupas

It was the day . The day I got to test the new tank that America is working on. I can`t wait I have to drive around with the crew and see if it`s fast. When I was driving to the base I saw the tank in the distance I said to my self “I hope It`s fast”. When I got there I was told that the drivers meticulously worked on the tank. The tank was called T32. It had to be the fastest tank. When I went in it felt awesome” but it is so slow” I said to myself. That was a big mistake they made. It will take a long time to repair.

Week 18: The Bank Robbery: By Liam A

It was night and our gang was outside the bank. This had to go well. Surprisingly I saw my one and only nemesis standing in an alleyway trying to rob the bank. We lock picked the door and got in. We saw the jewels in a bulletproof case so we took out our lasers and pointed them at the glass. We cut a perfect circle and took the jewels. Then the alarm went off. We ran out and got into the van. We started to drive but it is going so slow I thought we were definitely going to get caught.




Week 18: Late For Hogwarts By Benny

We were going to be late. It was going to be my first day at Hogwarts. We all rushed into the car. King’s Cross station was about 2 hours from our house. There was no way we’d be there on time. My siblings weren’t helping because they were fighting about which house I would be in. I hoped to be in Ravenclaw.

Our car broke down halfway there so we borrowed a vintage car. “We’ll be there in no time.” My dad said. “But it is so slow.” I said back.

We finally arrived at King’s Cross station. The gate to 9 3/4 was closed. We were too late.

Wk 18 The Train By Joe

The date is the 24th of February 1940. We’re waiting for the train that will take us to Auschwitz, it’s a terrible feeling. They made us line up and stand in the cold. “What’s that noise? ” I hear someone say. It was a train, a gigantic train.

I was happy that there was a train because it was freezing. But suddenly I saw another train on the rail at our side. It’s an old train and doesn’t look like it’s going to get us anywhere fast. It was only then when I realised that it was packed with people. I got on and it started moving. But it is so slow, I would rather walk to Auschwitz .

Week 18 The Race by Ben

It was the day of the race I was worried that the new car would not be good. But the engineer said that it was the fastest car yet. When the race started I was last immediately. But it is so slow I said. Then I saw a button that said sonic I pressed it and it went incredibly fast. I couldn’t even control it. It was about to crash straight into the audience and I couldn’t stop it…


Week 18 Terrible Train By Aidan

“Come on get in the car” shouted my brother as I walked out the door. I jumped in the car and mum drove off. When we got to the train station we looked up at the times for Dublin. First, it said two minutes then five minutes after that ten and it went all the up to fifty-nine.

After an hour we saw the slowest train in history scrape along the tracks. “We can still make it to Dublin by 10 pm” said mom cheerfully. “But it is SO slow” I moaned. The station speaker called out that the train would arrive in Dublin by 3am. I moaned once more while I plodded on to the train.

Week 18 The Ford Thunderbird By Conor H

It was a normal day at the A.G.E.N.T headquarters. Suddenly a call came in and said A.G.E.N.T ‘s arch nemesis were trying to steal the ATM.

Everyone ran to the get ready for the big chase. Then the driver got to the car. Then the car would not start. It must have been the bad guys. They had no other choice but to get into the old vintage Ford Thunderbird.

The gate opened and moved as slow as a snail out the building.

The secret agent thought “But it is s0 slow, I wish I had a super fast car!”

Week 18 The Getaway by Dylan

I sprinted out of the bank, my bags stuffed with money. I knew the guards would be there any second. I hopped into my car but it just wouldn’t start. I dashed away as I heard sirens behind me.
I had a cunning plan I would go to the train station because I knew a train would be there shortly and just as the train was about to arrive I would jump to the other side and run away. I ran to the train station and saw the train coming but it is so slow, I jumped and fell onto the track…..