Week 35 The hunter by Jacob

It was late at night and my owner shouted that there was a raccoon in the bin. I ran down the stairs and was getting ready to chase that raccoon.

My owner opened the door and I was chasing after him. There was a creek and the raccoon jumped into the stream and swam to the other side. I jumped into the stream while the raccoon was taunting me. I dragged myself to the other side then the raccoon jumped back into the stream and paddled to the side my owner was on. Then he disappeared into the night.

I was stuck on the other side, cold and wet, thanks to that raccoon.

Week 35: My Dog is a superdog: By liam A

It was a warm day and my dog and I went for a walk in the forest.  As we approached the lake, we heard a man screaming HELP.

Suddenly my dog’s ears flicked up and he ran to the lake. We saw the man; he was drowning. That was when my dog jumped into the air and I let go of the lead. As I looked on, I saw him swim across the lake like some sort of super-dog.  Then he grabbed the man’s hood and dragged him out of the lake.

After that day he was awarded the dog of the year.

Week 35 The Zombies by Colin

The zombies were just behind me.  I ran through the forest, ducking out of the way of branches. Suddenly I saw a river dividing me from the safe house. I raged silently before preparing myself.

After a while I decided to jump into the river. The current was strong and swept me down the river. I tried to swim to land but was overpowered by the current. I grabbed hold of a rock and climbed onto it.

After I caught my breath, I jumped off the rock and clutched at grass. As my hands were slipping away I grasped onto a rope that was tied to a well. Then I ran to the safe house.

Week 35 The Disappearence By Kristupas.

I was walking my dog down to the park. Nothing was wrong except there was no one around. I was scared but didn’t know why.  WE were about to go back home when my dog started barking. I didn`t want him to meet another dog because he is not trained. I started walking home and there still was no one around.

Then my dog started to bark again so I followed him. He lead me to a house and that’s where all the people were.  It was a surprise party for my best friend and I didn`t know about it.

Week 35 Hanging Tree By Adam

One day I was in the forest taking my dog for a walk. We went to the nearby river and a tree was hanging over it. We walked over and a leprechaun jumped out from behind and said it’s bad luck to touch the tree without a leprechauns permission!

So we didn’t touch it and the leprechaun told us all the history about it. He said “When he was a wee young boy there was a bad hurricane and the tree swayed over the river and since then it hasn’t moved!”

I replied “That’s a very interesting story but me and frank my dog have to go home or mom will get worried so bye.”


Week 35: A Close Call By Benny

It was an amazing, sunny day. My family headed out to the forest. I was excited as I hadn’t been there in so long. While we were walking, I got carried away and started walking in the wrong direction towards the river. About 5 minutes later I realized I was completely lost. What to do now?

I tried to retrace my steps. There was an amazing view though! I took some pictures and went back to searching. My heart was pounding and I knew I would be in big trouble. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted our dog on a path next to mine. I snuck behind my family and acted like nothing ever happened. I’m happy that I didn’t get lost.

Week 35: It was a Volcano By Liam O M

It was a nice autumn day when my dog and I were out for a walk…Until the ground started shaking…

We looked up at the large mountain which was shaking…Then lava sprouted up out of the mountain… It was a Volcano…

We rushed closer only to be stopped by raining ash upon us. Then we dashed away as fast as we could but then I got hit by ash and fell to the ground.

My dog turned around and barked at me to get up but I couldn’t. He dragged me to a secure cave where we waited until everything stopped. Then we got out of the cave…

We were terrified of the landscape as we walked home hoping everyone was ok…


The Superhero from Cork by Colin

Hi. I’m Colin but the people of Cork know me as The Superhero from Cork. Yeah I mean a pretty big deal here. Of course there’s always Kieran from Kerry, trying to out superhero me.

Anyway, the Superhero Olympics are coming up and I’m freaking out. “The Superhero of Ireland” is hosting the games and I can’t wait to meet him. He is the most powerful hero in Ireland and has stopped more than 50o, ooo criminals this year alone. The games are hosted underneath Cork this year. At least I don’t have to fly two hours to Dublin again.

I’ll be competing in the Flying race, Extreme tag and Air fighting. I won first place in Extreme tag last year because I stayed hidden in a building until it was me versus Carlow. Then I snuck up on Carlow and simply tapped his head. He’s still mad at me to this day. I came fifth in the flying race and sixth in Air fighting.

I was born into a family of superheroes. I was an only child, so I was showered with affection from my parents. I never had any friends because most county superheroes hate each other.

It all started when, now Northern Ireland, was taken over by the British. The Superhero leader told Ireland to not interfere and that’s when the ISC ( Irish Superhero Council) decided to make a national superhero. Every county wanted their superhero to be the best. But then one day a random superhero conquered the ISC and declared himself leader of Ireland. Everyone was shocked but knew that if they tried to fight back they’d be banished. Only one superhero was strong enough to defeat him… My Father…

He went to battle with the leader of Ireland. The battle lasted 3 days and 2 nights until finally my father let his guard down and was captured by the ruler and thrown into jail for life. Soon after that, the ruler turned into a good man and let my father go. But prison had changed my father and he started doing illegal activity. He was caught and banished from the country. The ruler announced that all superheroes must do 5 years at the Superhero Olympics to determine if said superhero is good enough.

The day of the Superhero Olympics:

I warmed up then got ready to do the Flying race. I hovered in the air until I heard the air horn. I raced to the finish line. I was the second person to pass over the line. After two hours rest I did Air fighting. I came 3rd in that and finally Extreme tag. I came 1st again. At the end, The ruler passed out the medals. My emotions got the better of me and when he gave me my medal I tackled him to the ground. With a wave of the Ruler’s hand he floated me back to the podium. I blushed and tried not to think of how stupid that was. Yeah, super stupid.

The setup: By Dan Short Story Comp


The thief stuck his hand in through the broken window and opened the dented and scratched car door. I was walking along the street when I saw him. I ran straight towards him trying to scare him off; my fists were aloft as I tripped and fell into a pothole. It all went black…


My eyes slowly crept open. “Where am I?” I muttered faintly to a person in a medical uniform. “You are in hospital,” she said.” You were shot in the leg by a thief, so, we had to replace your leg.”

A few days later, I was discharged from hospital so I walked across the street and into a clothes shop. “I need a tight black suit,” I told the shopkeeper. After that I located the hardware store and bought a grapple hook and a long reel of rope. I was going to try and scale a skyscraper to look for the thief, but first I was going to need to make some additions to my very awkward prosthetic leg. I limped home that night, with a plan fixed in my mind; nothing could stop me now.

As I scuttled in the oak door of my red brick house, the telephone began to ring. When I picked it up and put it to my ear an unfamiliar foreign voice began to ramble about a problem with my computer. I knew he was a fake so I hung up immediately. I was tired so I ate my dinner and went to bed.


I put one foot on the pane of the thick, clear glass. I had already secured the grapple hook on the top of the building. The new special magnets that I had fitted to my prosthetic leg were going to help a lot. Now I was prepared to climb this beast of a building. I had got hold of a handy new gadget that could tell me where the thief was by using his DNA that I had found on the car he broke into.

I was halfway up when the fear began to show, the steps became more of an effort and my pace began to slow. By the time I got to the top I was exhausted. I tugged out the gadget from my utility belt and turned it on.

It began to scan. It had found him……..behind me.

The Superhero From Cork: By Liam A

It was another cruel and dangerous day. Another one of Cork’s building down again. “This isn’t right,” said Colin, as he stroked the back of his trusted friend Spot, the dog. There has to be something done to stop this mayhem. Colin went to school where the windows were blackened and the yard was burning slowly every day. It was nightmarish for Colin.

But Colin has a secret. When school is over Colin isn’t Colin. He is “Nightgazer”. He is cape is indestructible and his armour protects him from Falcon’s pulsar lasers. Every day he and his archenemy, Falcon, the cause of this destruction, would fight gruesome battles. Colin only wants everyone to be happy but Falcon wants the whole of Cork in his evil grip.

Once, Colin nearly trapped Falcon but he evaded capture with his teleportation machine.  Falcon increased his powers and returned. This time this fight was going to be the last but was this to be a win for Nightgazer or for Falcon? Falcon had fashioned a deadly new weapon, The Golden Arrow, the only weapon that could penetrate Colin’s armour.

They entered the Shandon steeple where this final showdown was going to take place. Each step Colin ascended, echoed through the building. He reached the top.  He looked down at the empty streets and the burning buildings. He was saddened and angered by what Falcon had done to his beloved city on the banks of the Lee. He ran up the steps and kicked the door down and saw Falcon waiting,  his two golden wings coming out of his back and his red laser eye. Colin approached.  He hesitated as he spotted a gold flash of the razor-sharp edge of this deadly device he had never encountered before, The Golden Arrow.

For the first time in his life Colin felt unsure but he knew he was the only hope that Cork had left. He had to conquer his fear. The hurling heroes of the past flashed into his mind. Colin ran towards Falcon but quickly Falcon put his hand out and lifted Colin straight off the ground and threw him against the Shandon bells. Falcon was stronger than ever and lifted the Golden Arrow to annihilate Nightgazer.

Suddenly Spot appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Falcon’s arm, the arrow missed, Colin took his chance, he got up. He had a surprise of his own. From under his cape he produced a silver pistol that shot a silver bullet, the only metal that Falcon was defenseless against. There was however only one bullet. He couldn’t afford to miss. He got up, took aim, his hand was shaking, he took the shot. The bullet lodged in  Falcon’s armour. The armour turned to ashes and Falcon’s superpowers drained away.

The silver had worked. Falcon was no more. Colin looked down, a crowd had gathered below. They clapped and cheered. Cork city life could return to normal. Colin rang out the “Bells of Shandon” and Corkonians could do “Panna” again.


Week 34 A Raccoon Life By Evan

I woke up one summer morning and I was shocked when I realised I was a raccoon …

I felt a leaf fall on my head. I looked up in the blue sky and then I realised how high in the air the sky was. I thought i should go to my  house. So I swiftly went to my house and waited for someone to come out from the  back door, so I could go in.  My mom opened the door and I rushed in and went upstairs into my room.I jumped from the box to the chair and then to the bed…

I scratched my human self and then I woke up in confusion as I felt blood on myself .

Week 34 Racoon by Dylan

“Hand me the syringe, ” said the mad scientist.

“It’s on the chair,” said his assistant.

“Where’s our raccoon?” he said.

He then realised there was a moving box. He took the hissing raccoon out of the box. There was a leaf on its head. He stuck the syringe into the raccoon and it began to shake vigorously.

Suddenly the raccoon stood on its hind legs and began to TALK!!!

“What have you done to me? ” it screeched.

It then ran off outside and jumped into an airplane that took off into the sky. The raccoon laughed as it flew off.



Week 34: The Crash Disaster : By Dan

I stepped out of my damp cheap tent and into the barren deserted forest.        A slightly broken chair lay neatly on the ground. As I reached for my backpack, a Racoon scuttled out of it and into the dense foliage.

Bits of the plane I had crashed there, were strewn in every corner.   It had just fallen out of the sky. I was lucky to locate the supply box.

“Help!”  came a cry.  It was a human, maybe my friend Claude too.I was desperate to find him. I squashed a leaf as I Stumbled to a halt.

It was him.


Week 34 : The new house by Rhys

My family just moved into a new town.  It was a sunny day and the sky was blue. I was carrying box after box. It was so hot it got annoying.  My mom told me to put them near the chairs.  When my first day in school came, I had no friends but I did have my cousin Sam in my class.  I also met a guy called Ben.  He said do you want to go to the haunted house after school? I  said OK. Sam was not happy.  He said it was scary.

The leaves were falling off the trees as we went inside the house. Suddenly  I heard a noise… it just was a raccoon

Week 34 The Racoon By Ronan

One day as I was cleaning out the attic, I noticed something moving underneath a chair. I bent over to check what it was. I saw a raccoon eating what was supposed to be today’s dinner. I shot back up and started looking for a box to cover it. I had to settle on the Christmas decorations box.

I rang my friend Tom and told him to come over as soon as possible. I looked out the window and up into the sky knowing that Tom always makes a strange entrance but this time he brought a ladder and came in through the window. He lifted the box that the racoon was under and touched it with a leaf. The racoon shot off as fast as the wind.

Week 34: The Mutated Raccoon: By Liam A

It was a dark evening – the sky was a fiery orange colour. I was sitting in the chair by my desk. Suddenly I saw a box move around on the road. I watched it carefully and saw it bang into our bins. Then I saw two red eyes look out from under the box. It was a black and white animal. I looked it up online and it said it was a raccoon but none of the raccoons in the picture had red eyes. Then I saw blood paw prints on the path. And that was when it came out of the box. It hit off a leaf and turned it into ashes. Suddenly my mum screamed.

Week 34 My Life by Jacob

The sky was getting dark and I thought to myself its time to get up.  I crawled out of the box I was sleeping in and stretched my aching body.  After a good scratch, I found a leaf stuck behind my ear from my bed.  I plucked it out and threw it on a chair to use later.

My tummy was rumbling and I knew it was time for food. I could not find any food in the pantry so I headed out the door on the hunt.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any frogs, worms or fish but there was a Mac Donalds open nearby, and I thought a Big Mac would go down a treat!!  I quickly popped to the car park of the restaurant and rummaged around in their bins, and hey presto! A half-eaten cheeseburger and two chicken nuggets suddenly became breakfast….its a tough life being a raccoon.

Week 34 The box by Colin

One cool Autumn day I was walking through a wood. My hands were stuffed in my pockets. I saw a trail that hadn’t been there the day before. I decided to investigate the trail. I looked at the sky at the exact moment a leaf fell on my head. I thought nothing of it and walked onto the trail. It was muddy and damp but I powered on. I  came to a large oak tree and stepped around it. I saw a box on top of a white chair. I carefully stepped over to the box and picked up the lid. To my surprise, all I saw was a baby raccoon.

Week 34 New pet by Adam

One day I was bored at home and saw an ad on tv- a raccoon for a pet?

I asked my mom and she said we could check it out. (That usually means yes!) We went to the pet store and the raccoon was in a box and up high so we used a chair to reach him. He was eating leaves and we decided to take him home. He stared at the sky for a long time and when we got home we gave him lots of affection and fed him a lot.

Week 34 The Road Trip By Kristupas

I was sitting on my chair drawing a beautiful picture of the blue sky and trees with nice green leaves on them when suddenly my dad came into the room and said that we were going on a trip. I was speechless. He told me to start packing.

And I did. I put everything I needed in a box. Ten minutes later and we were in the car.  I did not know where we were going and the only interesting thing I saw was a raccoon eating a leaf.  But when we arrived I was so excited as we were at the beach.

Week 34: An Unusual Conversation By Benny

A bank robbery just happened and everyone was confused. No one knew who did it.

While walking away from the massive crowd, I overheard two people talking at a cafe. One was sitting on a chair while the other was standing. “You’ll find the code if you follow the red leaf in the forest. There should be a box,” one of them said. The other nodded and left the cafe.

I decided to check out what they were talking about. After about 10 minutes of walking I found the box. In the box there was nothing. I thought I was too late. …Until at the very top of the box in small writing, I saw some sort of code:

Racoon in the sky.

I didn’t know what these words were for. Could they have been part of the robbery?

Week 33 The Screams by Dylan

There is a tale of demons living in the forest behind my house and you know they’re watching you if you hear chilling screams but by then it’s too late…

One night I decided to investigate, big mistake…

I was wearing my coat over my pajamas and holding a torch in my hand. Suddenly I heard something that sent a chill down my spine, the deafening screams echoed through the cold night.


I could hear laughs of the demons behind me. I could see my house in the distance and when I reached it, it vanished before my eyes.

I was doomed……


Week 33: The Terror: By Dan

The deafening screams echoed through the night as I stomped through the forest. A person had gone missing and now they seemed to be in imminent danger. There had also been reports of a Big Foot in this forest. This rescue mission was becoming scarier by the minute.

“OVER HERE” roared my colleague from a distance.

I Looked over to where he was and saw a giant figure in his place. Mud oozed off its fur as it approached. Only then did I notice the body of the missing person in its hands. It dropped it in front of me and ran.


Week 33 The Mystery Screams By Ronan

One afternoon as I was cycling through the woods I heard a series of tiny little screams. I cycled around trying to find out where the screams were coming from but there was no sign. After a few hours the screams seemed to get louder and louder.

The sky turned from bright blue to pitch black. I decided to climb a tree and see if I could locate the source of the screaming but still no sign. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night.

The next morning I noticed a bug under the seat of my bike. I flicked it off and it made the exact same sound as the screaming from the night before.

Week 33 The Cold War By Kristupas

The war was offical-  it was happening. I was scared. I went to bed while hearing the deafening screams echoing through the cold war.

I woke up the next day to hear that my dad had to go to the army to defend Ireland.  I was so mad at my dad but I did know that he had no choice to go or to stay.

But there he goes far into the distance all the way to fight for freedom. I told my mom that one day I’ll be out there just like my dad.

But she just laughed.

Week 33: The Old Haunted house by Rhys

It was a cold misty night. My friends and l were out trick or treating for hallowe’en. We walked through the fog gathering sweets and treats.  We went to house after house. Our bags were full to the top.

As the streets became empty my friends and I began to go home. I was walking past a house when I suddenly heard loud screams.  I paused for a moment. I was trembling with fear. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. I turned around slowly and sprinted for my life.

I arrived home and never returned to that street again.

Week 33: Mysterious Disappearance By Benny

The house was now completely out of sight. Four of my best friends and I were in the forest about to play hide and seek.

First round, I was hiding with two others. We hid behind a large, mossy rock. The two seekers found us pretty quickly because my friends kept giggling.

It was my turn to seek. I was nervous as I was never good at seeking. Dave and I looked everywhere. “You can all come out now! Dave and I give up”. They still didn’t come out.

It was getting dark, suddenly a noise rang through the trees. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. We laughed it off and went home. Later we realised no one was home. ….What happened to my friends?

Week 33: The Shadow Man: By Liam A

It was a dark night, nothing but the sound of crickets lurking in the hedges. But I had a feeling it wasn’t just crickets out there. Every now and then a shadow would catch the shine of the light.

Someone was walking outside.

Then I heard the creak of doors opening and I saw everyone’s parents walk onto the street. Suddenly, they all lined up in perfect order. Then something rose up from the road. It was like a shadow in an immaculate suit and perfectly polished shoes. As I looked away I saw the shadow move closer. I looked away and the deafening screams echoed through the cold night.