Week 21 New Crisp Flavour Fail By Szymon

It was my first day of work and I had already made a bad impression of myself. I began working at a crisp factory at the fringe of the city. I decided to impress my boss by making a new flavour for crisps. It was pepper and vinegar.
I had made some and ate them with my boss but there was one problem; the vinegar was too sharp. One of the employees who always wanted to be the best had a smug smile on his face. I almost got fired for my idea until my boss decided to sell them in bright eye-catching colours. They were a hit.

Week 22 Trying to impress By Danny

Looking at the jobs page of the paper I felt depressed and weary as I had no job but suddenly I saw a job just for me. It was in a Tayto  factory and they wanted just one person and it said: ” Call this number if you are interested but hurry because it’s only for a short time.”

The next day I went down to the factory and to my relief, no one else was there so they hired me straight away and said: ” I want you to make a new pack of vinegar Taytos  as the vinegar was too sharp in the Salt and Vinegar packet.”

So I said ” yes sir” and started working straight away to make a new flavour  pack of Taytos.

Week 22: The robbery of the year By Sean

There is a competition among the criminals as to who does the most difficult robbery in a year. I was sure I would win.

The king and queen were going to a party so I went to the castle when they left and watched the guards as they walked around.  Then I ran into a vent.  As I was crawling I heard the chief saying the vinegar was too sharp on his lunch.

Then there was a shining light coming from the vault.  As soon as I was over the crown I blew some dust off it to see if there were any lazers protecting it.  Luckily there were no lazers but as soon as I hit the ground there were alarms sounding…

Week 22 The bake off by Mathew og

I entered the local bake-off. I  had arrived in town and I was exhilarated. It was my first time entering and I was quite nervous. The menu was to be chips and we had to make the best homemade chips EVER!

I went to my nana’s house to get her great chip recipe. I got through all the rounds and now it was the final. The room it was held in had bright eye-catching colours and it was bustling with people

I was doing really well until the last few seconds.  As I put the vinegar on the buzzer sounded.

I gave the judge my chips and he said the vinegar was too sharp.

Week22 By:Tadhg The dish

The tension was unbearable.  He had to get the dish done in five minutes. The chips were nearly done so he grabbed the salt and the vinegar. He took the chips out and they looked lovely. He put on the salt and then put on the vinegar.


The menacing opponent hit his shoulder . The vinegar fell. “NO”.

He tried one chip. The vinegar was too sharp. He knew he was going to lose.

“Times up” yelled the judges.

“Tom – you are up first, you put way too much vinegar on your chips, but the burger is exquisite – great job”.

“Jerry your chips are great but your burger is bad –  now we will announce the winner.”

“The winner is …Tom!”

The Cook’s Mistake By Kacper

One beautiful day there was an inspector coming to view the most marvelous and most eloquent restaurant in the town. At 3 o clock, the inspector came and ordered pork chops with chips and vinegar.  When the cook was nearly ready she poured all the vinegar in and gave it to the inspector.

When she tasted it she was in disgust so she said ” the vinegar was too sharp” and when the cook heard that, she started crying. But as the inspector was just about to leave the cook’s best friend , Sarah, she said that she did not mean to put in all of the vinegar so she got some more and this time said ” best meal ever”.

Week 22 Master chef

I was so sure I was going to win, but…

I was going to make some salad but I didn’t bring the right ingredients so I had to use vinegar instead of salt.  I was panicking. I was so sure I was going to win and now I was having second thoughts.

“TIME,”  said one of the judges.  I had to stop. I was doing well so far.  Then they said to me that the vinegar was too sharp.  I was so disappointed!


Week 22 The Roaming Restaurant By Jack

One afternoon I was walking home from school when I noticed something strange –  in place of Mrs.Miller’s cafe, there was a new restaurant. I wondered what had happened but I was too tired from a long day of school to be able to think straight.

When I got home I told my Mam what I saw and asked if we could go there the following day to eat and she agreed.

When we got there at 5 o clock the next day I ordered chips with vinegar. The meal came ten mins later and all I could think in my head while I was eating my chips was that I was never coming back there again as the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 21: Affable Aaron By Naglis

Joyfully, Aaron was walking in town searching for a Valentines Day gift for his one true love. Just around the corner of town he spotted a little shop that he had never seen before. Cautiously he walked into the shop and stared open mouthed. There were teddy bears everywhere!

“She loves teddy bears!” he exclaimed.

Aaron bought a cute little white one with a red ribbon around its neck. As he was so happy he skipped home delightfully. But he dropped it! Later he scurried back to exactly where he had thought he lost it.

But how could it just disappear?..

Week 21 Afraid By Matthew D

“Bye Mom ” called Grace as she went to meet her friends. Grace of course brought her fine teddy with which she took everywhere. Grace lived a short distance from the town so she walked it. As she strolled down the road she saw an eloquent item in a shop across the road so she decided to have a peek in the door. Grace was amazed by the white marble on the necklace and its clear glass chain. After that she noticed that it was way too expensive and left.

Walking on the path Grace saw a man with a black coat and a pale, ghastly face.  She got scared and ran but while she was running she dropped her teddy.

Week 21: Never Again By Marc

I was getting bullied by a group of bullies.They were moking me that I had a teddy bear. They were punching,kicking and calling me names like teddy lover. So I went for a long dreary walk.

Suddenly I saw the group of bullies and they started being aggresive to me. I dropped the teddy bear and ran away. I told my mom once and for all. All the bullies got in trouble. One had picked up the teddy bear when I dropped it. He had said sorry and he admitted that he had a teddy and now we are best friends.

Week 21 By: Tadhg An adventure to remember

Bob the Bear rushed down the road trying not to be seen by humans- his secret was still to be kept . He didn’t want anyone to know he was alive .He accidentally got turned into a teddy bear by a wizard and was trying to get changed back.

Then he saw it-  the big tall wizard tower. It was time to be human again.He ran in and saw the wizard but the wizard was asleep . Bob went to wake him up and the wizard said the spell to turn back abracadabra.


Bob was no longer a bear … but he wasn’t a human either he was a DOG…

Wee 21 Lost From The Teddy’s point of view By Danny

Hi my name is Eddy the Teddy and I live with my owner Lauren. We go everywhere together, to the park, shopping and even out eating when she goes out which isn’t regularly.

She is very affable and very crafty in her own way. I have been with her for three years now. One day when we were shopping in the bustling town I fell out of Lauren’s hand but the sad thing was that she didn’t notice and I was isolated in a town I didn’t know very well. But than god Lauren’s mother noticed and picked me up.

Week 21, The Teddy by Tim

A few days ago I got a teddy for my mom on Valentine’s Day. When I got home I put the bear next to the Roses I had gotten also for my mom. I went to bed because I was exhausted.

In the morning I went to see the bear. I was shocked at what I saw. The bear was gone and there was a note on the counter saying ” I’M COMING FOR YOU”.

I ran upstairs to tell my mom that the bear was alive. At the top of the steps  I could see the bear smiling at me in a creepy way. I grabbed it and I threw out of the window onto the streets. I locked all the windows and doors and ran into my room. I hid under my covers and the bear was there so took it outside and I burned it.

Week 21 All Alone By Szymon

“W hat’s in it ?” enquired the child.
” It’s a surprise” answered his parents.
It was Christmas Day and the child was opening presents. He got a massive, stuffed, colourful parrot and straight away he threw away his small white teddy bear. That was his favourite toy for years. He stopped playing with the teddy even though he used to love him. The parrot was crafty and knew how to make the child forget about the teddy. One day the child was looking for old toys to sell. He came across the teddy and threw the parrot away.
He was remembering the old times.

Week 21 : The Lost Teddy By Kacper

There was a teddy which was lost. His owner was a four year old girl called Annie. Her birthday was only 3 months ago and she got a new toy. So the teddy ran away  because he did not like the new toy. He was traveling until he found a road not far from the farm he came from.

While he was on the road he nearly got hit by a huge truck. He had thought he would get ripped. He was in a panic, when all of a sudden a little boy with a blue shirt ran and picked him up. After that he was taken home and was happy again.

Week 21: Left Behind By Sean

One day there was a boy that was kidnapped and the only thing that he left was a phone and a teddy. When I picked up the phone I could hear men talking.

I ran as fast as I could to the garda station and I told them about the man who had a ghastly voice.  As soon as I gave them the phone we could hear a loud BANG.

The garda followed the IP address of the phone and  It led us to a house that had 2 people inside and there was a boy sitting on a chair.  The men were bamboozled when we came in…


Week 21 Don’t Talk To Strangers by Mathew OG

It was a Friday afternoon and a little boy was lost in a city bustling with people . He couldn’t find his mother and he was terrified. He looked all around the fringe of town but still couldn’t find her. He even went into shops looking for help but everyone just chuckled and kept walking. It took ages before someone tried to help but they still couldn’t find her . It got to the point where he thought she had gone home.

Suddenly a man dressed in all black asked him if he wanted some sweets… He dropped his teddy and followed him into a van…

Week 21, My friend’s Birthday, by Mikolaj

It was my friend’s birthday and I decided to surprise him by sneaking some more money into his money box. I was really happy because my Dad let me sleep at his house. There was a lot of pandemonium there.

The next morning there was a group of bullies behind us. They took my friends teddy that he got for Valentines Day from his Mom. He was really sad so he asked them to please give it back but they just threw it on the ground. One of the group said to give it back because it was a Valentines Day present from his Mom. They finally gave it back and he was happy again. 

Week 21 A Bear By Jack

One day a little boy called John was walking home from school . His teddy bear was in his hand . Now John was in 5th grade and it was his first day . His teddy bear called Bear was his best friend .

Suddenly a group of 7th graders jumped out from behind a bin in an alley and started mocking him because of the bear calling him thing like baby and wimp.

“STOP IT” yelled John “he’s my friend” and ran off. When John was 3 blocks from his house he looked at Bear and threw him on the ground.  After that he walked slowly and drearily away.

When he got home his mother noticed that he didn’t have Bear in his hand and looked troubled.  “What’s …” but that was all she could say before John stormed up the stairs to his room and shut the door with a bang.

And while all this was happening one of the girls who had been bullying John saw Bear on the front pavement of her house where John had thrown him down.

“Oh No!” she said.  “I’ve been horrid.”

So she picked up Bear and ran to John’s house, put Bear on the doorstep, knocked on the door and ran away. John opened the door 6 seconds later and saw him there.

“Oh Bear , thank goodness you’ve come home”.

Week 21 Teddy’s Escape by Ciarán

It was a cold and stormy night and I was never to be loved again by my owner, Mike. He was gone to collage and I was put in the attic. 
I knew I'd escape  - I just needed to find a way to get to the window.

 Moments later.... ugh finally I am here ...wow that's a really far drop. Well here we go...... 

Spat ...That hurt. 

Then suddenly Mike comes along ..."Wait, isn't that my old teddy." 

Things are not going well for me as I am back in the attic.

Week 21 : A journey for Teddy by Oisin

It all began when a teddy, an alive one was waiting for his perfect owner. He dreamt that he or she would be nice playful and free minded.

The teddy’s owner was a slob and teddy hated him. Teddy eventually got so fed up that he wanted to escape.  One night he jumped through the cat door and ran in search of a  better owner.  He searched and he searched and at last, teddy found her and best of all  …she was just as teddy imagined.

Week 21 : The bear :by Maciej

The bear is still on its place . But no one knows that he is a crafty demon.

He started at a nice millionaire’s house. In a silver cot, there was a newborn girl called Ann. He went everywhere with her and she went with him. They were like twins until the day when she got a new teddy. She was 6 then.

He was left in the teddy store and he was not touched at all until he got sold to a hospital where children could play with him again and he stayed there forever .

Week 20 Puzzled By Matthew D

“Stop! “Cried the priest, ” stop the music.”

Everyone in the church covered their ears because of the sound the organ was making, it was completely out of tune. After the mass, my family and I stayed back with a group of people to see what had happened to the organ. We all stood there looking mouth opened. Someone had obviously been up to skulduggery and had robbed the bank and put it in the organ.

My father wondered who could have done this abominable thin?  We all sat there, scratching our heads, wondering who it might have been.

Week 20, My Communion, by Mikolaj

It was my communion day and everybody was excited. My family from Poland flew over to Ireland to meet me and watch me receiving my first holy communion. 5th & 6th class were the choir and they were playing the tin whistle.

When it was time to receive the communion the choir was playing a song. Sadly it was completely out of tune. When it was over my Mom asked me did I enjoy listening to them playing the tin whistle. I obviously said no. We went to a bar after and enjoyed the rest of our day of listening and eating.

Week 20: Miserable Mansion By Naglis

Scared, I stared through the window into the dank eerie mansion. This mansion was located at the fringe of town. Deep down inside I knew that I shouldn’t go in there and that, that house was fraught with danger, but I also just had to see what was inside there.

After a while, I said to myself that I was no coward and so I shoved open the black door. As I was tiptoeing inside, the smell was of damp and decay. My heart was beating like a drum. I could hear some music which was completely out of tune. I kept walking until I came to a door half off its hinges.

I pushed it open and you’ll never guess what was inside…

Week 20 The Guitar by Tim

Yesterday my dad and I were practising on our guitars for the Metal Music Competition. We were practising our song and then all of a sudden my guitar got out of tune. It was completetly  out of tune and I thought I would have to get a new guitar. I was sad because I didn’t want to get a new guitar. I had my old guitar since when I was 6 years old and I got it from my nan as a birthday present before she passed away.

So my dad and uncle tried fixing it and it worked again. We won the competition and I got a gold medal. My dad was very proud of me. I soon found out that my brother tried to sabotage me so he could win the competition.

Week 20: What Happened By Marc

Waiting In the dreary, boring waiting room I had nothing to do except stare at the wall. Suddenly I heard music, but it was so completely out of tune. I felt a sence of foreboding. Straight after that I heard a gun shot outside. Then people with guns came into the bank.

“GET DOWN ON THE GROUND” they were shouting.

“Get out of the building” a big strong cop said in a microphone.

They did nothing – shooting started happening and they were threatening to kill us. The situation was fraught with danger. Eventually cops snuck in the back door and arrested them.