Week 35: Ultra Bomb By Sean

The ultra bomb team is the best-trained team in the world. There is a girl on the team and she is the best one. And her name is Jane.

Jane, we need you in the office -there is a bomb at the White House and there are men with guns there –  so leave that to us.  You go now with your team and defuse that bomb.

2 hours later they were there and John was after knocking down the door and they are shouting at the men. But there was a problem there-there were only green wires. Jane just cut one and luckily the bomb stopped at the last second. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 The bomb by Mathew O G

Beep…beep..beep went the timer on the bomb…

Some bystanders ran past the crowd and bent down next to the bomb  -the timer was set for 72 hours. One of the bystanders reported it to the police.

They thanked him gracefully. They got a professional bomb defuser. She arrived the next day her name was Anna Scott. She was just out of boot camp. She cut open the bomb. She had to cut the red wire or the blue wire but was unsure…

She cut the red one and it halved the time on the bomb… However she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35:Tennis by Liam A

One sunny day a girl called Mary was playing tennis with her brother Jake. They loved tennis. Then the next day Mary decided to go play with the tennis club. When the people who were watching Mary play they were shocked at how good she was.  They wanted her on the team.

Then 15 years later she got a scholarship to play with America – she was amazed she was so happy. Now she will be playing in the Australian open however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Game after game she nearly won every game she played and every set. She was unstoppable. She was amazing.

Week 35 The race by Colin

It was the final of the ladies two hundred m sprint. 8 world class sprinters ready in the blocks. Complete silence until the gun went off.

BANG. Everyone catapulted their strides longer. Suddenly someone tripped over and grazed her knee. For the last hundred metres, everyone was sprinting like a cheetah running for prey. It came to the last bend then straight –  the race was really on now.

The crowd was roaring as the race finished. the winner, however, couldn’t believe what she had done. A gold medal for Ireland. the Irish roared loudly.

Week 35 The Washing Machine by Maciej

Mom ! Shouted Laura , where are you going ?

I am going to work.

Laura can you put on the washing machine later.

Yes Laura answered .

Then mom went to work. After mom went to work she put on the television for 15 minutes and went to put the washing machine. Suddenly she heard her favourite program so she put in too much of the powder.

After 1 hour she went to put the clothes out. But when she opened it – BANG!!! everything burst out. The floor was all wet . However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 : Mistake by Oisin

At home a girl got her clothes dirty and decided to wash them. She put in her clothes and then by accident got shampoo instead of washing up liquid and put it in the wrong container. She hit the On button and left it.

Two hours later there were bubbles everywhere however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Well time to get cleaning!  Mom came home and she said she was dirty so she went to have a bath but all the shampoo was gone.  I was in big trouble not to mention what my dad would be like –  he would probably lock me in my room for a month.

Week 35 Crisis by Jack

“What happened?” he said to another guard.

“I don’t know,” he said “but I think someone’s after breaking out of Alcatraz…”

It was a lovely summer morning …well not really because she was in jail.

“Hey Rudy,” she said.

“What’s up?… actually Laura, come here.”

“What is it Rudy? said Laura.

“There is word going around that Spike has a plan to break out tonight,” said Rudy. “But he is obviously going to get caught so when he breaks out and all the guards go running after him…  I’m getting out of here.”

“I’m going with you,” said Laura.

“Well it’s settled then -we’re getting out tonight.”

The night came and Rudy and Laura broke out.  Rudy used his sleeping pills to put the crocodiles to sleep they both used their bed sheets to make a rope to get over the wall but they were halfway up the wall when Laura said “Rudy I don’t think I can do this.”

“YES you can,” said Rudy.

“Ok  I’ll try.

They got over the wall and they swam to shore however she could not believe what she had done.


Week 35 The running race by Aidan

The four contenders jogged to the starting line – Katie ,Tom , Charlie and Alex. There was a sound of a horn and everybody ran off. Katie was in the lead straight away until Tom caught up and passed her out.  Alex was way behind and Charlie started so fast he tripped and he was taken away.

Katie and Tom were tying. Suddenly Katie tripped and Alex and Tom zoomed past her. Katie was hurt but she kept on going. Katie didn’t win but she did cross the finish line. The crowds went wild-  however, she couldn’t believe what she had just done.

Week 35 Prison again by Ciaran

Melissa was in Alcatraz prison. She had been trying to escape for 7 years.
Day after day she was thinking of a plan to get out. Then one day she looked at the courtyard wall with a menacing look and had a plan… but she needed some items to escape –  a rope, wooden planks, strength, and bravery.
First she pulled the bar on the window-  it broke after a while. T and hen she jumped into the sea she swam to shore. She made a small little raft however she couldn’t believe what she had done… she had escaped or had she…

Week 35 The Sinking of The Titanic by Ronan

There was a girl on the Titanic looking for a  better life for her family. She had never been to America but she was sure it would be better than Ireland at the time. Being a third class passenger was better than being no passenger…She had thought.

One night just about thirteen miles off the coast of America her mom was feeling very sick and was sure to die soon. She was about to die because she was not being taken care of properly and that was all her fault. However she could not believe what she had done. Suddenly she heard a crash and the scrape. She woke the family and got them dressed. She knew the boat would sink

Week 35, First day of High school by Tim

It was Penny’s first day in Elmore Jr High and she was very nervous about it so her parents told her to not be nervous. The next day Penny’s mom Nicole dropped her to school.
Her mom told her “Have a great day” Penny replied, “Love you Mom.”
Penny walked up to the door and she took a deep breath and said to herself ” You can do this”. She opened the door and then everyone stared at her. She walked down the hallway and she was scared because she heard that there was a bully named Olivia Jones in her class.
As Penny walked she saw Olivia. Olivia went up to Penny and pushed her. Penny punched Olivia and everyone looked at her however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35: Trembling ,by Dan

Mary was terrified. The German machine guns seemed to be getting closer every day.

Suddenly Mary was called out to help a wounded soldier. She ran across No man’s land with her head down. Her side was roaring at her to not do it, but she was determined.

Amazingly everyone stopped firing bullets. Mary hurled the soldier on her back and scuttled to the trenches. When she got back everyone thanked her for saving their friend , however , she couldn’t believe what she had done.

When she returned home after the war she was awarded the  VICTORIA CROSS  [V C ]  for saving the life of another person.


Week 35: The Big Test By Marc

The year test was coming up and Hannah only goes to school on Wednesdays and Fridays. So that means that she would get a low score. Today was the big day and Hannah was really nervous. She was thinking- oh no I’m going to get a bad score.

If she gets under 80% she would have to do chores until she moves out. The good side is that if she gets 100% she will never do chores again.

So what she did was sit next to the smartest kid and copy her work. The smartest kid forgot an answer and Hannah got it. She got a 100% and the smartest kid got 99%. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 35 The Wonderful Day By: Mikolaj

It was the day when my mom was in the Olympic run for the gold medal. The run was starting. 

On your marks, get set, GO!

…and they all ran. There were six runners and they had to run a mile. My Mom was second until she knew that the end-line was near so she sprinted to the finish and she won!

However, she couldn’t believe what she had done. She came home with the lovely gold medal. We all cheered for the rest of the day. Now we all know that my Mom is the best runner in the world. 

Week 35: Has She Gone Bonkers? By Naglis

“Ding Dong”.

Nobody answered. Cautiously and slowly she opened the door which was half off its hinges. It was dark and the smell was of damp and decay. She saw a wallet full of money inside it. Quickly she snatched the man’s wallet and darted home. She hid the wallet. However, she could not believe what she had done.

The next morning she heard a knock on the door. It was a policeman.

“Have you seen anyone entering that dark house and coming out with a wallet?”

“Sadly not no sir” she answered. 

What will she do now?  Will she own up?…or will she not..?

Week 35 Cork City Sports By Wojciech

One bright day a girl named Kate was in school. Her teacher Mrs Emma said that they were going to the gym. It was the qualifiers to Cork City Sports. Luckily she had qualified for the race and the relay as well.
A few weeks later it was the day of Cork City Sports.  When she arrived there with her friends they started to run. She came 2nd in the race. Next the relay – they came first however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.
When they came back to school she showed everyone the trophies she got.  She was really happy. Then she showed her mum. Mum was very proud of what she did.

Week 35 Friends By Matthew D

She was just gone in the school door and her arch enemy Ava had given her a kick. She really hated Ava – every day her and Ava would be bickering. Then one day at break she hit Ava. Ava was on the ground crying, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

She told the teacher what happened she got an ice pack for Ava. Now she and Ava were actually becoming friends. And by the end of the week, her and Ava were best friends.

Week 34 Wonder World By Szymon

“Where am I” ? I whispered.
I was in a place where everything looked different. The water in the river was like lemonade and the fish were like gummies. I was hungry and thirsty so I ate the fish and drank the pink lemonade.
I crossed over a bridge that was over the river. It started raining but it was more like someone had sprinkled marshmallows over me. I hid under a huge daffodil.  I loved this place but I didn’t stay for a long time…
Suddenly I heard a bell ring and I woke up. It was all a dream. I was sad when I woke up.

Week 34 The kidnapping by Dylan.

My dad is a millionaire. He owns his own bridge a huge house and whenever he eats ice cream he has it sprinkled with edible gold. My mom has a pink Bugatti with daffodil designs on it.

I go to the bridge my dad owns every day for a sit down under it. But one day when I was there I saw a gang of abominable clowns. They saw me too.

I tried to run but I felt a hand on my mouth… I began to fall asleep …

When I woke up I was tied to a chair surrounded by clowns.


Week 34:The robbery:by Liam A

It was a bright sunny day and all the daffodils and tulips were blowing in the wind. Then I met Jake as I was getting my ice-cream.

He said he was going to the park and sit down next to the bridge. We saw a lady wearing a pink dress buying two ice-creams with what we wanted.

She walked up to us and gave us the ice-cream. Then we saw a huge ship go under the bridge. We heard alarms come from the bank.

Then coins sprinkled into the water. There  had been a robbery in the bank. OH NO

Week 34 The Bridge by Joe

There was a loud bang. It was the sound of one of the gates closing on the bridges of Alcatraz. “A long time ago People say that the island was full of pink tulips and yellow daffodils but I don’t believe it ” said Colin who was with me. He brought a huge bun and we sprinkled loads of sugar on it .

Colin accidentally dropped it and we had to go and get it. I climbed down and walked into a cave. Suddenly I saw a large treasure chest . The room lit up and a figure walked in…

There was no escape.

Week 34 The fairy by Maciej

Click clock click clock went the old fairy clock at the fairy house.

The old fairy was asleep but the young fairy was playing in the garden. She was planting daffodil bulbs in the garden. She sprinkled the bulbs with earth and sprayed the water over them.

Then she went to look at the old bridge. The bridge was huge but the fairy wasn’t scared to look down. Then she decided to go swimming and she put her pink suit on.

Week 34 Harry Houdini by Conor

One day I was going to history class. We were learning about Harry Houdini. This guy could get himself out of locks that were locked onto him. So one day he went to a huge bridge and tried to jump off of it while trying to unlock 21 locks that were locked onto him. It was a big task but he could do it. He was very nervous.  He stood on the side of the of the bridge and …JUMPED! …

Everyone thought that he was gone but just then out of the pink tulips and yellow daffodils came Houdini. Because he had made it they sprinkled confetti over him.

Week 33 The crash by Liam O

The story begins in 1954 in Spain near the city of Seville on a bridge. The American army was bringing a dangerous nuclear chemical to a test site.

When they were driving the truck over the bridge the truck crashed and a small hole came in the oil tank and some of the dangerous chemicals sprinkled on a yellow daffodil.  Then the daffodil turned pink and after that incident, the oil tank exploded.  Chemicals went everywhere.

Now 2 armies and the UN had to intervene.  The US of A had to pay 5.8 million.  The bridge is off limits now because the daffodil got too big.


Week 34 SPLASH By Danny

One lovely Spring day  I was sitting on a bridge in the centre of the town that I lived in eating my ice-cream sprinkled with marshmallows. Suddenly I saw a man coming towards me wearing a black mask. He looked like a robber so I ran home.

When I went in I saw a bunch of daffodils on the table in the hallway. After a few hours at home, I went back to the bridge but just then it collapsed and there was a huge splash. I got a bit of a fright when it collapsed so I went home.

Week 34 Bridge Disaster by Tim

When I went on holidays to visit my cousin we had a picnic next to a bridge.  I had a huge pink strawberry ice-cream sprinkled with oreo crumbs and my cousin had a chocolate cupcake with marshmallows on top.

There were many flowers around the picnic area – there were lots of Daisies , Buttercups and  Daffodils. When it was time for us to go home suddenly the bridge started crumbling and pieces of the bridge started falling off.

We ran off the bridge and then the bridge just collapsed into the water. we called 911 and they took us to the other side and we got home safely.

Week 34: The start of spring By Marc

The start of Spring was coming up and I whispered to myself saying ” this is going to be the best spring ever.”

I was walking on a bridge when suddenly a huge pink rose came up sprinkled with dust from the bridge. I ran to get off the bridge before it collapsed. After I got off the bridge I called 911. I wanted all forces to come. I was injured but I still helped the people who were more injured. After a few weeks, I went to the doctor and he said that you might have a broken leg and should go up to hospital.

I got a grand for helping out.

Week 34 Trapped By Matthew D

One nice Spring day I had bought a delicious ice cream and I was going to eat it on a bridge. When I got to the bridge I spotted a huge pink daffodil. I sprinkled some salt on it. More started to grow. I was beginning to panic and I felt I was trapped.

A bit of my ice cream went onto a pink daffodil and the daffodil disappeared. That was then how I got out of my inexplicable adventure. And when I got home there were a lot of pink petals in my ice cream cone.