Week 8 : World War 2 By Adam

Bombs dropped, guns fired, bombs exploded.

We were supposed to bomb the main hall however, before I could even make it, “I’m hit” I screamed. I was falling- we were all  falling like flies.


I survived the bomb, unlike my friend. There were a lot of yellow logs on the floor. There was a hand sticking out of the logs. I gingerly removed the logs and there was my brother . My eyes filled up with tears.

“Good bye my friend. war is never going to change” I mumbled.

Later I  discovered that the war was over.  It was remarkable. I buried my friends and my family and I sat and cried.

Week 8 Remarkable by Julius

One day as I was walking minding my own business,  a stranger came up and said how would you like to help me find Atlantis? I said it is not a real  place but I’ll go with you.

The next day we were leaving to the middle of the ocean . We finally got there and we got ready to go scuba diving.  The water was cold but we eventually got there. We were the first to discover Atlantis.

It was remarkable however we could not stay for long as there was a yellow weather warning sign. We gingerly took a few photos and when we got back we showed the people pictures of Atlantis and we became rich.

Week 8: Undertale Part 2 By: Robert

When Frisk got away from Muffet he nearly got into the Core but… Mettaton was in Frisk’s way. She stopped Frisk getting into the Core but Frisk told Mettaton to turn around so Mettaton did and Frisk  gingerly flicked the switch.

“Did you jj–just fffff—lick the s-switch?” Mettaton asked.

But too late. Frisk had turned off Mettaton and now Frisk was going for Asgore. He discovered that there were two thrones but he was on his own. Asgore had yellow hair and clothes and had white skin. He looked like a goat.

Frisk had to fight Asgore but Flowey  killed Asgore. It was remarkable. However Frisk  had still to defeat Flowey….

To be continued.

(Undertale – Part 1)


Turas go dtí an trá le Seán M

Lá breá Samhraidh a bhí ann. Ní raibh scamall sa spéir. Bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh go brothallach. Ní raibh puth gaoithe ann. Bhí an spéir gorm.

Dhúisigh an chlann go luath. Chuaigh siad go dtí an trá. Bhí áthas an domhain ar an gclann. Thosaigh siad ag canadh sa charr. Nuair a Shroich siad an trá bhí orcas an domhain orthu. Thosaigh an chlann ag ithe an phicnic. Ansin rith siad in aice leis an tra. Tar eis bhi tuirse orthu. Luigh  Daidi ar an trá agus chuaigh sé ina chodladh.

Stormbreaker le Jack

Is breá liom an leabhar Stormbreaker. Scríobh Anthony Horowitz an leabhar seo.

Alex Rider is ainm don bhuachaill. Bhí sé ceathar bhilan déag daois. Is spy é. Chuaigh Alex go dtí an Cornwall.  Ba bheag nár mharaigh sé ann.

Is breá liom Alex mar bhí sé croga. Ar dtús, bhí an scéal go maith ach bhí an críoch ar fheabhas. Bhí an leabhar seo suimiúl agus go hiontach. Bhí Alex eachtrúil agus misniúil. Ní Raibh díomá orm mar tharla alán rudaí. Is breá liom an leabhar. Bhí sé ar fheabhas.

Is údar den scoth é Anthony. Is breá liom a bheith ag léamh na leabhair faoi Alex Rider.

An Leabhar Harry Potter le Shane

Is brea liom an leabhar Harry Potter. Scriobh J.K Rowling an leabhar seo. Chuaigh Harry go dti an hogwarths. Bhi beirt chara ag Harry. Ron agus Hermonie is ainm doibh. Bhi Ron greanmhar.

Ni raibh dioma orm nuair a leigh me an leabhar. Bhi gruaig dearg ar Ron. Ag an gcrioch ni raibh dioma orm. Bhi ein ag Harry. Is maith liom Harry Potter!

Timpiste le Kayden.

Lá breá Samhraidh a bhí ann.Bhí an ghriann ag taitneamh go hárd sa spéir.Bhí an spéir gorm.D’eirigh Daidí

D’eirigh Daidí go luath ar a hocht a chlog.D’ith sé a bhricfeasta.D’fhéach sé amach an fhuinneog.Shiúil sé go dtí an margadh bia.Bhí alán stallaí ann. Cheannaigh sé bananaí agus úlla. Chuaigh sé go dtí an stalla feoil, chuala sé bean ag glaoch “ÚLLA AGUS ORÁISTE, ÚLLA AGUS ORÁISTE AR DÍOL.”Bhí craiceann banana ar

Bhí craiceann banana ar an talamh. Ní fhaca sé é agus thit sé ar an talamh.Bhris sé a chos.Thosaigh an shrón ag cur fola. Ghlaoigh bean amháin ar an dochtúir.

Timpiste le Bryan

La breá samhraidh a bhí ann .Ní raibh scamaill sa spéir . Ní raibh puth gaoithe ann. Bhí an speír gorm.

Dhúisigh Daidí ar a hocht a clog . Chuaigh sé go dtí an Café agus dith sé an bricféasta san Café .

Shiúil sé go dtí an margadh bia. Bhí alán stallaí ann. Cheannaigh sé Cais  agus  chuaigh sé go dtí an stalla feoil.

Bhí craiceann  banana ar an talamh . Go tobann thit sé ar an talamh. Bhris sé cos agus thosaigh an srón ag cur fola . Ghlaoigh bean amháin ar an dochtúir.

Ar an traein le Laurynas

La brea Samhraidh a bhi ann. Ni raibh scamaill sa speir. Ni raibh puth gaoithe ann. Bhi an ghrian ag taitneamh sa speir.

Dhuisigh Mamai agus Daidi go luath ar a hocht a chlog. Tareis tamaill d’eirigh siad go tapa agus d’ith siad an bricfeasta.

Thiomain Daidi go dti an staisiun. Thog siad an traein go Bhaile AthaCliath. Fuair  siad cathair in aice na fuinneoga. Shuigh siad sios agus thosaigh Mamai ag leamh an phaipeir nuachta. D’fheach Daidi amach an fhuinneoig agus chonaic se bhaile mor.

Thatin an turas go mor leo.

Turas Go Dti An Tra le Calum

La brea samhraidh a bhi ann. Ni raibh scamaill sa speir. Bhi an ghrian ag taitneamh go brothallach. Bhi an speir gorm.

Dhuisigh an chlann go luath. Chuaigh siad go dti an tra. Bhi athas an domhain ar an gclann. Thosaigh an chlann ag canadh sa charr.

shrioch an chlann an tra. Bhi ocras ar an chlann. Thosaigh an chlann ag ithe an phicnic. Ansin Luigh Daidi ina chodladh. Tareis tamaill, bhi an chlann tuirseach. Chuaigh an chlann abhaile.

Week 7 : Tables Turning by Seán M

Concentrating on a new potion, Mike was in an absolute trance as he was racing to finish his experiment.

All of Mike’s miserable life he was bullied. He was always tiny so he was seen as an easy target to physically bully. That’s why he decided to attempt to put a halt to all of that nonsense and to show the abominable, cantankerous child what it can be like. Mike’s plan was to brew an elixir that would make him grow rapidly. Mike used to be a bashful, demure child but not anymore.

Just about to drink it when suddenly he coughed and some dropped on the fragile glass on the floor in the path of a spider. The spider legged over to it and swam in it.

Mike hated spiders and always killed them but now the tables were turned! …

Week 7: Boom by Kayden

It was Halloween. There were decorations all over the mansion. The main attraction was the spider. It was huge. Everyone gathered around it and loved its glowing eyes. One person asked the owner how he got the eyes to glow.  The owner said he didn’t do anything and he didn’t know why they were glowing.The person then said that it’s a cool feature.

At 12 midnight the whole place gathered around the spider and sang songs. Now the spider was making a beeping noise and once again the owner didn’t know why. One person could see numbers in the eyes but decided to keep it to himself. The numbers went to 10 and the man roared get out to everyone but they didn’t listen.

He fled and 10 seconds after there was a big boom.No one from the mansion was ever seen again.

Week 7:”Burrow To The Webby Death”:By kasparas

It was the most thunderstormy day I had ever seen in Ireland.The houses looked really dismal. All that we ever did was sit on the couch and watch TV. Meanwhile dad started getting bored. “There’s nothing to watch.” he sighed .Then unexpectedly the news was on and they had something spooky and interesting to announce.

…”In Leinster Ireland, there was a sinkhole that erupted not so long ago in a neighbouring farmer’s field. They say that the farmer was ploughing and that’s how he triggered the sinkhole… More news just in – it’s not a sinkhole but a burrow of a colossal spider. No one knows if a spider is still there. No wait…”


Week 7 Halloween Horror Part 2 by Sean Mc S

I drank the  effervescent elixir and I had a vision. It was of a giant spider in a room attacking someone. The skeleton  pointed at a door and told me you need to defeat that spider. He has been hurting us. We got you because you came here.

So I went to the spider and I ….. Ran away screaming. But I found a sword. So I went back determined and wondering what reward I’ll get for beating the spider. When I got back to the spider, he attacked me. I dodged him but he escaped when he broke the wall trying to attack me.

And it’s heading for the city …(to be continued)

(Hallowe’en Horror Part 1 )

Week7: Deep Web by Aivaras

“You ready, let’s hack.”

My friend James and I are hackers. We are only 11 and 12 years old which sounds pretty weird. Today is our day to shine. We are getting into Obama’s bank account. The only image in my head is $$$. We had about 2 hours to hack in until my parents were back. But was it enough. 

Boom, we are in.

Confirm to continue. WOW. That’s 6 billion dollars. The money was coming in fast and we were getting rich. Until my stupid friend pressed undo.

What the hell, we can go to jail.

Well bye then James, BOOM.

Yes, Money.

Week 7: Spigert Island by Christopher

Cyprus is now off the world map, and is called Spigert Island.
It is a massive Spider attraction because the queen Spider built a nest there. She is massive! Humans ditched Cyprus once they saw the queen.

The Spider population is growing rapidly and the humans have to do something about it before the Spiders strike for more land. There are all types of spiders there including Wolf Spider,Taranchula and Black Widow! 

Soldiers with bite-proof clothing and spider-killer sprays are sent in to try and kill the queen.  All the coastline of Spigert Island is getting bombed but the Spiders keep coming. 

There is no-way, it has to be NUKED!

Week 7 The fantastical web by Dylan O C

One day my friends and I went to the park to play football. We were playing a match and suddenly the ball was hit straight into the ditch and I went to get it. My friends had another ball and they played on.

I slipped into the ditch and nobody saw me.I saw a huge fantastical web.The bad news was that I was stuck in it. I was screaming for help but nobody heard me.

Well, that’s what I thought when a huge spider came out of nowhere. I was chased by the spider. When I got back up out of the ditch everybody was gone and so was the spider…

I woke up and I said to myself – it was just all a bad dream.

Week 7 The day that should have never happend by Ewan

“Gargantuan, immense, enormous  – what have I done ?” I thought to myself.

I have created a horrible beast. I was in the lab with my invention -the making stuff big machine and I tried to make a tiny little pea bigger. But a spider got in the way. And I put it at 100 times the size. Now the spider has strayed off towards the city and if it catches someone it will eat them.

I better get my new invention. It also makes stuff smaller but I don’t even know if it works properly. I must get the jeep and hurry – if I don’t it will cause havoc.

I’ve now caught up with it and I had the machine at 1000 times smaller and I hit it and  well I won’t be seeing that again.

Week 7: Agent Black Widow by Liam

Computer hacking! Ha, like I would like to do something so devious and illegal. That’s what I would’ve said when I was younger, but now I’m the best security firewall disabler and the most brilliant account hacker in the world. If it’s a hack I made it

Although I’ve done all that, I still to this day haven’t been able to get inside the main super computer of The Pentagon. A highly advanced facility with biological weapons that could take out a nation.

Finally, I came up with a simple but ingenious design with so many possibilities and tools. I call it Agent 008: The Black Widow. I now want to have the opportunity of a lifetime to see all the projects that go on inside that base.

Week 7 : The Flaming Mantis by Paul

The year was 1989. The world was at the height of World War 3.

“Sargent, what is that!” demanded Commander Deroplatys.

“Oh sir it’s a training program to help soldiers fight the spiders,” Sargent Rieppeleon croaked nervously.

“That’s very smart now that I think about it,” Commander Deroplatys smiled.

The Arachnid stopped just as Deroplatys started to walk away. CREEEEEEEEEEE! Sargent Rieppeleon was stabbing the STOP button with his finger. Drawing his metal whip, Deroplatys shouted “COME AT ME YOU METAL FREAK!”  …crack. Crack. CRACK.

At once the Arachnid jumped on Deroplatys. “Burn,” said a metallic voice. Imminently a burst of fire burned a hole through Arachnid. “Mantis,” whispered Deroplatys in awe.

Week 7 Gone Wrong By David.

Once on a hill  lived  a mad scientist. He loved creating new inventions. One day he made a massive machine that could make big things small and small things big.

He bought a spider from the pet shop and tried to make it even smaller.  Then he clicked the button and it was gone but it left a giant hole in the wall. He walked into town to try to find it and when he did – he realised that it had made a giant spider web. I must have hit the wrong button by accident and it was big now.

He stuck a lot of flies to the ground and led it up the hill. He made sure that he pressed the right button and then threw the machine away.

Week 7 : Arachnophobia By Adam

“Welcome to the Halloween marathon,” said the Police.

We started and there was no turning back now. We were running a 5million km marathon. I was always at the back of the marathon. But it was different this year.

I have arachnophobia. That was a problem this year. This year there was a giant robot spider at a museum. – Which was bad. I got so scared that I went around the world five times. I went to the antarctic in running gear which was terrible. I was not laughing at all but later I was in the Bahamas.

What are you afraid of?

Week 7 Running for help by Laurynas

“Quickly, down here,” I shouted to my partner as we took a turn to the right down a lane.

” Do you want to hear a song?” I asked my partner. He nodded slowly. “OK – then here it goes- Run, run, run away. quickly down the road, if you see a giant spider, don’t forget to scream.”


My friend started to scream loudly. There was a giant spider in front of us.” Great, Come on mate start shooting,” I shouted shooting the spider.

Week 7 The Spider Attack by Shane F

As I dashed through the streets of Sky city I saw something weird. I thought it was just a cloud so I walked down the street to the market . Suddenly a giant steam powered spider landed on the street and started attacking everyone in sight. It flung its arm across the street destroying a building .

The guards were called and they started firing their rifles at the spider . I grabbed my bolt action rifle and went behind a wall and started firing at the spider’s head . Straight away the spider started firing two machine guns at us . Most of the guards were failing to fight the spider. I saw the spider’s power core and I shot at it .. Suddenly the spider exploded .

We saved Sky city.

Week 7: The Haunted House by Dylan K

It was a dark, cold Halloween night and my friends and I were going trick or treating. We left home with hopes of capturing loads of goodies. All of a sudden we stumbled upon a spooky woods.

“Let’s explore it ,” chuckled Rory.

“No way that’s way too scary,” sighed Ryan.

As we ventured through the woods we stumbled upon a haunted woodland mansion. We decided to face our fears and go into the mansion. As we walked in we felt very uneasy.  I  noticed a red-eyed spider.

Suddenly all the doors closed and we were trapped inside the mansion. Thankfully we found an effervescent potion. We splashed the potion and the doors opened. Luckily we escaped.

Week 7 The bad spider by Julius

Once upon a time there lived a small poisonous spider .The spider lived with its owner George. The spider was called Joe . One day while George was outside helping his mother, the spider made its way out of the cage and went over near George’s home made potions .

On one it said, ” For to make tiny things become big .”

So Joe climbed inside the glass and started drinking. But he drank too much – a second later taller and taller he became. He did not know what to do so he started running towards the village. They called George.  He shot some of the shrink potion on him and Joe returned to its original size.



Week 7 The Battle by Gary

This was it. I was among 100 other men chosen to fight the giant spider. The spider had taken over New York.

We got there by parachuting from a plane. As well as killing the spider we also had to look for survivors. When we got there I heard the scream of a baby. I wasn’t the only one who had found survivors. We got them on the plane and the crew flew away with the survivors.

Suddenly we heard a boom. The spider was bigger than I imagined. Nothing we used worked seemed to work. Then I decided it was time to end this. I got the atomic bomb and then I pressed the detonator….