Week 15 : Refugees By Paul

I hope in 2017 that every refugee comes to safety. We may have forgotten the entire refugee problem but it’s still there even though  the press isn’t covering it.

I also wish that the war on ISIS will be over. With us winning of course. What is the reason for ISIS? Why do they kill people?

I implore you to give hospitality to anyone of the refugees. I heard this quote on the Internet. “There is a bowl of sweets. One will kill you. Do you eat one? That is LIKE the refugee problem.


Sweets do NOT have feelings. But you know what does?  PEOPLE! What’s the difference between refugees and  any other person?

Week 15:My Hopes for 2017 By Liam

For the world, I would hope in the coming years  that more missions to Mars are organised to find more information about our neighbouring planet. It would be very interesting to discover some of its forgotten past. I would also really love if some space agencies would start citizen trips to the moon. I would pay good money for that trip.

In my home for the next year or two, I would be delighted if I could still see my grandparents walking around as healthy as ever. I know that some people aren’t as lucky to have their grandparents around and it is sad, but they can’t live forever.

Those are my big hopes for the new year.

Happy Christmas.

Week 15: My 2017 Wish by Kayden

In 2017 I hope that the world will finally be at peace.I hope that everything will be better in countries with new presidents.I certainly wish that gangs and mobs would stop doing illegal things and just make the world right.

You must agree that one of the world’s worst problems is pollution.Global Warming is the result of pollution and I’m sure that no-one would like their country to be flooded due to the ice caps melting and for all those cute, fluffy polar bears to drown.

I really hope my wishes come true and the world finally is at peace.

Week 15 Drugs should be banned! By Laurynas

In 2017 I hope that drugs and alcohol will be banned. I really think that the world is really addicted to drugs and it has to stop because it is getting to be a real habit.

Just think how are car accidents happening, suicides and drunk people shooting innocent people who did nothing. Well, the problem is often DRUGS and ALCOHOL.

It is just a bad habit when a person is going to a bar and starts constantly drinking non-stop.

In my opinion, people should drink water instead of all those hypnotising things that never let go of us.

I believe in the future things will change to form a better life.

Week 15: A stitch in Time Saves Nine, by Seán M

In 2017 I hope that there will be no more weapons made. I think that there is too much danger involved to be allowed to carry guns around the place. If your house is robbed  and the robber finds a gun or even owns one, you are in trouble.

How would you feel if you unlock the door to see someone walking around with a gun? And I guess that brings me to the fact that  the security is poor in some places.

So all I’m trying to say is with success in sports there is nothing I want more than safety in 2017!

Week 15, Hopeful times, By Bryan.

In 2017 I hope that I make it onto the Cork football team. A few months ago I was playing a match and a few weeks later I got a letter in the post asking me if I would  attend a trial on April 14th. I would love for this to go well.

I would like in the soccer world community that racist comments wouldn’t be passed among the players.

I wish that  my family and I CONTINUE to have good health.

It would be great if when I go secondary  school that I have a good time and make new friends.

Week 15 My Wish by Dylan K

In 2017 I hope for many improvements to our world. I hope that homelessness is brought to an end. Just to think that the poor people have no choice but to sleep on the  rough, uncomfortable ground through the cold nights makes me feel sick. We need to come together to solve this horrific problem.

I dream for more jobs for todays hopeful youths. People of today deserve a job in their country and should never ever have to immigrate to another country. Imagine having to leave your family,friends and everything just because there are no jobs.

All these problems get on my nerves and I bet you all agree with my frustraion.

Thank you all for reading my newspaper articale.

Week 15 My Dreams To Make The World A Better Place In 2017. By Shane C.

In 2017 I hope that In school I will receive my first Showcase. I would also love if the building of our new school would get underway in the New Year.

In my town which is called Kanturk, I hope that the level of litter drops. I also would love if my town won a competition called Tidy Towns, this prize is awarded to the cleanest town in Ireland.

I would love if the Munster Rugby Team won the Pro12. In soccer, I wish that Cork City would  win the Airtricity league.

In the world, it is vital that crimes and Drugs draw to an end.

I hope that anybody reading this agrees with these suggestions.

Shane C.

Week 15 I Wish That In 2017 By David

In 2017 I hope that the Munster rugby team get on okay in the future and maybe win the PRO 12 series. I hope that Anthony Foley is all right and that he will rest in peace.

I would also like the world to do something about homeless people. If we could get them off the streets this winter and next winter. It would be great if we could also give them a place to stay for Christmas.

I hope the new people of today are able to find jobs and don’t have to go as far as London, New York or even Berlin just to find a job.

So I hope that in 2017 that everyone gets a chance.

Week 15:I hope 2017 can make a change:by Kasparas.

In 2017 I hope Climate change and Animal extinction would be stopped.It’s actually our fault for the cause of climate change and the climate change is causing animals to disappear forever.So I hope us humans can make a change forever and everyone.

I wish in the year 2017 for our school to get all sorts of upgrades like new desks and not the old 1934 -two in one wooden non-comfortable desks. It’s vital that Ireland also would fix their homelessness problem that has been going now for a while.

And so for me, I’m wishing to become a better person. Suceed in my work and overall I’m just going to become a new me for the year.

Week 15: My Hopes For 2017 By Kallum Y

In 2017 I hope we get a new school and that we get a new road going to the school. I will also be going to a new school.

I wish that we will be able to end homelessness and world hunger. It would be great if we could stop drugs and drinking. It is also vital that we stop poaching endangered animals such as the snow leopard and the tiger.

It would be wonderful if we could end the wars. It is very important that we stop people littering and polluting.

My final wish is that we will have more jobs in Ireland.

Week 15 In 2017 by Julius.

In 2017 I hope that all the homeless would have a  home to live in at least For  Christmas.

In 2017 I wish that all the gangland killings would stop in Ireland and the whole world .The gangs do not abide by the laws because they are not afraid of the police. They scare all the people on their holidays and as a result, tourists will not come back to your country.

In 2017 it would be great if there were no more car crashes or drunk driving. At least 389 cars have crashed and a lot of people have died  or got serious head damage.

Thanks for reading.

Week 15 The 2017 Soccer Team By Dylan O’C

In 2017 I hope to play in the premiere league and do well in it.It would be hard to make new friends if  I do make it.That is why I am a bit nervous about the league.

This is my dream …The next day my Mom took me to the pitch and when I was in I found a few of my friends.We were then separated into 3 groups.None of my friends were with me. The drills were really hard but I dealt with it. At the end of the session we were told to head home, have a rest and they would call us if we made it in.

“Ring,Ring” goes the phone and the man said “Pack your gear – you’re in  the big leagues”.

Week 15 2017 by Gary

2016 is coming near to an end.  In my own personal view 2016 has been a great year for me. I hope that 2017 will be another great year for me and everyone else.

In 2017 I hope that my rugby team will win the league that we are going to compete in. I hope that next year I will have a great first year at secondary school and for the rest of secondary school.

I wish that all my relatives will have a very very merry and happy christmas. I also wish everyone in the world has a happy christmas and a happy new year.


Week 15 I can’t wait for 2017 By Adam

I hope that in 2017 we get a new school. Even though I won’t be in this school anymore I hope that other people get the joy of a new school.

I will be happy if homeless people get to use the empty homes.

Pollution is also a bad thing in towns and cities. Because of pollution animals are dying. People don’t know that throwing rubbish can kill animals.

I wish every body a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Week 15 : In 2017 by Denis

In 2017 I  would like to win the league with Kanturk. I would also like to do something with homeless – it is shocking to be looking at small children with no homes.  It’s a pity that there are a number of houses that no one lives in and no one cares                                                                                And that is only half the problem. Another big problem is animals  going to be extinct –  animals like elephants and  crocodiles as well.

I hope in 2017 to finish 6th class strong and happy with my year.

I enjoyed telling you my hopes for 2017

Week 15 I hope 2017 will be a good year by Kyle

In 2017 I hope that the games coming out will be excellent and the movies as well. I wish that the tragic accidents stop happening. I would also like  drugs smoking and the suicides that are going on in the world to stop.

I hope the animals that are in danger don’t become extinct. I hope that 2017 will be a great year  so we need to help the homeless and the sick.

Hope you have a great year and a great Christmas

Week15: In 2017 I hope … by Kajus

In 2017 I hope that NightZookeeper would make an app for IOS and android because it takes less time going into the app and it would take less time to log in.

And in 2017 it would be great if my family would enjoy 2017 because in 2016 we spent a lot of money for my sister’s operation which was successful. And my Mom and Dad worked hard in work and we need to help them because they get tired. My Dad works for a lot of farmers around Ireland and he welds. And my mom works at a gas station and she makes sandwiches.

Week 15 In 2017 I Hope That… by Kacper

In 2017 I hope that pollution will decrease so we won’t need to worry about global warming that much. I also wish that our school will be rebuild or just move to another school because our school is old and it could collapse someday.

I would also like to get new furniture in my house so it will look new. Also, I would like to get a new lizard species which would be awesome. My favourite lizard that I have is a black and white scaled, purple-eyed and purple tongued, leopard gecko. Well, it’s not really my favourite because all my lizards are my favourite. But the leopard gecko looks the coolest. His name is Endersight. I spend lots of time with my lizards because they’re AWESOME!

Week 14: Galaxy Gazing by Jack

Walking on the moon was like being in a slow-motion world. Every step felt like forever. I gazed into the never-ending galaxy, staring at the prodigious planets, admiring the effulgent stars.

Allured by Earth, I stopped for a moment and thought,”So this is what our planet looks like from space; exquisite.”

As I turned around, it changed shape, and I realised that I was watching it orbit the sun while rotating on its axis.

All of the other planets had their own riveting features. Neptune and Uranus had their intriguing blue. While the vibrant glare of Venus was like watching the sun set.

The solar-system; the greatest sight ever.

Week 14: Demon by Liam

“Bring out the subject!” demanded the head officer.

“Subject 5: Regular, multitasker, minor injuries, not the best transformation yet,” remarked the scientist.

“Subject 6: Moderate, skilled athlete, terminal injuries, the most fascinating change.

It was meant for good use. Theoretically, it was possible for it to work. No one survived from the countless efforts made.

This cure changed the human race. From the most evolved, advanced and vast species, humans went to near extinction. The remaining population had to fight desperately every day to survive. You need a group to survive in the dangerous, desolate land.

I was off guard, they ambushed me. I was trapped in a corner. There was a table in front of me. I looked for an escape.As I turned round, it changed shape and it wasn’t alone…

Week 14 The Invisible Artist by Christopher

What a stressful day… As I throw a stone at the factory and break a glass window, I heard the constant sirens of multiple police cars racing up the hill. Petrified I sprint up the nearest alleyway thinking I can get away with it.

My house was in sight but if I went there they would know where I live –  so I ignored it as if I were homeless. I then ran to the nearest shop. It was crowded which was good. I hid behind a stone statue, pretending I was a normal citizen.

As I started walking something touched me on the shoulder. As I turned around it changed shape!

The statue.


Week 14 My Discovery by Ewan

It has been a boring day so far. All we have done is failed an uncountable amount of tests. We are trying to make a rock change shape. But the only progress we have made is finding the rock.

We have run hundreds  of tests and all of them have failed. We eventually said that the next one was the last.

Suddenly as I turned round it started to change shape. This was a brilliant discovery.

It ended up as a rock again and I knew nobody would believe me. Now it is  just you and me that know.




Week 14 The weird day by Adam

One day I was in the park and my friend and I were playing hide and seek. I went behind a big tree and saw a ball.

When I picked up the ball, I started spinning. When I was spinning, the ball was also spinning and was changing shape. The world then started spinning the other way. (Trust me I felt it).

I dropped the ball and walked away but as I turned round it changed shape again but this time it looked like a cat.

After that day I never went to that park again.

Week 14: Self-Destruct by Kayden

I was working on an experiment in my lab.I had almost finished. All I needed was the final part. As I turned round it changed shape.I rushed over to it and scanned it with my detector to check if it was ok. It started flashing red and violently beeping.I panicked because when it beeps like that it means that it is going to go out of control and possibly kill people.

I immediately got my self-destruct remote and got everything out of the lab.I pressed the red button in the center.There was a massive explosion.

Had I destroyed it ?  Or had it gone out the window that I left open?

Week 14 The Experiment By Gary

When I was growing up I had always wanted to become a scientist. Even though I was not very good at it I was determined to be one. I even did experiments at home although they were all failures. But one day that all changed.

One day when I came home from school I decided to do something different. I went all around the house and collected everything I could find and mixed it all together. When I finished I tried it on my hamster. Nothing happened.

Then suddenly as I turned round it changed shape –  my hamster was now as big as a dog.

I am now currently a scientist at NASA.

Week 14 : The Hallway By Paul

One day I was walking through the forest. It was midnight. I was drowned wet. After a minute of walking, I found a house.

“Ahh, finally a place to stay.”  It looked like no one was in.



There was only silence. The house had a hallway. I was in that hallway. I couldn’t see anything past it. I looked back. It was just a hallway…No door…

I began walking. As I turned round it changed shape. I was upside down but not. I turned again. Everything was normal.

Beads of sweat and panic streamed down my face. “Just keep walking, just keep walking,” I repeated.

I was on the ground. On the grass. The wet grass. I got up. I saw a house.

“Ahhh finally a place to stay,”