Week 11 Homelessness by Gary

Greetings humans of Earth.

Today I will be talking about a very serious issue in the world at the moment. Today I will be talking about homelessness. At the moment there are 6000 homeless children in Ireland which is not good at all. Most homeless people beg for money on the streets. The amount they collect on average per day is 3.50. That is barely enough to buy food and drinks.

The next time you walk down a street in a city and see a homeless person think how you would feel if this would be happening to you or your family.

Week 11: Homelessness by Kallum Y

‘Greetings humans of Earth,’ I want to bring your attention to homelessness…

How would you feel if you were homeless and people just walked past you as if you weren’t even there ? Or if you had to sleep in the cold?

I know we have put homeless shelters into action but hundreds of people are becoming homeless each year.  This issue should be stopped because homelessness is sad, true and unfair. I’m sure all of you will agree with me. Surely we can’t leave these people lying in the cold.

Thank you for listening to me and I hope you will agree with me that this should be stopped.

Week 11, HOMEWORK!!! by Seán M

Greeting humans of Earth, I would like to bring your attention towards a serious issue.

One word HOMEWORK, that’s all you need to know! Four nights of torture in one week. Homework, homework, homework – that’s all I think about from Monday to Thursday. And to think that we will have twice the subjects next year and and twice the amount of homework in each subject!  I couldn’t be bothered thinking about it.

Do you know when a child has a really bad tantrum, it can’t physically produce any more tears?  Yeah, that’s what I’ll feel like next year with all the homework!

O homework I despise you.

Week 11 Terrorism Dylan K

Greetings humans of earth, today I would like to talk to you about the sadly well-known problem TERRORISM. Terrorism is unfair,mean,wrong and affects far too many people across the globe. I really feel that terrorism causes depression, nightmares and illnesses to innocent people. The worst part is that people are scared to go outside their doors, go to the local shops and sleep in their beds at night.

Terrorism is extremely wrong and it has gone way too far and it has come to the time that this brutal, wrong, disrespectful act of cruelty will need to come to an end.

Thanks for your time and for listening.  Hope we meet again. Bye.

Week 11 Pollution is terrible by Laurynas

” Greetings humans of Earth, I would like to bring your attention TO pollution. Pollution is terrible for the environment, cruel for the animals and if it continues into the future it will affect our next human generation really badly.

Just think how it actually started by people throwing rubbish around like people from the stone age not knowing what to do. Now seriously how far is it to the nearest rubbish bin? –  A FEW STEPS. I would blow off my little robot head if I see another piece of rubbish lying on the ground.

Please take my speech serious.

Week 11, Homework is a nuisance, By Bryan

Greetings people of the earth, today I am going to express my feelings on how homework is a nuisance. On a daily basis, it takes me 40 mins to an hour. Now I wouldn’t be the brightest student or god’s gift. I am a sporty person and I like to go outside for at least an hour a day. But by the time I am done my homework, have eaten my dinner and change my clothes it’s 5 o clock and on a winter evening, it’s dark by then.

Basically, I think the government of Ireland needs to take a good look at themselves and ban homework. They are all talking about childhood obesity and kids need to be more active  – well here is a solution – NO HOMEWORK.

Week 11: Smoking Is Terrible By David

Greetings humans of earth.

I have been speaking to some of my friends lately and we have some problems with smoking. I think smoking is a dirty thing. It can be very dangerous for human lungs and other parts of your body.Especially if a parent does it. It looks terrible your child walking down the street when your mother, father or sometimes both are just puffing. This goes for every country. Chances are that if the mother or father smoke that their child will smoke when they’re older.

So please all I ask is that those smoking could at least decrease in number.

Week 11 : Pandas By Paul

Greetings humans of Earth. Today I would like you to give your attention to pandas. These animals are adorable and cute. There’s nothing wrong with them –  right?

Do you know how much money we spend on Pandas? Over 1,000,000 euros are spent on pandas every year! “But pandas are good for the environment!” No, they are not.

All they’re good for is eating. We should spend the money on animals that do help the environment. What do you think? That the  panda shouldn’t go extinct because they’re cute?

Tell me what do you think.

Week 11 Homelessness By Calum

Greetings humans of earth,

The time has come to address the issue of homelessness. It is crazy the amount of people that are homeless. I agree that we should give them some spare change to help them a little.

In my opinion I think it is really unfair and sad. It seems to me that people might not give them spare change or employ them for their appereance and looks as they might have dirty and ragged clothes. I really feel that there should be more homeless shelters.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

Yours sincerely,

Robot Calum


Greetings humans of Earth I want to bring  your attention to pollution .It is one of the worst things to happen –  it’s destructive, terrible and bad for the environment. We should cut down on factories in cities and put them at-least 4 miles away so they could still deliver all the goods fast. If there was an accident in the city with the factory it could be catastrophic .

I personally think factories could be put underground instead of all of them in cities .Pollution is ruining the ozone layer that is protecting us from radiation and the sun !!

We should minimise cutting  down the rain forests . The fact is in the future pollution could destroy parts of the world and cause more global warming .

The time has come to STOP POLLUTION

Week 11 : Take this into consideration by Liam

“Greetings Humans of Earth, Many things in our world today are in need of change, but there is one topic that will need some serious help. The Dreadful, horrible, relentless… Homework. Clearly, everyone would like no homework, but we still need a way to learn. Even if it was reduced I would be able to cope with it.

I do well in school. I get English and Maths finished quickly. Yet once I step foot inside my house, I am tempted by tv and playing with my friends… etc. I seem to take forever doing all subjects.

After finishing daily homework I have to start doing some weekly work!! This adds quite a bit of time.         Any weekday I get no homework, the next morning I feel ready, refreshed and prepared for the next day’s work.

Please, reduce/stop homework ,not just for a day, not just for a week but for every day of the week for every year coming.

Week 11: Animal Extinction by ChristopherH

Greetings humans of Earth, animal extinction is becoming a more serious issue. Between two hundred and two thousand animal species are becoming extinct every year!

Animals like the blue whale, the African wild donkey and the red Wolf will become extinct in the near future. It would be sad to hear that the well-known Siberian tiger is endangered.

Humans are responsible for this as many animals are killed by you! People in Greenland kill whales nearly every week for blubber and fresh meat, living there must be hard.

Another animal is the dinosaur aged dodo bird that became extinct in sixteen sixty-two because of lack of food.


Greetings humans of Earth, I have to say that hunting rare animals is terrible. I hope that hunting animals would stop before it is too late. I hate people so much for taking pictures of the poor animals. In my opinion, animals are the most important and majestic living thing. People of Earth help these innocent animals before they go instinct.

I’m absolutely certain that if animals go instinct we would starve and die. I really would like future generations to get to see these majestic, smart, cunning and awesome animals stay alive.

PLEASE HELP the Tigers, the Polar bears and many many more.

Thank you.

Week 11 The speech by Dylan O C

Greetings, humans from earth.

I am now broadcasting in space to give a speech about why drugs should not be allowed back on Earth. Without a doubt, drugs can make you sick and can hurt others. It is vital that we keep all children away from any kind of drugs.

I know that most people would agree with me. Drugs have no purpose at all in our lives and it would probably make you ill.

What do you gain when you take a drug?

I would love to hear what people think about my opinion. That is why I  have come to persuade people to not take drugs.

Week11: Terrorism by Aivaras

Greetings humans of earth.

I want to bring your the attention to the problem of terrorism.

It ruins the world. Just think about. People blowing themselves up. Killing others. Everyone knows that this is a person with no brain at all. Surely everyone wants to live.

Life is like a dream. You go to sleep and wake up( you’re born and then you die) but a dream can’t finish in the middle.

The thing is we need to do something about this and quick. I am absolutely certain that terrorism is pointless. The fact is we need to share ideas on how to stop them.

Week 11 Criminal gangs by Julius.

Greetings Humans of Earth, I would like to have your attention to talk about criminal gangs .It is clear these are very bad people who beat up people . They scare people out of countries  or even kill them This has to stop .

Without, a doubt gangs should be stopped. Even in villages, they take drugs. They do not know what they are doing .

Do you want your country to be known as a place where gangs live ?

Do you want your child to become a gang  member when they grow up?

Even the smallest thing can change the course of the Future

Thank you for listening.

Week 11: Please take action: by Kasparas

Greetings humans of Earth.

I am here to give a very important message to you all listening. It is vital that we respect the earth and it’s environment and if we don’t there will be  large consequences.

Today I really want to concentrate on pollution because if we will keep living like this for about sixty years we will all be sleeping in waste. The global warming is going to melt all of the ice which will lead to serious floods.  Later on, animals and plants will start to become extinct. So, therefore, meaning our human race will  certainly start to die.

Your human numbers will start to drop like flies. So in conclusion, I came here to give a message of warning to you humans.

Only you can stop this havoc!


Week 11 Show mercy and give less homework by Kacper

Greetings humans of earth,

I want to bring you a message, especially for teachers all around the world. It’s about homework. Kids sometimes spend 2 hours in front of their copies doing all of that homework.

They probably think, “I was working half a day in school and now I spend about 2 hours doing my homework, I don’t have time to rest, play outside, watch T.V or even not eat for HOURS!”

Everyone knows that sometimes you could spend a DAY just doing useless homework. I send this message so that the teachers might show mercy and give less homework.

Week11: Homelessness should STOP all over the world.By Kajus.

Greetings human of Earth I’m  Britain’s first robot to go to Space and I heard that Homelessness is a big problem in all parts of Earth . It’s a big problem in poor cities and towns.

Presidents of all countries should take care of the homelessness. A president should put two or three homeless families in a rented house. They should try and get them a job so that they could get paid and get food and eventually buy themselves a house and enjoy their life.

Week 11 : The poorest of the poor by Denis

Greeting humans of earth, I believe that there should be something done about the homeless people. The situation is  becoming a bit of a joke.There are people begging on the streets and people have children  to mind but they don’t have a home.

I think it’s time to put down the foot and do something to stop  homelessness. We could buy houses for them or do up some of the empty houses.

Week 11 Don’t do drugs by Kyle

Greetings humans of earth, I am here to talk about drugs. It is going around the world whether to do drugs or not. Well, don’t do drugs.

They could cause death and sickness. Someone could ask do you want one  – you should say no.

In 2015 a guy died from a drug and  it was immediately banned and no one was ever to take the drug again.

That is my reason not to take drugs. But it is your life –  I can’t tell you what to do or  not to do but this is for the safety of your life.

Don’t take drugs.

Week 11 Pollution by Sean Mc S

Greetings humans of earth. I am Peaky the Oh-bot and I think there are loads of bad things in the world. But today we will talk about homework and pollution. There is a debate on if homework is good or bad. But it depends on your opinion. Not anyone else’s.

We will now talk about pollution and how it is bad. It is when people do not care about the world around us. and it should be stopped and if it isn’t it is going to be bad. So you should be more careful. It will help out a lot.

That’s all for now.

Week 11 : Pollution message by Ewan

Greetings humans of Earth,

I am sure that all of you are often getting told of pollution. Pollution is a word that people spit out in a terrible manner and the truth is that everyone should say it that way. I really feel that we should now ask as a team if the public figureheads  would speak up about it.

Because we really need the whole world to get the message.

So what better way than from space.

Week 11 : The Smoking Pollution by Shane C.

“Greetings humans of Earth I have a message to grant to you,” said the robot in a sort of robotic voice followed by the words,” Smoking has been affecting a planet in the distance which in fact is our planet and we need a favour and it is for people to stop smoking or else planet Zarkond shall no longer exist.”

Nobody realised how serious this was until this robot also muttered out, ” If any more smoke comes out of planet Earth then planet Zarkon will have no water or oxygen.

Questions were flying all over the world and the robot concluded by saying the simple words of, ” Over and out.”

Mo chéad lá ar scoil le Dylan K

Is cuimhin liom go maith mo chead la ar scoil. La scamallach i lar an fhomhair a bhí ann. Ni raaibh  an ghrian ag taitneamh. Dhuisigh me go luath ar a seacht a chlog. Bhi sceitimini orm. Rith me isteach sa chistin. Bhi ionadh an domhain ar daidai agus mamai. Dith me ull agus ispini don bhricfeasta. Bhi an bricfeasta go maith. Bhi se ar a hocht a chlog. Chuir me an coipleabhar agus peann isteach sa mhala scoile.

Tar eis an tamaill chuaigh me ar scoil. Chonaic me an muinteor agus mo chairde. Thosaigh siad ag scriobh ar an mbord. Bhi fearg ar an muinteoir. Dhun se an doras agus  dfhag se an seomra ranga. Ansin chuaigh siad amach sa chlos. Bhi siad ag sugradh sa chlos. Go tobann thit me ar an talamh agus bhi me ag caoineadh. Chuaigh me abhaile ar a haon a chlog. Cheannaigh mamai an milsean dom. Bhi athas an domhain orm.

Mo Chéad Lá ar Scoil. Le Kayden

Lá breá Fómhair a bhí ann.Bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh go hárd so spéir.Dhúisigh mé go luath ar a hocht a chlog.D’ith mé an bhricfeasta, d’fhéach mé amach an fhuinneog agus chonaic mé an spéir gorm.Bhí sceitiminí orm mar bhí mo chéad lá ar scoil an lá ann.

Ar a naoi a chlog rith mé ar nós na gaoithe amach an doras agus shiúil mé ar scoil le mo Mhamaí.Nuair a shroiceamar ar scoil shiúil mé go dtí an doras na scoile. Shiúil mé amach an doras agus isteach sa seomra ranga. Shuigh mé síos ar an mbórd agus d’éist mé leis an mhúínteoir.Bhí buachail amháin ina sheasamh agus chaith sé peann luaidh chuig an mhúinteora.

Mo chéad lá ar scoil le Laurynas

Is cuimhin liom go maith mo chèad là ar scoil. Là grianfear i dtùs an Meàn Fòmhair a bhì ann. Nì raibh scamaill sa speir

Dhùsigh mè ar a search a chlog agus bhí sceitimìnì orm. D’èirigh mè agus rith mè isteach sa seomra Mamaì agus Daidì. Nì raibh siad ro-shàsta agus rith mè ar nos na gaoithe sìos an staighre. D’ith mè an bricfeasta go tapa agus chuir mè mo eadaì scoile orm agus mo cota, lamhìnì agus hata ar an eadaì scoile.

Nuair a shroich mè an scoil chonaic mè mo chara Kyle. Thosaigh mè ag caint agus go tobann d’oscail an mùinteoir an doras. Shiùil mè isteach sa seomra ranga agus thosaigh mè ag scrìobh ar an leabhar.

Go tobann thosaigh Rònan ag pleiciocht leis an mbord agus thit an bord ar an talamh. Bhì fearg ar an mùinteoir agus chuir sè fios ar a mhàthair. Chaith mè an là ag dathù pictùir.

Nì dhèanfaidh mè dearmad ar an là sin go deo.


Mo chéad lá ar Scoil le Shane C

Is cuimhin  liom go maith mo chéad lá ar Scoil. Lá scamallach i lár an Fhómhair a bhí ann. Dhúisigh mé ar a hocht a clog.

Rith mé síos an staighre agus isteach sa seomra codlata mo dheartháir. Ní Raibh sé ró shásta,”Amach,” arsa sé.

Ach thosaigh me Ag caoineadh. D’ith mé mo bhricfeasta. Nuair a shroich mé an Scoil chonaic mé mo chara Rónán. Nuair a shroich me an seomra rang bhris Ronan an fhuinneog agus lig sé béic as. Bhí fearg  ar an muinteoir agus chuir sé fios ar a mháthair. Bhí náire an domhain orm.

Ni dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.