Week 21 The Runaway Ferris Wheel by Dylan O’C

I woke up one morning listening to my sister screaming in a joyful way.I ran down the stairs and asked, “What’s going on?”

“We are going to the fun fair today.”


“In town,” said my sister.

At seven o clock, we headed downtown.My sister was so eager to get there she nearly got run over. That was close. When we got to the fair we met our friends outside the entrance. Our parents were chatting for a long time so we just went in.

We went on the Ferris wheel first. But suddenly the lights went out on the wheel. We were rolling through town and hit a furniture shop. We woke up sitting on a couch.

That was a lucky landing!

Week 21 Attack of the Smarties Part 3 By Kacper

As we continued building the wall around the mall, we heard a noise coming from my favourite shop. StarBucks. As we went around the corner, lots of lizards were drinking the coffee.

My friend said, “let’s get rid of them”.

But I looked at him with my sad face and said:” can we keep them?”

He said no but I kept on looking at him with my sad face until he said yes. I cheered and the lizards climbed over me with cheer. Suddenly all the lights went out, it was going to be a rough night.

Week 21: Trend has returned? by Seán M

Playing fun games on my new PS4 Pro and listening to music on Spotify on Dan’s loudspeaker was a magical experience that will be hard to forget. Daniel, Eamonn and I were having the time of our lives!

A KNOCK sound was produced on the side window. My father was really keen on me having a bit of crack on the second last day of the Christmas holidays! He even insisted on getting us pizza from Apache. So it wasn’t great timing as someone had arrived at our house.

Suddenly all of the lights went out! This stranger had turned off our power. Luckily, it was all okay after though since Dad was just pulling into the drive way.


Week 21: Prison Break by Kayden

I was in prison doing time for being accused of manslaughter. Yes, many people thought that prison or even an asylum was the best place for me but my story is different. I was in prison for a crime another person did.

This was the day that I would break out of prison. I knew the schedule for when lock-down was so I made sure I prepared everything. I went to the warden’s office and stole the master key. Luckily there was no type of security systems in the prison because there had been a power cut.

Suddenly all the lights went out earlier than they should have. I ran to my cell and pretended to sleep. When the cell patrol guard passed, I opened my cell door and tip-toed as fast as I could to the exit. I got to the door and opened it.

Before I could do anything there was a hand on my back.

“Hello there, where do you think you are going?” asked the warden.

Week 21. The Big Bad War. By Shane C.

As my friends and I cantered down the street we spotted a woman sitting on a doorstep. As the others scurried away from her I came to a halt and began to chat with her.

“Why are you sitting out here in the cold?” I asked.

“The war- it’s ruining my life,” came the reply.

“If it weren’t for my great family I would be dead,” she sobbed.

As I stared hard at her I saw a big dark red burn.

“Are you sure that you’re okay?” I whispered.

Suddenly all the lights went out and the polite woman said,” I must go now – perhaps I’ll see you again.”

Then  she dissappeared!

Week 21 The Plane crash by Laurynas

” Please sit down and fasten your seatbelts –  we’re experiencing a bit of a wind turbulence,” said the pilot to his passengers.

Confused and a little bit worried I sat down and looked around to see people whispering about what was going on. I was going to fly to Spain for a holiday but I didn’t know that the weather was that bad.

The pilot’s voice sounded again but in the middle of his sentence, he screeched. Suddenly all the lights went out and everyone was scared and worried by now. I looked out the window and noticed that the plane was flying lower and lower.

Eventually, it hit me at the last moment ……. we were going to CRASH.

Week 21 The Retreat Dylan K

“You need to make that change to your life Johnathan, you can’t go on like this.”

“But it is not that easy Mom. Every day when I walk into class, everyone looks at me in disappointment. I hate it I really can’t handle all of this. ”

Soon after this Johnathan and his mother, took a long awaited trip to the doctor and then decided to go on  retreat.

The following day Johnathan joined a Retreat Camp for his age. There he learned the importance of being kind, nice, caring, happy and to behave.

His  head led him to believe that suddenly all the lights went out. He replied protesting,” No that never will happen.”

Johnathan went on to have a very happy and healthy life.

Week 21 : My Birthday By David

It was Thursday morning and it was also my birthday.                                   I was kind of happy but the only problem was school was on.

When school ended I had gotten no homework.  I had to go to my grandmother’s house after school but I love going there.  We had great fun and played loads of games.

When I was going home It was dark. I was going into my house when suddenly all the lights went out.

“Hello, Hello,” I said.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere the lights came back on.

“SURPRISE” everyone roared at the top of their voices.

I had great fun and ate loads of sweets. I really enjoyed my day.

Week 21, Goodbye Granda, By Bryan

It was a Thursday. I was sitting in class when my mother came to the door. She asked if I could leave early and explained what had happened to my teacher.

We arrived home and my brothers and Dad were sitting on the couch. My Dad explained what had happened.

“Granda has taken a turn and only has a few days left in him.”

They were the very words. Me, my Mom, Dad and 2 brothers started bawling crying. We ended up in the hospital for the next few days.

Suddenly all the lights went out and Granda died on the Saturday.

A hero never to be forgotten.

Week 21: Carnival Disaster Part one by Kallum Y

Joy. Colour. Brightness.

We arrived at the carnival at 7:30.p.m. It was nearly dark. My brother and I ran for the roller coaster, bought a ticket and got into the carriage. Ascending we were nervous but excited.

Suddenly all the lights went out and the rides came to slow, eerie, hault. “What’s going on?” I whispered to my brother who was as scared as I.

“I don’t know,” he whispered back.

Suddenly we heard screams from below. There was nothing we could do. The carriages started moving backwards at a tremendous speed and then darkness.

To be continued….

Week 21 Running from a Murderer by Julius.

Hungry cold and tired I struggled to walk to the top of the mountain. I could not walk any further I so decided to get some rest so I could get up early the next day.

I walked into the woods to get some more firewood until I noticed a light  In the distance. After getting really close to the light I saw a tall stern man and a dead body next to it.

I ran quietly back to get my stuff and ran quickly down the Mountain.

After a few minutes, I looked behind me and saw that he was chasing me. I could see a light in the distance and suddenly all the lights went out…


An Cluiche Peile. Le Shane C

La brea i dtus an tsamhraidh a bhi ann. Bhi an ghrian ag taitneamh agus ni raibh puth gaoithe ann. Dhuisigh me go luath agus bhi me neirbhiseach mar bhi an cluiche ar siul ar an la sin. Bhi cluiche ceannais inniu agus bhi Corcaigh ag imirt i gcoinne Ciarrai.

Bhi me ag imirt freisin. Chuaigh me go dti an cluiche ar a do a chlog. Thosaigh an cluiche ar a ceathar a chlog. Thosaigh an cluiche agus fuair me an liathroid. Thug me cic don liathroid agus fuair me cuilin.Bhi Corcaigh ag buachaint ag leath ama. Nuair a bhi cuig noimead faghta fuair me an liathroid agus fuair me cul, bhi athas orm.

Tareis tamaill sheid an reitior an fheadog. Bhuamar an corn agus bhi gliondar croi orm. Rith mo mhamai isteach sa phairc agus rug si barrog orm  bhi-  naire an domhain orm ach sasta!

An Cluiche Iomanaiochta Le Shane F

La grianmhar i lar an tsamhraidh a bhi ann. Ni puth gaoithe ann- ni raibh scammal sa speir . D’eirigh me ar a hocht a chlog agus bhi athas orm  mar bhi cluiche ceannais ar siul.

Rith me sios an staighre agus dith me an breacfasta. Chuir me mo eadai orm agus rith me sa gharaiste agus rug me ar mo chlogad agus caman . Thomain me go dti an phairc. Bhi foireann Ceann toirc ag imirt Mallow.

Rith me amach sa phairc agus thosaiomar ag imirt. Fuair me an sliotar agus fuair me cul. GO TOBANN thit an caman mo chos agus thit me ar an talamh . Bhi  me ag screadail agus ag caoineadh . Stop an reiteoir an cluiche agus ghlaoigh se ar an otharcarr. Bhris me mo chos agus chuir an dochtuir plasteir pareis air. bhuamar an cluiche .

Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo

An Cluiche Sacair le Laurynas

Lá amháin i dtús an Samhraidh a bhí ann. Ní raibh puth gaoithe ann agus bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh go hard sa speir. An Domhnach a bhí ann.

Dhúisigh mé ar a naoi a chlog. Bhí mé ar bís agus neirbhíseach . Chuir mé mo eadaí spóirt orm mar bhí Foireann Ceann Tuirc ag imirt i gcoinne an Fhoireann Bantír.

D’fhágamar an teach ar a deich a chlog. Chuaigh mé go dtí an seomra foirne agus bhí mé ag caint le mo fhoireann. Ansin chuamar  amach sa pháirc.

Ansin bhí an cluiche ar siúl. Taréis tamaill fuair mé agus mo chairde trí chúl agus bhí mo fhoireann ag buachaint. Ag leath ama bhí mo fhoireann ag buachaint. Bhíomar sásta agus bhíomar ag caint.

Taréis tamaill bhí cúig nómead bhuaigh Ceann Tuirc an cluiche. Bhí mé tuirse traochta agus bhí mo eadaí spóirt salach. Ní dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.


An Cluiche Sacair le Kayden

Lá amhain i dtús an Samhraidh, bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh agus ní raibh puth gaoithe ann. Bhí mé neirbhíseach ach ar bís mar bhí cluiche ceannais ar siúl an lá sin. Bhí Foireann Ceann Toirc ag imirt i gcoinne leis an bhFoireann Cobh Ramblers.

D’eirigh mé go luath ar a seacht a chlog. Bhí an cluiche ar siúl ar a deich a chlog. Ar a hocht a chlog chuir mé mo éadaí spóirt orm. Chuaigh mé go dtí Cobh ar a leath uair tar éis a hocht. Chauigh mé agus mo fhoireann go dtí an seomraí gléasta. Tar éis cúpla nóimead d’ullmhaíomar.

Ar a deich a chlog chuamar go dtí an pháirc agus thosaigh an clucihe. Tar éís deich nóiméad fuair mé an liathróid agus thug mé é do Chalum. Thug sé cic ar an liathróid agus chuaigh sé isteach sa chúl. Thosaíomar ag béiceadh.

Ag deireadh an chluiche bhí an scór 1-0 do Ceann Toirc. Bhuamar an corn.

An Cluiche Socair Le Calum

La brea Samhraidh a bhi ann. Ni raibh puth goaithe ann agus ni raibh scamaill sa speir. Bhi me neirbhiseach mar bhi me ag imirt cluiche ceannais i gcoinne Cobh Ramblers. Bhi me ag imirt le Ceann toirc.

Nuair a shroich me an phairc, chuir me mo eadai spoirt orm. Thosaigh an cluiche agus bhi me neirbhiseach. Ag leath ama bhi na foirne ar chomh scoir. Thosaigh an cluiche aris. Go tobann, fuair me an liathroid agus fuair me cul. Bhi lucht feachana ag beiceadh agus ag bualadh bos. Ansin, sheid an reiteoir an fheadog. Fuaireamar an corn. Bhi athas an domahain orm.

Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.

An Cluiche Peile Le David

Lá breá i dtus an samhraidh a bhí ann. Bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh.
Ní raibh puth gaoithe ann.

Bhí Corcaigh agus Baile Atha Cluiche ag imirt. Bhí cluiche peile ar siúl cluiche ceannais. Bhí mo chlann ag dul go dtí an cluiche.
Thiomáin Daidí go dtí an cluiche ar a naoi a chlog.

Nuair a shriochamar an Croke Phairc bhí an foireann ag rith isteach.
Bhí athas an domhain orm mar chonaic mé Aidan Walsh. Chaith an réiteoir an liathróid isteach.

Tairéis leath ama bhí na himreoirí ag rith amach arís agus chaith an réiteoir  an liathróid isteach arís.

Week 20 : The Nuke . By Adam

I woke up at seven o clock. It was a normal day, or so I thought.

I was six when it started. The alarm went off and every body started to run. I was running for my life. We were all going to Fallout 11. Fallout 11 was a bunker for nukes or bombs.

It was crowded. Most people could not get in. They forced people to back up to leave me and other important people in.

BOOM. The bomb went off. We could see the fire coming from the nuke on the horizon. We were going down the elevator.

I forgot one thing…

Week 20: Escaping By Liam

The time had come, I had waited a long time for this day. An immense amount of planning went into it. As the guard turned away, I started to pull the bricks from the wall. I had prepared beforehand, so it was easy.I did it! I was able to escape from my cell. I needed to work fast if I wanted to get away.

Before I knew it, the alarm was sounded and all the guards were alerted to my escape. The noise was so loud! It was ear piercing, eardrum popping loud.

I kept going. I had to swim to mainland. After that, I just had to stay unnoticed. ….

Suddenly, a bright light shone down on me.

Week 20: Alone With A Murderer by Jack

“Come out, come out,” came the hostile, demanding voice. Trapped under a bed, alone with a murderer, my heart pounding. I had tried to warn them, but cruelly they just laughed at me. Nobody ever believed me….. Suddenly a shiver came down my spine.


The noise was SO loud, I could feel my ears about to fall off. The murderer was totally destroying the place – looking for me, though when I looked around me all I saw was blood…

Petrified, I watched the pair of feet, constantly tapping impatiently, as if he were expecting me to reveal myself. Eventually, he moved slowly into the bathroom. My heart lifted, as I approached the door, until I twisted the doorknob; Locked…….


Week 20: The Tale of Two Brothers – Part 1 of 2 By: Robert

“The war will never end!” cried Tommy.

“Don’t worry, it will end- just wait,” his brother Bob told him.

“Do you believe in that still?” asked Tommy with tears on his face

“I do, our friends did believe in us so they saved our lives!” shouted Bob with a smile.

But then they heard gunshots. The noise was so loud that it made Bob deaf for some time. After awhile Tommy fainted and when he woke up he saw his dead brother’s body.

“Noooooo…. this can’t happen –  not to you…..” Tommy cried.

Week 20: AAUUEEEHHHAAHH, by Sean M

Walking home, Sean was excited to get his homework done. He wanted to go and play hurling but he had to finish his homework first. He usually had no problem with the gigantic but lazy black dog living next door; he never bothered with Sean. Being the predicament that he was in he didn’t see or hear the dog. But when he was nearing the home of the cantankerous animal out of nowhere, he heard AAAUUUEEHAAAHHH.
The black dog galloped after Sean for about 100 yards. Sean never ran as quick. Looking back at what had happened, the noise was SO loud that he had gotten a headache which he was still feeling a while later.

“Oh memories,” Sean whispers to himself.

Week 20: I didn’t do anything! By Christopher H

I was just playing my Xbox when I got a terrible fright.
I thought it was the game I was playing but the noise was so loud that it couldn’t possibly be that.

I went into the hall to investigate. My Mom’s new vase had been knocked over but then I saw my sister cleaning it up. It was all over the floor. Before I even got to say a word my sister called Mom.

“Mom!” She shouted.

“What?” Replied Mom.

“Christopher knocked your new vase!”

Mom rushed upstairs to see that her new vase has been turned into bits.

“I’m in big trouble” I whispered to myself.

Week 20 My Last Goodbye! By Calum

Lonely, Depressed, Miserable. I stood at the pier, watching my mother board the boat that would take her to America, The Titanic.

It was earlier that morning my mother got a letter in the post. We never get post so she was quite nervous. She opened the letter and it was like her heart dropped. The letter was from my granddad. It stated in the letter that my grandmother was after dying in America.

Dejected, my mother ran down to the pier in Queenstown to try and get a ticket for The Titanic. Luckily she got a ticket. But just one. My uncle and I went down to the pier to wave her goodbye.

The horn hooted. The noise was so loud it nearly burst my eardrums. The ship sailed off and …that was the last time I ever saw my mother.

Week 20 Monster Attack by Sean Mc

Happy but cold I drove to my friend’s house. But out of nowhere, I heard a loud noise. The noise was so loud it hurt my ears. Suddenly a large monster appeared. I drove around the monster and led him to the sea. I got out and I dodged his attack -causing him to fall into the sea. I thought he was defeated but I was wrong.

He came back bigger and better. I came up with a new plan. He slammed his hand down. I climbed up his arm and onto his face. He attacked his own face. I jumped down before he could hit me and everything was fine in the end.

Week 20: The Noises Around Me By Dylan O’C

I went to bed last night like normal and there was nothing but peace and quiet in the house. My sister was on a sleepover at her friend’s house so that is why it was quiet.

But then it was so quiet that I could hear the clock that I fixed the other day. I got out of bed to turn it off. So when I did I hopped back into bed with silence once again.

My Mom was cooking some eggs in a frying pan. Suddenly a big BANG occurred down stairs.

The noise was so loud a few minutes later my dog started barking and all the other dogs in the neighbourhood started barking too. The People next door were partying.

“When will the noise end?” I wondered.

I put my head under the covers and until the noise was gone.

Week 20:The Screams:By:Kasparas

It was the 11th of July,my birthday.We were planning to go to a nearby water park. We travelled in two cars. The first car had girls only and the car that I obviously was in was a girl free zone and I loved it. I asked my parents to do this more often.

When we arrived there it was awful. It was crowded as hell mainly with small children. My brother didn’t mind but the worst part was that the noise- It was SO loud that I felt my ears hurting the second I went inside.

Week 20 The Alien Invasion by Laurynas

It was an extraordinary day for the people of Earth. There was a UFO in the middle of the city and people were crowding it with loads of confusion. Just then the military appeared and started clearing the area, loading their tanks and targeting the UFO with their planes.

Suddenly the UFO began to float and started to deploy its landing gear. Eventually, a noise appeared from the UFO. The noise was so loud that the dead had to cover their ears.

Three strange creatures came out of it. The people went like mad running in every direction. Suddenly an Alien spoke in his own language:

“.uoy llik ot gniog era ew, htraE fo snamuh sgniteerG”