Week 19 : Where Is He? By David

It was a fine summers day and my dad and his crew were going off on a big fishing competition. He was going to be home in two weeks. Their boats were numbers 12 to 16. One week had passed and we were watching the news. The news reporter looked serious. She then said, ” Boats Number 12 to 16 have gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean”.

As usual, I always thought the worst. My eyes welled up with tears. Three weeks later we were listening to the news again and she said they had found the boats. They had been swept into a forest by a big wave. Finally, my dad was coming home.

Week 19: A Gruesome Sight by Jack

Wandering with no place to go, was surprisingly enjoyable. Roaming, free-minded, one companion; nature. Soft winds swooping down, luscious green plants covering the area, the sun glaring down; perfect. But all that was about to change…..

In the distance, five objects caught my eye. One thing that sometimes just takes over me, is my curiosity. On approaching the objects, I noticed that they were old, damaged boats. Looking inside, frightened me so much, I couldn’t move. Dead bodies. It was a horrifying sight. I felt like I would just  turn inside-out.

Beside them, my attention was drawn to an opened jar labelled, “Dimethylmercury.” I had no idea what it was, but judging by the petrifying sight beside it, I guessed poison.

I thought to myself, “What do I do now?”

Week18: The Beremuda TriangleΔ

It was 03/01/1976. There was a man named John Hempton; he was an explorer.  Next day he took his boat named Betty out near Florida. Not long after he realised that his engine wasn’t working. He then remembered where he was – The Bermuda Triangle.

Eyes Closed, Pitch Dark, he didn’t know what to do. Light shone upon him. He opened his eyes and saw boats, trees and light.He looked up to see where It was coming from but he didn’t know where.

Would he ever escape from this place?

Week 19 : Mirror Image By Paul

A thirteen year old boy was walking in the woods.

“I saw that vermin running away from me. Little murderer. Coming to the  boat playground,” I spat and said “I know you’re there. Come out and let me see your insides.”

Each step was thrilling. There was the boat he was in. Knock…Knock….Knock… “Come on give me some hospitality. Like you did with them before you KILLED THEM,” I screamed like a demon ready to take a soul.

I slammed against the door until it burst. And it did. Instead of seeing the scum that killed his family…he saw himself in a mirror. Teeth bared, every inch of my body was writhing in joy to KILL.

I fell to the floor…

I killed my family…


Week 19: Tom’s Terrific Transporting Trip

When Tom was playing with his new toys he somehow managed to do something very odd and shocking. He ended up talking to the characters in his toy playset. He shrunk down to 1″1 ft! It was absolutely unbelievable.

He met this man called Jim, who was heading to the port where he was going to sail out to go fishing for sharks! He was mad! Tom decided to ask the fisherman if he could come with him.

” Yes of course”, he replied in a coherent fashion.

Tom only saw the boats as he was called by his mother for dinner. He teleported back and carried on with his usual life!

Meanwhile Global Warming occurred in the miniature world!

Week 19 The Lost City Of Atlanta BY Sean Mcs

Tired and cold, I trotted through the forest. But out of nowhere some old boats fell from the sky. I went into one and immediately I was teleported to the Lost city of Atlanta. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

I explored the ancient city to find an ominous temple. I went in. There were traps every where. So I had to face my fears and I did. I ventured into the deepest parts of the temple. I got through in one piece and I was surprised to find a skeleton holding a sign that said,”If you read this you are the luckiest person alive” and I was from then on wards.

Week 19: How we have changed By Liam

Walking through the green wonderland, a flurry of memories flashed by, all still vivid treasures. I was young, it’s been half a century since then. So much has changed, yet so little.

The human race was at its peak of innovation with science, technology, education etc. One dumb decision started a chain reaction of nuclear bombs. Practically all life on earth wiped out within a week. But, here is a haven of green, a mixture of natural life and human life.

Nowadays, we roam freely, no more phones or gadgets to distract us from the beauty of the world. People talk about how happy they are now. I think we have changed for the better.

Week 19 : Fishing boat sale: By Kasparas

“Daaaaad! I DON’T want to go! ” I moaned through the whole conversation.

“Guess what? I will let you pick it yourself but don’t go crazy. ok? What do you think? “questions dad happily knowing that I will pick to go.

“Fine, I’ll go!”

I was going to pick out a fishing boat in the most stupid location at the woods.

At the end of the day  I would not say it was bad but actually quite enjoyable.

Kids don’t always trust your mind. Ok?

Week 19 Horrifying holiday by Ewan

I was at the beach with my family in San Francisco. All of a sudden the tide started going out rapidly. Everyone started running away from the beach so we started running too. Then someone offered us a drive so we took the chance. They took us to their house on a big hill outside the city. After that we saw the water coming into the city it was a sunami. At the bottom of the hill, we could see boats  stuck within the trees.

I thought to myself well what a day.

Week 19 The strange gang by Gary

At first, every thing was blurry. As my eyes were now focused I realised that I was in a forest. When I tried to remember how I got here I slapped myself 3 times to make sure I was not dreaming. Suddenly everything came back to me.

I was making my dinner and I felt something sharp dig into my back. But before I got time to see what it was I blacked out. I decided to try and find civilization. Suddenly I came across five boats. I heard noise coming from one of them and I decided to investigate and to my amazement found three people and a banner saying …..

Week 19 The Whirl Pool By Dylan O’C

A few fishermen set out at noon to catch some fish.They got a radio call from an unknown person saying, “There is a ship with lots of treasure inside.”

They sent a map of where the treasure would be. They went to check it out and found nothing. Just then the wind got worse and the rain started pouring on us. A big whirlpool opened and the sailors fell in. They were in shock when they arrived.

“Where are we?” a fisherman asked?

We explored the inside and found so much treasure.

“WE ARE RICH!” we exclaimed.

Then we saw a big sign saying, The Lost City Of Atlantis.

How are we getting home?


Week 19:The Painting by Adam

My Mother and I were going to the museum one day.

In the museum’s first room there were paintings. There were the famous Mona Lisa and more wonderful paintings. But as I turned the corner I saw the best painting of all.

It was a picture of a boat grave yard.

The boats had a blue tint to the glass. The base colour of the boats was blue. The boats were shining in the light of the sun coming through the window.

My mother told me we were leaving. I didn’t want to leave the painting….So I took it!..

Week 19 Stranded by Julius.

Today I was going on a fishing trip with my friend; I was really excited to go on a fishing trip with my friend Sean and his dad.

When we got there I saw the boat that we had. I almost fainted.  Sean told me I was looking at the wrong boat. Then  I saw our boat; ;it was really bad, old and slow. We put our life jackets on and headed out until it was far enough .

I looked up and saw a giant wave. It crashed straight into us. …

When we woke up we had no idea where we were but we saw more boats stranded just like ours.


Week 19 Maybe The Bermuda Triangle By Shane C.

One night long ago I was out at sea on a fishing trip and just then the engine stopped! Then in the blink of an eye, a whirlpool formed; it was like it was dragging me in. Eventually, t did pull me in.

When I was least expecting it I fell flat on my face and strangely I was on the ground. There were boats in this strange woods. Every boat had its own story  – one even saved people from the titanic. What was written on the sides of these boats was fascinating.

When I finished investigating I realised I was stuck here. I thought, “This could be it”.  I was never seen by anyone ever again perhaps I had entered the Bermuda triangle!

Week 19 Isle Of The Lost by Dylan K

The Isle Of The Lost is the worst, roughest, most cruel place anyone could think of. It is home to the most evil people on the planet. In this devilish looking town people were scared to move anywhere. This was all because of the Pirates.

They caused havoc throughout the Island. They stole goods. Damaged the rusty, old, broken buildings. People would cry themselves to sleep in worry. There was a dreadful lack of respect from the pirates.

Everyone on the Island went onto the Pirate ship to celebrate a festival. All of a sudden emotions were high, tears rolling down cheeks. The ship was sinking. ..

…Just be grateful for what you have; you never know when you’re going to lose someone.

Week 19: The Weird Man By:Robert

“Humans of Earth if you don’t stop destroying everything in your way that planet of yours will be destroyed. In Colorado, there is a man and he’s destroying everything he sees and he’s living in a weird boat hell. The policemen caught him and arrested him but next day he escaped I suppose by destroying the wall of the prison.

If you see him please call 997 and tell us where he is because if he destroys something else he will destroy our planet; it will explode so…”

“You did it, well done subject 2160.” said an alien to the human which was destroying everything.

Week 19, Boat Rehabilitation, By Bryan.

“Let’s go, John, I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it? “shouts John.

They hopped into the car and drove off to Bristol where they arrived at a Forest and a man greets them.

“.I hear you are getting a boat John”.

Which of the old boats will John pick? The man informs him that these were the boats that his granda sailed in,  in the royal navy.

He picks a blue one with a white cabin. Now let’s start the boat rehabilitation. Let’s head off and get you some boating lessons.

Week 19 The horror journey By Calum

Cold, tired and anxious, I boarded the plane for my flight to America on a business trip. The minute I set foot on the plane I got a horrible feeling.

The plane took off and a burst of relief ran through my body. Now all I had to do was sit back and relax. But suddenly everything went quiet and the engines stopped and everyone looked at each other startled. Everyone panicked but I got a life jacket.

I closed my eyes and held my breath and the shock ran through my body. I climbed out a smashed window and swam until I got to a mysterious island.

What I saw before me was astonishing.; there were hundreds of boats lined up. But then I thought to myself what do I do now?

Week 19 The abandoned boats by Kyle

One day I was with my two friends Sean and Julius. We went in the woods and we found four abandoned boats. We investigated one boat and we found a lot of dead bodies. Then we saw a ghost and ran out of the boat. Then we were surrounded by ghosts.

I shouted RUN. Then we ran as fast as we could and we made it to our own houses. But the ghosts followed us and kidnapped us. They brought us to their boat and we were being turned into ghosts.

Luckily I knew a way to defeat ghosts. I told Julius and Sean how to do so and we were freed in the end

Timpiste ar an gcosán le Laurynas

Lá Geimhreadh i dtús an Samhain a bhí ann. Ní raibh brat bán sneachta ar an talamh ach bhí an leac oighir i gach áit. Bhí an lá feannaideach.

Dhúisigh mé ar a hocht a chlog ar maidin. Chuir mé mo eadaí orm, d’ith mé mo bhricfeasta [ bhí sé go hiontach ] agus chuaigh mé go dtí an scoil.

Chuaigh mé ar an mbus ar feadh leathuair a chloig agus nuair a chuaigh mé amach ón mbus. Go tobann shleamhnaigh mé ar an leac oighir.

Bhí mé ag screadaíl agus ag caoineadh. Bhí mo lamh an-tinn. Chonaic an seanfhear an timpiste agus chuir sé fios ar an otharcarr.

I bpreab na súl bhí an otharcarr in aice liom. Chuir an bhanaltra mé isteach san otharcarr agus chuamar go dtí an t-ospideal.

Chuir an bhanaltra mé sa seomra an doctúra. Bhí mé ina shui ar feadh tamaill. Ar a dó a chlog tháinig an doctiur isteach sa seomra. D’inis sé dom go raibh mó lamh briste agus bhí díoma an domhain orm.

Chuaigh me abhaile agus chuaigh mé isteach sa leaba. Ní dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.

Timpiste Bhóthair Le Calum

Lá fuar feannaideach a bhí ann. Bhí brat bán sneachta ar an talamh. D`eirigh mé ar a hocht a chlog agus Chuir mé mo eadaí orm. Tareis, D`ith mé mo bricfeasta. D`ith mé tostaí agus D`ól mé bainne. Ansin, Chuaigh mé go dtí an gharáiste agus fuair mé rothar.

D`fhág mé mo theach agus chonaic mé Cáit. Go tobann thit mé den rothar. Rith Cáit chugám agus glaoigh sí ar an múinteoir. Bhí mo lámh an-tinn. Ansin Glaoigh múinteoir ar an otharcharr agus chuaigh mé go dtí an t-ospidéal. Nuair a shroich mé an t-ospidéal, D`inis an dochtúir dom gur bhris mé mo lámh. Ní raibh mé ro-shasta. Ní dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin.

Timpiste bhothair le Dylan

La fuar feannaideach  i lar an gheimhridh a bhi ann . D’huisigh me ar leath uair a hocht a chlog . D’eirigh me agus chuir me mo eadai orm. Rith me go dti an fhuinneog agus chonaic me brat ban sneacht ar an talamh . Rith me sios an staighre agus dith me caloga agus d’ol me su oraiste. Bhi me deanach don scoil agus fuair me rothar

Rith me isteach sa gharaiste . Rothaigh me go dti an scoil . GO TOBBANN shleamhaigh me ar an mbothar agus thit me ar an talamh. Bhi mo chos an tinn agus bhi se ag cur fola . Chuir an muinteoir  fios ar an otharcarr . Chuaigh go dti an tospideal. Bhi dioma orm mar bhi mo chos briste. Nuair a shroich me mo theach chuaigh me isteach sa leaba.  Ni  dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.


Timpiste bhothair le Kayden

La fuar feannaideach i lar an Gheimridh a bhi ann. Shiuil me go dti an scoil. Chonaic me mo chara Sean ag trasna an bhothair. Go tobann bhuail charr Sean agus thit se ar an talamh. Stop an carr agus thainig mo mhuinteoir amach as an gcarr. Thosaigh Sean ag screadail agus bhi a chos, a lamh agus a cheann ag cur fola. Rith me chuige agus chrom me e.

“An bhfuil tu ceart go leor” arsa me.

“NIL” arsa Sean agus thosaigh se ag caoineadh.

Chuir mo mhuinteoir fios ar an otharcarr. Thainig se go tapa agus thog se Sean go dti an t-ospideal. Chuaigh me ann freisin. “Bhi a lamh agus dha chos bhriste, ach bhi a cheann ceart go leor” arsa an banaltra. “Buicheas le dia” arsa me. Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.

Week 19 The amazing school tour by Denis

Another school tour – this one was a bit more adventurous than any other school tour. We were going to see the amazing Mona Lisa but as we all know that was too good to be true and we ran out of fuel.

Then there was trouble because we ran out of fuel outside an unpleasant wood so Jayden bellowed then and said, ” Can’t we just explore the woods and that will be way better than looking at a painting.

It was decided that we were going to go in. There were 5 boats and we were told that they belonged to a drug lord. Suddenly after 30 seconds BANG BANG  BANG. Gun shots. Jayden’s idea  wasn’t a great idea after all.

Week 18: War-Torn by Jack

Petrified and worried, shaking and frightened, the sight of the war-torn, hostile street made Hazel shiver. She had lived in this same street for thirteen years and now, everything, everyone, was gone.

Hazel palpitated under her mauve rags. “The war ruined it all. Everyone, everything, it’s all gone,” she cried gazing at the tearful, demolished scene, at the same time nibbling on her only source of food, carrots. The only thing she had left, was a picture of the one thing she wished she had right now; her family.

With that she, took out another picture, this time of her best friend, Albert, who had a heart of steel. He was always there for her, whenever she needed him; every time, except now.

Bereft and crestfallen, she looked around and thought, “No matter where, home is home. But what’s a home without a family?”

Week 18: The Funeral by Christopher

The priest came, then there was complete silence for a few moments. About thirty people were there.  There wasn’t much space because we were in the house.

The priest just finished and my Mam started crying. I hugged her, my eyes got tearful; then I started crying. While the coffin was entering the car my brother played the national anthem on his bag pipes. We then walked behind the car to the church.

We shook hands with everybody. While the coffin went under we all threw a Mauve rose in. The steel outskirts were covered. We then all had a lovely dinner in silence, Beef and Carrots.

Week 18 : Mauve Smoke By Paul

Trevor was poking his carrots as though they would disappear if he poked them enough. “Come on Trevor eat your carrots,” called mum from the kitchen.

Beep Beep. Mum picked up the phone. “Oh hello,” mum said cheerfully. After a few seconds her face dropped. “Trevor get your shoes NOW,” mum shouted.

Trevor got outside and saw the steel power plant but there was mauve smoke all around it. It was rolling down the hill. They were running like their lives depended on it.

Mum’s eyes suddenly changed. She became tearful. Her head turned like an owl. Trevor heard creaking of the bones. Her hand shot out onto Trevor’s neck. She lifted him and threw him with godly strength under a hole in his house.

His legs were broken. He watched the mauve smoke traveling towards him.