Drama sa chistin Le Calum

La brea i dtus an Earraigh a bhi ann. Ni raibh puth gaoithe ann. Ni raibh scammail sa speir. Ni raibh scoil oscailte. D’fhan mo Dhadai sa bhaile. Dith me agus mo Dhadai bricfeasta.

Tareis, thosaiomar ag cocaireacht. Fuair me uibheacha, subh, siuicra, im agus bainne. Rinneamar an caca agus chuir mo Dhadai isteach san oigheann é.

Ansin, Tareis fiche noimead, thainig an deatach amach as an oigheann. Go tobann, bhi an oigheann tri thine. Glaoigh mo Dhadai ar an briogaid doiteain. Chuir siad uisce ar an tine.

Tareis, Thanaig mo Mhamai abhaile ach ni raibh si ro-shasta. Ansin, Ghlan me agus mo dhadai an chistin. Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la go deo.

Cistin Tri Thine Le Shane F

La grianmhar i lar an tsamhraidh a bhi ann . Bhi an ghrian sa speir agus Ni raibh puth gaoithe ann . Bhi se te ambiguous . Bhi na hein ag canadh .

D’eirigh me ar a hocht a chlog agus chuir me mo eadai orm. Rith me sios an staighre. Bhi me agus dhreirthar ag cocaireacht le daidi. Bhi an scoil duinta . Chuaigh mamai  ag obair agus d’fhan daidi sa bhaile ag tabhairt aire do na paisti.

Fuair daidi uibheacha,subh,siucra, seaclaide,im agus bainne on chuisneoir . Thosaiomar ag  cocaireacht . Tareis fiche noimead chonaic me deatach-  bhi an Chistin tri thine! Ghlaoigh dhaidi ar an mbriogaid doitean ar nos na gaoithe . Fair me do baisin uisce agus chuir me uisce ar an tine . Ghlanamar an chistin ledha uair .

Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.

Timpiste sa chistin le Ewan

lá grianmhar a bhí ann. Bhí mé ag cócaireachta sa chistin le daidí. Bhí na héin amach sa gháirdín. Fuair daidí subh,súcra,im agus bainne ón cófra agus thosaíomar ag bacáil. Go tobann bhí an cáca trí tine. Chuidigh mé le daidí uisce a chuir ar an tine.

Go tobann bhí maimí isteach sa chistin agus lig sí béic áisti. An oiche sin bhíomar tuirseach traochta.

Drama Sa Chistin Le Dylan K

La grianmahr i lar an tsamhraidh a bhi ann. Deirigh me ar a naoi a chlog agus bhi me ag gaire mar thit mo dreathair isteach sa bhaisin uisce. Tar eis tamaill, chuaigh mo chlann  isteach sa chistin.

Fuair me an bia agus thosaigh me ag cocaireachta. Is maith liom an caca. Bhi an caca go hiontach. Chuir me an milsean timpeall an caca. Bhi an caca go hiontach. Chuir me an caca sa sorn agus chonaic me an deteach.

Bhi eagla ar an damhain orm. Go tobann chaith me an tusice isteach sa sorn. Rith mo chlann ar nos na gaoithe. An oiche sin thanig an chlann go dti an teach nua agus bhi me ag sugradh le mo dhreathair. Ni dheanfaidh me me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.

Week 21: Thinking About Terrorism by Lukas

I bet you heard about Osama Bin Laden or Isis by now.So? What is terrorism?

To put it simply terrorism means using violence to get what you want.Terrorist groups have poolitical or religious beliefs which they try to force onto society.

Unlike guerrilla armies, terrorist groups normally do not expect to win by military success alone .They aim to scare the  public into changing the way society works.
I was in New York at one in the morning I was waching the news: “Stay indoors a terrorist ata……SUDDENLY ALL THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. The city was pich black – all I could see was the car lights. Then I heard gun shots outside…. I’m sorry I have to go and hide.

Week 21: A horrific Event by Liam

August, 6th, 1945, 8:10 am ;
“A bright and early start. A whole new day of adventures” I chirped to myself. I was the only one awake and I liked it.

Peace. Tranquility. Silence. Freely, I roamed around my small countryside house.

8:15 : A blinding flash came from the nearby city of Hiroshima. Suddenly, all the lights went out. I had overheard my parents talking about the United State’s threats to bomb Japan. I didn’t know how much time I had. I packed some essentials into a bag and ran for dear life. I ran and ran endlessly.

I stopped. I thought. My Family!

Week 21: Making a Sacrifice by Jack

Inconsolable. Forlorn. Tearful.

As the sounds of the guns blaring filled his ears, Morgan knew what had to be done. The war was becoming too dangerous for anyone to stay here, but escaping was impossible.

Explaining his plan to Avery brought tears to both their eyes. Begging and arguing, crying and bawling, Morgan tried to calm her but nothing would do. Avery looked at him in the eyes, and could see his fear growing increasingly.

As the noise became louder outside, Morgan knew it was time. Suddenly the lights went out and that was the last she ever saw of him…

Inconsolable. Forlorn. Tearful.

Week 21: The Tale of Two Brothers: Rebirth: Part: 2 of 2 By:Robert

A year later Tommy went to see his brothers grave because he was thinking that he would come back. One day Tommy saw his brother near his grave.

“How?” he asked with a look of terror on his face.

“I don’t know,” answered his brother. Tommy hugged him.

The next day suddenly all the lights went out. Tommy was still thinking about Bob and how did the lights go out because the war was over by now.

“Happy birthday Bro!” cried Bob to his brother as they ate the cake happily because they got each other again! And they lived happily forever.

Part 1

Week 21 : Looking Through the Eyes of a Murderer by Paul

“Well hello!” echoed Blanc as he strolled onto stage. “On tonight’s show we have the Garden of Eden.”

The audience were all wearing masks. No one moved. A man was dropped from the 10 meter high ceiling. Writhing in pain Blanc shouted, “Now,”

An orchestra started playing as if fire was on their feet.

“Fall the beautiful GARDEN OF EDEN!” Blanc screamed passionately. Trees fell from the sky impaling the man and the stage around him. The stage fell taking the dead man and the garden.

“Thank you for watching the amazing death of Eden.”

The audience started clapping and clapping. Suddenly the lights went out and the curtain closed.


Week 21 The extreme blackout by Kyle

I was at my own house and I was watching a movie with my brother and sister. We were watching Big Mommas like father like son.  It was very funny.

Suddenly all of the lights went out and my brother and sister were scared. So my dad and I had a look at the estate and my mom stayed inside with my brother and sister.

They asked us what had happened. My dad said that it was only a power cut. Then all of a sudden the power was on again.

Week 21 : The great famine BY DENIS

We had another miserable day begging. Some people were begging on the streets but we were outside. One day we knocked on a person’s door asking for food. The person was starving and it was raining quite a bit.He asked us in for food but we said thanks and walked on because he sounded a bit strange. He pulled in my mama and the lights went out – we were really worried. There was no sound coming out of the house which made it worse than worse .

“Please please let me in to see my mother?”

The door was stuck so I gave it a kick. It opened but it was too late -he had killed my mother . But I’ll never forget his face – it was very wrinkly. One day sometime later I saw the man who killed my mam and then I killed him.




I was walking through town at night but suddenly all the lights went out and I heard a voice that said: “You fool you fell right into my trap – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

“Who are you?” I responded.

“I am EVILON the king of CORRUPTION and I will destroy you.”

Slash, he attacked with vicious claws. He had really strong armour and sharp teeth. I ran as fast as possible but that didn’t save me. He caught me and put me in a prison.

What will happen next ? Find out in Part 2.

Week 21:Title: Out of Order by Kasparas

Chilling, interesting and out of the normal the morning was. I knew something was Off. After getting out of my bed I  put on new clothes and headed down stairs to find the rest of the family.

But what really hit me was that there was no food in the fridge and it had a really rotten smell. Not just that – the rest of the family wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Not having anything to do I sat on the couch and tried to pass my time on my phone. Later after a few hours, it got dark out and suddenly all the lights went out and something large fell out side.

Suddenly BOOM!

The door opened wide and I saw my family of course standing with parts and tools to fix the fridge.




Week 21: The Water Heist. By Kajus

Suddenly all the lights went out.

“Mother Mother the lights went out” screamed Lily with a terrified voice.

“What? the lights went out?” said Mother in a freaked out voice.

WHUSHH as the water entered under the door. Mother takes all of the towels and takes the sand bags and throws them on the floor beside the door so all of the water wouldn’t come in.

Bang Bang

Mother looks through the window and sees no floods or tsunamis so she opens the door and sees father with a bucket in his hand.

” And how did the water enter the house? And how did the lights go out?” asked Mother.

“Lily turned them off,” said Father.

Week 21: I’m finally out by Aivaras

Another day in prison.

My cellmate didn’t let me go to sleep yesterday. He was going back home in a week and he wouldn’t stop talking about it. It was only one month ’til I was getting out of prison.

As the day past, I couldn’t wait until I got out. Suddenly the lights went out. It was 22:39 – it was bed time.

The next day, I couldn’t believe the news. I was getting out that day. My friend Barry (often called BIG BOX BARRY) got me out. I couldn’t just wait to get back home.

Week 21 : It’s just a world record By Christopher

I was about to break a world record on my Xbox and I was so happy. Then suddenly all the lights went out and my Xbox instantly turned off. “Awwww no!, Is that the dryer again?” I said in my head

I looked out the window to see if my friends were outside but then I noticed that the whole terrace had no light. I rushed outside to call for them.

We all played catch in the dark and it was so much fun!,  – Honestly, it was probably better than playing my Xbox. After about twenty minutes the power turned back on but we continued to play.

Week 21 Falling By Shane F

Scared, nervous, frightened I nervously walked onto the plane taking us to France. It was World War two and we were flying over a town near Paris. As we flew closer we heard more gunshots; they were like a lions roar. I glanced over to see the five other planes to our right .

“GET READY TO JUMP,” the captain shouted angrily.

Suddenly all the lights went out and I could see smoke coming from the engine. I heard the captain roar,  ” JUMP JUMP!”

And as the plane fell we all jumped as fast as we could. I saw other men falling without their parachute. As I opened my parachute four bullets hit it and my gun slapped me in the face…After that,  I was just falling to my inevitable death…

Week 21 The air raid shelter by Gary.

“Tommy! Wake up,” said my older brother John.

I looked outside and realised why I needed to get up at 3 A.M. in the morning. The Germans were attacking my hometown of Coventry again. Me, John my younger sister Sadie, mom and dad headed for the railway station like the whole town had practiced. When we got there we all did the same thing as usual. We all laid out our blankets and pillows on the ground.

When the time struck 4.30am on my watch we heard the planes and then eventually the bombs. Suddenly the lights went out and Sadie started crying. Sleep did not come easy that night……..

Week 21 Dark night by Ewan

It was night time and I was walking in the woods next to my house. The only light I had was a torch. I was taking my dog out to the toilet when he ran off. So now I would have to look for him.

But I could see his light up collar in the distance. Suddenly all the lights went out –   “What should I do?” I thought to myself.

So I went over to where my dog was. He had chewed his collar but he was still fine and my torch ran out of battery so it was all a coincidence.

Well, what a night I thought to myself.

Week 21 The Runaway Ferris Wheel by Dylan O’C

I woke up one morning listening to my sister screaming in a joyful way.I ran down the stairs and asked, “What’s going on?”

“We are going to the fun fair today.”


“In town,” said my sister.

At seven o clock, we headed downtown.My sister was so eager to get there she nearly got run over. That was close. When we got to the fair we met our friends outside the entrance. Our parents were chatting for a long time so we just went in.

We went on the Ferris wheel first. But suddenly the lights went out on the wheel. We were rolling through town and hit a furniture shop. We woke up sitting on a couch.

That was a lucky landing!

Week 21 Attack of the Smarties Part 3 By Kacper

As we continued building the wall around the mall, we heard a noise coming from my favourite shop. StarBucks. As we went around the corner, lots of lizards were drinking the coffee.

My friend said, “let’s get rid of them”.

But I looked at him with my sad face and said:” can we keep them?”

He said no but I kept on looking at him with my sad face until he said yes. I cheered and the lizards climbed over me with cheer. Suddenly all the lights went out, it was going to be a rough night.

Week 21: Trend has returned? by Seán M

Playing fun games on my new PS4 Pro and listening to music on Spotify on Dan’s loudspeaker was a magical experience that will be hard to forget. Daniel, Eamonn and I were having the time of our lives!

A KNOCK sound was produced on the side window. My father was really keen on me having a bit of crack on the second last day of the Christmas holidays! He even insisted on getting us pizza from Apache. So it wasn’t great timing as someone had arrived at our house.

Suddenly all of the lights went out! This stranger had turned off our power. Luckily, it was all okay after though since Dad was just pulling into the drive way.


Week 21: Prison Break by Kayden

I was in prison doing time for being accused of manslaughter. Yes, many people thought that prison or even an asylum was the best place for me but my story is different. I was in prison for a crime another person did.

This was the day that I would break out of prison. I knew the schedule for when lock-down was so I made sure I prepared everything. I went to the warden’s office and stole the master key. Luckily there was no type of security systems in the prison because there had been a power cut.

Suddenly all the lights went out earlier than they should have. I ran to my cell and pretended to sleep. When the cell patrol guard passed, I opened my cell door and tip-toed as fast as I could to the exit. I got to the door and opened it.

Before I could do anything there was a hand on my back.

“Hello there, where do you think you are going?” asked the warden.

Week 21. The Big Bad War. By Shane C.

As my friends and I cantered down the street we spotted a woman sitting on a doorstep. As the others scurried away from her I came to a halt and began to chat with her.

“Why are you sitting out here in the cold?” I asked.

“The war- it’s ruining my life,” came the reply.

“If it weren’t for my great family I would be dead,” she sobbed.

As I stared hard at her I saw a big dark red burn.

“Are you sure that you’re okay?” I whispered.

Suddenly all the lights went out and the polite woman said,” I must go now – perhaps I’ll see you again.”

Then  she dissappeared!

Week 21 The Plane crash by Laurynas

” Please sit down and fasten your seatbelts –  we’re experiencing a bit of a wind turbulence,” said the pilot to his passengers.

Confused and a little bit worried I sat down and looked around to see people whispering about what was going on. I was going to fly to Spain for a holiday but I didn’t know that the weather was that bad.

The pilot’s voice sounded again but in the middle of his sentence, he screeched. Suddenly all the lights went out and everyone was scared and worried by now. I looked out the window and noticed that the plane was flying lower and lower.

Eventually, it hit me at the last moment ……. we were going to CRASH.

Week 21 The Retreat Dylan K

“You need to make that change to your life Johnathan, you can’t go on like this.”

“But it is not that easy Mom. Every day when I walk into class, everyone looks at me in disappointment. I hate it I really can’t handle all of this. ”

Soon after this Johnathan and his mother, took a long awaited trip to the doctor and then decided to go on  retreat.

The following day Johnathan joined a Retreat Camp for his age. There he learned the importance of being kind, nice, caring, happy and to behave.

His  head led him to believe that suddenly all the lights went out. He replied protesting,” No that never will happen.”

Johnathan went on to have a very happy and healthy life.

Week 21 : My Birthday By David

It was Thursday morning and it was also my birthday.                                   I was kind of happy but the only problem was school was on.

When school ended I had gotten no homework.  I had to go to my grandmother’s house after school but I love going there.  We had great fun and played loads of games.

When I was going home It was dark. I was going into my house when suddenly all the lights went out.

“Hello, Hello,” I said.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere the lights came back on.

“SURPRISE” everyone roared at the top of their voices.

I had great fun and ate loads of sweets. I really enjoyed my day.

Week 21, Goodbye Granda, By Bryan

It was a Thursday. I was sitting in class when my mother came to the door. She asked if I could leave early and explained what had happened to my teacher.

We arrived home and my brothers and Dad were sitting on the couch. My Dad explained what had happened.

“Granda has taken a turn and only has a few days left in him.”

They were the very words. Me, my Mom, Dad and 2 brothers started bawling crying. We ended up in the hospital for the next few days.

Suddenly all the lights went out and Granda died on the Saturday.

A hero never to be forgotten.