Week 20 : Total Despair By Paul

A strange noise was buzzing in my ear. Like a mosquito. Getting up I dressed in my slave clothes. Scared of what despair the day would bring, I fumbled my way across the street. The buzzing was like a meow.

My hand reached for the door. It was bloody. Before I could open it-ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR. The noise was so loud, loud enough to create a mini gale. I saw it. On top of the starless castle. A dragon.

The buzzing was like a screaming woman. Muffled screaming went on the background. I stood still. Smiling I screamed “COME TO ME,”


Week 20 The Kaiju by Kacper

I was on my most exciting trip, which was going to Japan. I was so excited to go to Japan, it was like a dream come true. The best thing was, that my cousins were there so that made me even happier.

When we were approaching on the coastline, I saw the beautiful cherry trees with their pink leaves falling constantly. As we were walking out, a huge kaiju [a Japanese name for a huge creature] was walking straight at us. It started roaring very loudly, the noise was SO loud that the nearby windows shattered into tiny pieces.

Week 20: 9/11 By Kajus

The noise was So loud that my eardrums couldn’t stop ringing.  I heard a little girl screaming for her mother’s help. Blood was dripping down my neck. I was hearing Ambulances and the Fire Brigade sirens less than 40 feet from me. People lost their legs and arms and some even lost their families.

As people put me on a stretcher and carried me to the ambulance I  heard the fire sizzling as the water met the fire. For a few minutes, every thing went quiet even the fire stopped sizzling.

“The Twin Towers were destroyed, ” said the man on the radio station,  “As the other building got destroyed by an another plane.

Week 20: A bad hair day By Denis

I rapidly ran down the dusty streets of Killarney and suddenly there was a really loud noise.The noise was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think.

I was getting a hair cut and BOOM another really loud crash. It was so loud that I almost fell off my seat with fright.The barber cut too much hair off with the fright. I was nearly bald.

It was in embarrassing but it was what it was – worse came to worse I had to get over it.

Week 20: The Banshee: Part 1 By Kallum Y.

Confused. Lost. Worried.

I continued through the dark, dreary forest. Out of the blue, a deafening noise emerged from the direction I was going. The noise was so loud it sent shivers down my spine.

I had heard stories about a Banshee that lived in these woods. Not knowing what to do I turned on my heel and headed back to town except I had forgotten the way. Once again I heard the terrifying noise but this time it was closer. Straight away I started running for my life but I tripped and broke my ankle.

Confused. Lost. Worried.

Week 20 The Terrorist Attack by Gary

Suddenly the phone woke me up after a nice sleep. The people said they needed medical attention at the twin towers. To our disbelief, we heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into the corner of one of the buildings.

Suddenly when we got there another plane crashed into the building. The noise was SO loud we all had to cover our ears. To our horror both the buildings fell down. The rest of the day was for finding survivors.

That night after I came home I started having nightmares about the day………

Week 20 The Ship At Sea. By Shane C

One night out at sea long ago:  “Hello, come in -come in- there is a killer whale heading our way,” said the skipper over the radio.

“Sorry I can’t help,” came the reply.

Suddenly we had no choice but to drive right at it. As we inched towards the killer whale it began bellowing. The noise was so loud it was like a volcano and an atomic bomb.

As we came closer we began to stray to the west where the whale wouldn’t see us. Just then the people on the radio started talking,

” We’re on our way.”…

Week 20: Krakatoa By Aivaras

My day started as usual. I walked out and hopped into my car. Just driving down the road (to the beach) when suddenly, something went off. The noise was SO loud, it almost made me deaf.

The Krakatoa volcano had erupted. It was a like black cloud went over my head. Water came fast from the sea but at least I was on high ground.  It was so deadly, even cars came from the sea. When the water hit, the cars bashed against the building. It made me almost fall off the building.

Week 20 : The Fright Of A Lifetime By David

Spooked, terrified, scared the girl ran out of the haunted house…

I was sitting on the chair – so scared. It was my first horror movie.

“It is all fake,” said mom trying to calm me down.

“Okay it is all fake,” I whispered to myself.

I found it so hard to sleep that night and when I did I woke right back up at one O’clock. Suddenly out of nowhere, I heard the biggest scream ever -“The banshee is in my house, the banshee is in my house!” It was SO loud.

I stuck my earphones into my ears and turned on nice calm music. I drifted myself off to sleep again. The next morning I heard mom saying sorry to all of us. She had turned up the T.V too loud.

I will never ever watch a horror movie again.

Week 20 My Nightmare by Julius .

After nagging my mum for weeks she had finally agreed to get me a watch but only if I use it and not leave it lying in my room and not use it again.

On my way to the shop, I was running excitedly. Cheerfully I entered the shop and found the watch I wanted.

When I got home it was time to go to bed. During the night I woke up suddenly; the noise was so loud. It was my new watch. I tried to take the batteries out of it and I did but it CONTINUED.

Now I don’t  want a watch anymore.

Week 20 The Lost Island By Shane F

I got on the chopper getting ready to go an expedition to the lost island. My team and I were getting ready to go. One of them Thomas was asking

“Is everything ready?”

“Yes,”  I replied in a confident tone.

So the pilot fired up the engines like a lion’s roar. An hour later we saw the lost island.

“We found it!” I shouted happily.

But there was a very eerie feeling to it. Soon after we found a suitable landing area . We landed with a load thud . I put my rifle on my back and told the others to set up base camp. I crept into the forest . SUDDENLY I heard loud stomping on the ground –  it was so loud. Then I saw it; a t-Rex was  staring me down .

What will I do?

Week 20 : The Worlds by Dylan K

I’m a huge fan of Race Driving. It has been my life since the age of 6. Every day I go to the local race track to train. It was so much fun and was a great hobby. It also helped me be social. After many long, difficult years of trying to reach my childhood dream of taking part in the World Championships, I got my place and a precious opportunity.

My Dad helped me train for the Event that was soon set to take place in Miama Florida America. The big day final arrived. I felt nervous, excited, proud but most importantly ready to give it my all. The race was about to start.

The noise was so loud that I felt even more excited. When the race finished I was happy that I gave it my all…

Week 20, By an inch, by Bryan.

Driving through the country side with my friends, we were talking away when we heard a loud noise. The noise was so loud that we couldn’t hear ourselves think.

As we turned the bend a huge artic lorry, that was making the noise approached us. The driver was asleep and his foot was on the accelerator.

Now the life of me and my friends lay in my hands. Meters away he got closer and closer; it was hard to choose a side as he was swerving. I told my friends that they should hold on tight. ..

He went flying into a ditch and we were safe.

Week 20 : The Failed Heist by Kayden

I was, as usual, pacing up and down the bank’s hallway. I am a security guard and I was on night duty. What made it hard was that I was the only security guard awake. It was 3 A.M. There was music playing  nearby which kept me alive and full of energy.

All of a sudden, the music died down, there was an eerie silence, followed by a very loud CRASH! I ducked my head and hid behind a pillar. I heard footsteps and followed. The noise was SO loud that I almost gave my position away. I turned the corner and the ‘thief’ said…

“Hello, Jim.” It was my brother.

Turas go dtí an t-ospidéal Le Laurynas

Lá amháin i lár an Nollaig a bhí ann. Bhí leac oighir in ngach áit agus bhí sé ag cur seaca.

Dhúisigh mé ar a seacht chlog, d’ith mé leite, d’ól mé bainne agus chuaigh mé go dtí an scoil.

Nuair a bhí mé ag rothaíocht ar mo rothar chonaic mé na héin ina gcodladh sa nead. Go tobann bhí mo rothar ag rothaíocht ró thapa agus I bpreab na súl bhuail mé an crann. Bhí mo chos briste agus bhí pian i mo chos.

Bhí mé ag screadaíl agus ag béiceadh nuair a chonaic mo chara an timpiste. Ghlaoigh sí ar an t-otharcarr agus taréis tamaill bhí an t-otharcarr in aice liom.

Chuidigh an bhanaltra liom dul isteach agus chuamar go dtí an t-ospidéal.

Shcrúdaigh an dochtúir mo chos nuair a bhí mé  san ospidéal agus d’inis sé dom go raibh mo chos briste. Tháinig mo thismitheoiri isteach sa seomra agus thóg siad mé abhaile.

Shuigh mé os comhair na tine agus d’fhéach mé ar an teilifís. Bhí pian i mo chos ach bhí mé sasta mar ní raibh me ábalta siúl go dtí an scoil.

Ní dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.

Turas GO Dti An T ospideal Le Shane F

La deas i lar an earraigh a bhi ann. La tirim agus fuar a bhi ann . Bhi me ag rothaiocht agus GO TOBANN! bhuail car me agus thit me ar an mbothar. Bhi me ag screadail agus ag beiceadh. BHi mo chos an tinn agus ag cur fola. Chuir me hata ar an ngearr.

Chuala mamai me agus rith si chugam. Ghlaoigh sí ar an otharcarr . Tareis cupla noimead thainig an t otharcarr .Chuidigh an bhanaltra liom dul isteach san  otharcarr .

Tareis tamall thainig me go dti an t-ospideal bhuail me leis an dochtuir agus d’inis se dom go raibh mo chos briste.

Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.

Turas go dtí an t-ospidéal le Calum

Lá an Samhraidh a bhí ann, bhí mé ag imirt sacar. Go tobann thit mé ar an talamh agus ghortaigh mé mo rúitín. Chuala mo Mhamaí mé ag screadaíl agus tháinig sí amach. D`fheach sí ar mo rúitín agus ghlaoigh sí an otharcharr.

Nuair a shrioch mé an t-ospideál, D`inis an dochtúir dom go raibh mo rúitín briste. Chuir sé bindeleán ar mo rúitín. Ní raibh mé ró-shásta.

Ar a cúig a chlog,Chuaigh mé abhaile agus tháinig mo chairde ar cuairt. Ansin Bhíomar ag imirt cluiche. Ar a naoi a chlog, chuaigh mo chairde abhaile. Ní dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá.

Turas Go Dti An t-ospideal le Kayden

La amhain, Bhi me ar an rothar. Chuaigh me ar nos na gaoithe agus bhuail me an cloch, thit me ar an talamh. Bhauil mo cheann ar an mballa agus thit me ar mo lamh. Bhi ionadh orm agus ghlaoigh me “CABHAIR” agus rith an fear chugam.

Chuir an fear fios ar an otharcharr agus thug an t-otharcharr me go dti an t-osipideal. Bhi an t-ospideal an-deas. Bhi an bhanaltra go halainn. Thog si me go dti an seomra agus chuir si me isteach sa leaba.

Tar eis tamaill thainig mo thuismitheoiri. Rith mo Mhamai chugham agus rug se barrog orm.

“OW” arsa me.

“Ta bron orm” arsa si.

“An bhuail tu ceart go leor?” arsa mo Dhaidi.

“Ta, ach bhris me mo dha lamh agus ghortaigh me mo cheann” arsa me.

“Buicheas la dia, ta tu beo” arsa Mamai.


Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.

Turas go dtí an t-ospidéal Le Dylan K

Am lon sa scoil a bhi ann. Bhi na paisti ag sugradh sa chlos. Go tobann thit me ar an talamh.Ghearr me mo lamh. Bhi mo lamh briste. Ghlaoigh an muinteoir ar an t-otharcarr. Ansin thainig an otharcarr.


Chuamar go dti an t-ospideal. Scruadigh an dochtiur mo lamh. Bhi me ag caoineadh. Rith mamai agus daidai isteach sa ospideal. Bhi mo lamh an tinn. Ni raibh mé ábalta scriobh.


Chuaigh mo chlann go dti mo theach. D’ith me an dinnear. Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la sin go deo.

Turas go dtí an t-ospidéal Le Shane C.

La brea samhraidh a bhi ann. Bhi mo dhearthair ag imirt peile ar an mbothar agus bhi me ag imirt peile freisin. Go tobann thainig carr agus bhuail se mo dhearthair. Thainig mamai as an teach agus chuir si fios ar an otharcarr.

Tareis tamaill thainig an t-otharcarr. Bhi a cheann ag cur fola! Shroich se an t-ospideal agus bhuail se leis an dochtuir. Scrudaigh an dochtuir a cheann go tobann thit sean ar an talamh –  bhi se bas!

Rug mamai barrog orm agus thosaiomar ag caoineadh. Nuair a shroich Daidi an t-ospideal bhi bron air.

Ar an oiche sin chuaigh me go dti ar mo sheomra codhlata agus thosaigh me ag caoineadh arís.

Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar mo dhearthair go deo.

Week 19: A Bomb by Kayden

As they walked down the forest the drug lord and his goons tried to be as quiet as they could so they wouldn’t wake up any animals. They were all setup for their raid. They were going to sneak into an outpost and steal all the drugs they could. To get there they had to use the famous boat used to rescue the Portuguese President from a terrorist attack on his island.

The gang headed towards the outpost with the boat. Everyone on the island was asleep, this was their chance. Suddenly one of the goons noticed a red flashing light behind the steering wheel. It was a bomb. Before the gang could jump off the boat it exploded, waking up everyone on the island.

Week 19 The Mysterious Crash By Shane F

As we sailed closer to the Bermuda triangle my friend radioed me saying “The Bermuda triangle won’t stand a chance against us.”

We had five boats and five people but as we were 2 kilometers away, the sea started to rage like a lion attacking its prey. The radios started to break up and the sat nav and lights shut off. I just thought it was a malfunction but it happened to everyone

Suddenly the engines stopped and all power was gone. Soon after there was a whirlpool forming right in front of us. My friend Bill’s boat was floating towards the enormous whirlpool; he was in shock and hid.  Then he just disappeared into it. Suddenly my boat was about to fall. Scared and bamboozled I also hid. Suddenly I fell into the whirlpool and …then I woke up

” I guess it was just a bad dream”


Week 19 The Shipyard Hunter by Laurynas

Scared and frightened, terrified and trapped I ran through the abandoned shipyard where some kind of old, broken-down boats were kept.

I was being chased by a hunter who was wanting revenge for me stealing his precious golden coins that I used to buy food for my family. Yet I knew the damage was done.

I stopped near a boat and clambered in only to find enough room for me to hide. Just as I jumped in I heard that the bridge’s planks were creaking as if they were stepped on. I peeped through a tiny crack and saw it was the hunter. He came in front of my ship and went into it.

I was doomed with no escape.

Week 19 : Where Is He? By David

It was a fine summers day and my dad and his crew were going off on a big fishing competition. He was going to be home in two weeks. Their boats were numbers 12 to 16. One week had passed and we were watching the news. The news reporter looked serious. She then said, ” Boats Number 12 to 16 have gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean”.

As usual, I always thought the worst. My eyes welled up with tears. Three weeks later we were listening to the news again and she said they had found the boats. They had been swept into a forest by a big wave. Finally, my dad was coming home.

Week 19: A Gruesome Sight by Jack

Wandering with no place to go, was surprisingly enjoyable. Roaming, free-minded, one companion; nature. Soft winds swooping down, luscious green plants covering the area, the sun glaring down; perfect. But all that was about to change…..

In the distance, five objects caught my eye. One thing that sometimes just takes over me, is my curiosity. On approaching the objects, I noticed that they were old, damaged boats. Looking inside, frightened me so much, I couldn’t move. Dead bodies. It was a horrifying sight. I felt like I would just  turn inside-out.

Beside them, my attention was drawn to an opened jar labelled, “Dimethylmercury.” I had no idea what it was, but judging by the petrifying sight beside it, I guessed poison.

I thought to myself, “What do I do now?”

Week18: The Beremuda TriangleΔ

It was 03/01/1976. There was a man named John Hempton; he was an explorer.  Next day he took his boat named Betty out near Florida. Not long after he realised that his engine wasn’t working. He then remembered where he was – The Bermuda Triangle.

Eyes Closed, Pitch Dark, he didn’t know what to do. Light shone upon him. He opened his eyes and saw boats, trees and light.He looked up to see where It was coming from but he didn’t know where.

Would he ever escape from this place?

Week 19 : Mirror Image By Paul

A thirteen year old boy was walking in the woods.

“I saw that vermin running away from me. Little murderer. Coming to the  boat playground,” I spat and said “I know you’re there. Come out and let me see your insides.”

Each step was thrilling. There was the boat he was in. Knock…Knock….Knock… “Come on give me some hospitality. Like you did with them before you KILLED THEM,” I screamed like a demon ready to take a soul.

I slammed against the door until it burst. And it did. Instead of seeing the scum that killed his family…he saw himself in a mirror. Teeth bared, every inch of my body was writhing in joy to KILL.

I fell to the floor…

I killed my family…


Week 19: Tom’s Terrific Transporting Trip

When Tom was playing with his new toys he somehow managed to do something very odd and shocking. He ended up talking to the characters in his toy playset. He shrunk down to 1″1 ft! It was absolutely unbelievable.

He met this man called Jim, who was heading to the port where he was going to sail out to go fishing for sharks! He was mad! Tom decided to ask the fisherman if he could come with him.

” Yes of course”, he replied in a coherent fashion.

Tom only saw the boats as he was called by his mother for dinner. He teleported back and carried on with his usual life!

Meanwhile Global Warming occurred in the miniature world!