Week 5 Descendents Part 1 by Dylan K

Once upon a time,  far far away was the Isle Of The Lost. The Isle Of the Lost was a  dirty unpleasant place to live. On this Island lived four of the evilest kid villains – Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay.

“Everyone gather around,” chuckled Maleficent, their father. “You four have been chosen to go to Auradon School.”

The kids left for an adventurous journey to a new perfect life. When they arrived the kids found a mysterious dungeon!

Bang. The lock clicked and then…

Will the kids make it out? You didn’t think it was the end of the story, did you?

Week 5: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 3) by Jack

Tiptoeing past the man, we thought we were safe but out of nowhere, he pushed us into a miniature, diminutive room. The walls were very  dusty. Then the lock clicked and a loud chortle came from outside.

After a while, Amelia spotted a gap in the wall, revealing  a secret tunnel. Teeming with happiness, we crawled through. Aidan, who was very claustrophobic, was hyperventilating.

Eventually we escaped from the room but Aidan accidentally activated a booby trap. Suddenly, giant boulders fell from the ceiling, pushing Amelia down a hole…..

Narrowly escaping, we felt very crestfallen and bereft after losing Amelia.

(Below are links to Part One and Part Two of “Adventure of a Lifetime.”)

Week 1: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 1) By Jack

Week 4: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 2) by Jack


Week 5 The Strange Man By Calum

It was a Friday and It had hit 8 o clock.  I was about to close up the bank but there was a blind man trying to use the ATM. I then asked him if he needed any help and he said no and headed towards the door. Just before he walked out he asked me, “What time are you leaving?” I told him 8:30 and he replied in a deep voice, “That’s perfect.”

I thought it was strange at first but I didn’t take any notice afterwards. I was about to leave when I noticed I had some paperwork to do so I stayed to do it. Still there at 9 o clock, I heard a knock and then the lock clicked and . . .

Week 5 The Betrayal by Kyle

One day when I was at my friend’s house, he showed me a room and pushed me in.  Then the lock clicked and I was terrified. I tried to ring my mom but she was at work. Then I tried my dad but he at work too. Soon I found a light and I turned it on.

Suddenly I heard a knocking sound. I went to see what it was and it was my cousin at the window. He smashed it open and helped me out. I said, “how did you find me?” He told me that he put a tracker in my pocket. Quickly we went home.

Week 5 : The Snake. By Paul

My head was pounding as I walked around the school. “Why does a school need a security guard? ” I thought. Suddenly my head pounded even more as it willed my head to turn to a door.

I walked towards it even though I didn’t want to. What was happening? I kicked the door open. This place seemed like a dungeon.

“Nice to meet you,” said a voice in his head. After that, I reached a cage but it seemed like nothing was in there.

“Now please open the door.” Just as the thing spoke a snake longer than a highway reached my vision.

Then the lock clicked and…

Week 5 : The Prison Break By Bryan

There he sat bored ,tired and baked in the heat of his prison cell. His daily meal came through the wall. He looked at it, bamboozled and thought what was the effervescent beverage on his tray.

He heard nothing but silence … then the lock clicked and 2 guards walked in and said: ” Walker, you have 2 days to live because we are executing you due to the horrible crime you committed.”

He punched the wall in frustration and a pathway appeared. He walked through and followed the path.  Suddenly he popped up outside the prison. He ran but heard gunshots.  He saw guards chasing him.

He was on the run.??.

to be continued


Quietly I made my way  to the main square of the prison. Petrified, it was my turn to feed the beast down in the witch well. Many guards were lost down there such as Bobby and Sam. Anybody who saw the beast – never came out alive.

I remembered the training from Samuel. I lifted the lid of the bucket and saw a red effervescent liquid. I unlocked the huge gate and poured all of the liquid down the cold stone steps. Soon after I heard loud slurping noises.

All of a sudden I was pushed into the cell and the door was closed behind me.  …Then the lock clicked and… I was trapped.

Week 4 The Weird Giraffe =/ =] By Lukas

The teacher was taking us to the ZOO!

When we got there we saw a “Massive Train!” though it had only one cargo carriage with it . When we got to the ticket booth the lady nicely handed us a map .

When the lady said to our teacher that a new animal was coming, I was exited . We were walking past lots of animals quietly  – like the rhino, zebra , lion , the common giraffe and more . We heard drilling as the builders were just finishing the gates .

Then we saw it. We  saw a very tall animal. It was another giraffe but it had pink spots .

The first driving lesson By Adam

It was a sunny day out side. I was going to my first car driving lesson. I was driving a BMW. So we were off going full speed ahead (20 miles an hour) down the road.

I was stopping and starting and the car sounded so cool. I have a video of the sound. TTTTTT……….TTTTTT……….TTTTTT. My first lesson was a mess. My car broke down five times in two minutes. It was a disaster. Even though it sounded cool it was terrible.

I was heading home with my dad and everything was fine but then a police car pulled me over and I got a……………………………..ticket!  From this day on I took the train.

Week 4 A Weird Night by Laurynas

“Jason, Jason, JASON” the teacher shouted.

…Great-  just as I had a great dream of being a worker who is drilling a hole….

“As you know  it’s 5 minutes ’til home time, ” bellowed the teacher ” but Jason will be in detention”.

Everyone chortled. It was during detention when I saw the teacher doing weird stuff like a jiggly dance. Then she went in the art closet. Suddenly something came out. It looked like  a giraffe and I realised that it was a PINK GIRAFFE. I managed to escape and quietly I crept to the door and ran out.

“Who in the world is going to believe me,? I said still running.

Week 4 Hard Luck Giraffe by Sean M

Learning Irish the students heard a loud stamp outside the school. Meanwhile the teacher was writing on the new spotless whiteboard. One very demure bashful child was coerced into looking out the window to see what was going on.

All that was seen by the pitiful child was a rather large and odd looking pink giraffe. Suddenly the teacher turned 180 degrees and was staring like a hawk directly at the unfortunate child. She was just about to kill him verbally but then she heard a mysterious stamp.

Quietly she rang her cantankerous husband who was currently drilling a screw into a wall and had dropped a can of paint onto the giraffe that escaped from the zoo.

Week 4 All pink by Julius R.

Quietly the giraffe was passing the teacher in the darkness. She followed the drilling noise from outside the zoo . The giraffe got out and everybody panicked.

She was no ordinary giraffe – she was the rare pink giraffe. She came from all the way from Africa.

Every body tried to take a picture of her. She was getting dizzy. Somebody takes a picture right into her eyes – she fainted…The first thing she noticed  was that she was back in the zoo. She was no longer a pink giraffe.

Week 4 DylanK

“Good morning class,” said Mr. Murphy. “Are you ready for your school tour class?”

The bus pulled up and the whole class jumped on and took their seats.

“Here we go,” said the cantankerous bus driver.  As we arrived at the stunning location, we spotted a massive giraffe peeking through the tall trees.

“What’s that in the distance?” said Pat.  “A pink flamingo,” Jack said.

“What’s that drilling noise?. ”

“Oh, that’s the construction site next to our Zoo, answered the zookeeper.

The class had a great day out and would love to go again.


Week 4 The News article By Adam

Jeff: “Welcome to the News. The big news today happened in a school. The new exhibit was being open in the zoo. Over to James now at the opening ceremony.”

James: “It is such a sunny day today. The zoo has so many people visiting. Back to you Jeff.”

Jeff: “Ok  now to the big news, Today the big news is that a giraffe was chasing a pink car down the street. The driver was a college teacher. They passed people drilling holes. quietly someone shot the animal with a dart gun. That giraffe must have hated the teacher –  Onto the weather now –  Emily.”


Week 4 The Break Out by Dylan O C

One day I asked my mom if we could go to the zoo. Eventually, when we got up to Dublin zoo we met my cousin. We then got food and after we saw loads of animals. I said, “I want a giraffe.” My mom said, ” I don’t think it will fit in the house.”

After seeing all the animals we played hide and seek. My mom said to be back for 5 o clock because that’s when the zoo closes . At 5 the power went out. The animals quietly escaped and they followed a pink van. I couldn’t see and I fell into a hole that the zookeeper had been drilling .I was rescued by the fire brigade.

I never went back ever again.

Week 4: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 2) by Jack

After Eoin’s disastrous debacle, I had to find a replacement. Luckily I had a backup, Aidan. Aidan was very bashful and demure but also incredibly tall. He was like a giraffe. We were ready to go.

Eventually, we arrived in Egypt. Scorching. Despite this fact, Ruth insisted on wearing her pink overalls.

We decided to split into two groups. Amelia, Conor and I headed into the Pyramids first. Reluctantly Ruth’s group stayed outside.

Quietly we crept in. Leading the group, I felt like a teacher. It was amazing. Suddenly we spotted a scruffy, hunched back man drilling into a pipe. We could retreat or keep going………

(This is a link to Part 1 of my story).   https://mrsboycesclass.100wc.net/week-1-adventure-lifetime-part-1-jack/

The Lost Giraffe By Calum

One day my class and I went on our school tour to the zoo. As we were walking through the zoo we saw the giraffes. Our teacher told us all about the giraffes. In the corner, we saw some construction workers drilling a hole. About two hours later after we had walked around the zoo we came back to the giraffes.

But when we were there earlier the sign said there were eight giraffes but we could only see seven. We looked and looked but couldn’t see the missing giraffe. I then noticed the hole that the workers were drilling. So I told my classmates. We quietly walked towards it and saw the giraffe with a big pink sheet over him!

Week 4 The trip by Gary

We were finally here. The bus trip had taken an hour. We parked near a pink van. The people were drilling nails into a sign they were putting up.

We went to see some giraffes first. Two of them were fighting to get some water. After that, we saw some monkeys. They were good at climbing and swinging. Next, we had lunch. When we finished our lunch we went to the seal area. Finally, we saw some gorillas.

When our tour was over the teacher said quietly that we could buy something at the shop. It was a great day out.

Week4: A Dream Or An Unusual Day by Kasparas

One very unusual day or in a dream – I don’t know which – I was in a tropical forest. I was in a middle of the tropics with a weird pink giraffe staring quietly at me so I stared back.

Although I took a while looking for civilisation – after an hour I heard a drilling sound from approximately  100 yards away. It was at a small village with a teacher arguing with the construction manager. She was a great affable person.

The first thing I asked was, ” where am I?”

She replied, “You’re in sunny California!.”

How did I get all the way from Ireland to California?

Week 4 A trip to the zoo by Sean Mc S

One day while I was quietly sleeping, my mom came into the room , woke me up and told me we were going to the zoo. On the way there I saw people drilling a hole.  When we got there I was excited -we saw monkeys, rhinos and giraffes. It was great fun.

Later, I went to the shop and bought some stuff. My mom found a pink dress for my sister. Then we went around again and I saw my teacher. We talked for a bit and then we went home. It was fun. I wish to return there someday.

Week 4 What a tour! by ShaneC

“Now don’t forget your sun cream for tomorrow,” said the teacher quietly, just before the bell rang for hometime.

Suddenly the classroom was empty. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow because it was school tour day. The next morning when I got up I went straight to school. When I arrived at the school I was stunned when  I saw that we were going on a pink bus.

On the bus, I was hoping that I would see a giraffe but then disaster struck and the bus broke down right next to a construction site. All you could hear was drilling. Everyone’s parents had to come and collect them. I thought to myself well what a  start!

Week 4: Trip to Dublin Zoo by Liam

I recently took a trip to Dublin Zoo. This was my diary entry :

My family and I got up very early and took a 3-hour drive to Dublin. We were delayed a bit by a construction team drilling the road. We got there at 11am. There was a short queue so we got in quickly. I was amazed at first sight to see all the animals, loads of swinging monkeys and lakes for aquatic animals.

I met a school group and their teacher when I was passing the flamingo habitat. There I learned that flamingoes aren’t born pink. Who knew?

I loved the African plains where the Giraffes were. I crept up quietly and slowly to get an amazing picture of a Griaffe.

I had a great day out.

Week 4: Rare Breed Giraffe by Christopher

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you cloned a giraffe and a flamingo together?

When I was small I always loved to listen to my teacher telling me how cloning worked so I tried it myself. I peered into the pond as I tried to ignore the sound of the drilling making the new habitat.

Suddenly I heard Michael scream, “It’s born, it’s born!”

I ran over thinking this is a joke but… it was real! When it was born it just stood there quietly staring at a wall. Eventually the Giraffe started growing hair with pink spots on it!

Week 4: An abominable mistake by Aivaras

“Listen up class, I want a project about a giraffe by tomorrow.”

So I was wondering about what I could do and then I got an idea. That night I went to the local zoo and I decided that I was going to steal a giraffe.

When entering the office quietly I noticed I was wearing my sisters’ socks: which were pink. When I was in the office I opened the gates. Suddenly two builders started drilling.

The following day when I came into school  my teacher said, “I said to do a project about a giraffe – not bring in a real one.

“Oops,” I thought.

Week 4 Our school trip by Ewan

We went on a school trip yesterday. It was to the zoo. The workers were drilling holes for the new animal shelter. The teacher asked  what type of animal was it. They whispered quietly that it was a rare breed of pink giraffe.

They said it would not be there for another ten minutes. So we went back there ten minutes later and they said that it was all a joke.

So on the way back and all the rest of the day I was wondering what they were actually doing? But then I went back the next day and they had monkeys in there.

Week 4 A strange trip to the zoo by Shane F

On Thursday  my class and I went to Dublin zoo . Our teacher told us were going to see the new giraffe . As we walked to see the  new giraffe I saw two men drilling a hole in the power box. I thought they were just fixing the power box but then they just quietly crept off.

Suddenly I heard a huge bang .The power went out and the giraffe ran out of his cage.  My friend Bob shouted “RUN!” There was a herd of pink flamingos chasing us …

Finally  we got home and we said it was the best school tour ever.



Excited I rushed to school knowing that today was our school trip to the zoo. I was the first to arrive apart from the teacher. I  couldn’t wait because I love animals. Little did we know that it would be the worst school trip ever! Firstly the tire on the bus went flat so we were late. Then when we got there  it was nearly closed so we had to rush.

Soon after my friend’s pink hat was taken by an ostrich. The entrance to the enclosure was drilled closed and the zoo keeper was drilling for ages to unlock the gate.

By the time he had retrived the hat,the zoo was closed and I didn’t even get to see the giraffes – they are my favourite.  Everyone was  sitting quietly on the journey home.

Week 4 A Strange Story by David

It was Friday which meant it was story day. We walked in and teacher told us we were reading a story with a pink giraffe in it. About five minutes in the caretaker started drilling to put up a  new class picture. We all went out to see it.

We then continued our story. It was a very strange story but it turned out to be a very good story. I went home and told everybody about the story in school.

At bedtime we were picking out a story and found the same one. When we were finished I put it back very quietly and had good dreams after it.