Week 6 The Witch of Elixir by Dylan O’C

One day I was in my room playing Clash Of Clans on my phone. But then I was told to take my dog for a walk. When I was walking my dog I was distracted by my phone and the dog ran into the ditch.

There was a sign that said -Do not come near here if you dare.I felt something under me.The material under me felt strange and suddenly the ground under me collapsed and I fell into a hole.There was a person at the top of the hole and looked at my phone. She said, ” who dares take my elixir?”

I asked her, ” who are you?” she replied. “I am The witch of Elixir.”

Week 6: We aren’t leaving without it. By Aivaras

“I said sit down, are you deaf or just stupid?”

Billy, Bob and I were on a roll again. We needed money and fast. Texas had a lot of banks.

SWAT had us surrounded but we weren’t going anywhere without the money. Billy blew up the lock and I rushed in to get the jackpot. The material felt like smooth paper. “That’s a lot of money,” I boasted. The problem is how were we going to get out.

“Move, Move, Move. SWATS here. “We weren’t leaving without a fight.

“Get ready boys. Open fire. “

Week 6 The Dungeon by Shane F

On a warm Spring day, I was searching for the dragons dungeon in the woods. Later that day I found a gigantic cave so I slowly crept down into the cave . As I went in deeper it got darker so I had to light a torch.

Suddenly a skeleton  monster jumped out and attacked me with his sword and shield. I swiftly drew my sword to attack it.  I managed to find the dragons lair .  I silently crept in there with a crossbow and sword in my hands. Eventually, I killed the dragon . I walked up the steps  and saw a big chest. I opened it and I stuck my hand in. The material felt like metal.

It was the legendary master sword.

Week 6: Captured by Kayden

I was captured. Two people grabbed me when I was walking down an alleyway and took me to their house.They put a blindfold over my face and got a box. They told me to put my hand in and to guess what was in it.

They said if I guessed right they would spare my life. I put my hand in and felt around. The material felt like it was a knife.

“It’s a knife or is it a sword?” One of them said, “Which one?”

I took a long pause and nervously said a knife. They then announced, “You’re spared now run and don’t tell anyone about us.”

I then ran thinking should I ring the guards or not?

Week 6: Abandoned by Kasparas.

And there I was in the blackout in 1939 World War II. I was only 12 living in London with my mother. My father and brothers have been taken to war. The least thing I liked about the war were the blackouts which would always start at sunset.

But it just had to be that day when our city was attacked by German bombers And everything was falling-  the candles, pots, plates, cutlery everything.

Then the most horrific thing happened.  I was reaching to get the matchsticks and the candle but instead, it was not a candle I felt; the material felt like a cold moist cloth.

Later when my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw my mother under that boulder.

Week 6: The Game Show by Christopher

All I had to do was to guess what was in the jar.

Suddenly I went on stage thinking about all the money I would win. I was quizzed a few useless questions like do I have a job? Then I was finally blindfolded.

Nervously I stuck my hand in the jar and the material felt like a fantastical, effervescent liquid that was sticky and slippery. I had three guesses and only had forty-five seconds left.

I used a life and guessed washing-up liquid, I was wrong. I guessed again and said glue, I was close. I then shouted melted glue. I was right!

Week 6 : Not so good By David

“Buy one get and get a discount in your local sports shop,” bellowed the television.

It was the coolest thing ever  – this tracksuit set was out of this world. It’s a shame we couldn’t afford it. I was just left with these baggy old clothes. I came into school the next day and there was a big crowd around someone.

“What’s all the commotion? I whispered to my friend.

” John has the new tracksuit,” he whispered back.

The same old John spoilt. At break time I felt  the top and the material felt like the silkiest thing ever. Suddenly he fell and the clothes ripped. …

My clothes are not so bad after all I thought.



Week 6: The Running Man by Adam

I was running down the path in the forest.

“Where are you?” I called to my friend.

There was no answer. I continued running when all of a sudden I fell.
I was falling down a tunnel. It took two hours to reach the ground.
When I put one foot on the floor, I could not stop running at all.
“Help” I shouted scaredly. I went into a hall. There I saw a piece of clay, a bottle of elixir and a box. I put my hand in the box and there was material in it. The material felt like pieces of clay. …To This day  I am still running.

Week6 Halloween Horror Part 1 by Sean Mc

One time at a Halloween party we went trick or tricking. But I went to the haunted house. And this is my story.

As I crept up to the door I was pulled in by someone or something. I was very scared . I shouted HELP. I touched the wall. But I thought that the material felt like bones. I looked at the wall but it wasn’t a wall it was a skeleton. I ran to the door in shock.

But he caught me. I was petrified then. He showed me an effervescent elixir. I drank the elixir . ..And then I felt weird . ..

Week 6 Silence Part 2 By Kajus.

Sadly Father said, “Come on, son.”

I listened to Father because I didn’t want to make Father sadder. I went to the car and sat down and we drove off to the train station. We arrived at the train station and we waited for the train to arrive. The train arrived and the door opened and we went in and there was nobody on the train. The only people in the train were our family and the train controller. We sat down and the material felt like sand paper made in the 1800s.

(Part 1 : Silence)

Week 6: The Oakford Murderer (Part One) by Jack.

Oakford town was a densely populated town with a variety of both strange and joyful people. The atmosphere that night was very gelid and chilly. Suddenly, the wind swept up a torn poster –  WANTED. MURDERER. UNNAMED.

Being a detective meant that I had to get right on the case. There were three abandoned houses in Oakford. “The murderer must be in one of those houses,” I thought.

Walking through the town, I spotted a piece of cloth on the road. The material felt like flat cotton candy. It was a magenta sort of colour.

I felt like I had seen something like it before…

Week 6 The Men In Black by Shane C

“Come on quickly,” yelped one of the young robbers.

4 young robbers at the age of 23 had robbed the queen’s bank in Buckingham town. One of the men stuck his hand into the secret vault and the material felt like the queens crown jewels. Then the sirens were heard. It was the police.

The men ran screaming, roaring and shouting. They jumped in their van and drove far away from the bank. All the men roared in delight after stealing 2,000,000 pounds.  Meanwhile because they weren’t looking they crashed the van. The man in the other car took the money and ran.

2 of the men died and 2 went to prison. To this day nobody knows what happened to that man that got away.


Week 6 The discovery by Gary

It was the best day of my life. NASA said that I was going to Mars for two months.   On my 3rd day in Mars, something extraordinary happened. My friend Adam and I were collecting samples when all of a sudden I fell into a hole.

Adam said he would get help from the others who were working on the ship. While I was down there I saw some thing glinting in the distance. It was some sort of material. I touched it and the material felt like clothes. I looked at it and it was an odd looking shirt.

I didn’t realise at the time but I had just found out that life existed on Mars.

Week 6 Hide and Seek by Laurynas

“I pick that flower pot,” I said to myself clicking on a flower pot in one of the Hide and Seek servers.

Suddenly the game started. It was the mansion map – perfect. I ran into a random corner where no one could see me. After a while, the seeker was let out.

” Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me” I kept repeating to myself.

The seeker hit a few more blocks and went away. Seconds past and hiders were getting killed. Soon  it was just me left. Then the defensive sword came out. The material felt like a friend was beside me.

” Ok then,” I whispered to myself.  “Time to run.”

Week 6 A Change by Dylan K

Many people around the world  have very good friendships. But Jordan didn’t get to experience a good friendship. He always felt lonely. All of his class mates left him out. But that was all about to change.

On Christmas Day Jordan received a PS4 from Santa. He was so excited and felt over the moon. He put his hand into the box and the material felt like a mysterious soft box. He set up his PS4 and from that day on he made many friends and felt wanted.

There are many people without friends and Jordan always  helps them because he knows how much it hurts.

Week 6: Part 2 : Trapped in the Dungeon by KALLUM Y

Watching as the torch flickered and then went out, I was plunged into darkness. I heard whispers in my head telling me to walk down the steps. I was petrified.

I couldn’t help it –  the voices were so convincing . Slowly making my way down the steps the sounds of the beast below were very strange. I had to put my hands out to feel my way around. At the bottom of the steps,  there was a very uncomfortable material. The material felt like the coarse, rough  skin of a lizard…. The beast definitely didn’t like being touched.

I know this because now I’m one of the prison ghosts.

(Part 1 : The Witch Well )

Week 6 Surprise by Kyle

One day I found an out of the ordinary material.  The material felt like it was soft. It was fur from a rabbit. I heard something fall then so I went to have a look. And it was a rabbit.

It was sick so I brought it home and I took care of it for a few weeks . My dad  and mom were fine with this. When it was better I took it back to his home again.

Later that day when my dad came back from work he heard something. I had a look and it was the rabbit. Then I went into the house and I knew I now owned it.

Week 6: Spider attack! by Liam

“Have a good night”.

“Night mom,” I answered back.

Finally – peace and quiet. A long day coming to an end. Huh, what’s that?

” Mam! Theres a spider.

“Spider?”. my mam exclaimed.

Where? where?  Ohh, I see him. Easy, easy. Haha. It’s ok, dear, he’s inside this box. Do you want to see?”

“No! Get it out of here. ”

“Ok, Ok, bye bye little guy” my mam giggled in a kind way. The little monster made a web in that short time. The material felt silky and soft, but irritatingly sticky at the same time

Week 6: Part 2: On The Run by Bryan

On the run, Walker sat hiding under the bridge . He was still in his ragged orange prisoner’s uniform –  the material felt like a dry sod of turf. Then all of a sudden BANG. Walker turned around to see the police standing behind him with huge rifles in each of their hands.

“Walker, you are going down! ” exclaimed one of the guards. Walker ran as fast as he could but it wasn’t fast enough because he was caught, taken back to prison and the next day he was executed.

Walker had almost survived and almost was in freedom …but then he was killed .

(Part 1 : Prison Break)

Week 6 : The Forest Guardian By Paul

“Eh! Where are ye?” bellowed the lumberjack. “I guess if you won’t come to me I’ll chop down this here tree!” After that, he started revving up his chainsaw.

Suddenly the chainsaw stopped. It was cut in half. Shocked the man looked up from his chainsaw and saw a figure wearing black. The man looked so scared. The figure in black ran his fingers up the sword. The material felt like hot iron.

At last the man came to his senses and swung a wild swing at him. But all too slow.  Suddenly he pounced back and lunged, sword first, into the man’s arm.

No one came to the forest again.

Week 6: The Chocolate Factory By Robert

Once upon a time I went to the chocolate factory. I saw there Charlie Bucket and even Willy Wonka! I started running around the factory. As I ran around I saw the sign saying:

“Keep Out! (Only Robert Can Come In)”

“OOH a door only for me to enter?” I muttered under my breath.

I entered the room. It looked so cool. Everywhere was a blue, gold, red and orange colour. I saw a glass bottle. First I smelled it.


I don’t know why I did it but I just touched it and it was some material. The material felt like the chocolate.

Week 6 Attack of the smarties 2 by Kacper

It’s been 2 weeks since the zombie outbreak. We were wondering through the city. We were starving so we tried to find a shopping mall. We found a supermarket which was fine.

There were lots of food and a box that was called hot dogs.I put my hand in the box and the material felt like a cold fleshy body piece. I grabbed it – It was an ARM!

I threw it and said, “let’s NOT grab food from that aisle.”

Suddenly a blood coloured elixir like liquid  got my attention. I drank it and it tasted like blood. It gave me better vision, speed, strength and mobility so I could dodge the zombies better.

(Attack of the Smarties : Part 1)

Week 6 : The Scary Tree! By Calum

One Day I was out walking my dog when I noticed there was a trail of arrows leading into the woods. I decided to follow the arrows. Suddenly I came across a cross roads so I decided to turn left. Immediately after turning I saw a massive tree with a small hole in it.

When I reached the tree there was a note on it that said: “Put your hand through this hole and you shall be surprised.”

I put my hand through the hole and there was a material that felt like a wooly glove. It suddenly grabbed my hand. Pulling and tugging I freed my hand and grabbed my dog and ran as fast as I could. I never returned to the woods again.

Week 5 Trapped by Sean Mc s

He woke up in shock as to what has happened. “What is going on here?” said the boy. He was very scared and bamboozled. Then the lock clicked and someone came in and was wearing a black mask. The boy was very scared.

Then the man said, “Steal some stuff from your parents or else….”

“Or else what?” said the boy.

The man replied, ” we will beat you.”

Then they coerced him. But when he got to his house the boy told his mom and the cops . Later the cops came to be secret hide out and caught them.Turns out that they are wanted by the cops. And he got a reward.

Week: 5 The Locked Box by: Robert

One night I heard there was a Halloween version of “F.N.A.F. 4.” I thought I would play it.  I turned on the game and I thought that this game wasn’t scary but then I saw the animatronics.

I was now scared but when I would win the “Fun With Nightmare Balloon Boy” I would get 2 hours off from the night. I did it. I finished the game but wait…. a locked box? I tried to click on the locks. Then the lock clicked and …… the electricity had turned off.

Week 5 How lucky by Julius 5th

It was a dismal day in Kanturk where no one was talking. They were bereft  that Greg did not make it out of the building alive. 

…The lock clicked and it was over . The building  had exploded – The bomb went off – BOOM – The building had exploded into small pieces in just 5 seconds.  People started shouting that Greg was still inside the building. Everybody started to get upset and really angry at the people who had exploded the building.

  Ten minutes later there was someone who was walking out of the exploded building and everybody started cheering . It was GREG. 


Week 5 The kidnap By Gary

It was a nice summers day. My mom had to go to a meeting for a few hours. She told me the house rules. I had to do my homework; I couldn’t watch telly until she was back and I had to make my own dinner. About one hour after she left I had my dinner. I was finishing my dinner when someone knocked on the door.

I looked out the window and saw a man. He had a knife. I was just about to call 999 and then the lock clicked and in came the man. He put something in my mouth and everything went black…..