Week 5 Hard Luck Mike by Sean

Eating breakfast, Mike had an idea. He wanted to go to Spar. There was one problem that he wasn’t aware of. A drunk criminal was always wandering about. He was a very mysterious looking man. Mike was about just about to reveal his money which wasn’t too good of an idea anyway…

And that’s the last that the unfortunate young child can remember. Now he is in an abominable mansion. He absconded through the damp silent corridor. The silence was the most horrifying thing. Soon Mike tripped over a mat that was as dirty as mud. Meanwhile, the criminal was brewing an effervescent potion.

Then the locked clicked and. ..

Nobody wants to know what happened next.

Week 5 The journey by Ewan

We were on our 5th day of the journey. This journey was no ordinary journey. We were looking for the tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh. We weren’t looking for any specific tomb.

On  the 6th day of the journey, someone saw a spec of gold in the sand. I went over to investigate and it was a golden key. I was bamboozled. Then we found a pyramid. It felt amazing. Then there was a keyhole. I put the key into it. The lock clicked and then …I woke up and it was all a dream.

Week 5 Attack of the smarties? by Kacper

It had been 2 days since the zombie outbreak started. We found an army camp or something like that. We found lots of guns but I wasn’t into guns. I liked melee weapons more .But there was other stuff too. There were katanas and throwing daggers as well. My friend and I had oddly coloured eyes. I had red eyes and his eyes were green.We were bored so I said, “what do you call smart zombies?”

He laughed and said smarties. All of a sudden, we were attacked by the zombie hordes. We went into a bunker and then the lock clicked and the zombies were locked away.

That was a close one.

Week 5: Plan B! By Kasparas

One very unlucky morning we were supposed to go on a field trip with the school which we were looking forward  to.  But instead, the teacher changed plans and we were now going  to a boring artistic play.

The next morning I successfully snuck into the lounge and behind the sofa. I started to pick the lock of the filing cabinet behind me. Then the lock clicked and  I quietly took the wrong  paperwork and shredded it instead.

So we still went to the play and there as we sat on the chairs I got an idea –  “plan B ” – if the play is not interesting, let’s make it interesting”!!


Week 5: Then the Lock Clicked by Liam

Paris,France. Creeping through the shadows I avoided the security cameras. I had been on a roll ever since I hijacked the bank in New York. It was Childs play really. Back to the present, though.

I finally made it to the vault only to find out that it had a hydraulic lock on it ; the most hi-tech and secure locking device. Thankfully it had a pin code on it.

I quickly took out my MacBook and started hacking the firewall into the locking device. It took a few minutes but I finally cracked the code. Then the lock clicked and the door opened.

What stood in front of me was…

Week 5 The Raffle By David.

“Come back here you little  trouble maker,” roared out the two men. They were gaining on me. Up ahead was the gate with the lock and key. Then the locked clicked and everything stopped. 

“I’ve got dinner, “I said. “I hope you didn’t steal that!” my mother said. I was the oldest and everyone was depending on me to be able to feed them especially with six in the family. 

The year was 1928 and we got a newspaper every Wednesday.  There was a raffle£2.50 per ticket. I went on Saturday without my family knowing and bought a ticket. And that night I was coming home with about one hundred and fifty pounds.

Week 5 The Effervescent Potion by Dylan O’C

One day I was playing tag with my new friend  Paul. He suggested that we should play in the woods near my house. I wasn’t allowed to go near there but Paul begged –  just this once.

We played there for a half an hour but I then stumbled upon a effervescent potion. I brought it back to my dad.

“Where did you find that potion? ” he asked. “Did you get it out of the woods? When I said yes, he was furious.

…Then the lock clicked and the door was unlocked. We heard a voice and my Dad said to pack everything –  we were leaving.

Week 5 The Journey by Shane F

On a cold winter’s evening, I was in my sitting room watching the news. They were talking about how successful the colonies around the galaxy were . I was really happy how good the colonies were going. Mars has five cities in it now .

Suddenly a news flash appeared on the screen. The news reporter looked bamboozled and  he said that a huge meteorite was coming for earth . Two days later I packed my stuff and drove as fast as I could to the nearest rocket heading for Mars . I ran into the rocket. Then the lock clicked and the rocket launched.

Five days later we landed on Mars  – we were safe.

Week 5 Prison Break Out by ShaneC

As the gates shut on the new prisoner  -Alex Smart – he walked over to his bed and began crying.

Alex had just turned 23 and robbed a bank but nobody knew how. Everyone thought he was harmless up until now.

Alex spotted an effervescent liquid flowing from the centre of the wall. He hit the wall and it fell down. It was strange. He was now outside the prison walls and a car was there waiting for him.

He sat in  the car and the pale man told him there was a catch. The catch was he had to rob another bank. He agreed. He put on the mask and ran to the door… Then the lock clicked and waiting  for him were three guards. He had been set up.

Week 5: Trouble… by Christopher

I came back to school on my birthday, all excited. I hoped I would get a new TV because my old one fell. My Mom called to me shouting, “Come up and clean your room!”. As I walked up the stairs I thought I heard something growl…

I felt a bit sulky because I had to clean my room on my birthday but…as I walked in I saw a big box saying Charlie, and that’s me. I rushed to open it as I heard a bark…I think I knew what it was! …It was a dog!

My Mom was hiding behind my door and said take it out for a walk. When I was walking it the lead was too big and guess what?…it ran away…Trouble

Week 5 Halloween night by Denis

Then the lock clicked and we were in the haunted cold house on Halloween night.There was a type of bubbly liquid in the house. It was an effervescent kind of liquid. We turned around to leave but the door slammed shut.

So we decided  to go out the window. We went out and we saw a figure in the distance.  We didn’t run after it because we wanted to go trick or treating.

After that we went to the bonfire – it was a great fun. It was a terrific  Halloween to be honest.

The Funniest Day by Lukas :D

I was sick and I had to stay at home though my sister had to go to school . I was lucky . My Dad went to work and my Mom had to go too . So I got to stay at home alone! I was watching  TV for a while.

Suddenly I had an idea.  I could finally read my sister’s diary . I recorded my sister’s voice .Her diary has a voice lock . I went to her room and got her diary . I pressed the button on the tape recorder and then the lock clicked and opened . …

It had so many funny photos and letters in it.  The next day I embarrassed  her .

Week 5 The final piece By Adam

My friends and I get excited by a lot of things. This time, we were really excited. We were going to find the final piece of the puzzle.

But we could not find it. Then we came across a box with a lock on it. We had to press buttons to open it. We had three chances  to open it. It was our last chance.  Then the lock clicked and … there was nothing inside. The problem was that the owner kept the last piece in another box.

To find the key, you have to answer the question: It has four paws and you can keep it as a pet and it has 3 000 000 scent glands. What is it?

Week5: Silence. By Kajus

One day I was playing with my friends. We were acting like planes. When I came back home, everyone was upset. I asked my mother what had happened.  She couldn’t telI me so I went to my father’s office. He was talking to soldiers.

When the soldiers went out of father’s office, Father told me  that we were moving.   I was upset because I didn’t want to leave . I had my friends that I would miss.

The next day we went down stairs and we ate some food before we left. Mother opened the door and  then the locked clicked and …Silence.


Week 5: Lights out by Aivaras.

“Come on”.

Finally, my door opened. Straight away I opened all the blinds.  Meanwhile, my husband was at the science lab said he ‘d be back in 4 hours – It felt more like 4 weeks.

I went into my kitchen to make coffee. I went in and then the lock clicked and I knew IT was back. My kitchen was dark so I ran out but the door slammed. I locked myself in the bathroom. …

Some time later my husband came back and said , “Honey I’m home.”

There was no answer…

Week 5 Restaurant of horror by Laurynas

“Come on, Come on – work”  I whispered – scared – fixing the torch. CRANK – CLANG – CRASH the animatronics were coming.

” Pizza , pizza” one of them was saying. Oh no not Chika. Then two more emerged from behind her back. It must be them, Bonnie and Foxy. I stood up and ran to the door.

” Please don’t run away  – we won’t hurt you –  we only want TO KILL YOU!” the animatronics shouted.

I was at the door and then the lock clicked and out came another animatronic.

” No, it can’t be,” I said,” Golden Freddy, “No please don’t! ARGHHHHHHH.” …

Game over. …

” Well, that was a boring game,” I told myself putting away my Ipad.

Week 5: Lost by Kayden

As he walked down the hallway Tim looked inside every door of the asylum.He went inside every room where he heard a noise.There were hundreds of rooms there and he had a very weird feeling because of how quiet it was.

He was now lost because he went into a room and came out the wrong door. There were so many floors that he couldn’t find a way out.It was pitch black and all he had was a flashlight.

There was a door at the end of the hallway that he wanted to go in. Suddenly the door closed.  Then the lock clicked and he was stuck there. In the dark…

Week 5 Descendents Part 1 by Dylan K

Once upon a time,  far far away was the Isle Of The Lost. The Isle Of the Lost was a  dirty unpleasant place to live. On this Island lived four of the evilest kid villains – Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay.

“Everyone gather around,” chuckled Maleficent, their father. “You four have been chosen to go to Auradon School.”

The kids left for an adventurous journey to a new perfect life. When they arrived the kids found a mysterious dungeon!

Bang. The lock clicked and then…

Will the kids make it out? You didn’t think it was the end of the story, did you?

Week 5: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 3) by Jack

Tiptoeing past the man, we thought we were safe but out of nowhere, he pushed us into a miniature, diminutive room. The walls were very  dusty. Then the lock clicked and a loud chortle came from outside.

After a while, Amelia spotted a gap in the wall, revealing  a secret tunnel. Teeming with happiness, we crawled through. Aidan, who was very claustrophobic, was hyperventilating.

Eventually we escaped from the room but Aidan accidentally activated a booby trap. Suddenly, giant boulders fell from the ceiling, pushing Amelia down a hole…..

Narrowly escaping, we felt very crestfallen and bereft after losing Amelia.

(Below are links to Part One and Part Two of “Adventure of a Lifetime.”)

Week 1: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 1) By Jack

Week 4: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 2) by Jack


Week 5 The Strange Man By Calum

It was a Friday and It had hit 8 o clock.  I was about to close up the bank but there was a blind man trying to use the ATM. I then asked him if he needed any help and he said no and headed towards the door. Just before he walked out he asked me, “What time are you leaving?” I told him 8:30 and he replied in a deep voice, “That’s perfect.”

I thought it was strange at first but I didn’t take any notice afterwards. I was about to leave when I noticed I had some paperwork to do so I stayed to do it. Still there at 9 o clock, I heard a knock and then the lock clicked and . . .

Week 5 The Betrayal by Kyle

One day when I was at my friend’s house, he showed me a room and pushed me in.  Then the lock clicked and I was terrified. I tried to ring my mom but she was at work. Then I tried my dad but he at work too. Soon I found a light and I turned it on.

Suddenly I heard a knocking sound. I went to see what it was and it was my cousin at the window. He smashed it open and helped me out. I said, “how did you find me?” He told me that he put a tracker in my pocket. Quickly we went home.

Week 5 : The Snake. By Paul

My head was pounding as I walked around the school. “Why does a school need a security guard? ” I thought. Suddenly my head pounded even more as it willed my head to turn to a door.

I walked towards it even though I didn’t want to. What was happening? I kicked the door open. This place seemed like a dungeon.

“Nice to meet you,” said a voice in his head. After that, I reached a cage but it seemed like nothing was in there.

“Now please open the door.” Just as the thing spoke a snake longer than a highway reached my vision.

Then the lock clicked and…

Week 5 : The Prison Break By Bryan

There he sat bored ,tired and baked in the heat of his prison cell. His daily meal came through the wall. He looked at it, bamboozled and thought what was the effervescent beverage on his tray.

He heard nothing but silence … then the lock clicked and 2 guards walked in and said: ” Walker, you have 2 days to live because we are executing you due to the horrible crime you committed.”

He punched the wall in frustration and a pathway appeared. He walked through and followed the path.  Suddenly he popped up outside the prison. He ran but heard gunshots.  He saw guards chasing him.

He was on the run.??.

to be continued


Quietly I made my way  to the main square of the prison. Petrified, it was my turn to feed the beast down in the witch well. Many guards were lost down there such as Bobby and Sam. Anybody who saw the beast – never came out alive.

I remembered the training from Samuel. I lifted the lid of the bucket and saw a red effervescent liquid. I unlocked the huge gate and poured all of the liquid down the cold stone steps. Soon after I heard loud slurping noises.

All of a sudden I was pushed into the cell and the door was closed behind me.  …Then the lock clicked and… I was trapped.

Week 4 The Weird Giraffe =/ =] By Lukas

The teacher was taking us to the ZOO!

When we got there we saw a “Massive Train!” though it had only one cargo carriage with it . When we got to the ticket booth the lady nicely handed us a map .

When the lady said to our teacher that a new animal was coming, I was exited . We were walking past lots of animals quietly  – like the rhino, zebra , lion , the common giraffe and more . We heard drilling as the builders were just finishing the gates .

Then we saw it. We  saw a very tall animal. It was another giraffe but it had pink spots .

The first driving lesson By Adam

It was a sunny day out side. I was going to my first car driving lesson. I was driving a BMW. So we were off going full speed ahead (20 miles an hour) down the road.

I was stopping and starting and the car sounded so cool. I have a video of the sound. TTTTTT……….TTTTTT……….TTTTTT. My first lesson was a mess. My car broke down five times in two minutes. It was a disaster. Even though it sounded cool it was terrible.

I was heading home with my dad and everything was fine but then a police car pulled me over and I got a……………………………..ticket!  From this day on I took the train.

Week 4 A Weird Night by Laurynas

“Jason, Jason, JASON” the teacher shouted.

…Great-  just as I had a great dream of being a worker who is drilling a hole….

“As you know  it’s 5 minutes ’til home time, ” bellowed the teacher ” but Jason will be in detention”.

Everyone chortled. It was during detention when I saw the teacher doing weird stuff like a jiggly dance. Then she went in the art closet. Suddenly something came out. It looked like  a giraffe and I realised that it was a PINK GIRAFFE. I managed to escape and quietly I crept to the door and ran out.

“Who in the world is going to believe me,? I said still running.

Week 4 Hard Luck Giraffe by Sean M

Learning Irish the students heard a loud stamp outside the school. Meanwhile the teacher was writing on the new spotless whiteboard. One very demure bashful child was coerced into looking out the window to see what was going on.

All that was seen by the pitiful child was a rather large and odd looking pink giraffe. Suddenly the teacher turned 180 degrees and was staring like a hawk directly at the unfortunate child. She was just about to kill him verbally but then she heard a mysterious stamp.

Quietly she rang her cantankerous husband who was currently drilling a screw into a wall and had dropped a can of paint onto the giraffe that escaped from the zoo.