Week 4 All pink by Julius R.

Quietly the giraffe was passing the teacher in the darkness. She followed the drilling noise from outside the zoo . The giraffe got out and everybody panicked.

She was no ordinary giraffe – she was the rare pink giraffe. She came from all the way from Africa.

Every body tried to take a picture of her. She was getting dizzy. Somebody takes a picture right into her eyes – she fainted…The first thing she noticed  was that she was back in the zoo. She was no longer a pink giraffe.

Week 4 DylanK

“Good morning class,” said Mr. Murphy. “Are you ready for your school tour class?”

The bus pulled up and the whole class jumped on and took their seats.

“Here we go,” said the cantankerous bus driver.  As we arrived at the stunning location, we spotted a massive giraffe peeking through the tall trees.

“What’s that in the distance?” said Pat.  “A pink flamingo,” Jack said.

“What’s that drilling noise?. ”

“Oh, that’s the construction site next to our Zoo, answered the zookeeper.

The class had a great day out and would love to go again.


Week 4 The News article By Adam

Jeff: “Welcome to the News. The big news today happened in a school. The new exhibit was being open in the zoo. Over to James now at the opening ceremony.”

James: “It is such a sunny day today. The zoo has so many people visiting. Back to you Jeff.”

Jeff: “Ok  now to the big news, Today the big news is that a giraffe was chasing a pink car down the street. The driver was a college teacher. They passed people drilling holes. quietly someone shot the animal with a dart gun. That giraffe must have hated the teacher –  Onto the weather now –  Emily.”


Week 4 The Break Out by Dylan O C

One day I asked my mom if we could go to the zoo. Eventually, when we got up to Dublin zoo we met my cousin. We then got food and after we saw loads of animals. I said, “I want a giraffe.” My mom said, ” I don’t think it will fit in the house.”

After seeing all the animals we played hide and seek. My mom said to be back for 5 o clock because that’s when the zoo closes . At 5 the power went out. The animals quietly escaped and they followed a pink van. I couldn’t see and I fell into a hole that the zookeeper had been drilling .I was rescued by the fire brigade.

I never went back ever again.

Week 4: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 2) by Jack

After Eoin’s disastrous debacle, I had to find a replacement. Luckily I had a backup, Aidan. Aidan was very bashful and demure but also incredibly tall. He was like a giraffe. We were ready to go.

Eventually, we arrived in Egypt. Scorching. Despite this fact, Ruth insisted on wearing her pink overalls.

We decided to split into two groups. Amelia, Conor and I headed into the Pyramids first. Reluctantly Ruth’s group stayed outside.

Quietly we crept in. Leading the group, I felt like a teacher. It was amazing. Suddenly we spotted a scruffy, hunched back man drilling into a pipe. We could retreat or keep going………

(This is a link to Part 1 of my story).   https://mrsboycesclass.100wc.net/week-1-adventure-lifetime-part-1-jack/

The Lost Giraffe By Calum

One day my class and I went on our school tour to the zoo. As we were walking through the zoo we saw the giraffes. Our teacher told us all about the giraffes. In the corner, we saw some construction workers drilling a hole. About two hours later after we had walked around the zoo we came back to the giraffes.

But when we were there earlier the sign said there were eight giraffes but we could only see seven. We looked and looked but couldn’t see the missing giraffe. I then noticed the hole that the workers were drilling. So I told my classmates. We quietly walked towards it and saw the giraffe with a big pink sheet over him!

Week 4 The trip by Gary

We were finally here. The bus trip had taken an hour. We parked near a pink van. The people were drilling nails into a sign they were putting up.

We went to see some giraffes first. Two of them were fighting to get some water. After that, we saw some monkeys. They were good at climbing and swinging. Next, we had lunch. When we finished our lunch we went to the seal area. Finally, we saw some gorillas.

When our tour was over the teacher said quietly that we could buy something at the shop. It was a great day out.

Week4: A Dream Or An Unusual Day by Kasparas

One very unusual day or in a dream – I don’t know which – I was in a tropical forest. I was in a middle of the tropics with a weird pink giraffe staring quietly at me so I stared back.

Although I took a while looking for civilisation – after an hour I heard a drilling sound from approximately  100 yards away. It was at a small village with a teacher arguing with the construction manager. She was a great affable person.

The first thing I asked was, ” where am I?”

She replied, “You’re in sunny California!.”

How did I get all the way from Ireland to California?

Week 4 A trip to the zoo by Sean Mc S

One day while I was quietly sleeping, my mom came into the room , woke me up and told me we were going to the zoo. On the way there I saw people drilling a hole.  When we got there I was excited -we saw monkeys, rhinos and giraffes. It was great fun.

Later, I went to the shop and bought some stuff. My mom found a pink dress for my sister. Then we went around again and I saw my teacher. We talked for a bit and then we went home. It was fun. I wish to return there someday.

Week 4 What a tour! by ShaneC

“Now don’t forget your sun cream for tomorrow,” said the teacher quietly, just before the bell rang for hometime.

Suddenly the classroom was empty. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow because it was school tour day. The next morning when I got up I went straight to school. When I arrived at the school I was stunned when  I saw that we were going on a pink bus.

On the bus, I was hoping that I would see a giraffe but then disaster struck and the bus broke down right next to a construction site. All you could hear was drilling. Everyone’s parents had to come and collect them. I thought to myself well what a  start!

Week 4: Trip to Dublin Zoo by Liam

I recently took a trip to Dublin Zoo. This was my diary entry :

My family and I got up very early and took a 3-hour drive to Dublin. We were delayed a bit by a construction team drilling the road. We got there at 11am. There was a short queue so we got in quickly. I was amazed at first sight to see all the animals, loads of swinging monkeys and lakes for aquatic animals.

I met a school group and their teacher when I was passing the flamingo habitat. There I learned that flamingoes aren’t born pink. Who knew?

I loved the African plains where the Giraffes were. I crept up quietly and slowly to get an amazing picture of a Griaffe.

I had a great day out.

Week 4: Rare Breed Giraffe by Christopher

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you cloned a giraffe and a flamingo together?

When I was small I always loved to listen to my teacher telling me how cloning worked so I tried it myself. I peered into the pond as I tried to ignore the sound of the drilling making the new habitat.

Suddenly I heard Michael scream, “It’s born, it’s born!”

I ran over thinking this is a joke but… it was real! When it was born it just stood there quietly staring at a wall. Eventually the Giraffe started growing hair with pink spots on it!

Week 4: An abominable mistake by Aivaras

“Listen up class, I want a project about a giraffe by tomorrow.”

So I was wondering about what I could do and then I got an idea. That night I went to the local zoo and I decided that I was going to steal a giraffe.

When entering the office quietly I noticed I was wearing my sisters’ socks: which were pink. When I was in the office I opened the gates. Suddenly two builders started drilling.

The following day when I came into school  my teacher said, “I said to do a project about a giraffe – not bring in a real one.

“Oops,” I thought.

Week 4 Our school trip by Ewan

We went on a school trip yesterday. It was to the zoo. The workers were drilling holes for the new animal shelter. The teacher asked  what type of animal was it. They whispered quietly that it was a rare breed of pink giraffe.

They said it would not be there for another ten minutes. So we went back there ten minutes later and they said that it was all a joke.

So on the way back and all the rest of the day I was wondering what they were actually doing? But then I went back the next day and they had monkeys in there.

Week 4 A strange trip to the zoo by Shane F

On Thursday  my class and I went to Dublin zoo . Our teacher told us were going to see the new giraffe . As we walked to see the  new giraffe I saw two men drilling a hole in the power box. I thought they were just fixing the power box but then they just quietly crept off.

Suddenly I heard a huge bang .The power went out and the giraffe ran out of his cage.  My friend Bob shouted “RUN!” There was a herd of pink flamingos chasing us …

Finally  we got home and we said it was the best school tour ever.



Excited I rushed to school knowing that today was our school trip to the zoo. I was the first to arrive apart from the teacher. I  couldn’t wait because I love animals. Little did we know that it would be the worst school trip ever! Firstly the tire on the bus went flat so we were late. Then when we got there  it was nearly closed so we had to rush.

Soon after my friend’s pink hat was taken by an ostrich. The entrance to the enclosure was drilled closed and the zoo keeper was drilling for ages to unlock the gate.

By the time he had retrived the hat,the zoo was closed and I didn’t even get to see the giraffes – they are my favourite.  Everyone was  sitting quietly on the journey home.

Week 4 A Strange Story by David

It was Friday which meant it was story day. We walked in and teacher told us we were reading a story with a pink giraffe in it. About five minutes in the caretaker started drilling to put up a  new class picture. We all went out to see it.

We then continued our story. It was a very strange story but it turned out to be a very good story. I went home and told everybody about the story in school.

At bedtime we were picking out a story and found the same one. When we were finished I put it back very quietly and had good dreams after it.

Week 4 : Pinkolocas disease By Kajus.

On Monday I walked to school. We did woodwork at 1 o’clock and the teacher started drilling the wood. I looked to my right out the window and I saw a giraffe with pink patterns on his body. I found it cool but she quietly ran away into the field and through the bushes.

At 3 o’clock school had finished and I ran home as quick as a lighting. I opened the door and said hello to mom and went on the internet.  I googled ” a giraffe with pink patterns”  and found out that there is a disease called Pinkolocas which is terrible for a giraffe.

I told my Mom but she didn’t believe me.


Week 4:The Giraffe Heist by Kayden

There were 5 of them. 5 clever, pink giraffes waiting outside the bank. They were going to rob it.

One by one they started climbing to the top of the bank. Slowly and steadily they descended down from the roof to the vaults with a rope. There were cameras everywhere but the giraffes were able to dismantle them. Quietly they started drilling through the vaults and collected all the money.

There was only one thing left.The Diamond. They got through the red door and saw the 6-feet wide 6-feet high diamond. And of course, giraffe number 3 had to run over to it, hug it and sound the alarms by running over the trip-wires and through the lasers.

Giraffe number 5 (who was a teacher) then said “Oh well…We’re screwed.”

Week 4 A strange place by Kyle

One day I found a place in a test tube. I saw a pink giraffe and a teacher drilling a ninja quietly going around the place. I talked to the teacher. She was saying get out fast. I had no clue what she was saying so I had a look around the place.

I heard a man coming so I hid in a chest. I thought that he had a gun but he didn’t. Then a dog came in. I distracted him with a bone that I had for my dog. I threw it and the dog went after the bone so I got out safely in the end.

Week 4,The Teachers Quiz ,By Bryan

There we were in class working  quietly . Our teacher kept on saying, “This quiz won’t bamboozle me.”All of a sudden she shouted “YIPEE.”

She told us we would be going to the zoo the following day so we were all delighted .

We arrived at the zoo and all we could hear was a builder drilling into the ground with a congo drill. We got to the gate and there was a cantankerous man taking our tickets. We got in and we saw giraffes, pink flamingoes, rhinos and many many more animals. We all had great day .:)

Week 4 : The Zoo Trip By Robert

It was a nice Autumn day. We went to the zoo on a day trip because the teacher was very nice to us. Somebody was drilling the ground, Adam was looking for badgers. Paul like Kallum was looking for the wolves and other people were looking for their favourite animals .I was looking for the giraffes.

I saw  balloons for sale. There was a pink one – I don’t know why  I picked the pink balloon but I just wanted it. Then I saw the robber. He stole the giraffe. QuietlyI told the people that the robber stole the giraffe…..

But I woke up in the mist again…

Week 3 The Worst Day Of My Life! By Lukas ;(

It was 8/6/15 and something tragic happened that day . There had been  peace  for two years . But then it happened! There was a terrorist attack at an apartment and I was in it .

There were four stone pillars holding the interior . There were two suicide bombers charging towards the apartment from across the road .

Suddenly I heard gunfire and hid.  I then heard an enormous explosion . The apartment collapsed on us. I think about 50 people were killed . I was lucky because I was living on the second last floor . Though I was still stuck inside and injured.  Luckily a rescue  team found me .

I was lucky!

Week 3 Peace by Sean Mc

One day I was playing outside and I saw something in the sky. I didn’t make a big deal out of it but little did I know that it was aliens.

When I realised it, I was really scared. I ran down the street saying aliens are coming. Then everyone went silent but soon  started screaming.

The aliens came out and said “sedan ca” in alien language.  Then a translator said, ” do not be afraid. We are friendly.”

People were sceptical at first but after a few weeks they had decided that they could stay and then they signed a peace treaty.

Week 3: The Mist By Robert

One day I woke up and noticed that nobody was at home because it was very quiet. I was excited because I could now play on my brothers PC.  I also noted that my cats weren’t at home and I didn’t see any cars but I didn’t care about that.

I dressed up and wanted to go on my brother’s PC but I was very hungry so I decided to go to the shop.

Suddenly some black mist was following me. I ran as fast as I could but I was too slow and the mist got me.

Now I’m in the mist and I can’t get out of it.

Advice: Beware of the black mist

Week 3 : Peace by Sean M

One Autumn evening in the middle  of World War II, as I was absconding through the trench, suddenly I heard a defining BANG!

I ducked down and glanced to the corner of my eye, and there I saw an abominable looking man. I had just made eye-contact with this man. At first, I couldn’t understand his unusual accent but after a little while, I got the hang of it.

”A debacle has just happened. Will you please help me? ”

I said I wouldn’t fancy it but I decided to still help. I walked into no man’s land and one cantankerous man from either side came close. I flipped a coin and said you can choose. He said heads and I answered him saying you win. He then replied, “There are no winners here”.


EASTER 1916,6a.m.

I absconded from our small, dirty apartment worrying if would come back. I chose to leave this early because at this time Dublin seemed to be like a ghost town but in a couple of hours machine guns and bombs could be heard all round.

If you went out at this time you would never come back and that was a fact. Scavenging the streets all I could find was a few  pieces of bread but then I found a basket full to the brim with soup cans.  I  presumed that they were from yesterday’s raiding and I thought to myself that I would get through this.

Week 3: Shelter by Jack

It was an abominable sight. Shattered windows, demolished buildings, bombshells everywhere.

The morning was cold and musty. Looking around I spotted a shop with an open door. Quickly, I ran towards it. Suddenly, there was a BANG. As fast as I could, I ran inside and shut the door only to find two old, wrinkly faces staring at me.

After about two minutes I asked them if I could stay here for a while, as I had nowhere else to go. “Well, of course, you can,” replied the lady. Relieved, I sat down on a chair and thought “well what kind-hearted people.”