Week 3:The Missing Group by Aivaras

My papa didn’t come back for a week now. He went off with a group of people and a couple of Germans. The Germans came back but the Jews didn’t. I was bamboozled.

My roommate Shmuel kept on going to the fence on the far right where the Nazis couldn’t see him and I was getting suspicious. It was fairly dirty and smelly in my hut. It was time to go.

Before I came here my papa said, ” why can’t we have peace?” but I didn’t understand him. At night I tried to abscond the camp but a German rifleman shot me through my chest….

Week 3,The day Mr president stopped Isis ,by Bryan

One day the president of Ireland (aka me) had to attend a quick press conference.

I said: “Today terrorism will stop and the world will live in peace.”

I flew to Syria to meet the head of the Isis gang. My soldiers came with me to make sure I was safe .

When I arrived I headed straight to the meeting room . I was greeted by his people and they took me to his meeting room.

I said “Sir why do,you go about causing terror. You can have a place in the Irish dáil if you stop. ”

He said he would . The two of us got awards for world peace . Then the world lived in #PEACE.

Week 3:War-Torn by Kayden

I was alone.My parents went to the shop when I last heard of them.I got out of my house to see a war-torn country.Buildings were all on the ground.

I was standing in the middle of the town.War was still on and there were fighter planes all over the sky.Standing in shock I wondered when the war was going to end.I looked straight ahead and saw my parents coming back from the shop with tonnes of food.

We were the only family alive in the town.My parents were very happy when they came back so I asked why and they said read the newspaper.So I did and it said peace at last.

Hopefully, this would be true because the town couldn’t handle anymore.

Week 3 World War 1 by Kyle

One time there was a child and his father was in the war. One day the father was in a fighter plane and died. When his father died the child was put into a concentration camp in Poland. On the Second day in the concentration camp, one of the kids died in the camp and the child saw the dead body and the child started to cry.

When the child’s mother saw him cry she ran over to the child. While in the process the mother and child got shot.

Week 3 Finally at PEACE by Dylan K


One dark, cold night in London there lived a nice, friendly family.  Their father John Browne fought in the war. The children had a tough life. It had its up and downs .  It was coming up to Christmas. The kids were excited to see their Dad.

It was Christmas Day and the Family got up to a heartbreaking letter.

“Dear Mrs. Browne, we are sorry to tell you that your husband is missing and presumed dead.”

The family was devastated after what they had just read.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. Luke opened the door to his surprise he saw his Father. The family were finally at peace and had a very happy Christmas.

Week 3 They did it for nothing. By Kajus

One Day World War 1 had started on 1914. All you could hear were the shots from a mile away.  They were asking themselves – why were they doing this? They were losing lives and their lovers.

On Christmas Day, 1918 they all stopped firing their guns. You could still hear the echo of the guns. The people were injured –  their shoulders were black and blue.

They dropped their guns and got a leather ball and started playing soccer. They were asking each other –  what were we doing this for?

Week 3: Peace at war By Adam

It was world war 3. I was a soldier at war. The war was going on for four months now. We were doing our last fight.  Suddenly a tank shell shot at us. Bullets were being shot. My friends were shot dead.

It was Christmas and I wanted to be home for dinner. My family would be waiting for me at home I thought. Then I was shot and I was on the ground. We were losing.

Later someone pointed a gun at me and bang…………… a firework shot out from the field. Then everybody stopped and celebrated.  Thank God – the war was over.

Week 3 A Peaceful Battle by Shane F

On the first of March 1944, World War two was in full swing. I was one of many soldiers who fought in the trenches trying to defend a French city . It was horrible in there-  all I did was sit down and fire my gun back at the other trench .

Then one day we saw a huge white flag pop out of their trench. Suddenly they all walked out into no man’s land and their captain shouted out, “The war is over !”

As we all ran out we were overjoyed that we could go home without worrying about the war. Finally, the world was at peace.

Week 3 The press conference by Gary

This was it. I had been at many press conferences before but none have been important as this one. In this press conference, the other politicians would decide about the treaty. When I got there journalists came and asked about the upcoming press conference. One particularly good question was – who will you make peace with?

I then rehearsed the notes I had written for when I had to talk. Eventually, I had to go up. I became nervous very suddenly.

While  walking to the stage I saw the others talking I became even more nervous. when it was my turn I took a deep breath and started the most important speech of my life…


Week 3 How I witnessed it all by ShaneC

The noisy gunshots kept banging as soldiers dropped dead every five seconds. I had witnessed it all down in southern Italy as the Italians fought the French. My father was one of the soldiers and I was proud of him but still worried that something would happen to him.

Then he ran from behind a massive lump of sand and about 100 gunshots were fired at him from the French. As he hit the ground I burst into tears. I ran out to him as the ambulance arrived. I told the doctors that I was going to finish this.

I walked to the middle of the land and roared, ” I declare peace .”

Everyone cheered. I had made peace.

Week 3 Finding My Family By Calum

It was a cold morning during the war and I was woken up by the sound of gunshots. I got up and went towards my mother’s torn up bed. As I approached the bed I noticed that there was nobody in there.

I searched and searched but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked underneath the bed and I found my little brother’s ripped up teddy. I went outside to see if anybody was around but all I could see were soldiers running up and down the street.

A soldier grabbed me and said, “You shouldn’t be here”.

He took me to a massive tent and tossed me inside.  I glanced around and I saw them sitting down. I was overwhelmed with tears. I was so happy to find my family.

Week 3:A Child’s Type Of War by Kasparas

About five years ago when I was seven I loved to play war with fake guns in a field with all my friends.But those days are over now.No more playful fun just boring school and the rest of my life to live through so I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite wars I had in years.

It was at the crack of dawn. I went outside and called everyone over to the field with their guns. When everyone was there two captains picked their players.It wasn’t long before we started playing. Then one of our players betrayed us and that meant serious war. It  took all day and later, night came.

Eventually, everyone went home and there was peace for the rest of the night.

Week 3 War By David

It was a cold dark night- not a sound on the street. Of course, the curfew was for eight o’ clock.

The next morning an army general came to the house.

“We are looking for your son –  he is to go off to war. Pack your things and let’s go. ”

I said goodbye to my mother and father. While I was on the truck  I met a man called John Reedey. We talked all the way to camp.  When we got there we were told we were fighting the French.

We were split into groups and off we went to fight. It was a horrible fight. After the fight I was lying in the medics –  my arm was all bandaged up.

I was handed a letter. It read –  John Reedey K.I.A

I was so upset.



Week 3: Peace of our Time by Liam

Guns Firing.  My eyes blistering from no sleep. This was the norm now.

“Make sure, you have the essentials, water, food , blankets,” my mother repeated for the hundredth time.

“Move it, move it, more hustle less tussle!” the army man bellowed.

Finally, I thought, a relief from this war-torn country. I had never travelled overseas before. Across the Mediterranean is a long way especially by boat. I’m probably going to be bored to death. But at least I’m going to have a better life.

Out of the blue, shots reigned down on us –  we were being attacked.

We prayed, “Hail Mary full of Grace…

Week 3 How I share peace by Denis

I make peace with my parents and with some of my friends. Sometimes I can be cantankerous – sometimes demure. I often try to bamboozle my parents to get my own way.

It is nice to have peace and quiet as well. But that doesn’t happen all the time. I can abscond but not in a mean way. I’m happy with our peace when there is no war.

What is the point of war? –  people get killed for no reason. I couldn’t go to war – it is too risky.

Week 3 : France By Paul

The day was November 13 2015.

“Goodbye! I’ll make sure school’s get more money!” I (Francois Hollande The current president of France) said.

“SIR!” Shouted Samuel,my personal assistant.

“What is it?” I said. “Do I need to hear about Brexit for the fifth time EVEN THOUGH WE’RE IN FRANCE?” I screamed.

“There’so been a terrorist attack at a concert,” Samuel interrupted.

At that one sentence, I cracked. …“How could you?” “Why am I even president?” “You let hundreds die,” “You deserve nothing,” “I’m useless,” “Those people died because you couldn’t do anything.” ....

“Sir? SIR!”

“Yes!” I shouted. “What will we do?” Samuel said.

“I…I don’t know,”

Week 3 By Julius

Day 60 at the concentration camp  – row by row they all died in the gas chamber. Two weeks and one day to go until our execution day.

I became friendly with  a demure boy named Kyle – he was only 8 years of age and his parents died in the gas chamber when he was 5 . We liked to bamboozle the soldiers all the time .

3 days to go  – why am I still counting?  I should be scared.

Gas chamber day   – we gathered in the chamber. They locked us in. At the last minute, a man came in with a letter. The war was over and we were free.

Week 3 International Peace Day by Laurynas

“As President of Lithuania I vote for peace with the other countries,” I said.

“That’s Lithuania, only 20 countries left,” stated the president of Ireland.

And one by one the 20 remaining countries voted for peace.

” That’s settled then -this means THE WHOLE WORLD IS at PEACE” he shouted.

“Hurray” cried every president.

” As Lithuanians say: Tegu pasaulis turi taika ( which means let the world have peace).

” Ok let your countries have the most glorious day of their lives” cried the president of Ireland.

Week 3 : Concentration Camp by Ewan

It was my 4th day of the concentration camp and all my family has gone missing. I’ve met one of my neighbours and they’re taking care of me. …

I am now on the 16th day in this horrible place. And the numbers are getting lower instead of higher. So now I’m starting to wonder where are they going? What is going on here? Rumours are that they’re getting sent to another camp. …

We now just got told that the war has ended and we were set free. Peace at last –  but I was bamboozled when they wouldn’t let everyone go. Where are my family?

Week 3: Trenches by Christopher

As I ran up no-mans land, I got shot in the shoulder. I was too weak to hold my gun so I looked for a safe spot to hide. Finding a line of tangled trenches behind a bush, I hid there.

There were bombs coming down from the sky as I set up my sleeping bag and a small magnum ready for use. I bandaged up my shoulder and took the shell out – that was the worst part.

I magically fell asleep as If I were dead… I woke up hearing the noise of people shouting. I looked behind the bush and saw the Germans and us playing soccer. …Is this PEACE at last?

Week 2The B.F.G IS A kidnapper By lukas

My name is Mare. One night I heard a big stomping sound outside. It was strange because it was 1 pm in the morning. Everyone was asleep so I snuck outside and saw a giant . I was bamboozled when I saw him!

I screamed  when he came running at me – well I tried to. His big finger was blocking the scream. He picked me up. He started to jog-  I could see the trees flying past. Suddenly he changed gears and started to sprint. Now I could just see a big blur.

He took me to a mountain – there was a big boulder at the foot of the mountain. He rolled the boulder out of the way.

Week 2 Happy by Julius

Once there was a boy named Augustus.   He was a cantankerous little boy .   Now he lives in a cave with the big friendly giant. His parents  left him beside the cave because he was eating their Gingerbread house.  They sent him to giant’s country and that’s how he found the cave where the big friendly giant lives.

When  he entered the cave, all he could see was snozzlecumbers . Then he heard a loud stomping noise. Then a net fell on him. The giant picked him up off the ground  and asked him if he wanted he come to live with him. At last he was happy .

Week 2 James’ Funny Adventure by Sean M

Slowly waking up James wondered what to do that day. He was scared of meeting his aunts because they would be cantankerous. So he decided to jump out his window.

Suddenly he heard his aunt Sponge roaring at the top of her lungs. James decided to just run. He didn’t care where – just to get away from those abominable human beans. He saw a poster of a new shop opening up. He had been running for half an hour and was absolutely starving.

He then saw a big giant.  The giant grabbed James and brought him to a cave. He wanted company so dropped him next to his lunch, and shared it with James.

Week 2 Unexpected happening by Kacper

One day I woke up in the morning. I got dressed in my clothes and ate some breakfast. After I ate I told my mom, “I am going outside to play.”

When I came back I was passing by a huge boulder. I was wondering what’s behind it? I climbed up and saw a way in. Before I saw what was down there I heard loud noises coming from the road. I was scared so I fell in.

There were a huge table, chairs, and jars in there. They had names on them that said nightmares. Then I saw that there was something beside the boulder. I t was A GIANT! The giant saw me and grabbed me so fast that I couldn’t even react.


Week 2:Willy Wonka and The First Sweet by Kasparas

One night Mr. Wonka had a dream about discovering the first sweet ever made by old tribes. He had a time machine so it was a great start already.It took half an hour to figure out where to go and when to travel.Later he chose South America.

Later Willy Wonka tried to land as quietly and as far away as possible from the village. The village people thought they were enemies as he tried to convince them that he was an ally.I t wasn’t easy to convince them. 

Later there was a tasting ritual of some sort – it included a wooden bowl of honey mixed with chocolate and was put together into a health shop. The sweet was abominable and Mr. Wonka was cantankerous after this as the sweet was inedible. The trip was of no use  after all.

Week 2 The BFG by Denis

The BFG was going out dream catching one morning and afterwards he bought the paper.

The front page said ,

“Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was opening again.”

He was a big fan of  the chocolate factory. He and Sophie could go if they got a golden ticket.  From there on the BFG kept on  about the chocolate factory. The next day after he went dream catching he bought a bar. When  he opened it he got a golden ticket.

He went to the chocolate factory the day after with Sophie.

Week2 Mr Fox’s Adventure by Sean Mc

One day Mr. Fox was in his home and he decided to go on an adventure. So he set off. He went to the woods. It was very quiet but then he saw a creature so he hid.

Then the creature  disappeared so he kept going. He was getting tired so he took a rest. When he woke up he was robbed of all his stuff. He saw footprints. He followed them. Then when he reached the end of the trail he realised it was not the creature – it was just his friend who got lost. Then everything was fine.

Week 2 The BFG looks for Sophie By Gary

The BFG was finally at peace. Sophie visited him all the time. One day, though, that was about to change. When they were going to get some dreams from the very tall mountain the dreams were not there. They decided to look for them.

Suddenly something colossal picked up the BFG and threw him off into the distance. At the same time, the BFG heard them arguing.

“No I is going to gobble human!!! No me!!!”

The BFG had an idea. The BFG went over to the new giants. While they were arguing he picked up Sophie and pushed the Giants off the mountain  – never to be seen again.