Week 11 Show mercy and give less homework by Kacper

Greetings humans of earth,

I want to bring you a message, especially for teachers all around the world. It’s about homework. Kids sometimes spend 2 hours in front of their copies doing all of that homework.

They probably think, “I was working half a day in school and now I spend about 2 hours doing my homework, I don’t have time to rest, play outside, watch T.V or even not eat for HOURS!”

Everyone knows that sometimes you could spend a DAY just doing useless homework. I send this message so that the teachers might show mercy and give less homework.

Week11: Homelessness should STOP all over the world.By Kajus.

Greetings human of Earth I’m  Britain’s first robot to go to Space and I heard that Homelessness is a big problem in all parts of Earth . It’s a big problem in poor cities and towns.

Presidents of all countries should take care of the homelessness. A president should put two or three homeless families in a rented house. They should try and get them a job so that they could get paid and get food and eventually buy themselves a house and enjoy their life.

Week 11 : The poorest of the poor by Denis

Greeting humans of earth, I believe that there should be something done about the homeless people. The situation is  becoming a bit of a joke.There are people begging on the streets and people have children  to mind but they don’t have a home.

I think it’s time to put down the foot and do something to stop  homelessness. We could buy houses for them or do up some of the empty houses.

Week 11 Don’t do drugs by Kyle

Greetings humans of earth, I am here to talk about drugs. It is going around the world whether to do drugs or not. Well, don’t do drugs.

They could cause death and sickness. Someone could ask do you want one  – you should say no.

In 2015 a guy died from a drug and  it was immediately banned and no one was ever to take the drug again.

That is my reason not to take drugs. But it is your life –  I can’t tell you what to do or  not to do but this is for the safety of your life.

Don’t take drugs.

Week 11 Pollution by Sean Mc S

Greetings humans of earth. I am Peaky the Oh-bot and I think there are loads of bad things in the world. But today we will talk about homework and pollution. There is a debate on if homework is good or bad. But it depends on your opinion. Not anyone else’s.

We will now talk about pollution and how it is bad. It is when people do not care about the world around us. and it should be stopped and if it isn’t it is going to be bad. So you should be more careful. It will help out a lot.

That’s all for now.

Week 11 : Pollution message by Ewan

Greetings humans of Earth,

I am sure that all of you are often getting told of pollution. Pollution is a word that people spit out in a terrible manner and the truth is that everyone should say it that way. I really feel that we should now ask as a team if the public figureheads  would speak up about it.

Because we really need the whole world to get the message.

So what better way than from space.

Week 11 : The Smoking Pollution by Shane C.

“Greetings humans of Earth I have a message to grant to you,” said the robot in a sort of robotic voice followed by the words,” Smoking has been affecting a planet in the distance which in fact is our planet and we need a favour and it is for people to stop smoking or else planet Zarkond shall no longer exist.”

Nobody realised how serious this was until this robot also muttered out, ” If any more smoke comes out of planet Earth then planet Zarkon will have no water or oxygen.

Questions were flying all over the world and the robot concluded by saying the simple words of, ” Over and out.”

Mo chéad lá ar scoil le Dylan K

Is cuimhin liom go maith mo chead la ar scoil. La scamallach i lar an fhomhair a bhí ann. Ni raaibh  an ghrian ag taitneamh. Dhuisigh me go luath ar a seacht a chlog. Bhi sceitimini orm. Rith me isteach sa chistin. Bhi ionadh an domhain ar daidai agus mamai. Dith me ull agus ispini don bhricfeasta. Bhi an bricfeasta go maith. Bhi se ar a hocht a chlog. Chuir me an coipleabhar agus peann isteach sa mhala scoile.

Tar eis an tamaill chuaigh me ar scoil. Chonaic me an muinteor agus mo chairde. Thosaigh siad ag scriobh ar an mbord. Bhi fearg ar an muinteoir. Dhun se an doras agus  dfhag se an seomra ranga. Ansin chuaigh siad amach sa chlos. Bhi siad ag sugradh sa chlos. Go tobann thit me ar an talamh agus bhi me ag caoineadh. Chuaigh me abhaile ar a haon a chlog. Cheannaigh mamai an milsean dom. Bhi athas an domhain orm.

Mo Chéad Lá ar Scoil. Le Kayden

Lá breá Fómhair a bhí ann.Bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh go hárd so spéir.Dhúisigh mé go luath ar a hocht a chlog.D’ith mé an bhricfeasta, d’fhéach mé amach an fhuinneog agus chonaic mé an spéir gorm.Bhí sceitiminí orm mar bhí mo chéad lá ar scoil an lá ann.

Ar a naoi a chlog rith mé ar nós na gaoithe amach an doras agus shiúil mé ar scoil le mo Mhamaí.Nuair a shroiceamar ar scoil shiúil mé go dtí an doras na scoile. Shiúil mé amach an doras agus isteach sa seomra ranga. Shuigh mé síos ar an mbórd agus d’éist mé leis an mhúínteoir.Bhí buachail amháin ina sheasamh agus chaith sé peann luaidh chuig an mhúinteora.

Mo chéad lá ar scoil le Laurynas

Is cuimhin liom go maith mo chèad là ar scoil. Là grianfear i dtùs an Meàn Fòmhair a bhì ann. Nì raibh scamaill sa speir

Dhùsigh mè ar a search a chlog agus bhí sceitimìnì orm. D’èirigh mè agus rith mè isteach sa seomra Mamaì agus Daidì. Nì raibh siad ro-shàsta agus rith mè ar nos na gaoithe sìos an staighre. D’ith mè an bricfeasta go tapa agus chuir mè mo eadaì scoile orm agus mo cota, lamhìnì agus hata ar an eadaì scoile.

Nuair a shroich mè an scoil chonaic mè mo chara Kyle. Thosaigh mè ag caint agus go tobann d’oscail an mùinteoir an doras. Shiùil mè isteach sa seomra ranga agus thosaigh mè ag scrìobh ar an leabhar.

Go tobann thosaigh Rònan ag pleiciocht leis an mbord agus thit an bord ar an talamh. Bhì fearg ar an mùinteoir agus chuir sè fios ar a mhàthair. Chaith mè an là ag dathù pictùir.

Nì dhèanfaidh mè dearmad ar an là sin go deo.


Mo chéad lá ar Scoil le Shane C

Is cuimhin  liom go maith mo chéad lá ar Scoil. Lá scamallach i lár an Fhómhair a bhí ann. Dhúisigh mé ar a hocht a clog.

Rith mé síos an staighre agus isteach sa seomra codlata mo dheartháir. Ní Raibh sé ró shásta,”Amach,” arsa sé.

Ach thosaigh me Ag caoineadh. D’ith mé mo bhricfeasta. Nuair a shroich mé an Scoil chonaic mé mo chara Rónán. Nuair a shroich me an seomra rang bhris Ronan an fhuinneog agus lig sé béic as. Bhí fearg  ar an muinteoir agus chuir sé fios ar a mháthair. Bhí náire an domhain orm.

Ni dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.

Mo Chéad Lá ar Scoil le Jack

Is cuimhin liom go maith mo chéad lá ar scoil. Lá gaofar i lár an fhómhair a bhí ann. Puth gaoithe láidir a bhí ann.

Dhúisigh mé ar a seacht a chlog. Bhí mé ar bís. D’éirigh mé tar éis cúpla nóiméad. Rith mé isteach go dtí mo sheomra. Ansin d’ith mé mo bhricfeasta, nigh mé m’fhicla agus m’aghaidh agus chuaigh mé go dtí an scoil.

Nuair a shroich mé an scoil, rith mé isteach sa seomra ranga. Chonaic mé mo chairde ag súgradh. Go tobann, fuair buachaill amháin Bosca leabhar agus chaith sé suas san aer iad. Tomás is ainm don bhuaichaill. Tharraing sé ar an gclár bán agus bhris sé an fhuinneog.

Bhí ionadh an domhain ar an rang ach bhí fearg ar an múinteoir. Rug an múinteoir ar Thomás ach Rith sé amach. Leanamar air agus chonaiceamar Tomás ag titim. Thosaigh sé ag caoineadh.

Ní dhéanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.

Week 10: A Queue For The Ireland & New Zealand Game.

On the 1st of November, we flew to Chicago and we landed at 03:00 2nd of November. We flew for 11 hours. We drove to the hotel and we got the keys for the room and we put our luggage there.

We waited for 3 days for the Big Game and then we went at 05:00 because the Queue was long for the game. As the Queue got short as all the people got in the stadium, we finally got in the stadium and the game started.

At the end, we were so Happy because Ireland won against New Zealand. The score was 49 – 20 and we were so happy.

Week 10: The Never Ending March by Liam.

Trembling. Terrified.

Desperate for help, the last group marched off, as usual, never to be seen again. Soon after they would disappear, thick heavy clouds of toxic smoke would rise to the sky.

“… but where were they going? I want to know!” I would cry to my mom. She would always answer,” To a better place”.

We would have the same argument every night …until… Until the day she herself went on the march to the unknown destination.

Finally, the day has come for me to find out what was at the end of the march. Was it a big bonfire or a party? I would soon find out.

Week 10, Up for the Match by Bryan

Delighted,  excited and hopeful as the Cork city fans marched and sang their way down Lansdowne road heading in towards the Aviva.

Cork city was playing Dundalk  in the FAI cup final. A few of the Dublin population were the were wondering, ” but where are they going?”

Cork were the underdogs leading up to the match but they held their own and brought it to extra time. They were doing okay through extra time and in the dying seconds Sean Maguire netted a lucky but meaningful goal that led Cork to a 1-0 victory.

Cork were the champions

Week 10 : Wet. Dark. Foreboding. By Paul

Wet. Dark. Foreboding. It was still the same street, Poppy has always lived in. Dragging the same bag through the same street with the same weary bones with the same …

Her train of thought left the station when she saw two cloaked people walking down an alley. “But where were they going?” she thought

Beads of sweat trailed down her face. “Hello!” …..

Poppy’s mom went out to find her lost child. A grotesque smell hit Poppy’s mom. Suddenly she looked down the dead end alley. Poppy was hung by her legs. Her jaw was gone. She was trying to speak but all that came out was more blood. The last thing the mother heard from her daughter was a blood gurgling groan…

Week 10: Story of the TITANIC By Kallum Y

After nearly one hour we finally reached the deck. All of the lifeboats were gone but where were they going? I couldn’t understand.  At that moment the ship began to shudder.  Suddenly it split down the middle and we made a dash for the edge where the last lifeboat was being filled with people. My mother and I and two of my brothers got on but my father was stopped!!  Bereft, traumatised, confused – we left him on that sinking ship.

To this day 80 years after it happened I can still remember the last words he said to me…” I’ll be on the next one.”  But he never got on the next one.

Week 10 : Starved… by Christopher

Viciously and aggressively I pushed through the massive queue with all my remaining strength. The delicious smell of hot, cooking potato soup made me confident that I would get a cup of it. I obviously deserved it.

I finally reached fifth place in the race for soup. Just as the third person approached the cabin everybody heard the chef’s voice shouting,

“We’re out of potato soup!”

The sound made many people cry but also made many people angry. Suddenly a riot took place. The cabin was broken into and everything was stolen. Many people ate the powder of the uncooked soup off the ground…. they had no choice.

Week 10 The Long,Dark,Mystic Corridor By Calum

It was a warm,sunny beautiful day and my family and I were going to Disney Land. We got our wristbands and we decided to go on our first ride.

The ride looked scary and dark and not many people were queueing. Excited my brother,sister and I queued up. My mom and dad stayed back and waited for us.

We were then told to follow the two people in front of us into the long, dark mystic corridor. We had been walking for a long time and my brother and sister were getting tired. But where were they going? I asked myself.

Suddenly I turned around and ………

Week 10 The Robbery by Dylan K

Shocked. Angry. Scared. I spotted a dark figure robbing the community bank. I didn’t know what to do but I knew I had to do something. Suddenly the man hopped into a car with this other man and started to drive away. But where were they going? I decided I had to chase after these two evil men. I dashed into my car and raced after them with all my power and strength.

Finally, I caught up with them but the police had already caught them. I gave the police a full statement of what had just occurred. The men were sentenced to jail for life after their debacle attempt at robbing the bank.

Maybe I’ll be a police man when I grow up?

Week 10: Patrol Officer by Jack

Being a patrol officer was the worst job ever. Walking around an entire building, numerous times a day, was worse than watching paint dry. The gloomy, misfortunate atmosphere was just adding to my misery.

“Nothing exciting ever happens here,” I mumbled.

My only form of entertainment was titivating my suit. But that was about to change….Two days later, I was roaming around the prison, as always, when I noticed something bizarre outside. The prisoners were exercising in the courtyard.

“But where were they going?” I demanded, pointing at a group of them going astray.

“Finally something exciting,” I started getting ready for action….

Week 10 The Workhouse by Shane F

Hungry , scared and crestfallen. That’s how  my brother and I felt during the Famine. We lost everything. We had no food back at home. Our parents went to the workhouse before us and said, “We will meet you there.” The only choice was to go to the workhouse and it was only two kilometres away. It was only an hour away.

It was too risky to go to Cork or America. I don’t know how we would make money there. After an hour we made it to the gigantic gates. My brother asked, “but where are they going?”  I replied,  “to safety.”

Well, that is what I thought. We finally got to the gates and stepped in and I mumbled, ” Let’s step into the unknown.”

Week 10, Judging a book by its cover, by Seán M

Absconding cautiously along the narrow footpath, my brother and I were terrified as it was our first time being allowed to walk around town. Town was a dangerous place, to say the least. It had a couple of people on illegal substances.

Mom wasn’t too enthusiastic with letting us out into the real world. Dad, on the other hand, was okay with it.

Only a couple of hundred feet after leaving our haven we came across a cantankerous, abominable, suspicious looking group of men who were all carrying some sort of WEAPON!!! George my twin brother was thinking of turning around but I muttered quietly to not make eye contact with them. If we turned around they would have known that something was up. But where were they going?

Week 10 : Final chance By Bryan

“Go around the rear- they will attack when not expected so we need to attack when they don’t expect it,” exclaimed the sergeant.

”  Sarge, Lieutenant  O Brien, and Officer Dunlea left and are confronting the opposition” announced Officer Conroy.

” But where were they going? ” shouted Sarge.

O Brien and Dunlea wanted to be the heroes and save Ireland from Germany. When they arrived at Germany’s base they were well armed and when they realised how good Germany was they panicked and called for backup. Backup arrived and Ireland attacked and they tore the German base to shreds.

Ireland was victorious and O Brien and Dunlea received medals for bravery – they were chuffed.

Week 10: The Queue by Kayden

Walking down the road, my friend and I were going to his house.We passed a massive building and there was a huge queue outside it. They were all dressed in orange.We were shocked at how long the queue was but the main question was but where were they going?

We tried to get a look at what was inside the walls but couldn’t see anything because of all the people.We went over to a man and asked what was going on. He said, “Ye are too young to know lads.” So we advanced on. Suddenly there was a loud voice.


The next thing we heard were loud gunshots. …It was a queue waiting to be executed.

Week 10 The Meteorite by Dylan O`C

One day I was playing football in the sun. I called for my friends but every house I knocked on there was no answer. The cars were still in the driveway.I then started kicking the ball off the fence. I saw a dot in the sky but I didn’t take any notice of it.

Suddenly I saw my neighbors with a bag of food and I thought they were having a picnic so I went over to them. The dot in the sky was, in fact, a meteorite.

“Oh no, get to the bunker!” they cried.

Week 10 : Coffin house by Ewan

We were all in the workhouse hoping for the impossible  – freedom. But we all knew what the word impossible meant. Once you’re in this absolutely horrific place the only way out was a coffin.

Outside one of the few windows, we could see children queuing but where were they going? We could not see where they were queueing for because we could not see where the back of the line was.

And all we were all thinking was we wish we could be there at the back of that line instead of this dreadful place.

One day I will hopefully be there.

Week 10:The Object by Kasparas

The water splashing of the cliffs and the sun rising making the water all warm and efferesent. This is my type of affinity but suddenly I see this hoard of ships. I wonder to myself, “where are they going?”

But soon after being flummoxed by them I realize there was a weird object located in the horizon that looked similar to a submarine. The hoard of ships  worried me.

Soon enough the object realized that he was being ambushed so interestingly it started to dart right at them. Faster and faster they raced at each other which made me even more terrified.

But the most bamboozling thing of all was that it disappeared right before my eyes.