Week 1 The Big Match by Shane C

The big final started after weeks of preparation. Straight away right from the start, they were the better team by far leading with a score line of 3-8 to 0-2. The halftime whistle blew and I thought “well what a start”, as we walked towards the dressing rooms.

The second half started, Straight away we got the ball and with great passes we scored a goal and right after that we scored two more goals. The match was into the last minute and the score was 3-10 – 3-10. It was the longest minute I ever played. Then with a great pass, I got the ball and over the bar.

We had won.

Week 1: A new School…By Christopher H

I was shocked to hear that, I’m going to a new school tomorrow! It was an unexpected surprise. I sadly didn’t get to say goodbye to my school friends.

I didn’t waste time and got ready for the long day tomorrow. I didn’t do my homework and gave my school books to my friend next door and said bye. I got a new bag and some new crayons. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep that night.

I woke up full of energy as I heard the alarm go off…I ran off to school and since I was new everybody liked me and I thought “Well what a start.”

Week 1 : Day One by Julius

It was Monday,  my first day at my new school. I was in 5th class  and a boy came up to me and started to boss me around. I told him to boss somebody else. His name was James and he was in 6th class.

When the bell rang and it was time to go home he took me by the neck. I pounced him. I went home and I thought well what a start.

The next day  I went to school and he was not there.  Everybody was talking about him and they told me that he moved away. Needless to say, I was delighted.



Week 1 by Denis

We were all nervous  in the dressing room. We were about  to start the match. We were just getting our Jerseys. I was number  six. We walked  out to start the match .

The whistle blew –  it was the first half . WE SCORED the first goal of the half SO We were happy and I thought  well what a start.  Both teams abided by the rules of the game . Soon it was half time and we were  3 goals to nil.

During the second half,  we just scored again. We won  four nil.

Week 1 By Kacper

One day last Summer I got an experiment kit just like my friends. I was so excited to see what we could make.

We went to my friend’s garden and we all started experimenting. I mixed hot pepper, vinegar, water and dry ice. When I mixed it, it made a fog. It was smelly and the pepper went into our eyes so we couldn’t see anything. And I thought “well what a start.”

When I was older I was still interested in Science and  I set up my own Science business called S.C.P.


Week 1 by Calum

And I thought “well what a start.” We had reached the quarter final of our soccer tournament. We were about to play Watergrasshill. The last time we played them we lost 3-1.

The game started and we got off to a good start and we were winning 1-0 at half time. The second half started and we were under a lot of pressure but we pulled through to win.We were through to the semi-final .

That’s when things went downhill. We were drawing to play against the favourites who were Mallow. We started the game badly losing 3-0 at half time and 2 of our players were sent off. We got 1 goal back but lost 7-1.


Week 1 The Interview by Ewan

I was waiting in a room for someone to come in to interview me for what I hoped to be my new job.

When they eventually came in, she started asking me about my most recent job and how many other jobs I had. Well after all that talking I got it.

I was on my way to my first day at work and when I got to the traffic lights –  CRASH. A car went into my boot and I thought “well what a start”.



Week 1 My Debut by Seán M

Finally I was picked to start in the first team in the defensive midfield role, my favourite. Only an hour till kick off.

In the dressing room beforehand, all togged out tying my laces, thinking this is it my premier league debut. The whistle has just blown. I was just hoping for the best.

This was the best day of my life…

Next I heard a loud chant. We really needed three points. Soon comes an opposition player running directly at me. I couldn’t have asked for any worse, I gave away a penalty and I thought, “well what a start”.

Week 1 THE FIRE ALARM ! by Dylan K

It was Monday morning. The one day all children hate. So I packed my bag for the unfortunate time ahead. As I walked into the school yard I saw the new teacher MR BOURKE! He called me and my class mates over to the History Room.

My friends and I said, ” Well this is going to be a very long day!”

So we prepared for our class feeling depressed about the new teacher and for the next hour ahead.The class began and suddenly DING! DING!.

The school’s fire alarm had gone off.  The whole class panicked and ran in hope for safety. I thought to myself “well what a start! ”

Thankfully our brave teacher brought us to safety. And not one person got hurt in this tragedy!


Everything went wrong for me on my first day back to school. Firstly the local shop didn’t have the uniform I needed so I had to go in my old school uniform that was too short for me.

The first morning there was a check to see if we all had the proper uniform on , I didn’t! Soon after we had to abide by all the rules  – not having  the right uniform was on top. I hadn’t been in the school one hour and I was already breaking one of the rules!

That was the first day back to school for me and I thought, “Well what a start.”

Week 17 : The Beach Bombing By Colin L

“Where is the picnic area?” I asked my friend James as we walked across the new luxury beach. James shrugged and kept walking.

The beach that we were on was a new luxury beach with high technological advancements. But sadly was also said to be a crime and theft hot spot.

“There it is, by the restaurant” I cheered as I walked closer. But as I walked nearer BANG! A bomb went off under my feet. I laid on the ground feeling dizzy, as I got up every thing seemed to be in slow motion.. .

But right in front of me was a stairway to heaven.

Week 17 : D-Day 6th June 1944

D-Day 6th June 1944.
My squad were getting heavy fire from the German bunkers. I was getting low on ammunition. Behind me was a red river. Our radio was getting no signal. All I had to do was to eliminate a German bunker.

(Think it’s easy, try it sometime yourself.)

Moving into the trenches a German bullet went through my chest.
“MEDIC!”. I was bleeding out too quickly. ..

After the Germans retreated and it was over. Back home every solider was remembered by building a staircase into the sky to let them have a good journey to Heaven.

Week 17 : Stairway to Hell By Brandon

One day my friend Darren and I went down to Earth to get a new game console called the PS 84. When we got it we went back up to heaven and played GTA 76. But after awhile my mother came in and gave out at us because we were spending too much time on it.

She told us to give it back so we did. But the strange thing was when we were coming back we saw another stairway but this stairway was a lot different; it looked like a stairway to HELL.

We ignored it but then I heard my father call me. So I looked at Darren and he gave me a look. Then suddenly I ran down the stairway and Darren never saw me again.

Week 17 : Car Crash By Christopher

Suddenly Boom,Crash and I flew out the front window of the car. I went blank and everything around me was black. Eventually I woke up in a big field on a small Island. There was a staircase to heaven that was on a cliff.

I was amazed! “Am I dead?” I thought. I didn’t know.
The only thing I felt was me. I felt no hunger or thirst. Nothing hurted. I felt like I was floating.
I went up the stairs to investigate but…on the way up I went blank again…

I then started to feel my head hurt. I think I was alive! I was in hospital!

Week 17 : Stairway to Heaven? By Darius

I have done a lot of good deeds this past year. It’s not like I am a horrible person but I have made mistakes in life. Anyway, I heard that if you do a couple of good deeds then you can go up some stairway to heaven. My two best friends got to go up there and hopefully I will get there to.

Strolling at the edge of a cliff, I was enjoying the beautiful scenery. Suddenly I spotted two white doves circling in the sky. A few minutes later, I stumbled over a step. Looking up in the sky, I saw what I had been waiting for…

Week 16: Was it enough? By Aivaras

Suddenly it crashed. It was sinking fast and already two floors were flooding. It wouldn’t have happened if the person getting the messages actually listened to them. They thought the ship was unsinkable.

They were now launching safety boats. I was with Jack until it started to split in two. We waited ’til it went into the water.I found a board but it was too heavy for both of us. After a few minutes Jack died from the cold.

I found a whistle and with all my strength I blew it. But was it enough to make them hear it?

Week16: THE NEW HAMSTER. By Kajus.

When I woke up my family and I ate our breakfast and we got dressed. Suddenly we decided to drive to Tralee to buy me a new hamster because my other one died.

We walked to Pet Mania that is where I was buying the new hamster. I was picking the right Hamster for me. I picked my new hamster. It was a Dwarf hamster. I went to the counter to ask them to get the hamster for me please.

I picked a hamster that had golden fur and a grey line on her back. She is the cutest hamster that I own. Her name is Toffee.

Week 16: Suddenly by Christopher

As I walk off the boat onto the new Fota island suddenly a monkey grabbed my wallet. I had the ticket in my wallet for the hotel. This happened to other people too because there were monkeys that escaped.

I chased the monkey until it became dawn. Some zoo guards helped me. Eventually we cornered it and the guards threw a net over the monkey’s head.

The guards said that this was not a zoo monkey, this was another monkey that was wondering around the Island.

The guards brought the monkey to the cages to see if it was healthy so they could keep it. Surprisingly it was! They kept it!

Week 16 : Bouncy Castle Down By Liam

Two weeks ago I was at my cousin Darragh’s house because it was his communion. He had a big slide bouncy castle. It was so much fun

It was after the mass and we went to his house. It was still morning time and the slide was still wet from the night before. My cousin got the shoe mat at the end of the slide and brought it up. We all sat on it and started sliding down.

Suddenly, the castle started to deflate. The other two didn’t see it but a few seconds after it turned off I saw Darrgah’s dad coming around from the back.
I wonder if he had something to do with it?