Week 16 The Gang Dylan K

I really hate my night shift working at the bank. The dark makes me hear the cold, booming drips of the monster like rain and the devilish knocks from the stormy horrendous weather. Yet on one of those horrifying nights a crime gang referred to as The Bloods broke into the bank.

I knew somebody was there when I  heard the dreadful, ghastly whispers hollowing down through the deep halls. Suddenly the gang members said to me: Give us money or you’re Dead.

But I secretly dialed 911. Soon after, the police barged in and arrested the criminals. 2 years later the gang is in jail and I’m working from home.

Week 16: Lost again By Aivaras

And again… Lost… I forgot my map at my house. I was somewhere near a mountain and a forest. There was a cottage in the far distance in the Forest. I started heading off in that direction.

When I reached the cottage, I knocked on the door but no answer. Dead Silence. So I looked around and then started heading the other way. It felt like I was going in circles.

“Was I crazy? ” I thought to myself. “Maybe this time I was lost for real.”

Until I came up to  a road. There were two ways to go. I looked in front and behind. Which way?

Week 16:Surrounded by Kayden

I was about 100 feet from the gunshots. People were screaming everywhere. I looked in front and behind.Which way? I could hear the armed men running.Their footsteps were coming closer and closer.I looked around one corner.They were running down that way so I ran to the other.They were advancing down that way as well…I was trapped.

I ran into a building and dived to the stairs.I tried to stay calm as I walked up the stairs.There were about 8 civilians there being held as hostage. I panicked and ran back down the stairs.But I was too late.

They were everywhere.

Week 16 The War by Gary


Here I am in this horrible place with my men. It has not been an easy war. The enemies have been smart. We all need to be alert at all times for mines or enemy gunfire.

But one day they outsmarted us. We were walking slowly through a forest when I heard a strange noise. I looked in front and behind me. Which way.?

Suddenly I heard gunfire and some of my  men screaming in agony. I ordered my men to line up the way we had practised it. But they came at us from all sides. Then I stepped on a mine and my part in the war was over…

Week 16 A Lucky Escape By Calum C

It was a nice sunny day and I took my dog for a walk in the forest. Suddenly I heard a loud roar. I stalled for a second and I continued walking until I heard an even louder roar. Scared, I swiftly turned around and started walking as quickly as I could. All of a sudden a man came running towards me and said: “You need to leave”.

I asked him why but he just ran off. Suddenly I came to a crossroads that I hadn’t come across before. I looked in front and behind. Which way do I go? I asked myself. After a while, I eventually got out and I could see smoke billowing out of the forest.

Thank God I got out in time!

Week 16 The Giant Goblin By Sean Mc S

I looked in front and back. Which way did it go?

We were being chased once again. It was a good workout but not fun. This time it was a giant goblin holding a big bulbous piece of wood. It came from space so I ran to my house, got my sword and woosh.

I thought it was still alive as it was just knocked out so I hid it. It was very hard but I put it in my secret base for a few months. I forgot about it when boom it came bursting in to the room.

To be continued

Week 16: The Death Maze Part: 1 of 2 By:Robert

One day I was with my friends in the restaurant. We ordered food and ate it. After the meal, we went home and everyone was going the same way but not me because my house was in the other direction. Suddenly….. I got hit by something and fainted. I felt dizzy and felt I could vomit. There were four ways to go. I looked in front and behind.

“Which Way?” I was desperately thinking but then I heard a voice which I won’t forget and it said:

“Do you wanna play a game? One way is your escape but other ones will cause the death of your family or your friends. Choose wisely!”

At the end, he started laughing


Week 16 The Maze!!!!!!! by Adam

I was running down the hall. I turned left and right and left and right and always came back to the same spot. It was like I was in a maze but I didn’t see walls or arrows or even a path. I then heard hissing and I heard a noise that sounded like something was scratching a wall. I started running when I heard the noise coming closer. I looked back and saw nothing so I kept running. I looked in front and behind, which way? Then the beast popped up and was about to eat me …but the movie was paused.

So it turns out our hero is a kid on a treadmill watching a movie.

Week 16 The Scary Mansion by Kyle

I was watching a movie with my dad at home. A horror movie. The movie was called A Horror Mansion. By the start I could tell that it was going to be scary – no joke.

There were four people -one of them looked in front and behind. Which way? Two went frontwards – two went backwards. The two that went backwards were being followed by a man so the other two followed them. The lights went out for 5 seconds and then nearly everyone was dead.

But one only survived. Then his body was taken over by ghosts. The man that was possessed by ghosts still haunts us to this day.

Week 16 The Camp by Dylan O’ C

My Mom brought us to a camp in the forest. There were enough cabins for everyone to sleep in. My Mom had to go to work so she left. We were told to talk to a counselor to get us some place to sleep. We met a man named Jason and he said he was the only counselor there.

So he got our rooms checked out. After we went to ask him can we have a small camp fire but he wasn’t at his cabin.We had it anyway. Suddenly we heard a creek. We saw a man with a shovel saying I will bury you. We ran and I looked in front and behind.Which way would I go?  We ran straight out the exit and never came back.

Week 16 World War 1 by Shane F

Scared, Upset and frightened

It was 1917. It was world war one – the great war.

We were getting ready to charge out of the trench and take the trenches in the north. I felt we weren’t going to survive this assault on the others. They had five machine gun installments around their trenches. The mood in trench suddenly was dismal even Barry who was usually positive looked crestfallen.

But suddenly we heard huge motors from the sky! “It’s a war blimp, ” I shouted. “Charge!” the captain roared. The machine guns and blimp were mowing people down. I ran into the forest with 3 other people. I looked in front and behind. Which way will we go?

Week 16 Prison Break by Shane C

As the prisoners sat in church I kept planning my break out. I had one day or else my brother would be killed by the electric chair. The secret that nobody knew was that I was the man who designed the prison.

I eventually had it – we would steal the doctors key and climb out the window on the telephone wires. At 9:00 p.m we climbed out the window and the alarm went off but luckily we just got out on time.

When we reached the outside, life it was brilliant. I looked in front and behind. Which way had the police gone?

After 10 months on the run I was caught but my brother remained safe for the time being.

To be continued ……………

Week 16: A Life-Threatening Robbery by Christopher

As I walked into the shop I discovered a body hanging behind the door. I slowly went out but then saw somebody trying to steal my car; he had bloody hands and a big bag over his shoulder.

I checked if I had my phone but hesitated when I found out I left it in the car. I hid behind the counter and checked was he still there… He had disappeared.

After awhile I started to hear breathing at the other side of the counter. I looked in front and behind, Which way? While the burglar was moving he set off the alarm. He then ran…I was saved.


Week 16: It’s them:By Kasparas.

2014 5th of April.

A terrorist attack has occurred and people were killed and hostages were taken with me being one of them.There were five hostages – three were women. They were all counting on me.

We were taken to a maze-type chamber like ants watched by scientists. While everyone was freaking out, I was looking for ways to go out or find food which we would need to survive there. It was a steel dome that was keeping us from escaping.

On Day 9, we heard loud gun shootings and bangs from the outside. I looked in front and behind. Which way were they coming from?

Thank God help at last.

Week 16 : Antarctica by Ewan

I was on a ship to Antartica and the ship kept on swaying to each side.  Half of the ship had already been sea sick and the other half was about to.

Suddenly we had hit an iceberg. I looked in front and behind. Which way should I go? Then every body started to run around and panic. What choice did I have but to flee too.

Then water started to come in from each side but all the lifeboats had already left.

…Then all of a sudden… I wake up . It was all a dream.

Week 16: What an adventure by Julius.

On the 10th of April 1912, I boarded the luxurious white star liner aka the Titanic. There were 2223 passengers on board but only 20 life boards were.

On the ship. a few days later after we left there, a loud noise was heard.  The Titanic hit an iceberg and was going to sink in 2 hours but I was still sleeping so I did not know until a man came into the room and told me what was going on

. I walked out of my room to get on deck but the gates were closed. I looked in front and behind. Which way? There seemed to be no way out. I decided to just stay there until someone saw me and got me out…

Week 16 The Maze

One day I was at the park. It was 4:53 pm. I was walking that way and the other way. I began jogging with headphones and music on. It was a good time. But it was starting to get cold, so I started walking home.

After few minutes of walking, I tripped on a red glowing diamond. I tried to pick it up but as soon I as I put my fingers on it, it teleported me into a huge maze. I looked front and back. Which way? As soon as I started figuring it out, I heard noises coming from the walls…

Week 16 THE TRENCHES by Denis

It was a bad day for me. We were trying to find the trenches but there was no way we could find them.I looked in front and behind. Which way?

I could not find them and we were being killed. I was going to give up but my head said to stay going – don’t give up but it was time to give up. I was badly wounded but no one was going to help me when I was out in No man’s land so I laid on the floor and died.

Week16: Ghost Prank Backfires! by Kajus

Yesterday I watched this YouTuber called DaddyOfive.  He has five Children. One of his children’s name is Jake and he’s 16 years old.  Later that day his Friends came over to his house and messed around.  His Dad and Mom were talking about doing a prank on them. So the Mom went down to the basement and hid for 5 minutes before Jake and his Friends and their Dad came to the basement and sat down on the floor.

They saw ORBS which are the Ghosts and then they started freaking out. Just then Mom grabbed Jake’s leg. They panicked and decided to get out of there.I looked in Front and Behind. Which Way would they go?

Week 16 : Arachnoid By Paul

Crete was hearing stories since the New Year. Day after day he listened to the same story as he crafted a vase.

“Oh Crete,” sobbed Anne. “Nick…he’s gone. I…I only hope that the Gods would…-”

“The Gods will not do anything,” Crete interrupted.

Crete gave the mended vase to Anne and she left without paying. He was too angry to notice. Crete finally went to sleep. When He woke up he looked around and realised he was in a cave filled with webs.

A giant woman appeared around the corner. Her spider legs carried her immense body. Crete ran away. The only way he could go was into  a deep black pit. Crete looked in front and behind. Which way?

“Looks like I’m joining you, Clare,” he whispered as he fell into the depths of death…

Lá Nollag le David

Níor chodail mé go sámh mar bhí lá nollag ann amarach. Dhúisigh mé ar a Seacht a chlog. Bhí  athas an domhain ar mo chlann.

Go tobann Rith mé síos an staighre. Chonaic mé na bronntanais. D’fhéach mé amach an fhunneog agus bhí sé dorcha amuigh. Chuaigh mé amach agus thosaigh mé ag rothaíocht. Ba bheag nár thit mé ar an talamh.


La Nollag Le Calum

Dhuisigh me ar maidin ar a se a chlog. Rith me sios an staighre agus chonaic me brontannas sa seomra suite. Ghlaoigh me ar Mhamai agus Daidi mar ni raibh Mamai agus Daidi ro shasta.

Chuamar go dti an seomra suite agus D’oscail me mo bhrontannas. Fuair me broga peile nua. Bhi athas an domhain orm. Ansin chuaigh me amach sa ghairdin agus thosaigh me ag imirt sacar.

Tareis tamaill, chuaigh me go dti an seipeal. Nuair a shroich me an teach, dith me dinnear. Tareis, thainig Mamo agus Daideo go dti ar  teach agus thosaiomar ag imirt chluiche. Ni dheanfaidh me dearmad ar an la.

Lá Nollag le Shane Carver.

Lá Nollag a bhí ann.  Dhúisigh mé ar a seacht a chlog agus léim mé amach as an leaba. Ghlaoigh mé ar mo chlann agus ní raibh siad ró shásta.Rith mé isteach sa seomra suí agus nuair a chonaic  mé na bronntanais faoin gcrann bhí mé ar bís.

Ar a deich a chlog chuaigh mé agus mo chlann go dtí an aifreann as séipeal. Bhuail mé le mo chairde agus thosaigh mé ag caint leo. Chuaigh mé abhaile taréis uair a chlog. Nuair a shroich mé abhaile thosaigh mo chlann ag imirt peile.

Ar a trí a chlog bhí an dinnéar réidh. D’ith mé turcaí rósta agus prataí. Ar a deich a chlog chuaigh mé go dtí an leaba. Bhain mé an taitneamh as an lá. Bhí mé tuirseach traochta ach sona sásta. Ní dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.


Week 15: Animal Extinction by Aivaras

In 2017 I would like for animal extinction to end. We all love them and want them. Without them it would just be humans. I wish hunting would be banned. We need to do something and fast. The world started with animals so why end here.

I would love just to sit back and know that the animals are not extinct. The only place where you can really find the rare animals is in the zoo. No wonder! One time I saw a stray dog under a truck. It’s so sad to see this.

So please help save the animals.

Week 15 In 2017 I hope By Sean McS

In 2017 I hope that it will be a good year and I will have fun.  I hope I go on lots of trips.

I also hope to see my sister walk and talk.  Hopefully her first word will be my name.

I’m looking forward to my birthday.  I hope I get a big surprise.

I am looking forward to Summer and hope I will go abroad in the Summer with my mom, dad and my sister.  I would like to go somewhere warm.

I am excited for my sister’s future.

I think 2017 will be a great year and me and my family will be very happy.

Week 15: What Are the Benefits? By Jack

I would like to begin by bringing your attention to our planet. It has its ups and downs, but nothing can be perfect. One issue I have with the world is drugs. There is nothing good about them. You don’t know what’s in them, they cause extreme damage and harm to your body and you may become addicted to them.

Each year over 200,000 people worldwide are killed because of drug abuse. Think, what you would rather do, live a healthy, happy life, drug-free or go down the crazy, chaotic path of purchasing and consuming illegal drugs?

Therefore, in 2017 I hope that the number of people buying, using and being harmed by drugs will hopefully decrease rapidly and soon disappear.

Week 15 In 2017 I Hope by Shane F

In 2017 I hope that the new school is started because we need the bigger space . More and more children are coming to our school and we need a bigger school for everyone.

It would be great if we lowered the numbers that are homeless – it’s devastating to see all the people on the streets tired cold and hungry. There are loads of vacant houses

I would love if the world became more peaceful  – it’s simple to abide by the rules and stop fighting . In my opinion, all the nuclear weapons should be disarmed  and used for power and it would save us from using natural resources.

It would be wonderful if we save all the endangered animals like the tiger or the panda and to stop pollution -it’s ruining the ozone layer which is protecting us from radiation .

Finally I hope we start preparing to colonise other planets