Week16: THE NEW HAMSTER. By Kajus.

When I woke up my family and I ate our breakfast and we got dressed. Suddenly we decided to drive to Tralee to buy me a new hamster because my other one died.

We walked to Pet Mania that is where I was buying the new hamster. I was picking the right Hamster for me. I picked my new hamster. It was a Dwarf hamster. I went to the counter to ask them to get the hamster for me please.

I picked a hamster that had golden fur and a grey line on her back. She is the cutest hamster that I own. Her name is Toffee.

Week 16: Suddenly by Christopher

As I walk off the boat onto the new Fota island suddenly a monkey grabbed my wallet. I had the ticket in my wallet for the hotel. This happened to other people too because there were monkeys that escaped.

I chased the monkey until it became dawn. Some zoo guards helped me. Eventually we cornered it and the guards threw a net over the monkey’s head.

The guards said that this was not a zoo monkey, this was another monkey that was wondering around the Island.

The guards brought the monkey to the cages to see if it was healthy so they could keep it. Surprisingly it was! They kept it!

Week 16 : Bouncy Castle Down By Liam

Two weeks ago I was at my cousin Darragh’s house because it was his communion. He had a big slide bouncy castle. It was so much fun

It was after the mass and we went to his house. It was still morning time and the slide was still wet from the night before. My cousin got the shoe mat at the end of the slide and brought it up. We all sat on it and started sliding down.

Suddenly, the castle started to deflate. The other two didn’t see it but a few seconds after it turned off I saw Darrgah’s dad coming around from the back.
I wonder if he had something to do with it?