Week 20 The Ship At Sea. By Shane C

One night out at sea long ago:  “Hello, come in -come in- there is a killer whale heading our way,” said the skipper over the radio.

“Sorry I can’t help,” came the reply.

Suddenly we had no choice but to drive right at it. As we inched towards the killer whale it began bellowing. The noise was so loud it was like a volcano and an atomic bomb.

As we came closer we began to stray to the west where the whale wouldn’t see us. Just then the people on the radio started talking,

” We’re on our way.”…

7 thoughts on “Week 20 The Ship At Sea. By Shane C”

  1. Well done Shane, great story. You’ve used the prompt very creatively. That noise was certainly very loud.
    I hope that the voices on the radio were going to help you.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Great story Shane. Your story was great and your adjectives were fantastic. Keep up thee good work. Your story reminds me of a another story.


  3. Well done, great story.
    Star: Great punctuation.
    Star: Good use of adjectives.
    Star: I like your last sentence.
    Question: Where you out at sea fishing?
    Link: This story reminds me about when I went out on a boat trip a while ago.
    Star: Good vocabulary.
    Keep it up.
    Sophie G

  4. Hi Shane, really good story this week!
    ** Very good punctuation!
    ** Very good adjectives!
    Wish: None well done!
    Question: Did they get him?
    Link: This sort of reminds me of a book I read!
    Good luck!

  5. Another really great story, Shane! As loud as a volcano AND an atomic bomb? That’s pretty loud alright! Who were the people on the radio? Were they coming to help or were they coming to hunt the whale? Keep up the brilliant writing, Shane!

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