Short Story Competition: The Journey : By Dan

The boat began to slow down as a wave crashed against the steel hull. We were approaching the undiscovered island. I stepped onto golden sandy shoreline that seemed to stretch for miles into the horizon.


A tree smashed into the ground and a pile of rubble erupted out of the surface. Millions of tiny creatures swarmed out from the new hole in the ground.; they were heading straight for us.


Gunshots echoed from behind me and a man in rags carrying a gun emerged from behind a rock. The creatures were disintegrating into thin air. My filming crew dived to the ground and so did I. This was definitely a mistake coming here.

A few minutes later, all the creatures had dissapeared and the man walked over to us. We thanked him but he didn’t seem to understand, instead he scampered away into the distance.

We were all alone.

I pulled out my map and studied  it very carefully. We were on the north coast of the island. My film crew were still shaking after the terrifiying incident. I began to walk into the deep dense forest of palm trees It was at that moment that I heard a flock of birds flying away from the forest.


A poison dart flew past my ear and a group of people with the man that had saved us ran towards us. They were brandishing their silver steel swords and spears in anger. We were in trouble now.

“Run!” I shouted to my crew.

We ran back to the boat,raised the sails and took off. Our pursuers were beginning to climb into the water as we sped off into the sunset.

That adventure was not made for us!

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