Short story: Magic by Colin

I was at my father’s funeral, standing in between my Mother and older sister. Tears were stinging my eyes and rolling down my cheek. As I watched the coffin being lowered, I saw a faint flicker of blue underneath the coffin. Before I was able to point it out, the flicker was gone. After the funeral, when we were on our way home, the flicker of blue light was stuck in my mind. After a little bit of thought I came to the conclusion that I was hallucinating, but, just to be safe I would go back the next day to see if I really was hallucinating.

Meanwhile, underground a fairy commander named Rodger Barkley was sitting around an oval table. Three other fairy commanders were sitting around the table as well.  “This is a very important meeting,” started Rodger to his fellow commanders. “One of our main magic pipes has burst and it will take days to repair.” “But can’t we just use magic to repair it?” said the smallest of the group, Fred. “ Sadly not,” came Rodger’s reply.  “The laser barrier around the pipe has been locked so we can’t get in.”

At  11:24 am the next day, I hopped on my mountain bike and started down the road. The breeze was cold and the roads were wet but I still got to the graveyard. As I walked up the gravel path I felt an energy tugging at me. When I got to my father’s grave the pull had gotten a lot stronger.  I stretched my arm out and touched the headstone. Suddenly I was teleported to a small, darkroom.

There was a deep rumbling. “What was that?” said Fred in a worried, trembling voice. “Oh No” replied Rodger equally frightened. “A human!” “Oh No,” repeated the two others.

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  1. I loved this Colin. Well done! It had an Artemis Fowl feel to it! If you haven’t it read, read it – I think you’d love it. I certainly did. It’s a pity there was a limit to 300 words as I’d love to know what happened next.
    Keep writing & Super work.

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