Short story Talent show by Aidan

25 of January 2020 Friday

Dear Diary,

Today in school there was a poster on the wall for the local talent show. It was on Sunday the 27th so I signed up for singing. I hope I didn’t make a mistake Diary because I don’t want to be made a laughing stock. In science that day I got the usual bullying by Barry McCarty and we made a fake active volcano. I was paired up with Mike so that made it a small bit more fun.

See you soon Diary.

26 of January 2020 Saturday

Dear Diary

Today I woke up at 1 in the afternoon and watched TV. At 3 O’clock I went to rehearsals for the talent show in the hall. Surprisingly Mike signed up. He was going to chop his sister in half as a magic trick and through all the practice he wouldn’t stop grinning! When I went up to do my practice I sang the song “Bruises” and I was a bit embarrassed as I had only chosen that song because it was “in”. After it was Sarah and she did a pretty decent dance from the nutcracker. It felt like the day went on for ages with all the acts but I was proud of myself.

Bye for now Diary

27 of January 2020 Sunday

The day of the Talent show!

Hello Diary, I had the best day ever today. In the morning I raced downstairs and shoved a bowl of cornflakes in my mouth. I woke Mom and Dad up and we drove to the talent show and got inside. We looked for seats and watched all the acts fly by. Finally, It was my turn. I was a bit nervous but in the end, everyone clapped. I didn’t win but ended up coming 2nd

See you soon Diary.

One thought on “Short story Talent show by Aidan”

  1. Well done Aidan!
    I was hoping you’d enter.
    I love how you wrote it as a series of diary entries – so original.
    I’m emailing it off now so fingers crossed!
    Great work.

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