Week 38 The Zoo Animals’ speech by Adam

One day I woke up and I was an animal in the zoo. The animals were calm and didn’t hurt each other. (Or so I thought …I didn’t know how wrong I was.)

One day they were all bickering about who was the better animal. Everything was calm … ’til the lion called everyone out and then the elephant delivered his speech… Everyone got scared and the elephant said he was the biggest and all others were small.

Suddenly the giraffe walked in and a huge riot broke out… But then I woke up and realised it was a dream. Phew, I said to myself.

Week 37 Gold mine By Adam

One day Christian and I were at home bored. We decided to go to the haunted shafts. We found a massive rock and there was a hole in it and inside was a leprechaun playing some viola. We left him alone and went further in.

We got lost- inside what seemed to be an ancient gold mine. We dug up some of the gold and took it home and we got 400 thousand euro for it. We saved the money for college and educational stuff and in the end we both became teachers in the same school.

Week 36: Nature Walk By Adam

My mom and I were on a walk and we saw lots of things! We walked past a farm and we looked in and a calf was being born. We saw about 13 horses and a foal being born. We were walking through a field when the foal was born and the mother looked at us in a weird way, that’s when I knew we should run. We turned around and ran onto the road and saw some silage. We watched it for a while and then went home.

Week 35 Hanging Tree By Adam

One day I was in the forest taking my dog for a walk. We went to the nearby river and a tree was hanging over it. We walked over and a leprechaun jumped out from behind and said it’s bad luck to touch the tree without a leprechauns permission!

So we didn’t touch it and the leprechaun told us all the history about it. He said “When he was a wee young boy there was a bad hurricane and the tree swayed over the river and since then it hasn’t moved!”

I replied “That’s a very interesting story but me and frank my dog have to go home or mom will get worried so bye.”


Week 34 New pet by Adam

One day I was bored at home and saw an ad on tv- a raccoon for a pet?

I asked my mom and she said we could check it out. (That usually means yes!) We went to the pet store and the raccoon was in a box and up high so we used a chair to reach him. He was eating leaves and we decided to take him home. He stared at the sky for a long time and when we got home we gave him lots of affection and fed him a lot.

Week 33 Quiet Night By Adam

It was a peaceful quiet night when the sly robber slowly tiptoed into the house! He was tiptoeing around very slowly and came close to knocking a plate but just about caught it.

He went to my sister’s room but the creek of the door opening woke her up. She started screaming and the deafening screams echoed through the cold night… the whole house woke up and ran to her room and turned on the light.

The sly robber sneaked out and ran away and we decided to change our lock code on the door because that was an essential feature during his break-in for him!

Week 32 Time travel By Adam

One day Harry and I were outside in the forest playing hide and seek! There were a few other friends there too. I wanted to climb a tree but I said to myself, should I really do this? I climbed up and found a hole and I put my arm in and it teleported me back in time!

It was a time traveler!

I went back 10 years and met loads of people and it was like I was a ghost I could see everything but they couldn’t see me. I went back in the time traveler and it put me back in that tree and I had been caught.

We went home and we were all happy!

Week 31 Haunted Danger By Adam

One day Szymon and I were out on a walk. It was a very dull day. We saw a sign and it said danger and Szymon wanted to kick it but I told him not to in case something happened. We found a flower in a hole and Szymon picked it up and suddenly the sun came out and the dullness vanished.

But then we saw a tree that said haunted on it! When we went over to it a ghostly figure came out and chased us home! When we got home we jumped straight to bed!

Week 30 1 chance by Adam

One day my sister and I were sitting at home when suddenly we heard loud bangs so we looked outside.  2 robbers robbed a house and came out with a big black bag!

My sister and I went out and she distracted them as I snuck up on them and sneakily took the black bag and ran to an alleyway next to a house!

I heard a noise above me saying“Was this the only place you could hide?” When I looked up it was my friend Jeremy and I told him that I ran away from robbers! He told me the best thing to do is take the bag to the people that got robbed.  So the next day I did and everyone was fine again.

Week 27 No soap and a car crash by Adam

We were preparing for lockdown and it was a terrible time. My mom went to the shop and when she came home she had barely anything – people were bulk buying.

My older sister said “Was this the only bottle of soap there? ”

Mom replied, “Yes, sadly.”

We were stuck at home with barely any soap and cleaning stuff. The next day she went to the shop again and she went early to try and get more and this time she came back with more but she told us that she saw a car crash! She called the guards and ambulance and everyone was fine thankfully.

Week 25 Monkey escape By Adam

One day Conor and I went to the zoo and we were walking around when we saw our favorite animals! The Monkeys. We went over and they were eating bananas and jumping around. One of them jumped onto a small branch and damaged it. The zookeeper said that they were heavy animals because they ate a lot of food. There was one small black one and it tried to escape and he got out. The zookeeper ran after him and eventually caught him and took him back. He was happy to be back and got lots of love before we left to go home. Continue reading “Week 25 Monkey escape By Adam”

Week 24 Helicopter Ride By Adam

One day Owen and I were at the airport because we were always together. We were inseparable. Getting ready to leave when suddenly our mom came over and told us we were going on a helicopter – sky diving.

We were high up when Owen was getting ready to jump, he was strapped up when he accidentally slipped and fell out holding onto the side of the helicopter.

“Don’t let go” I shouted.

“I’m trying to hold on” He shouted.

He barely held on but the pilot landed the helicopter safely because we couldn’t reach Owen to pull him up. That night we could barely get to sleep just dreaming about those few moments where he could have fallen but luckily didn’t.

Week 23 Flu from the hospital By Adam

One day my friend John and I were sitting at home when we heard our mom call us down and asked us -“do you want to go see your grandad?”

“Yes!” we replied.

We went in and saw a sign that said: “Sanitize your hands before leaving.”

We took no notice of the sign and when we got home we all felt sick and went to the doctor. He said we all had the flu and to stay away from everyone. John and I persistently watched tv. We also played ball and juggled it really well. Jon was flexible and did lots of weird moves and before we knew it we were fine again and could leave the house.

Week 19 Huge Snow Storm By Adam

One day my friend and I were sitting at home watching TV. It was Christmas time so we were watching Home Alone 2. Suddenly the TV started glitching. We went over and had a look at it and nothing seemed to be wrong – it must have been something outside. Mom walked in the door and said: “there was a huge snowstorm coming in and making power cuts”.  We asked, “how did you get home”? She replied, “I had to walk”.

Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I asked, “how will Jamie get home”? She answered “I told his mom and she said he can stay here until things clear up.”

Week 18 The slow journey By Adam

My family and I were on the way home from a long journey to Dublin. It was so boring but luckily I had my IPad to entertain me. As we left the city there was a vast traffic jam and big commotion. “We will get out soon” My Mom Said. “But it is so slow,” I replied. We were there for hours on end. We got out of the city but as we were going into the town nearest to our home there was a crash so we had to turn around and go the long way. The journey was supposed to take 3 hours but it took 7 hours.

Week 17 Yellow bike By Adam

John, Richard and I were in the park walking around and playing soccer. We were having so much fun when suddenly we saw a yellow bike cable tied to a pole on the side of the walking path. We went over to investigate when out of nowhere people came running at us screaming-  “cut the cable tie fast.”

John accidentally tripped one and the other slipped. A few moments later the Guards came and arrested them. The bike had been damaged and it turned out the town council put it there and came immediately to fix it. They repainted it and cable tied it to the pole again.

Week 16 A stray dog By Adam

One day my friend and I were in town walking when we saw a furry dog tied on a leash. We went over to rub the dog when suddenly a vehicle slowly drove past with really loud music blaring. We stayed by the dog for a while but no one came to get the get the dog. We untied it and took it home.

A few hours later there was a knock at the door and when we opened it people were looking for a missing dog that looked exactly like the one we took  They came in and took the dog back and we were sad. Mom said we could just get another one and so we did.

Week 15 An animal for a day By Adam

One day I woke up and I was a giraffe. I went outside and saw a lot of animals talking to each other. I lived in a big city and there was so many shops. I walked around and talked to some of the animals and they were really nice. I was walking home when I heard a voice,

“Which way to the shops?” it panted.

I replied “down the road to the left”.

I went home and the next day I was human again and when I went outside everyone asked me where was I?

Week 14 Bee Hive By Adam

John and I were playing football in the garden when suddenly we saw a beehive. We told our mom and she called the fire brigade to come and take it away in a plastic bag. They came about half an hour later and said: “do you want to kill the bees or will we take the beehive away?”

“Kill them,” my mom said.

“No don’t kill them,” me and John replied.

“Why not?” mom asked.

“Because bees are useful and they pollinate our flowers and if we didn’t have bees we could die” we answered.

“How do you know all of this?” mom wondered.

“School” we replied.

Week 13 Christmas Eve By Adam

It was Christmas eve and I was sleeping when suddenly I heard a noise and woke up to check it out. It was just deer out on the lawn. A few moments later they started flying. I didn’t realise they could fly I said to myself. Then my mom walked in and said what are you doing awake?

“Santa won’t come if you’re awake! ”

I went back to bed until she was gone and I heard another noise but this time from the sitting room. I went to check it out and I saw something or someone putting stuff down… The next day was Christmas Day.

Week 12 Weird Elephant By Adam

One day there was a lion and a purple elephant. They were best friends. They both loved music and both played the violin. One day they were running around and saw people playing and they were scared the people might attack them. They ran away and saw a rock painted yellow. They went back home and were very happy. They were playing catch when the people glided over and the lion and elephant didn’t see them. The people thought the animals were adorable  – they went over and rubbed the animals and they loved it.

Lucky Save By Adam

One day Jimmy and Eve were debating whether to move country or not.  They chose to move to America and not to stay in France.

“But how will we leave” asked Eve?

“Either by plane or boat” replied Jimmy.

“Can we take a boat?” asked Eve?

“Boat it is” answered Jimmy.

They lived in the vicinity of the harbour and their boat was due to leave at around 3:25 in the evening. Jimmy was packing his bags and then realised and said: “what about our jobs?”

“I will go tell our bosses that we are moving country so we have to quit our jobs and find one in America,” answered Eve.

They left the house and it was a cold, rainy, windy evening. They were going to the harbour to get on the boat when suddenly they were stopped in their car at the railway tracks. A train had broken down right where cars drive over the tracks.

“What will we do now?” Eve asked.

“We will have to find another way around” replied Jimmy.

They turned around and the fastest route was 20 minutes away and the time was 3:00. They drove as fast as they could and when they got there the boat was gone.

“Nooooo!   What will we do now?” asked Eve.

“I don’t know,” Jimmy said.

He started pummelling the ground in anger.

” It will be fine,” said Eve “we will get the next boat and it will be fine.”

“There will be numerous chances to leave – it will be ok,” Eve said.

They got the next boat to America and when they got there it was really sunny and way better than France. Within the first week, they got jobs there and they were happy.

Week 11 The restaurant By Adam

A few days ago Ian went into the restaurant that his best friend worked in. His friend took his order.

“I will have a slice of bread with marmite.”

“I thought you didn’t like marmite,” his friend replied.

“No “he said “I like marmite and not butter.”

” Oh ok, anything else?”

“A pancake with Nutella on top , thanks. ”

When he was done he was about to leave but then a gang came in and shouted”on your knees and empty out your pockets.”

Ian emptied everything but his phone. He glided into the bathroom and called the guards. They came and everyone was safe and got their belongings back.

Week 10 Fiery News By Adam

One day my friend and I were playing in the fields. We were running through the fields when we suddenly saw a field full of red poppies. We went in and picked a few up and we took them home. When I got home mom was watching the news and one of the houses near our cousin’s house had set on fire. The fire brigade were on the scene alongside the police. We rushed over to the estate to see what was happening. When we got there 5 people got arrested for setting the house on fire. Luckily though no one was injured.

Week 9 Pumpkin Competition By Adam

One day my friend and I were at a farm and we saw 3 talking pumpkins. We thought we were seeing things but no they were real.

“You should enter the best pumpkin competition,” we told the owner.

A few days later we were at the competition and we saw them. They were all different colours, one blue, one green and one orange. The orange one spoke first and suddenly an avalanche of people came running over. The judges were in the vicinity and gave them the first place.  The person in second place was so disappointed that he pummelled his pumpkin until it broke.

Week 7 Museum By Adam

Yesterday we were at the museum. My sister saw something shiny and went over to look at it. Suddenly it disappeared.

“But where did it go?”she shouted.

I ran over and told her to be a little quieter.

“Where did the ruby go?” she asked.

“I don’t know” I replied.

She was very worried and annoyed.

“We lost our class we need to find them” I told her

We found them just before they left , we were 7 minutes away from being left there. Before we got on the bus home we had a look and the ruby was there.

“They probably just cleaned it” I whispered.

Week 6 The Robbery By Adam

One day John and I had a genius plan to rob the bank. It was time and we walked in and we asked the man at the counter could we go to where all the money is stored? The man let us in and we tried to steal a bag but it was heavier than I expected. Eventually, we got it out. We were really gullible and the guy asked could he see that and we gave it to him but instead he ran off with it. We were really annoyed and walked home.

Week 4 The Injured Bird BY Adam

My friends and I were outside when we saw a bird and it was chirping. We went over and tried to help it when it just wouldn’t take off. Our attempts to help the bird were futile because it had a broken wing. We were very glum because we couldn’t help so we put it in a box and took it to the vet. A few days later we collected it and when we got home we extricated it to the wild. The bird came back very often so we started to feed the bird and named it Jamal. The bird really loved us.