Week 1 Building Statues By Adam

One day I was in town playing with my friends when I suddenly saw my dad building a statue with his brother. The statue was of 2 people shaking their hand in agreement of peace in Ireland. All criminals were to be arrested! They were building it to the right side of the church gate. I went over to him and said “I never knew you built statues” “You do now” he replied as he went back to building.

Boat To France By Adam

One day I woke up and my dad told me to go to the beach. At the beach there was a boat and my dad told me that we are going to France. The boat was massive. I was eating an avocado when I noticed there was a zoo painted purple! I went in and saw an elephant named Bones. I kept looking at all of the animals and then I saw a water tank that had seahorses and lots of fish. When we got to France it was night time so we went straight to bed! France was very nice.