Week 36 At Gun Point By Adam

One day I was shopping in New York. I was having so much fun until everyone ran out of the shop and I wondered why?

A guy held me at gunpoint and told me to give him all the money I had. I gave it all to him and someone else came running in to save me but the guy shot him!

Someone else snuck up behind him and pushed and I ran out of the shop. We were out but the police stopped us and thought we were the robbers but we told them what happened and they let us go!

Week 33: The suspicous conker By Adam

One day Jamie and I were in the park. We saw conkers on a tree and we both took one home. I showed it to my mom and she saw a door on the back of the conker. I opened the door and there was nothing inside!

That night I went down to the kitchen and opened the door again and saw a green thing. I put my hand in and grabbed it. It was an Alien.

The next day my friend told me he found an Alien as well. We took the conkers back to the tree.  We put the Aliens back and never saw them again!

Week 32: Playstation breakdown By Adam

I was so happy I got a ps4 for my birthday! We were setting it up but I didn’t understand the instructions. A few minutes later the PlayStation exploded and my room was covered in black dust.

I went for a shower to wash off the black dust. My dad came home and fixed the PlayStation and made it work. It seems I wasn’t the only person it happened to-  it also happened to my cousin when he got one for Christmas.

When it started to work it was so much fun. We were all happy in the end. It was or best year yet because we both got a ps4.

Week 31: Jolly Jack By Adam

Jolly Jack is from Waterfly Woods. He is an affable friendly Jaguar that loves playing games. He loves to play with night zookeeper Tom. He is friends with everyone because he does not hurt anyone.

His favourite food is Jaguar treats. He is a playful Jaguar unlike others he is also friendly. He has no enemies other than Nulth. Jolly Jack will always ask others if they want to play with him but they mostly say no because he is a Jaguar.  But in the end, he makes friends with everyone. He acts friendly to gets them to play with him.

Week 28: Legs On The Tree By Adam

Early in the morning, my friend called me! I answered and he asked should we go to the forest? I said yes!

We went to the forest and found a tree with legs! There was a man and we asked him what does it represent? He said the marathon is on tomorrow and the legs represent the marathon!

We went home to get ready for the marathon because we did not know it was on the following day. When we got there we were ready to race. We were training all that day. We came 2nd –  so close – maybe we will win the next time? … who knows.

Week 27: Camping By Adam

Slowly Jim looked around the corner. The creepy man was still there. They waited all night but the man did not move. Later on Josh sneezed too loudly. Jim got angry and gave out! Suddenly they heard footsteps. Jim looked around the corner and the man saw him!

They ran so fast. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. The man caught up to them and asked would they show him the way out of the forest. In no time he was home and they got to go camping again and they were all very happy.

Week 26: The Trap By Adam

One day Jim and I saw a shiny yellow thing. We got closer. Then we realised that it was a trap. We were put in a cage.

“What do we do?” Jim asked

” I do not know,” I answered.

We saw a tiny thin man coming towards us. It was hopeless we felt we would never get out.

All of a sudden he let me out of the cage. “What about Jim?” I asked. ” He can go free with you.”

The man then told us he does not want to be mean – he just does not want his prize yellow trophy to be stolen. “Why is it there then?”I asked. He did not reply.

Week 25 : Super Bounce Power by Adam

Jim and I were going to the Bounce house to play on trampolines. We were only there 30 minutes. After we went to Bounce house we went to the skyscraper. Jim jumped in excitement but instead of jumping a million times he jumped once and disappeared.

He landed on top of the skyscraper. But how did he get up there?
I jumped and then I landed on top of the skyscraper. Everyone around wondered and one person rang the fire truck to get us down but instead we jumped once and we landed on the ground with no injury.

Week 24 : Tea Outdoors by Adam

I invited my friends over for a sleepover. I invited 3 people over. First we played a Fifa tournament and Jim won. Then we played Fortnite against each other and whoever got the most kills won.

Afterwards we had our tea and Jim asked could he drink his tea outside because it was a lovely day. He was allowed so he went outside and all of a sudden every one followed him. We were nearly done and Jim just finished his tea and threw the cup next door and it landed in the watery grass. My mom wanted it so I jumped over and got it.

I never invited Jim over again.

Week 23 : If I were in Charge by Adam

The manager is choosing a new person to be in charge. I hope it’s me.

Sadly the new person in charge is Charlie. No he did not pick me. But what if I was in charge? I would lead the team to victory every match. We would win the league and the championship cup.

Near the end of the season this year, we were in the bottom 3 and 8 points away from 20th. We were coming 18th and if we won our next match we would be 4 points from 17th which is in the bottom 3.

…Thankfully, we won -we’re safe for another season – thank goodness.

Week 22: The Forest By Adam

“Hey Jim,” Jey shouted.

“Want to go to my house?” ” Maybe tomorrow,” Jey said.

Slowly Jey walked through the forest of brown trees. Jey flew as fast as the wind through the forest. He climbed the ladder to get away from the town gangster team called one wing is one bull.

On his way home he saw a goldfish so he decided to fill a bowl with water and put it in it. Inexplicably the fish disappeared.  He was contemplating how to get it back. When he emptied the bowl it showed up again. Jey was horrified.

Week 21: Protect The Jewels By Adam

Tim and I were going to karate. When we got there we were told to put on a disguise to look like a tree. We had a mission to stay still until night. When it became night we started moving.  Our mission was to make sure no one stole the Jewels. We saw every person coming towards us.  We would stay still and if they got close to the jewels we would attack them and scare them off.

Inexplicably someone got behind us but luckily I saw him and scared him off. In the morning we barely got home due to hazardous weather. When we got home our teacher gave us a medal for being so brave.

Week 20: Thanks To Dwayne By Adam

We were moving very fast when the boat hit a rock and we started to sink. Suddenly I saw another ship. Sometime later I saw a helicopter. I started to wave my hands they didn’t see us but the ship did. They came straight to our aid.

“Thanks, Dwayne,” I said.

He replied, ” no problem it’s my job to keep the sea safe. I wonder how did this prize boat sink?”

We had to plan a hotel randezvous  because builders thought we were gone forever so they annihilated our house. But instead Dwayne said we could live in his mansion and in the end we were all happy.

Week 17: The Mystery By Adam

One dark dreary night I saw something in my press. It looked like a red snake. As the clock chimed at midnight I went outside and cycled to my friend’s house. I got him to come to my house the following morning and all we saw was my dog.

The day went on. When it turned nighttime I saw it again and told my friend to take a picture of it. Before we turned on the light it had disappeared. It was inexplicable. My friend was contemplating what to do.

Outside something hazardous was slithering around the garden. A snake was found in the morning and taken to the pet store.

Week 16: James Is A Hand For A Day By Adam

Earlier today James the professor spilled a potion which turned him into a hand. He was contemplating for 4 hours trying to think of a plan. Jim and I were trying to find a potion to change him back.

Jim’s mother chuckled in the corner. My dad was in the other corner with an angry look in his deep dark eyes. We had to sleep in the lab because of the hazardous weather. That was not a good omen.

The next day we found a potion to get James back to normal. When we got home my mother was getting bombarded with questions by my sister.

Week15: 2018 By Adam

In the beginning of 2018, there were loud noises in every house. My sister was going mad and also causing pandemonium. The boy across the street was up to his old shenanigans. Outside the weather was hazardous. My friend John coerced his brother to run on ice so in the end, his brother said yes. His brother was excellent. When he came in, his mum lambasted him for going out. That was not a good omen I said. So John and I chuckled and I went home and had some fun.

It was the best start ever to a year.

Week 13: The Escape By Adam

Today my friend and I are off to the museum. The road was bombarded with people. In the museum, we saw everything we wanted to.

“There’s an upstairs you know,” said a Guard.

We went upstairs and the Guard started chasing us. Speeding down the hall trying to escape we went into the “zoo” room. When we got there the tiger was blocking our escape. We ran as fast as the wind. Slowly we crept past the Guard station. We got home pumping for breath. Later we heard that pandemonium broke out in the zoo.

Then John’s tears streamed down as he started to cry.

Week 12: Successful Robbery By Adam

James, John and I are going to Crock Creek today. It will be a long journey with the pandemonium that John causes.

Carefully during school, we crept out and John took ages. Hiding behind the door waiting was boring, but he got out. We went to the castle and stole 3 diamonds. James was aggressive as we hurried into the town.

“We are so energetic” said John.

The guy eating the white sandwich was following them.

“He looks scary. ”

“His phone’s battery is dead.”

“Well I am going home” said James. “I am too” said John and I.

We all went home. It was a successful robbery.

Week 11: The Bad Weather By Adam

The trees were blowing in St James Park. There’s one thing Jim loves doing in rain –  splashing in puddles of water.

“But it’s raining,” said Jim’s mum.

Jim did not care if it was raining or not. That day there was pandemonium in there because the park was flooded. Jim was mad kept shouting at his mom that he wanted to go to the park anyway. Still, his mum kept saying no.

Jim’s friend Alexis goes out in the rain also.

“Hey Alex,” shouted Jim” are you going to the park after the flood?”

Jim was abominable,  angry and aggresive.

Week 10: Rob The Bank By Adam

Today is the day. A  couple of months ago Cillian coerced me to rob money from the bank. So I decided I would have to do it or I’d have a black eye. I will do it with my friend Jordan. Jordan is dying to rob the bank. Jordan is really brave. He is as brave as a lion.

“Jordan” I said,” meet me at 6 o clock and we will rob the bank.”

When we went in Jordan just smashed the cash register. It broke into 1000 pieces. Jordan kept shouting but where would we hide it all?

Shortly after the cops arrive and we are going to prison for the first time.

Week 9: Freak Out Night By Adam

One day James was shopping in the city. After an hour he bought cameras and put them up. He wanted to prove to his friends that ghosts were real.

Later when he checked on his camera, it showed something or somebody transparent. He was horrified. He rushed to his friend’s house with disbelief. How is this happening? he said to himself. John his friend was sitting at a table with a coke in his hand. “Hey, John look what’s on my camera. “They ended in their rooms with such disbelief.

Week 7: The Golden Legend By Adam

One day I was with my family. We went to an abandoned place. When we went in the door slammed. As the door slammed I knew that someone lived here. As we walked further we heard the creaking of a door. We opened the door there he was …the golden legend.

We quietly went around. Suddenly mom had a cunning plan to build a gold statue. We gave it to him as a welcome gift.  Then we were no longer afraid and we walked through to his room. My heart was pounding for hours. I was so happy to meet him.

Week 5: My Treasure By Adam

It’s one of my favourites. I received it from Santa. I put it on my desk. Sometimes I hide it. When I wake up I go on it. During school, it’s turned off. At the weekend I do not play it much. When my friends come over we play on it. It is fun to play on. I get new friends that are nice. My sister will ask me for it a lot. I really like it. I always have fun. Every time I turn it on it takes a long time to load. People on it are good at playing on it. I have had it since 2016.

Week 4: The Mystery By Adam

One day Maurice and I were in London. We got a bus tour around London. I saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. Maurice saw a cat. The cat tried to scratch us. Then we went home. At home there was a man. He asked me where were my parents? I said “At work.” When we got there we saw a big statue. Will came out of the shop. He said do you like the statue. It’s lovely I said. Then we went home. I went up stairs and did my weekend school homework.

Week 3: What Just Happened by Adam

Yesterday I was at professor G’s office. He had a rare purple crocodile. It was difficult to make the medicine. Then I twisted the potion’s lid open. Suddenly I turned into a teenager. Professor G got angry so he tried turning me back. It worked  -he turned me back.

The next day I went home and my mum made me some dinner. I had my dad take me to school the next day. I went home with my friend Coskow. Then he saw a robber so I called 999. I saw my dad coming. I got in  – “let’s get out of here,” I said. Phew!  I got home safely. Another job done

Week 2: So Many Confusions by Adam

One day it was very windy so I ran home. On the way home I went to the shop and I saw blood everywhere. So I ran home.

When I got home my parents were upstairs tied up. I untied them and asked them what happened?
They said it was a robber. So I went outside and saw a tiny man, a fallen flower pot and some beads.
Then I saw the robber. I was an undercover policeman. So I arrested him.

Then life was great.

Week 1: The Mystery Wall By Adam

Gabriel, Elleguard, Magnus and Soron. Together they are the order.

So they all set out to camp. One night they heard a sound.

They said, ” So what lies ahead of us in this forest?”

They went over to see. It was world end they thought. They decided to walk through. It was not world end. It was the other side of the world. It was lovely. They had no words to describe it – it was so beautiful.

A few years later. The land got attacked by trolls. The trolls wanted land. They said the trolls could have some. So it was all very peaceful in the end.