Week 9 Pumpkin Competition By Adam

One day my friend and I were at a farm and we saw 3 talking pumpkins. We thought we were seeing things but no they were real.

“You should enter the best pumpkin competition,” we told the owner.

A few days later we were at the competition and we saw them. They were all different colours, one blue, one green and one orange. The orange one spoke first and suddenly an avalanche of people came running over. The judges were in the vicinity and gave them the first place.  The person in second place was so disappointed that he pummelled his pumpkin until it broke.

Week 7 Museum By Adam

Yesterday we were at the museum. My sister saw something shiny and went over to look at it. Suddenly it disappeared.

“But where did it go?”she shouted.

I ran over and told her to be a little quieter.

“Where did the ruby go?” she asked.

“I don’t know” I replied.

She was very worried and annoyed.

“We lost our class we need to find them” I told her

We found them just before they left , we were 7 minutes away from being left there. Before we got on the bus home we had a look and the ruby was there.

“They probably just cleaned it” I whispered.

Week 6 The Robbery By Adam

One day John and I had a genius plan to rob the bank. It was time and we walked in and we asked the man at the counter could we go to where all the money is stored? The man let us in and we tried to steal a bag but it was heavier than I expected. Eventually, we got it out. We were really gullible and the guy asked could he see that and we gave it to him but instead he ran off with it. We were really annoyed and walked home.

Week 4 The Injured Bird BY Adam

My friends and I were outside when we saw a bird and it was chirping. We went over and tried to help it when it just wouldn’t take off. Our attempts to help the bird were futile because it had a broken wing. We were very glum because we couldn’t help so we put it in a box and took it to the vet. A few days later we collected it and when we got home we extricated it to the wild. The bird came back very often so we started to feed the bird and named it Jamal. The bird really loved us.

Week 3 The Yellow Bicycle By Adam

One day I was at home when suddenly I saw an advertisement about a yellow bicycle. I asked my mom could I get it but she said no. I was walking down the ally when I saw a guy selling the bicycle. He warned me that it was dangerous but I was desperate so I greedily snatched it from him and asked him ” how much will it cost”? “75 euro” he replied.

I got on the bicycle and was riding it home when all of a sudden a car came out of nowhere. But luckily I dodged it.

When I got home I said to myself ” I need to hide it or mom will be angry”. So I put it in the vicinity of the house.

Week 2 TV By Adam

One day I was looking for the remote for the TV and when I looked under the sofa I saw a remote and thought it was the TV remote.  But when I pressed pause nothing happened. I went outside and pressed it again. Then every thing stopped and I pressed play and then it was back to normal.

I went back inside and found the remote behind the TV. I turned on the TV and watched some movies. Later on, my friends came over and we watched Netflix and played video games. My mom gave us all popcorn and after everyone left we played together on ps4 all night.

Week 1 Building Statues By Adam

One day I was in town playing with my friends when I suddenly saw my dad building a statue with his brother. The statue was of 2 people shaking their hand in agreement of peace in Ireland. All criminals were to be arrested! They were building it to the right side of the church gate. I went over to him and said “I never knew you built statues” “You do now” he replied as he went back to building.

Boat To France By Adam

One day I woke up and my dad told me to go to the beach. At the beach there was a boat and my dad told me that we are going to France. The boat was massive. I was eating an avocado when I noticed there was a zoo painted purple! I went in and saw an elephant named Bones. I kept looking at all of the animals and then I saw a water tank that had seahorses and lots of fish. When we got to France it was night time so we went straight to bed! France was very nice.