Week 16 Mt Everest By Aidan

As I walked into the base camp cameras flashed and people cheered. I was going to be one of the first up Everest. I put on my furry fur-lined coat and walked over to the monk. I could hear the news in the background and a reporter saying how nobody has climbed Everest and survived. A monk gave me his blessing while I got into a black vehicle. I was only getting driven up the mountain road until it ended so I asked the driver to turn on some music. Finally the van came to a halt. For a split second, there was absolute silence, I got out of the car and slowly made my way up to camp 1…

Weeek 15 Robot Plot By Aidan

I sprinted down cherry lane and took a left at Brigid’s cross.

” Which way to the shops” it panted in a metallic voice.

“That’s a peculiar friend you have there” said the man.

“Err…yes” I replied.

“The shops are on Main street little guy” he told the robot.

“Thank you” I shouted as I swiftly turned around the corner.

“When we arrived at the shop I ran straight into Penny’s but the robot shuffled up to the ice-cream parlour and ordered a sundae.

“Come on robot get some disguises on” I bellowed.

When we had our disguises on we walked out to the vast area of the shopping centre while the cops ran in the door…

Week 14 Experiment XII by Aidan

“Come on John we need to get out of here- there’s a red alert” roared Andy over the alarm.

“What about the bees? We can’t just leave them here or else they’ll mutate” replied John.

“Leave them if you don’t want to die” roared Andy.

John swiftly leaped over the work table knocking over the cage with the bees in it before sprinting out the door. From outside the building there was a deafening buzz to be heard.

“The queen bee has mutated into it’s full size and is capable of destroying the town” shouted John.

“Don’t worry- bees won’t harm unless they are harmed” said Andy…


Week 13 ARCUM by Aidan

“Road trip” shouted my dad.

“What do you mean?” I queried.

“I mean we are going on a road trip” said dad.

“Yay” squealed my little brother Tony.

“This is going to be so boring” I groaned as I boldly got in the car.

Suddenly I noticed something written on my brothers bag -it read ARCUM in big bold letters.

“Dad what’s ARCUM?”

“I don’t know” he said “now get in the car.”

My mom and dad sighed at each other and a fox flew past the window. “Wow I didn’t Know they could fly”…

Week 12 The Elephant by Aidan

…As the sweet sound of a violin floated into my ear I slumped down in my chair. “Play a little louder!” I shouted.

I kept on listening until I saw something on the left hand wall –  it seemed like a purple elephant freshly painted. Everybody at the concert looked happy but I was curious. I slowly walked over to the wall wondering what would happen until FLASH…

“Hello anybody here “I shouted but  only my echo replied. I took a look around and it kind of looked like a zoo. It was like a whole different dimension…

The Voyage by Aidan

“Everybody under deck!” dad shouted over the sea.

What was supposed to be a family fun trip, turned into a nightmare. Our yacht rocked and swayed over waves.

“I said everybody under!” bellowed dad once again.

“Zara” I roared out at her “come on.”

Suddenly in a flash, she had fallen into the roaring seas. I jumped in after her and swam like a swordfish gliding through the water I wasn’t going to lose my sister. Every stroke I took she got closer but the boat didn’t – it was carried away by a wave. As I grasped onto Zara’s hand I knew she was having trouble breathing but in an instant, she caught her breath.

As we bobbed in the ocean we saw a small rock island we both clambered on straight away Zara started drifting off.

“Don’t fall asleep!” I sobbed.

There was a ship sailing towards us over the horizon but if we fell asleep we couldn’t shout but she was out cold as soon as I said the words and so was I…

“Where are we? ” I whispered to Zara. It seemed that we were on a fairy tale ship  -one of the massive pirate ships you would see in a movie.

“It doesn’t matter where you are- it matters what you are,” replied a crooked voice.

“Right now and forever you’re my servants – so go and swab the deck you scurvy sea dogs,” he said in a hostile voice.

“I think he wants us to clean the front floor of his ship,” said Zara.

“Wow I never knew you were fluent in pirate gibberish” I chuckled.

“I told ye to swab the deck -now get on with it and call me Captain!” he snapped.

We started mopping as fast as we could “get a move on”…

Week 10 War by Aidan

The bomb shells flew everywhere. The peculiar stench of smoke and decay wafted through the air. You could hear the rat-ta-tat-tat from miles away. I sprinted along the trenches to the opening to take a peak at what was happening. Bodies lying everywhere, loved ones hearts broken because of this war.

As I walked closer I noticed four legs. Suddenly a horse galloped out of the vast area of no mans land with a red bay gleaming so bright it nearly blinded me. I was in a quandary -not knowing if I should get the horse or not. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. I held up a white tissue and shouted “stop firing”…

Week 9 Halloween by Aidan

…Swiftly  I sprinted across the rooftops. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I had to do it if I wanted to live.

“Decorations these days” I whispered to myself while leaping over a giant spider and slipping on a leg.

“I hope this roof is robust” I chuckled to a pumpkin.

I lost my step while laughing and fell on top of the pumpkin. Then I realised there were two- one was purple and the other was orange. The orange one spoke first in a menacing voice saying “hey watch your step boy” “yeah” said the other not knowing what was happening. I fainted off the roof…

“But what happens next grandpa?” “Yeah” joined in the others. “I can’t remember because of my fall, now go to sleep kids I’ll see you in the morning”.

Week 7 Truth or Dare by Aidan

Every year on the night before Halloween my friends and I do truth or dare beside the abandoned bakery. As you can probably guess most of the dares were to go inside and one time I had to go in.

When I stepped into the house I heard the creak of the floorboard underneath me. My heart pounding like a drum I knew someone was in here. “Not funny,” I said as Sarah walked up behind me making a scary noise. “Well, I thought It was” she whispered. “The space in this place is limitless,” I said while creaking open another door.

Then I felt sharp claws dig into my back and I saw an unforgettable face. The blood trickled out my back.” Help me up,” I beckoned Sarah. “But where did it go,” she said…

Week 6 The Vikings by Aidan

As the bell rang, pandemonium rushed through the streets. The Vikings were there and everybody knew it. The ship docked in and you could hear the roar of the Vikings. I raced towards the top of the round tower gathering all the gold and gems. While I hauled it on my back I realised it was much heavier than I expected. Every time I took a step I stumbled to the ground. Sprawling across the steps I got nowhere. I took a peek at my predicament while the Vikings edged on me. I felt a sharp pain strike my back and I knew I was done for…


Week 5 Long Legasus by Aidan

I have been researching for years but still, nobody believes that Long Legs is real. Long Legs is a creature that visits one lucky kid in the middle of the night every ten years and one year that kid was me.

Ever since, I have been obsessed with Long Legs and now I am thirty-three. I was on my holidays in Missouri, USA when I found the second Long Legs. He was a lot taller than the other one and he also had a body so I named him Long Legasus.

Week 4 The child by Aidan

What was I thinking -saying that we should stop to rob a gas station? The alarm went off and the kid started crying. As I peered into the boot I realised he was only little. He whispered to me through his sobs “Hello Mister Big Man”.

I felt pity for the child so I replied: “Hello, what is your teddy’s name?” “Teddy’s name is Bobo,” he told me. The kid was so cute I needed to get him back to his house before the gang came out. I started the car and fumbled with wires when it just wouldn’t take off. I saw the gang running up to the car and it finally started. It let out a screech as I drove off …leaving the gang for the cops…


Week 3 The Mountain by Aidan

I dragged my bicycle to the front of the mountain while Tom plodded beside me. We hadn’t even started going up the mountain and we were exhausted. When we got to the front there was a sign and we were warned about how hard it was but we kept on going anyways.

At lunch time we ravenously ate our food. I grabbed the water bottle and noticed that Tom had guzzled down all the water greedily. Desperate for a drink we went on. As we crawled towards the top, the yellow sun shone on us.

” I can’t go any longer,” I said as I pummelled my bag “Me neither,” said Tom…

Week 2 The Tower by Aidan

“I can’t wait to go on the tower -it’s the tallest ride in the theme park,” said Tom as they waited in the queue.

“I can’t wait either –  it is going to be so much fun”.

When it was our turn we walked on to the platform and got in our seats. Tom was a bit scared so I told him that the ride is completely robust. It started to go up and I let out a squeal of excitement.

Then it started spinning and everyone below was looking up. We were shooting up like a rocket until we got to the top. I was so happy that I didn’t notice the loose screw… Then everything stopped and screams were heard below us as we fell…

Experiment X by Aidan

Today is the day- I finally am able to shrink an elephant and make it purple at the same time! I have all the ingredients ready –  all I need is an elephant oh I forgot … I got one last Thursday.

First I put in the rabbits’ bones, then the seahorses and after the avocado. When all the ingredients were in the pot I stirred and stirred until it started to turn orange. I got a test tube and filled it up with orange ooze. I brought in the elephant and started to poor and it worked it really worked. While jumping around the orange spilled all over me and now I am on the ground tiny and alone…

Week 1 The land of statues by Aidan

In a faraway land on top of a high mountain lived the statues. The land of statues is a secret place in Pennsylvania. Every year one statue was chosen to go on a mission and this year that someone was Tom.

“You will venture far beyond this land to the masonic temple,” said the king statue.

Tom was a smart statue so he replied “Why is it called the masonic temple ?  is it super-fast?”.”Just go” said the king.

Tom left and arrived at the masonic temple. He saw a statue walking towards him and the statue said: ” I believe you have a note.” “Yes, it says tom you are staying right here forever.”

He looked and the statue had vanished and Tom started to freeze…