Week 21 : The Wood War by Aidan

“Join the wood army” Woody was shouting as Woodo the woodman was wakling through the town.


Woodo was delighted to join. The train was to leave at 9’o clock the following day and the war to start at twelve.

That night Woodo got preapared and packed clothes ,shoes and food. He walked to the train station and hopped on. He knew that the wood army would annihilate the leaves.

When he got there he started trembling. They took their position on the battle field. The leaves walked onto the pitch and stood for a few seconds until someone shouted ”CHARGE!”

They all ran onto the field – this was the start of the first wood war…


Week 20 : African Adventure by Aidan

My family and I live in Africa and we are very poor. But that doesn’t stop us adventuring.

One sunny day we went out to the tall grass and saw a bug that we had never seen before. Tom and I picked it up and started shrinking.

“We might as well have some fun while we are down here,” I thought.

A few hours later we heard our mom’s call. So while a peregrine falcon wasn’t looking we hopped on its back. Suddenly it took off. We were moving very fast when we spotted our house. When it landed we jumped off and magically turned back to normal.

This was the best day ever!

Week 19: Rooftop Rendezvous By Aidan

I was on the tallest house in town. I had done this before so surely I could do it again. I took a step back and leaped… I made it again.

I kept on walking on until I saw Bruce up to his usual shenanigans. I saw him go through a window of a house and come out with a necklace.

The rotten filthy old cat.

When he had left I kept on walking then I came to the washing line. I took a gulp and walked across. Finally I got to the meeting point but there was nobody there. I thought I saw something. It came down the drainpipe.  I looked forwards and saw a dog!

What would I do now?

Week 18 The stone bee by Aidan

One bright sunny day Kevin and Charlie were going for a snack in the South Pole Inn. Just when they were about to go in they saw a grey bee. Kevin was terrified (as usual). Charlie was interested in the bee and went closer (even though he is usually a scardey cat like Kevin).When Charlie got too close he got stung. He started turning grey and froze.

Then Kevin chased the bee. He got stunned and froze too. Someone noticed and she called the ambulance. When Kevin woke up he was in the hospital…

Week 17 :The science contest by Aidan

One bright sunny day Professor  Snake was trying to turn a cheetah red for the science contest. He needed a hair of a buffalo, a spike of a porcupine and a scale of a red-bellied snake. After mixing all that together Professor Snake brought in the cheetah and poured the potion on it.

The cheetah began bouncing around and bombarded towards the professor. The cheetah was red -it was completely red. Before it was yellow but now it was red. As Professor Snake looked at the clock he noticed it was time for the science fair. He jumped on his bike and cycled to the science fair with the cheetah behind him… he won first prize and he was delighted!

Week 16 Quasi the Babysitter By Aidan

Andys and Mia’s parents were going up to Dublin so they had to get a babysitter. They called all the people they knew but they were all going to the match too. Finally, they got babysitter but he wasn’t exactly a human.

They met him along time ago.His name was Quasi. So the next day Quasi came.  When he walked in the door the children noticed he wasn’t a human. Andy ran away screaming and Mia hid in the closet.


The next morning Andy was annoying his little sister but then Quasi came In.  “Stop annoying your sister” he said.  Andy stopped. From that day on they called him handman.

Week 15 Hawaiian mystery by Aidan

Was Tom kidnapped? Was he scared? Was he killed?

“Yes, yes and maybe,” I said with a grin.

“If you want to understand I have to tell you the story,” I said while being bombarded with questions.

In the beginning, Tom and I were having loads of fun until smoke came out of the volcano.  It was a Hawaiian omen that meant the spirits were coming. I shouted to Tom “turn around” but he didn’t listen. Suddenly there was a growling sound and when I turned around Tom had vanished – he was taken by the spirits. Nobody knew what happened next.  It remains a mystery…

Week 14 Odd and angry by Aidan

One day I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I looked at the clock and suddenly noticed that it was one in the morning. That is weird. I remember setting the clock to go off at seven. I got up anyway and started to read the newspaper.

Then finally after six long hours of reading I got up properly.  Ravenous I grabbed the cereal and finished it off. After that I went to work.  On the way I saw the hot dog man kicking his cart.  What’s wrong with him? I thought. When we got to the office there was a monkey sitting down at my desk!

Wait – odd things – angry people – Is it Friday the thirteenth?

Week 11 The thought of dying by Aidan

One night I was in my bed and I couldn’t get a thought out of my head. It wasn’t a good one – it was an extremely bad one – it was the thought of dying.

It was so sad just thinking of me slowly passing away. I tried to think of something happy but then I thought of the most wonderful thing you could think of. My family. Mother is so nice and my father always goes fishing with me.

Then BAM- I ended up in the middle of the forest and a hooded figure started walking towards me.  He was holding a reaper and then he slowly said “it’s time”

“No I am too young. I have to see my family again. No no nooo!…

Week 10 Prison life by Aidan

The gang and I were in prison one night when we cooked up a menacing plan. Right beside us was the museum –  so we were going to dig a hole and go into the museum and steal the diamonds!

Once we finished digging we crawled through the hole and out the other side. Then we ran into the museum. Accidently I set off the alarm so I quickly grabbed the diamonds. We split up and I ran out of the museum and into someone’s house. I got into the bed holding the diamonds when the police came in and I pretended I was asleep. Then I thought where would I hide it all?…

Week 9 The start of my life by Aidan

One cold dark night Tom was in his bedroom thinking about what he was going to do in London! But then he was reminded of his cruel aunt and uncle who were looking after him as his mom and dad were killed in a car crash. Tom has never been taken anywhere except school.

A few hours later they were in London- it was amazing at night when they were shopping. Just when they were walking out of the shop Tom saw a building move. It looked like a bus then it started to reverse.  It was coming closer and closer to Tom- suddenly it came to a halt. A man came out saying get in- get in. Tom did not know what to do then without thinking he jumped on. A while later it stopped at a huge building in the middle of nowhere. As he walked in he saw ghosts everywhere then he knew this was a start to a new life.

Week 7 The Big dare by Aidan

On Halloween night my friends and I were out trick-or-treating. We came to a huge broken down building.

After a while we started playing truth or dare. First I dared Tom to run toLidll which was at the other side of town and then come back and he did it!

Then it was my turn. Charlie dared me to go into the run down building and come out the other side.

I wanted to get over it so I ran in as fast as I could. I got to the other side so quickly. But when I was so close to the door the roof broke and as the door slammed I knew I was not alone…

Week 5 : My treasured item by Aidan

I got it on my eighth birthday and got it from Mom. It can do lots of stunts and I can take it around town. It is fun in the woods and great in the park but bring it to mud and it lets off dirty sparks. When I go to school I put it by the shed.  When I come home I go on it first, then dinner and bed. When I take it out I think about races- me zooming around the corner. My family’s faces would be filled with glee and I am thinking yippee! My friends think it is awesome. I hope you will too.

Week 3 Professor Crocodile’s peculiar day by Aidan

One day Professor Crocodile was in his lab. He was trying to turn a crocodile purple. He needed a spiders leg, one chocolate finger and of course a bit of purple paint.He put it all in one tube and then he shook it around.

Finally he brought in the crocodile and poured the mix on top of it. Oh no he had put in growing paint accidently. Quickly he twisted the crocodile’s tail but it did not work and the crocodile just snapped back at him. It was too difficult and now he was stuck with a giant crocodile in his lab!

Week 2 The Murder Unleashed by Aidan

One day Austin and Kevin were walking in town. They turned the corner to go to Charlies Burgeria when they saw a huge metal thing lying there. Austin saw paper, flowers and loads of balls. Kevin wondered what happened there? Then a boy came along and said my dad is missing.

It was Tom! He burst into tears. Then we noticed a trail of blood going over the flowers and around the bend. We followed it to a huge old house and we walked in. Then we felt a cold breeze go around us and more blood dribbling down little cracks. We followed it…

Week 1 Into the Woods by Aidan

“So what lies ahead of the lake?” said Tom thinking.

“Probably a dark deep tunnel,” Samo said thinking out loud.

Sarah said “It’s too dangerous.

Then something pushed them in. Sarah said that she knew something bad would happen. Then something whooshed in the trees.

Tom said “let’s go check it out.” It was a huge forest. Then Samo said “are you crazy man?” No I am serious,” answered Tom.

Sarah shouted,” this forest is huge.” They kept on walking and they found a man. Tom asked him what was his name. He turned around with a big ugly face and said , “My name is Gulther. Have you seen any trolls? …