Week 24 Military helicopter by Ben

We were on our way back to the military base 2o miles away in the copper. When suddenly an enemy copper came in and started shooting at us we didn’t have time to prepare so we couldn’t defend ourselves. The coper started going down. I was shot on the shoulder and the pain was excruciating. Then the driver fell out. I caught him with my good arm. But his hand was slipping. ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted …

Week 23 Military Base by Ben

I am a military agent. I work in a secret facility that creates and tests new weapons. I am part of the security there. Another guard and  I heard a deafening sound from the weapons testing area. We rushed in and we took no notice of the danger sign.

It turned out poisonous gas had broken through the glass container it was held in. There was a huge panic because if it wasn’t contained fast it would kill everyone in the entire country.

Week 22 Under the floor boards by Ben

We were hiding in a hut in France and the Nazies were looking for us-  you see we are Jews.  They arrived at the hut looking for us. They rang the doorbell and as soon as they did my brother hid up the chimney and I hid under the floorboards.

When no one answered they knocked the door down. They were searching for the wardrobe when my brother became a bit too courageous and jumped down from the chimney with his pistol. They shot him as soon as he did. I screamed no and then they saw me in the gap on the floor.

Week 20 The Dragon by Ben

It was a nice sunny day. My family and I were walking up a mountain. Then we suddenly saw fire coming from the other side off the hill. We saw something fly into the sky and then turn in our direction. As it flew towords us I couldn’t see what it was. As it came it created a strong wind. Then when it got closer I could see it was a big creature with scales breathing fire. We ran as fast as we could but  it was faster. Luckily for us, it just flew straight past.

Week 19 The Ghost town by Ben

I had been walking in the desert for 2 days. That’s when I saw it – a town – a town. I ran to it as fast as I could. But when I got there I saw no one and although it was Saturday nothing was opened.

Then I saw something floating above a shop. When it saw me it started coming at me extremely fast. I ran down an alleyway and did all I could to shake it off but it was just too fast. It had nearly reached me when…

Week 18 The Race by Ben

It was the day of the race I was worried that the new car would not be good. But the engineer said that it was the fastest car yet. When the race started I was last immediately. But it is so slow I said. Then I saw a button that said sonic I pressed it and it went incredibly fast. I couldn’t even control it. It was about to crash straight into the audience and I couldn’t stop it…


Week 17 Stolen BIke by Ben

Connor and I were out cycling. When we were passing the woods I said to Connor “Do you want to go into the woods?”

” But we’re not allowed,” Connor said.

“Ya and there`s no one here to stop us,” I said.

“I suppose so,” said Connor.

So then we went into the woods and we left our bikes outside. But when we were in the woods a robber was running down the street he saw the bikes and he took Connor’s one. When we came out of the woods we chased after the robber. But the robber was smart so when he took Connors bike he broke mine. The robber was too fast for us on the bike. He was too busy looking back at us that he went up a pole and fell. We got the bike.

But Connor blamed me for that day so he never wanted to be my friend again.

Week 14 Bees by Ben

Bees are extremely important to the environment. But Bees are dying and fast.

Bees pollinate 75 percent of our crops. Some people think that if bees die out- humans will die out only 4 years later. There are people trying to make robotic bees but that might not be possible. When bees sting you they die. A bee will only sting you if it sees you as a danger. So if you see a bee don’t kill it because really when you kill a bee you’re killing humans.

We owe the bees everything.

Week 13 The king dragon by Ben

When I was younger I often heard stories of the fire dragons off the north. One time I heard a story of a dragon that could fly. I didn’t realise they could fly.

Then one day a dragon killer came to my house saying he needed help defeating a certain dragon. I was reluctant at first but then he said if I did it he would give me 10000 gold coins. So I went with him. But when we got there I realised that the dragon killer kept important information from me. It was the dragon king – we were going to fight…

Week 11 The Slave by Ben

My name is John and this is how I died.

I was only sixteen when it happened. I was a slave for the king. The king hated me. The king came up with a plan to kill me. He would invite me to eat bread and marmite. But he would poison the marmite. He called me in and told me to have some bread and marmite. I thought it was unusual but who was I to argue. “Don’t eat it,” shouted another slave. ” No, ” I  said” I like marmite” and I ate it and dropped dead to the floor.

Week 10 The Red Fire by Ben

I was 30 years old during the London Fire. I had two children- their names were Jake and James. They were both only eight during the fire. I remember going to sleep one night and everything seemed so calm. Then I woke up to screaming. I looked outside and saw people running in every direction and only a few streets away there was a huge red fire spreading rapidly.

I got the children out of the house. But by the time I did the fire was nearly here. The top of a roof fell on top of Jake and at the same time James fell and broke his ankle. I was in a quandary – I only had time to save one of them…

Week 9 The virtual reality test by Ben

I was in my back garden at 1.30 am when I heard a loud noise. Then three aliens appeared. I managed to sustain myself from fainting. There was an orange one, a grey one and a black one. The orange one spoke first.

He said “we are on the wrong planet – we are in the vicinity of planet 5137. We will call our ship and erase the human’s mind. We can’t have any of this planet’s government knowing about us until the invasion.”

“But wait,” said the black one.” There is a chance he could remember- the erasing machine doesn’t always work.”

Week 7 The enchanted sword by Ben

I remember the day I was chosen to go on the Victory. It was a very famous ship as the captain was the Pirate queen. They said they needed a bigger crew than usual for where they were going. They said they found a map that led to the legendary enchanted sword. According to the map it was located in the vicinity of the Ackbar Islands.

No one really liked the queen but they didn’t dare say that to her face. When we reached the Ackbar Islands we went to the spot on the map and started digging. When we found it, the pirate queen rushed over. But when she picked it up, it disappeared.

“But where did it go,” she shouted.

I out stretched my arm and the sword appeared there.  “You should have listened more closely to the tale,” I told her – ” you have to be worthy” and with the sword I defeated her.

Week 6 The plan by Ben

My name is Jake. I am a superhuman – that means that I have super strength and that I can fly. My best friend is a genious and a famous scientist. Me and him came up with a plan. He was working on a time machine and when he was done we were going to go back in time to 9/11 where I would use my super strength to stop the plane before it hit.

Then one day he rang me – it was complete. I flew to his lab. We went into the time machine and went back in time. It felt weird. The plane was about to crash. But I got there in time. It was heavier than I expected but I still managed to stop it.

Week 5 The Small Giant by Ben

My name is Dave and I am a giant. I was always bullied by the other giants because I was so small. I was only 40 feet tall and most giants are about 100 feet tall.

But then the most famous scientist in all of Giant city called to my house. He said he had created a poiton that would make me taller. I instantly jumped at the chance. He said he would call me when it was ready. I waited two weeks but then he told me to come to his lab and that it was ready. I came and he gave me the poiton. But when I drank it …I didn’t get taller but instead, it turned me to stone.

Week 4 Dave’s story by Ben

My name is Dave and this is my story. I was 21 years old at the time. I was walking in the wood at 1 o’clock in the morning. I thought I heard someone. About 20 minutes later something moved out from the trees. It looked horrible .There was blood driping from its mouth. It looked like a fifteen foot bear but it had the head of a t-rex. I ran back to the car as fast as I could and turned the key when it just wouldn’t take off…

Week 3: The Thief by Ben

I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked out my window and saw a man with his hood up on a yellow bicycle and holding a bag of money. I rang the police and told them what happened but he had already got away. They told me not to worry.

Mr Brenndon the owner of the bank warned me to pay the mortgage or they would take the house. I was desperate… But then I realised something – Mr Brenndon always went to work on a yellow bicycle. I told the police this and they raided his house. They found what they were looking for. Mr Brenndon confessed. His plan was that the bank would take my house away and he would buy it he said greedily. I was relieved.

The Zoo by Ben

I woke up Saturday morning, got dressed and had my breakfast. I was bursting with excitement as I was going to the zoo. When we got there we saw an Asian elephant. My younger brother was eating a purple avocado. Then we went to the aquarium and we saw the seahorses. They were just floating about.

Suddenly my brother started banging the glass. I told him to stop and that he was disturbing them but he wouldn’t listen. Then they all started looking at him. I think he got a bit afraid because he stopped banging . Then he threw his Avocado on the ground and I fell over it

“I think my bones are broken,” I cried out loud.