Week 15: The Werewolf By Benny

When Tom was young, he was bitten by a werewolf. Every week he has to take an antidote to prevent himself from turning into a werewolf. One day, he realised he was out of the antidote. The recipe for making the antidote was tough. He had until midnight before he would turn into a werewolf. The problem was, he lived miles from any shop and had no car. He had to go on foot. He was slowly transforming into a werewolf. There was little time left.

“Which way to the shops?” It panted.

“That way,” Someone nervously said.

I arrived too late. I was stuck as a werewolf forever.

Week 14: Bee Invasion By Benny

The bees were growing. What started as an experiment was now an invasion. We were all told to stay indoors. The house was silent. Scientists were trying to make robotic bees. The experiment went wrong and they started attacking people instead of pollinating plants.

Suddenly, we heard the glass shatter from downstairs. I was holding my breath, scared to death. A massive, golden bee was charging at us. We managed to escape in time. The bees were shut down by the scientists. The problem was they had to pay for all the damage that was done.

Week 13: A Weird Encounter By Benny

I woke up to an unusual noise on Christmas Eve. I looked out my window while yawning and saw the bushes moving. I went out to investigate. It was freezing cold and pitch black. I was scared and regretted going outside. I peered over the bush and saw two magnificent deer. I ran inside to get my parents. They hurried outside and there was nothing there. Did I imagine it? I went back to bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw. Suddenly, I heard a thump on our roof. I went back out to see what it was. The two deer were flying! I didn’t realise they could fly. Then they flew away and were gone.

The great escape by Benny

Our country was at war. I couldn’t stand it anymore. We were going to escape.

We lived near the coast. My parents weren’t allowed to go, so only my younger brother and I were going and we were terrified. The ship was to arrive in a week, giving us time to prepare.

That whole week everyone was silent. I have never seen my parents so sad. The booming thunder woke me up on the day. It was a terrible, stormy day. We were going to live with our aunt. What would happen to my parents?

The ship was massive. There was something unusual about it. My parents weren’t even there when we were leaving since they had to treat the injured soldiers.

I felt abandoned. Something about the journey was odd. We had to stay in one tiny cabin for the whole journey. My brother couldn’t stand it. One night, I overheard the captain talking with his crew.

“What should we do to them, Cap?”  someone said in a rough tone.

“I don’t know.” the Captain replied.

I froze in shock. Were they talking about us? I didn’t tell my brother because that would worry him even more.

The days were getting difficult. I couldn’t stop thinking about what they said. We were the only people besides the crew, so they must have been talking about us. I decided to see where they were taking us.

I finally told my brother. Surprisingly, he already knew. He had already made a plan, which I agreed to. We were ready.

In the middle of the night, we stole a lifeboat. We didn’t know where we were going. A storm was approaching. We wouldn’t last long in the storm.

I woke up on an unfamiliar island.  Where was my brother? I was lost.

Week 11: Poison By Benny

As I was watching television, I heard a loud bang on my front door. My neighbour, John was there. “Hello!” he said, “Would you like to come over?” I asked why but he didn’t answer. I became suspicious. “Sure.” I replied.

He had an old house. He brought me to his dining room and we sat down. “Would you like some bread?” He asked. “I’m fine.” I replied. He gave me bread anyway. He put honey on mine, and marmite on his. “Are you having honey?” I asked. “No,” He said, “I like marmite.” “Why can’t I have marmite?” I said. He didn’t answer. He poured some green liquid on my honey. That was the last straw. I then left.

Week 10: Fire By Benny

There was a huge, red fire in the distance. My friend and I didn’t know what to do. He suggested that we would go and see what happened. I was in a quandary. We decided to go and see what happened. An old, abandoned house had caught on fire. We didn’t know what caused it. I called the fire brigade and they came in minutes. No one knew what caused it. Later on that day I went to the house. I realised that a shell from World War I exploded and set the house on fire.

Week 4: The Robbery By Benny

There was something fishy happening. The ghastly voices sent chills down my spine. I was too terrified to go downstairs. What if someone was downstairs? I knew I had to go down at some point. I finally gathered enough courage to do it. I started walking along until the floor creaked. I froze. Two people ran up the stairs. One had an orange shirt on. The other was dressed fully in black. The orange one spoke first. He had a ghastly, deep voice. I ran out of my house. …When I went back in they were gone.

Week 7: The Missing Phone By Benny

I was always on my phone and my mom didn’t like it. She sent me shopping on purpose just to get me off my phone. I went to the shop in a hurry. I was walking back up the hill and decided to ask my friend to come over. When we arrived I asked her to get my phone from my room. She couldn’t find it. “But where did it go?” she shouted.

I went up to help her look and realised it actually wasn’t there. I knew my mom must have taken it. We searched and I found it at last. I fumbled with my phone and dropped it which made a loud bang. My mom came up and we were caught red-handed.

Week 6 The Mixup By Benny

I ran swiftly towards the train while pulling my ticket out. I had a meeting on and had to be early. On the train I sat down next to a man with the exact same bag. It was an awkward silence between us for the whole trip. When I arrived, I took my bag and left the train. It was heavier than I expected. I went inside and they were all waiting for the paperwork. I checked my bag and found rocks inside. I was confused. They became irate when I told them I took the wrong bag on the train.

But why was the other bag full of rocks?

Week 5: The Wishing Well By Benny

It wasn’t fair that I was so small. I wasn’t allowed on any rides since I was so small. I was the smallest in my class. I saw a well in the distance next to a few food stands. I sat down and decided to buy a hotdog. I had spare change so I threw it in the well and made a wish.

I woke up the next day and realised I had grown. I grew a bit too much. When my mom walked into my room she screamed. She immediately rang a doctor. He then gave me an antidote and I was cured.

Week 4 The Amusement Park By Benny

I was finally allowed to go to the amusement park by myself. I decided to bring 3 close friends with me. As we walked in I could smell the delicious smell of popcorn. We chose to go on the rides instead. We split up since we all wanted to go on different rides. I decided to go on a horror ride. The people who just got off were as pale as ghosts and that sent shivers down my spine. I hopped on and was ready to go when it just wouldn’t take off. We were told that the ride needed some fixing. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to go on that ride.

Week 3: The Mistake By Benny

I was glum because I was told I wasn’t allowed a bicycle. I felt like releasing my anger on my sister but I decided to go on a walk instead. I was desperate for a bicycle.

Suddenly an old man walked up to me and showed me a stunning yellow bicycle. I immediately became suspicious. He warned me that if I used it in a bad way it would disappear. I accepted the offer and greedily snatched it off him.

The next day I bragged to my friends about my new bicycle. They asked if they could try it but I didn’t allow them. When I woke up the next day it wasn’t there…I should’ve used it properly.

Week 2 The Dream By Benny

I suddenly woke up to the sound of my mom shouting at me. I was late for school! I didn’t have time to eat. I ran into the car. My mom started yelling at me for waking up late. I shouted back that she should’ve woken me up. We were starting to argue.

I tried to tell my mom to focus on driving but she kept arguing. She suddenly turned around to see a car flying at us. Then everything stopped… and I woke up.

It was time for school. I realised it was just a dream!

Week 1 The Weeping Angel By Benny

Last night was the night when my friend and I had a sleepover. We were telling stories all night long. There was one particular story he told me about. ‘The Weeping Angel’.

It was about statues moving. They would creep up behind you and touch you. If they touched you, you would turn into one. If you looked at them they froze. It was by far my favourite story.

I woke up the next morning and there was no one there. I looked out of my window and saw statues everywhere. My heart sank. I then felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I turned around and that face was the last thing I saw…

The Disappointing Zoo By Benny

The day had come at last. It was our school tour. We were going to the zoo. I was never at a zoo before. My friends said the zoo was boring and all you do is look at animals.  That sounded pretty boring. I noticed the person  next to me was eating avocado. I HATED avocado. I couldn’t stand the smell. When we were there we were given a map. The zoo was massive! It was also a museum and an aquarium. The first animal we saw was a tiger which was eating bones. The last thing we saw were the purple seahorses. We didn’t even see the elephants!