Week 30 The Costume by Ciaran

It was Halloween and I was dressing up as a super dog. As I went downstairs my dad Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing at me because I forgot to put my pants onūüė•.

At 8pm I was almost done trick or tricking until I heard screaming. I went as fast as the wind to investigate. I knocked on the door several times – no answer. Suddenly, I heard somebody breathing down my neck.

“I’m coming for you.”

Now I was getting scared. I guess super dog had a lot of enemies.

Week 29 Trick Or Treat

It was Halloween and my brother and I were going trick or treating around the neighbourhood. My brother dressed up as a giraffe.

We went into one house with a door wide open and there was  a bowl with brown bread with melted cheese in it.  To me it looked a bit greasy and I turned around to see if anybody was watching us before tasting some.

“OHHHH this tastes a bit salty….”

As I turned back around the door was shut and brother was nowhere to be seen ūüė•


Week 28 The Mystery Of The Burned Down Village by Ciaran

I was going through the forest looking for water like my family asked me to but there was none so I just kept going and going until I my mother screaming “HELP!”

Then I started running back to the village but her voice was fading until it was gone.  I finally got back but all that was left was the ruins of the village  and ash scattered across the earth.

“Hello is anybody there?”¬† a voice came from¬†a helicopter in the sky.

“I am here. I am here.¬† Help me.”I shouted.

“You are lucky to be alive¬† – what happened? “

Week 27 The Jerseys By Ciaran

I couldn’t believe it. We made it into the finals and I had to wash the jerseys.

A few days later after washing the jerseys…¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Why-why-why did I put my sister’s red socks in with the jerseys?

On the day of the match, our manager was giving out to me because all of our jerseys were pink

“It is still the same jersey” I said.

“but it is the wrong colour,” shouted the manager.

When the other team saw them they started roaring laughing.

What have I done?¬† ūüė•

Week 26 The Race Car By Ciar√°n

I could finally afford it The XxRace CarxX 9000. I had been saving my money for 3 months now.

Once I bought it,it needed to charge so my mam said to leave it on charge for the night and that I could play with it in the morning.

During the night I heard some bangs – after 5 minutes another BANG and another and another … The next morning I went down to play with my toy but when I went to it, it was destroyed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t play with my toy and I was so cross that it was gone. ūüė•

Week 23 The Toy By Ciar√°n

My friend and I were on our way to the toy shop to buy the brand new red wreaker 2 game. Once we got to the store we got the last copy but we had a sinking feeling because we were a couple of coins short.
So we walked out of the shop empty handed.  I told my friend I would catch up to him later. I kept walking until I came across a ladder and under it were the coins I needed.  But when I reached out to get them I got my hand stuck in the pavement Рit was wet cement.

Week 21 Teddy’s Escape by Ciar√°n

It was a cold and stormy night and I was never to be loved again by my owner, Mike. He was gone to collage and I was put in the attic. 
I knew I'd escape  - I just needed to find a way to get to the window.

 Moments later.... ugh finally I am here ...wow that's a really far drop. Well here we go...... 

Spat ...That hurt. 

Then suddenly Mike comes along ..."Wait, isn't that my old teddy." 

Things are not going well for me as I am back in the attic.

Week 20 My Audience By Ciar√°n

I got up really early because I did not want to miss my audition for Ireland’s Got Talent. I was going to play my guitar and sing a song. I was backstage waiting to be called. I started to practise but then I realised it¬†was completely out of tune.

“Number 18, please come out on stage now.”

I didn’t¬†know what to do. when I went out the whole entire place was staring at me.I started to play but Simon, the judge straight away pressed the red buzzer. I was embarrassed.¬† I quickly tuned¬†the guitar and started to play again. This time when I finished everyone was on their feet and¬† Amanda hit the golden buzzer. I was delighted.

Week 19 The Island by Ciar√°n

It was midnight and it was pitch black. I woke up and I was washed up on to the beach. I was desperate for water and food. Soon I came across an old wooden shack at the fringe of the island. I was not alone. I could smell some scrambled eggs from inside.¬†I went inside and it was hard to see because the lights were flickering. Suddenly I¬†¬†realised that the door was shut and there was no way out. I was stuck¬† ūüė•

Week 18 Mime Artists by Ciar√°n

I was so excited my dad and I were going to Sydney Opera House. I have been waiting for this all year.
We were too late when we arrived so we decided just to go to the hotel first. On the way out we came across some mime artists –¬† a lot of them.
At first I thought I was going insane but then my dad saw them too – there were close to a trillion mime artists there.¬† I saw a lot of red and blue ones¬† and two purple ones.¬† Then one of the purples started to move and he ran straight at me… ūüė¶¬Ņ`

Week 17 The cruise by Ciar√°n

I was so excited Рmy dad bought me tickets to go on a cruise ship called Lani.  She is the most expensive cruise ship in the world.

Once I got on the ship I had a sense of foreboding. Half an hour into our journey…ZAP… all the lights went off.¬† The captain started getting people to go to the life boats in a hurry.

I didn’t know what was going on so I followed my parents. I could not hear myself think . Everyone was screaming.

Bang.. I woke up in a hospital . There was no sign of the ship. My parents and others are still wondering …but how could she just disappear. ūüėĎ

Week 16 Raid for nothing By Ciar√°n

“I had one job -reload the cannons- fire them -reload- fire- reload- fire,” Bang!!!!.

One of our lookouts has spotted the famous Captain Bubbles Ship. People say they have the best treasure in the whole Atlantic Ocean.

“Man your stations,” shouted our captain.

It was a long battle. We fired at them and they fired at us. We finally won and we went over to see what the legendary loot was like. It was very heavy but when we opened it-¬† it was empty EXCEPT for a pink bicycle……………….


Week 15 The Prison Escape [FAIL] By Ciar√°n

John was thinking for months now -thinking of a way to escape this abominable prison. He was in his cell one fine day when it came to him.

First, he would bate the guards into his cell, steal their key card and then lock them up. After that, he would get a rope from the staff room where the guards ate. Then he started to climb and he was delighted Рno alarms went off thankfully.

Suddenly a spotlight shone on him –¬† there was nowhere he could run to -he was surrounded and the light blinded him.

Week 14 The Strange Painting by Ciar√°n

It was a cold night and I was thinking what to give to my secret Santa…¬† then it came to me I was going to give them the best painting I could find. It was amazing there was only one painting left in there was a bauble,present,Holly and a very strange eye. Suddenly I though it blinked or I did not get enough sleep last night. I walking home until I heard a voice it said bring it back or death and it just got louder and louder and louder so i ran then found myself lost in a forest nobody to help me I was hopeless…

Week 11 The Three Portals by Ciar√°n

It was 9:52 P.M.  and my brother and I just came out of Subway when we saw a strange black figure walking into the abandoned house. This was the house that everyone tells me not to go in but I was curious as to what was in there.

I took one step at a time  Рone by one. I got to the door and knocked.


Nobody answered so I just walked in. It was inexplicable there appeared¬†to be 3 different dimensions lava, water and forest. I courageously walked into the forest one and to my amazement, there was a bike in a tree.¬† I do not know how it got there. Suddenly the portal was closing…

Week 10 The Wall by Ciar√°n

It was a cold and wet day and I was building a wall to keep the Mongols out so we could live in peace. We were making the wall out of yellow bricks.  I was the guy who was running back and forward  Рback and forward and trust me it was very tiring.  I was the youngest worker and all the rest were nearly a strong as a gorilla. I tried my best but I would always be weak and docile. I just hoped the wall would be built pretty soon.

Week 9 The Legend Of √Āill M√≥r by Ciar√°n

Hello, my name is Sean Mc Coill.¬†I am an adventurer and I am looking for the ¬†√Āill M√≥r. The legend of Aill¬†M√≥r said that inside there are all the jewels in world – well that is according to the legend.

Two weeks later 1982 at 09:27 a.m.

I found a pyramid with a door on it that said √Āill’s tomb in gold plated lettering. I wondered what was behind the door¬† – it could be Jewels or Death!¬†¬†I would rather jewels but anything thing could happen.¬†¬†I walked over to the door, pushed it open and¬† walked in …

R.I.P Sean Mc Coill  1982 ):

Week 6 Fire by Ciar√°n

It was 2 weeks after the war and I was taking a bath but I clumsily spilled my orange juice and it went into the electric socket. My house went up in flames but luckily I live next to a firefighter and he called the fire brigade.

But when they got to my house I realised that my daughter was still inside probably dancing to the pop song¬† “Danced with the stars.” Luckily she was ok but now I will never bring orange juice into the bathroom again.

Week 5 TOYS by Ciaran

As I was putting my old toys in the attic I tripped and all the toys fell out of the box. I picked them up 1 by 1 and when I got to the last one then I realised that it reminded me of a time when I was small and used to play with these toys.
I used to spend nearly 9 full hours playing with them. But then I had to go to college so I brought one toy with me and left the rest of them in a high place where it was so high that my younger sister could not reach them.

Week 4 The war by Ciaran

It was 1998 and it was six months into the war. We were being attacked by the Andiecy’s Army and if you do not know what is –¬† it basically is a group of animals heads on statues that can move with RAY GUNS!

I went into the woods to take cover but then General Goat and two soldiers cornered me but before I knew it there was a thick mist descending  and I escaped.

Two weeks later the war was over and we were still celebrating. We were happy that we won.

Week 3 Haunted By Ciaran

I was saving for a year now. I could finally afford the limed addition Joney Orlando handwritten signed remote-control race car.
The next day I was racing to the store and there it was- I bought it but I  was not allowed to use it until my birthday because it was my early birthday present.
I opened it and put the batteries into it but¬†it seemed to be going backwards- without me pressing any button.¬† I thought¬†my sister was pranking me but¬†she was not.¬† Then a shiver went up my spine –¬† Was I being haunted?

Week 2 Books By Ciaran

I was reading a book called Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. It was the best book I had ever read.
There was a boy named Charlie Bucket and his family was very poor. Mr. Willy Wonka was famous for his chocolate. Later on in the book a very rich girl ate a special gobstopper that made her swell up in a kind of a mauve colour.
That inspired me to write my own book about a teacher who turned into an alligator and trying to escape climbed in a vent and that would be very tricky.

Week 1 The Gym by Ciaran

It was 9:oo pm.¬† My brother and I were late when I got to school.¬† We were too late to¬†get the bus to the amusement park so we walked home. The¬†next day was Saturday and it was” Father bring son to work day” and my dad worked in the Gym.
My dad had a lunch break and we wanted to try out some of the equipment and test it. My brother went over to the pull-up bar but out of nowhere my brother was shot and pulled the alarm to save me.
Sadly he died and to this day a statue of two hands lays right outside the Gym.

Week 36 Knotted by Ciaran

I was just in the supermarket looking for some food when I saw a strange man carrying some kind of gun.  I hid behind the counter with the owner. I could hear his footsteps getting closer and closer and closer. I was terrified.

Then that was the moment I made a run for it … but I didn’t get very far. I ran¬†right into him.


I could hear the sirens outside. I jumped at him and then I realised that the gun was a fake. They put up a statue of a gun with a knot to remember my bravery (:

Week 35 Prison again by Ciaran

Melissa was in Alcatraz prison. She had been trying to escape for 7 years.
Day after day she was thinking of a plan to get out. Then one day she looked at the courtyard wall with a menacing look and had a plan… but she needed some items to escape –¬† a rope, wooden planks, strength, and bravery.
First she pulled the¬†bar on the window-¬† it broke after a while. T and hen she jumped into the sea she swam to shore. She made a small little¬†raft however she couldn’t¬†believe what she had done… she had escaped or had she…

Week 33 Chestnut By Ciaran

Have you ever wondered if a normal chestnut tree could grow in  one of the coldest places in the world?
My friend and I were chosen to explore one of the coldest places on planet Earth – it was called Brenach. As we were travelling through the cold desert we saw an inexplicable sighting – there was an ordinary chestnut tree growing.
It seemed every time we went near it, it felt like it was moving away.  It was getting annoying but then we saw a sign saying hazardous area -do not disturb.
I now had an idea what that was in the in ice desert.

Week 32 Spy BY Ciaran

I was in a vent under the Statue of Liberty in an underwater base.

“Pisshshshs , Son here are the instructions…¬†pishshsoo.”

But I didn’t understand the instructions. I did not want to be a buffoon and get closer and maybe get caught. I did not want to take any chances. I better retreat but a good spy never backs down from a challenge.

Next minute I heard a man in the vents. I crawled away and went home got into bed and told my dad that my mission was a FAILURE :[.

Week 27 Olympics by Ciaran

This year we will be taking home the gold because of me…

Today is the day that I make the potion. First I will need the tooth of a cheetah.  Then I will need the leg of the biggest and slimiest frog you can find and a couple of other stuff.  Now I must put them all together.

The day of the race: the first thing before the 200m race I gave the men the effervescent potion.¬† Although they ran quickly they still not making enough progress …sadly no gold.