Week 21 The Curse by Ciarán

Have you ever wondered how you would feel if you were cursed?

This happened to me!

It was a stormy night my parents and I were on our way home.  My dad was a little cantankerous because my mom always gave me what I wanted when I wanted it.

That night at dinner time I munched and gobbled my food and went up to bed. As I  turned off all the lights I saw a spirit who said you will be forever cursed.

I ran downstairs as fast as I could but my parents were not there. I looked outside and I saw two small wooden statues…

Week 20 Going to the Theme Park by Ciaran

My friend and I were at the theme park and we were going on our first roller coaster. My friend said it was inexplicable.

We courageously got into our seats and my friend Tommy was a bit problematic about heights.  He held on to the bar as tight as a gorilla who sat on a pin.

3.2.1.     Zoom     We were moving very fast when we went down the steep hill. After the roller coaster was over we got ice cream and then after that, we all cheered as  Tommy had faced his fear of heights.

We finished by going on the fair wheel.

Week 19 Poisonous Potion

One sunny day I was testing out a rocket that goes up and comes down with a parachute. I put in a test subject and if it goes wrong I pour some kind of chemical that makes it indestructible.

I fired the rocket up into the air but there was a problematic gust of wind which blew the rocket into a gutter. Then it came down the drainpipe.  How will I get it back? I wondered.  Then in the gutter it started to grow and grow and grow…

Week 16 Not so handy by Ciaran

One day Professor Fancy Pants was just coming back from New Zeland with a souvenir of a hand with a face on it. A few days later while the professor was asleep a chemical fell on the hand. Courageously the professor crept downstairs and saw an enormous and aggressive hand destroying his lab.

He ran through the house and there was pandemonium everywhere.  He stayed at his mother’s house because his house was a hazardous site.

Why didn’t I get the russian dolls? he wondered.

Week 15 A day in the future by Ciaran

In the year 9999, my friend Tom and I were having a race. Speeding past him I drove through the finish line. The next day I was walking to school and I saw a sign saying hazardous area  – do not disturb.  The sign was pointing at the abandoned mansion.  I had a plan and told Tom…
We absconded from my house and sneaked out to the mansion. Suddenly the fireplace burst into flames. A man appeared out of nowhere.  He was as ugly as a donkey with no fur and he told us his story.  In the beginning, he was a radioactive spider superhero.

What was that supposed to mean?

Week 14 Monkey escape by Ciaran

Waiting and plotting my plan to get out of here. There was pandemonium everywhere just to see a red butt monkey.  I stood out like a peacock in the snow. After three years now I finally got out and ran straight into the forest.

Suddenly something was crawling up my back …it was a tarantula. Frightened that it might bite me I scraped my back off the first tree I saw. Then I saw flashing lights and the zookeeper caught me. I was so frustrated because I was planning this for years and all the work I put into it.

Week 13 Just one picture by Ciaran

One day my friend and I were extremely excited to be going to see the aggressive tiger in the zoo on our school tour.

When we finally got to the zoo we ran as fast as the wind but there was a huge queue in front of us. Tom spotted a restricted area next to the tiger cage. Tom wanted to open the door to take a quick picture then suddenly the tiger pounced on us and gave out a mighty roar. There was pandemonium everywhere. We ran for the door out but the tiger was blocking our escape…If only we stayed in the line.


Week 11 : The Mayor’s trick by Ciaran

One day John the robber went to his abominable smelly base in the sewer. John was planning this plan for decades. The mayor was opening a new park on 11/12/2018.

The next day John made a navy statue and put wheels on it and got inside and put it next to one of the graves. The mayor suspiciously walked over to the navy statue.

Suddenly John grabbed the mayor’s wallet. There was pandemonium everywhere as the robber ran off with the mayor’s wife’s purse. The mayor chuckled because the robber fell for the hilarious prank.

Ha ha ha.

Week 10 Night Time at the museum

One night my best friend Tom and I were going to the museum to get a good idea what to do for our science project. Tom was determined to touch the fossil. When he did and it broke into smithereens. “Tom, what did you do this time? Never mind that but where would we hide it all? I’ve got an idea. Shh, the garda is coming.” …
“We should hide it in the bog  next to the haunted house .”

Week 9 Ghost town by Ciaran

One day my mum gave me a game stop voucher for my birthday. As  I was skipping across the narrow black road  I saw a man floating in mid-air. Afterwards, as I just came out of game stop I realised that the man was gone and everywhere there were ghosts floating in mid-air. I ran back in and got mum and dad but everyone else was gone.  I got worried so I turned to tell my mum and dad to get out but they were gone too….

AAAaaa… Phew it was all just a very scary nightmare. I thought it was real.

Week 7 Life in prison by Ciaran

As the door slammed I knew I shouldn’t have done what I did. Let me tell you the story…

I was walking down the street. I was going to the supermarket because I had a big long list of things to get. I went in and it was like a ghost town. I saw a sign saying Everything Free. I went over to the sign but when I pulled one can -all the cans came tumbling down on me. Then the cops found me guilty because they found a can in my bag.

I couldn’t understand who would do such thing to me?

Week 5 : My most treasured item By Ciaran

One afternoon I was playing soccer with my friends and I was in goals. The half-time whistle went and we were all exhausted. All my friends were shouting at me because I let in 2 goals in 3 minutes. Then they realised that I was looking at my wrist. They all asked what are you looking at? They were all confused. I won’t tell you I answered but it can show you the past and the future. It is my most treasured item.

Week 4 Opposite dimension by Ciaran

One day I was walking home from school and I noticed that there were yellow flashing lights – flashing every 3 minutes. I ran over to the porto cabin and saw a piece of cryptophone. I opened the box and thought of the cryptophone. I opened one eye and then opened the other and wondered was it all a dream. I went downstairs and saw my mum dropping everything . Then I realised I was walking on the ceiling. The following morning I was walking to school and I saw that all the buildings were upside down and a dog was wearing glasses.

When I got to school I thought to myself how will I get out of here?

Week 3 Time Crocodile by Ciaran

One day I was coming home from school and I saw lots of flashing lights from my best friend Harrys houses backyard. It was in his dad’s mobile lab. I knocked on the door and there was no answer so I jumped over the fence and went inside the lab.  I saw Harry’s dad Professor Logo twisting a screw.

“What yee doing?”  I asked. No answer. I walked over to the open box. I ran into a portal and I saw a purple crocodile. I said to myself it’s going to be difficult getting out of here. …To be continued

Week 2: The hurricane by Ciaran

One Easter Jack and I were watching for our show to come on but the news was on first so we watched it. The news and the weather lady said there would be a hurricane that night and to stay inside. Jack and I were very hungry so we went downstairs and opened the fridge but there was nothing there. Jack suggested that we go to the supermarket. We were half way across the road when a gust knocked over our flower pot. Whaa….

Sadly Ciaran and Jack died that September 2007.

Week 1: Mareta Falls by Ciaran

One day I was walking to school and I saw the Mareta falls. When I got to school everyone was looking at a sheet on the wall.

It said :

(There is an obstacle race down at Mareta falls at 7 o clock. Discover a new paradise.  Call 089 220 39433)

I decided to do it because it would be a new experience for me. The next day I was at the starting line but no one showed up. I was the only person there. So they decided to call off all the traps and let just me go down safely and enjoy.

So what lies a head of me? Wow, it was amazing!