Week 37 The temple by Colin

I had been searching for the gold temple for two months now. I pushed through some bushes and then saw a massive gold temple. It was the Lost Temple of the Gods.

I took the viola out of my backpack and started the play. The stone doors slowly slid open. I stepped inside and took it all in.

Suddenly I heard a shout for help. I looked into a corner to see one of the previous explorers …  Tied to a chair… I rushed over and untied her. She gasped in relief before running to the door.

Then out of nowhere, a monster appeared in front of me.

Week 36 The beast by Colin

I unclipped the leash from the collar of my dog, Lulu. I let her bolt off and then continued through the woods. Suddenly Lulu stopped at a bush and started to bark at it. I thought nothing of it and walked passed her. I only got suspicious when I heard the sound of wings beating behind me. I spun around and couldn’t believe what I saw. ..It was a baby dragon flying in the air. My eyes widened as a massive mother dragon stepped out of the bush. That’s when I knew I should run. I called Lulu and clipped the leash back on. I sprinted the other way and didn’t stop until I was about a kilometre away.

Week 35 The Zombies by Colin

The zombies were just behind me.  I ran through the forest, ducking out of the way of branches. Suddenly I saw a river dividing me from the safe house. I raged silently before preparing myself.

After a while I decided to jump into the river. The current was strong and swept me down the river. I tried to swim to land but was overpowered by the current. I grabbed hold of a rock and climbed onto it.

After I caught my breath, I jumped off the rock and clutched at grass. As my hands were slipping away I grasped onto a rope that was tied to a well. Then I ran to the safe house.

The Superhero from Cork by Colin

Hi. I’m Colin but the people of Cork know me as The Superhero from Cork. Yeah I mean a pretty big deal here. Of course there’s always Kieran from Kerry, trying to out superhero me.

Anyway, the Superhero Olympics are coming up and I’m freaking out. “The Superhero of Ireland” is hosting the games and I can’t wait to meet him. He is the most powerful hero in Ireland and has stopped more than 50o, ooo criminals this year alone. The games are hosted underneath Cork this year. At least I don’t have to fly two hours to Dublin again.

I’ll be competing in the Flying race, Extreme tag and Air fighting. I won first place in Extreme tag last year because I stayed hidden in a building until it was me versus Carlow. Then I snuck up on Carlow and simply tapped his head. He’s still mad at me to this day. I came fifth in the flying race and sixth in Air fighting.

I was born into a family of superheroes. I was an only child, so I was showered with affection from my parents. I never had any friends because most county superheroes hate each other.

It all started when, now Northern Ireland, was taken over by the British. The Superhero leader told Ireland to not interfere and that’s when the ISC ( Irish Superhero Council) decided to make a national superhero. Every county wanted their superhero to be the best. But then one day a random superhero conquered the ISC and declared himself leader of Ireland. Everyone was shocked but knew that if they tried to fight back they’d be banished. Only one superhero was strong enough to defeat him… My Father…

He went to battle with the leader of Ireland. The battle lasted 3 days and 2 nights until finally my father let his guard down and was captured by the ruler and thrown into jail for life. Soon after that, the ruler turned into a good man and let my father go. But prison had changed my father and he started doing illegal activity. He was caught and banished from the country. The ruler announced that all superheroes must do 5 years at the Superhero Olympics to determine if said superhero is good enough.

The day of the Superhero Olympics:

I warmed up then got ready to do the Flying race. I hovered in the air until I heard the air horn. I raced to the finish line. I was the second person to pass over the line. After two hours rest I did Air fighting. I came 3rd in that and finally Extreme tag. I came 1st again. At the end, The ruler passed out the medals. My emotions got the better of me and when he gave me my medal I tackled him to the ground. With a wave of the Ruler’s hand he floated me back to the podium. I blushed and tried not to think of how stupid that was. Yeah, super stupid.

Week 34 The box by Colin

One cool Autumn day I was walking through a wood. My hands were stuffed in my pockets. I saw a trail that hadn’t been there the day before. I decided to investigate the trail. I looked at the sky at the exact moment a leaf fell on my head. I thought nothing of it and walked onto the trail. It was muddy and damp but I powered on. I  came to a large oak tree and stepped around it. I saw a box on top of a white chair. I carefully stepped over to the box and picked up the lid. To my surprise, all I saw was a baby raccoon.

Week 33 The disease by Colin

It had been 2 months since I’d been outside. The disease was highly contagious and very dangerous. The electricity had been cut and food was scarce. The only reason that my family was alive was that we lived in a walled city.

No one escaped and no one came in.

One night when I was walking to a well in the center of the city I saw a figure walking towards me. I took no notice and started filling my bucket. As I was walking back the person ran after me. Just then a jogger came past me and ran into the person. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night.

Week 32 The Escape by Colin

I climbed up the rope that was dropping over the prison wall. Michael  was behind me, waiting patiently. Just as I swung my body over the barbed wire a search light fell upon me. Sirens blared all around me and I ushered Michael to start climbing. He hastily climbed up the rope and joined me on the other side. I looked around trying desperately to find the get away vehicle, but there was none to be found. I glanced at Michael before sprinting into some bushes. Michael joined me just before the giant gates opened. Guards and dogs poured out. After 55 minutes we disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Week 31 The Old Tree by Colin

Every 4 years, on February 29th the moon shines on the old tree. This means that the fairies get their magic powers. But it didn’t go to plan this year.

It was bustling in the fairy tree. The moon festival was going to happen in 6 hours. I stood in the long queue in the decoration shop. It was the only day I got off from the fairy army. Suddenly the general burst in and called my name. I walked over to him and asked him what was wrong.

“The moon’s rays aren’t strong enough to give every fairy magic” he said with a worried expression.

“Oh no,” I replied.  This really was bad.

Week 30 The plan by Colin

The year is 1916, Ireland and England are in war.

Paddy is a 27-year-old man. He used to work in his family bakery before the war rolled around. He decided to become a soldier and fight for the war. At first, he was only guarding the base camp. But after he risked his life to save another soldier he was promoted.

One morning Paddy was woken by the sound of a bell ringing. This signaled to go to the General’s office. When he got there the general told the soldiers that they were surrounded.

A plan came to Paddy’s mind so he told the General. “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?” he growled. Later they were defeated and taken prisoner.

Week 27 The Bunker by Colin

I clambered through the rusty tunnel, hoping it led to a bunker. I could hear the zombie trashing the room below me. I held my breath and silently crawled along. After a while more of crawling, I came to a T junction. As I was about to turn right I heard a scream coming from the left side. I crawled as fast as I could down the left vent.

Suddenly I saw a flicker of light and heard murmuring. I slowed my pace and crawled out of the tunnel. As I stood up, I thought to myself “Was this really the only bunker left?”

Week 26 The attack by Colin

I watched from the opera house as the soldiers attacked. They had been trying to break in for 12 hours. At the moment they had retreated back across the river but I was sure they’d be back. I walked over to my friend who was at a different window.

Suddenly before I could talk to him, a bomb smashed through the roof. I turned around to see that the soldiers on our side had erupted into a panic. The bomb had a timer on it and I could see that the mechanics were trying to dismantle it. I rushed down the steps and sprinted to the bomb.

Suddenly I heard a click…

Short story: Magic by Colin

I was at my father’s funeral, standing in between my Mother and older sister. Tears were stinging my eyes and rolling down my cheek. As I watched the coffin being lowered, I saw a faint flicker of blue underneath the coffin. Before I was able to point it out, the flicker was gone. After the funeral, when we were on our way home, the flicker of blue light was stuck in my mind. After a little bit of thought I came to the conclusion that I was hallucinating, but, just to be safe I would go back the next day to see if I really was hallucinating.

Meanwhile, underground a fairy commander named Rodger Barkley was sitting around an oval table. Three other fairy commanders were sitting around the table as well.  “This is a very important meeting,” started Rodger to his fellow commanders. “One of our main magic pipes has burst and it will take days to repair.” “But can’t we just use magic to repair it?” said the smallest of the group, Fred. “ Sadly not,” came Rodger’s reply.  “The laser barrier around the pipe has been locked so we can’t get in.”

At  11:24 am the next day, I hopped on my mountain bike and started down the road. The breeze was cold and the roads were wet but I still got to the graveyard. As I walked up the gravel path I felt an energy tugging at me. When I got to my father’s grave the pull had gotten a lot stronger.  I stretched my arm out and touched the headstone. Suddenly I was teleported to a small, darkroom.

There was a deep rumbling. “What was that?” said Fred in a worried, trembling voice. “Oh No” replied Rodger equally frightened. “A human!” “Oh No,” repeated the two others.

Week 25 The Diary of my hike by Colin

Day 1:

I started my hike at 7:30 am. In my backpack, I had a banana, a spare pair of goggles, a tent, a wooly coat and an old, damaged medical box. Carrying the backpack was hard as the bag was surprisingly heavy. After 11 long hours of hiking I set up my tent and went to sleep.

Day 2:

I had the worst night’s sleep. Cold air seeped in through a tear and I didn’t have material strong enough to patch it. I jumped on a large rock and twisted my ankle. As I set my backpack down I realized my banana had gone black. As I wrapped a bandage around my ankle I heard a rumbling coming from the mountain…

Week 23 The Portal By Colin

“Why are we doing this?” asked my friend, Ronan as we hopped over the caution tape.

I Ignored him and started walking up the gravel trail. Up ahead there was a bright, orange sign saying KEEP OUT. We took no notice of the sign and kept walking up the path. After 5 minutes of walking, I was about to turn back when something caught my eye.

There was a small trail in between two trees. As I walked closer I could fell an energy tugging at me. I turned around to Ronan, but he was just as bamboozled as me. My heart pounded in my chest. Then I saw a purple and yellow Portal spinning in circles…

Week 22 The wooden lodge By Colin

“I’m going into the woods,” I said to my mom.

” Ok,” she replied.

I stepped out of the house and swung the door shut. I walked over to my German shepherd, Cody. I clipped a leash onto his collar and walked to the woods. When I was far enough away from the road I let Cody run free. He bolted off but surprisingly stopped. He started to bark and I ran over to see what he was barking at. When I got to him I could see a small wooden lodge. I walked to the door and saw a black doorbell. I tapped it once and heard a light ding. Then in a flash, the door opened and a green hand grabbed me…

Week 21 Safari by Colin

“There have been sightings of a pink giraffe around here,” said the safari guide.

“Really?” I questioned as I walked towards the jeep.

“Yes” replied the safari guide.

I hopped into the jeep and pulled on my seat belt. The driver turned on the jeep and the car started forward. The track was very dusty and had rocks sticking out everywhere. As we passed a tree I saw a bird. When it sang a high pitched noise came out. It was painful to listen to but I didn’t complain. As we were coming to the last stages of the tour I saw a bull elephant in the middle of the track. Suddenly It charged towards us…

Week 20 The attack by Colin

I was sitting in my office when I felt a vibration. I thought nothing of it and went back to my computer. My roommate rushed into my office and told me to look out the window. I stood and pushed my chair back. When I got to the window I saw an object flying towards us. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was but after a few seconds of studying it, I realised it was a plane. I turned to my roommate and told him we had to leave. Rushed to the door and swung it open. Suddenly I felt a deep rumbling and then there was a massive explosion…

Week 19 The Bombing By Colin

I was walking through town. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. Suddenly sirens rang out all around me. It took me a few seconds to realise we must be getting bombed. I started to sprint back to my house. I was about 500 metres away from my house when I felt a deep rumbling followed by an explosion in the distance. I saw a cloud of black smoke billow into the sky. I started to move faster.  I got to my house to see it in ruins. The bomb must have detonated near here. Suddenly I felt another deep rumbling. I looked up to see a B 24 fly past. Then I saw it … a black ball hurtling towards me.

Week 18 The Train To Auschwitz By Colin

I was shoved into the line of Jews. The Nazi soldier looked at me disapprovingly. My friend, Joseph, was slotted behind me. Our line was boarding a rusty train. There were still about 200 people waiting in line. The line slowly moved forward as people boarded the rusty train. I boarded the rusty train and found a seat. Joseph sat next to me. The train started to move slowly along the tracks. “Do you want to go to Auschwitz?” Joseph said suddenly. “No” I replied. Joseph sighed sadly “we’ll be there soon on this train”. “But it is so slow” I moaned.  Suddenly the train came to a halt.”Oh, Never mind” I said.

Week 17 The Crash by Colin

This was my first professional race. I was at the back of the peloton. The pace was high and a bend was a kilometer up the road. My breathing was heavy and my heart was hammering in my chest. I took a drink from my bottle.

As I was putting it back in the holder I heard the screech of brakes. I was confused at first until I looked up. The other cyclists were going around the bend but I was heading straight for an electricity pole. I pulled on my brakes but it was too late. My wheel crunched into the pole and I flew off the bike. I flew into a large tree and the air rushed from my lungs. Then I blacked out…

Week 16 Escaping by Colin

My feet were sore. My furry jacket barely managing to keep out the cold.  I could still hear the vehicle behind me as I hopped over a low wall. The vehicle had music playing. I looked over my shoulder to see the black vehicle slowly come to a halt at the wall. Four robust men stepped out of the vehicle. They were covered in thick black armour. The letters W I C K E D were printed onto their armour sleeves. I tripped over another low wall and fell. As I looked up, pain shooting through my body, I saw the men advancing forward. Suddenly I was being pulled back and then I blacked out.

Week 15 The Hunt By Colin

I rounded the corner. The slippery ice trying to pull me down. I steadied myself and started to jog. The creature had gone this way, I was sure of it. I passed the new Art and Craft building and heard a slight rustle. The heavy door was slightly ajar. I pulled the door open wider and strolled in. I drew my black pistol and pointed it at a slim outline.

“Don’t shoot, please” a high pitched voice begged.

“What are you doing”? I asked.

“Which way to the shops?” It panted.

Suddenly it pounced at me and knocked me to the ground and bared its fangs. The fangs were dripping with drool.

Week 14 Bee War by Colin

The golden bees shot their laser as men ran for cover. The weakened buildings crashed to the cracked road. I slid across the dirty road as a laser hit my leg. Numbness seeped into my leg. My friend tried to help me up but a laser darted through his chest. I heard a loud thud as he hit the road. A golden bee landed on him and flew off.

Blood slid down my leg as I crawled into a white building. The building was weak and the wallpaper was peeling off. I leaned on a dirty couch and took a deep breath.

Suddenly a swarm of bees rushed into the building. Stingers … already flashing red.

WEEK 13 Santa Surprise By Colin

It was Christmas Eve and I was excited for Santa . The rain had stopped coming down about 30 minutes ago. I was out for an evening walk. Suddenly I saw 7 reindeer speed into the sky. I ran after them but they were much faster. I called out for them to stop but they dashed into the cover of a forest. I sighed and turned around to see a man in a red suit and long white beard. Santa I said in my head. He had two floating elves behind him. I didn’t realise they could fly too. “Hello” I said in a high pitched voice. Suddenly I was in Santa’s sleigh and dashing through the night.

The Mission: By Colin

It had been 8 months since the war erupted. It was the Irish, British, French and Belgium versus Italy, U.S.A and Turkey. The U.S had already fired an air attack on London. I was a skilled Irish sniper. The army General had assigned me to eliminate the King’s son and daughter. The targets lived in Italy so I had to take an armed plane trip to Italy. There were 69 other men in the plane with me -13 of which were other snipers. The other 56 were riflemen. The plane landed in an opening in a forest. The men poured out of the exit and crept through the forest.

2 long hours later, we came across the rocky beach. Butterflies formed in my stomach as we set up position behind large rocks. 45 minutes later the king’s son and daughter walked up to the edge of the rocks. Guards stood in position about 75 metres behind them. I heard the rustle of leaves from the forest as the other snipers readied. I was the only sniper around the rock area but had a clear view of the 2 children.

Suddenly a gigantic ship came into view. It had a T on one of the sails. I suspected that it was a Turkish ship. But then the sky parted above and I knew something was wrong. Men around me took aim and fired at the ship. While all this was happening I aimed for the children. I pulled back the cold trigger and a 7-centimetre bullet sprang out. The golden bullet hit the son’s head and he collapsed. Robust guards poured out from the fields behind. I saw the opportunity slipping from my grasp so I quickly reloaded. The other snipers had come out from the bushes and an 8-centimetre bullet sprang at the daughter.

“Mission completed” someone bellowed

Week 11 Operation marmite By Colin

I ran up the airport escalator. My gun in my righthand. The men in front of me were panting at this stage and were slowing. I took out my phone and rang for back up. One man turned right and the other left. I turned left into a café. A man was at the counter. “No” he said, ” I like marmite”.

“Get on the ground,” I bellowed as he put the money on the counter. Suddenly I heard footsteps and 25 FBI agents swarmed the café. The man that had gone right was on the ground in handcuffs. I looked back to see the other criminal be hauled out from behind the counter.

Week 10 The road By Colin

I gazed at the poppy field from my bedroom window. The red poppies glistening gently in the morning frost. I strolled down the newly carpeted stairs. “I’m going to the fields” I bellowed as I stepped onto the stone porch. Slowly I stepped off the porch and closed the door. I opened the kennel  door to my golden retriever, Max. I grabbed a leash and clipped it onto his collar. I strolled down the passage to the poppy field. A gentle breeze flicking at my hair. I got to the gate and slipped back the beam. I unclipped the leash and he bolted away. I knelt down and prayed for the soldiers who fought in WWI.

Week 9 Magic by Colin

There was a battering on my bedroom window as I peered out for my neighbour, James Hartman, to arrive. Ever since he moved in next door everything changed. He thought me how to do magic. I have been learning for 4 years now and am growing in strength. His car pulled up in front of his house. I pulled on my boots, stood up and walked out of my room. I walked out the front door and stepped onto the porch. I could see two men in the back of his car. I strolled over as casually as I could and opened the door. The orange one spoke first. He said he was a private detective and was looking for a prisoner and needed my help. I grinned in joy.