Week 36 The note by Colin

Dear Mr President,

I think it is outrageous that a normal person can have a loaded gun. The ordinary innocent person could just be shot or killed. You should take the situation into your hands. High school children walk into a school and start shooting people. It is not acceptable this NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

Any person in the United States of America can have a rifle or revolver. The law needs to change and only experienced hunters or guards should be able to have a gun.

This is a note to warn all young children that guns are very lethal and can end lives easily.

Week 35 The race by Colin

It was the final of the ladies two hundred m sprint. 8 world class sprinters ready in the blocks. Complete silence until the gun went off.

BANG. Everyone catapulted their strides longer. Suddenly someone tripped over and grazed her knee. For the last hundred metres, everyone was sprinting like a cheetah running for prey. It came to the last bend then straight –  the race was really on now.

The crowd was roaring as the race finished. the winner, however, couldn’t believe what she had done. A gold medal for Ireland. the Irish roared loudly.

Week 34 The story by Colin

I was on the hillside eating a 99 cone sprinkled with pink fluffy marshmallows when suddenly Joe started talking about a bridge to Alcatraz!

He said after you cross the bridge you will see a book and a HUGE entrance. You have to get inside and go to the execution yard, get the key to the gas chamber and the loot is there.

I picked up a daffodil and tickled him with it. “You really believe all that rubbish,” I said.  I walked home in disbelief at what I heard.

“Fake News.”

Week 32: The secret trap: by Colin

“The trap is in place“ I whispered into the walkie-talkie as I crept into a bush to hide. I heard rustling leaves and heavy leather boots stomping through the mushy terrain. Suddenly I heard deep voices talking. It was like a horror movie in real life.

But what made me feel better was the fact that there were traps everywhere.  I saw the men come around the corner. They walked right under the trap and nets spooped down on them.  We arrested and inprisoned them.

“A job well done,” chief Harold said with pride.

And everybody cheered.  HOORAY.

Week 32 : The Park Bomb By COLIN

I was in the FBI swat team truck rushing to a distress call. One woman had reported a massive fuming toxic bomb in Avenue Park.

Rapidly we were cutting tight bends and breaking the speed limit- It was life risking but that’s the job I suppose.

We were handed out our rifles and special scrolls. I was going to be patrolling section B 12. Sir Alex Frienten gave management information but I didn’t understand the instructions. We were now only a KM away from the location and my head was spinning and I was bamboozled in frustration.

I jumped out of the camouflaged truck to see…

Week 31 Enchanting Eddie by Colin

Eddie the Enchanting Elephant is a glamorous yellow elephant and has glowing ears. Eddie is energetic and can speed up to 100km/h. She sleeps in a cave on a stone bed with a moss blanket and duvet. When she flaps her ginormous ears gusts of wind power across the landscape.

Her best move is to do with nature –  the power deep down in her secret nature power is so strong mother nature would be blown away by it. She can rise flowers from the dead, make trees shoot from the ground and give dreams to young believers. And that’s why people adore her.

Week 28: The lurking monster by Colin

It was a heart warming day in the Australian rain forest. Sun was beating heavily down on me. Suddenly I saw some iron legs lurking around the luscious green leaves. It was brownie red and was running 68 km an hour!!!!!! I had to squint a little to properly see it.

“What? ” I whispered softly to myself. I started to creep over to the trees. I got a picture of it and took it to the president’s office. He was shocked and asked the army to hunt it down. 4 Days later I realised I made a MASSIVE mistake. It may have been endangered?

Week 27: The monks hesitation by Colin.

Ding Ding.

The bell from the round tower went off. The Monks gathered the golds, chalices and the Book Of Kells. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. The vicious Vikings crowded the village- annihilating and burning EVERYTHING around.

The monks started to hesitate and shove each other around. Some fearsome Vikings nearly climbed up the ladder but the tower monk pulled the long ladder up. The Vikings started throwing carved out stones through the narrow windows. Eventually the Vikings having even burned crops and grass, left. The trembling monks had been up in the round tower 9 hours straight.!

Week 26: The robber accident by Colin

“Liam will you mind the shop?” dad asked.

“Sure” I replied in a bad mood.

Dad gave me the shiny yellow key and strolled off to his meeting. Suddenly a rock broke the thin glass and a robber jumped in.

“Robber” I bellowed. He stole some cash and fled off. I started to chase him but I was small and hopeless at running. I looked back to see five huge muscular cops behind me. They threw me down and then arrested me! I had a black eye from when they threw me down.

The next sunny morning dad got me out of jail and the robber never stood on our territory again.

Week 25 : But how? By Colin

“Run ! ” shouted all the monks as the Viking longships crashed onto the sandy beach. The helpless monks picked up all the fabulous jewels and ran to the round tower. The monks climbed the ladder and brought it back up when every monk was in. Looking up at the round tower one Viking thought, ” but how did he get up there?”

The Vikings burned and shattered their way around the small town. The whole village was in left in ruins. The sky was full of soot and black smoke. Houses burned down.

Week 24 : Down the Rabbit Hole by Colin

“AH” I screamed loudly.

I had landed in a magical land called Hipply. The first thing I saw was a massive china cup. I walked over wondering what would happen to me. I poked my head in to see a magical rabbit hole. I crept in a little more and saw some cute little bunnies hopping around. I stepped in fully and looked about the place the hole was made out of thick copper and metal.

Suddenly Mom rabbit came in followed by Dad rabbit.  I jumped over Mom rabbit and pushed Dad rabbit out of the way and then ran off for dear life.

Week 23 : My Evil Babysitter by Colin

My babysitter is nice around my parents but is horrible to me. I have to make my own food and she never lets me out of her sight. At first it was only okay but now its annoying. She burps in my face and eats with her mouth open. She’s not a very good example for anyone. She uses MY tablet and always watches boring stuff on the television!!!! I sometimes try getting out of her sight but she will always call me back to do a job or make her food.

I wonder what would happen If I was in charge?

Week 22 The flying goldfish by Colin

“How?” screamed Professor Brown.

The goldfish was growing WINGS! AN inexplicable sight to see as the wings popped out.

Slowly Mrs Brown walked out and got a new fish bowl. It had a shipwreck and a brown ladder in the medium-sized fishbowl. Mrs Brown gave the fish some food then walked out for lunch break.

Suddenly after Professor Brown left the goldfish started to grow! After 30 minutes it was as big as a kid. Mrs Brown was bamboozled by the size and strength. She tried to escape several times.

How will Mrs Brown get out of this one?

Week 21 Night ninjas by Colin

The night trees look sweet but inside they are bitter. They move around at night and attack about 70 people too. The biggest fear is the hazardous stench off them. At day time they look like they are doing yoga or Kung-fu.

One day a child went over and started climbing the trees. He asked his mom could he get a picture with the trees. His mom said yes so they got a picture. The boy gave them all names. After that something hit the trees hard. IT was that humans were actually nice! The boy said "bye" and skipped off in joy. 

Week 20 Disaster by Colin

One bright sunny morning  Brian and I  were going to Bounce tastic  a trampoline park. We were nearly there when the engine cut so we called a mechanic to look at it. The engine had a snapped wire cable so we had to walk all the way to the park.

When we got there we noticed a new roller coaster so we went over to have a turn. The queue was long but we got in early so in no time we got on.

We put on the straps and then it zoomed off. We were moving very fast when it started to wobble. My eyes opened in fright… Was this a dream?

WEEK 19 VINNY’S TRIP! by Colin

Vinny was a drain spider  – a rare type of breed and that was because he had 15 LEGS!  People contemplate hard on whether to hunt them down or not.

One day Vinny was on the roof when a magpie dropped a diamond ring from its beak.  How unlucky for the magpie! Vinny got the piece of glorious glistening jewellery and spun a web around it. Low and behold, that dreary midnight a flood in the gutter pushed the ring along to the edge it came down the drainpipe.

When Vinny woke up the ring was gone!

Week 17 Venom out by Colin

Slowly I plodded through the muck and sand. I heard a branch break and leaves crinkling together. I foùnd a bike and cycled on it through the trees. I hèàrd more noises : bullet ants and howls.  I looked at my watch and it was 3 o clock. I got off my bike and heard a hiss from behind the tree!

But before I went over I took a deep breath. I trembled and walked over a red snake with venomous fangs as sharp as blades. It leapt at me and sliced its fangs into my smooth skin. Blood dribbled out and I was in pain as if 20 bears had scaped me. Soon the venom kicked in… Thankfully help came and I was okay.

Week 16 Rock solid by Colin

I was walking by the hand man when a cantankerous man pushed me. I got mad but an angelic voice said “no – take me down and I will help you.”

I was scared but looked around and saw Hand man so I grabbed him and took it home. It helped me with homework and jobs. Next day I got an A and $5 dollars.

A search party went out for the hand so I had to break him but he wouldn’t break. Why? I wondered. I searched the internet -nothing came up. I went outside and saw an army of men. Oh oh.

Week 15 TOP CLASS WIN By Colin

“Kick off in five minutes boys –  get ready.”

In the beginning, we did well with a divine cross and a smashing header. We played good and we didn’t let them score.

But a late tackle came in and I broke my ankle but stayed playing in pain. I was limping so I went in goals and saved a killer shot but the defense was weak and a lot of shots came flying in.  But when they found out the defense was weak a great shot was put away.

I had to come out and luckily scored the winning goal so we went home in delight.

Week 14 A Switch of habitat by Colin

One morning I was swinging through the dark forest when a loud bang gave me a fright. The birds flew like bullets out of the trees and I knew that this was a bad omen. Slowly I climbed down the trunk and suddenly a tranquilizer shot my leg. My leg hardened with fear when 6 cantankerous men stormed towards me. I was so ghastly afraid, my face hurt.

Slowing down the men called A14 and a helicopter flew high above the trees. The men grabbed me and grabbed a rope to climb up. Wrecked and beat up I soon saw I was in a zoo. All I wanted to do was eat because I was ravenous when suddenly kids came and took the food.

I loathed kids now.


One morning John and I were going to Nana’s house. When we got there we asked Nana could we go to the cat enclosure.

“Soon, ” she said.

I moaned and groaned until we got a good whiff of the morning breeze. We ran ahead of Nana but stopped at the gate. I bellowed at Nan to COME ON. She finally got up to the gate and opened it so we could get in.  I saw all sorts of cats. Nana fed the cats and we petted them all except for one – the male tiger. He was angry that we were there. With one crash he broke the gate and suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape… What will we do?

Week 12 Curly`s Adventure by Colin

Curly the hamster was aggressively bitting the thick metal bars when the wooden door opened – it was Ave munching on a white ham sandwich. She opened curly`s cage door and threw in a crumb of the ham sandwich. Curly was an energetic hamster and would always get attention.

Ave was called by her mom and forgot to close the cage door. Curly absconded out the door and rolled like a pig in mud down the stairs. He crept into the playroom and saw a ginormous battery coming his way. He hurried out the door when he heard Ave`s abominably aggressive dad.

Curly ran like a cheetah and just made it back up. He started chewing the bar. Soon, Ave came in, fell into bed and nodded off to sleep.

Week 11 : The criminal raid by COLIN

One day I was explaining to my friend Liam where we would attack next. He suggested the park over by the old church. I nearly cried with laughter and muttered  -ya right. Liam was bamboozled by my actions on it. I made my last chuckle and wiped my eye. “Let’s go to some new park and I showed him Gauntlet park and he nearly exploded with excitement.

A week later at 12.34, we met both wearing black clothing. Racing down the street a man in brown clothes grabbed me by the leg and grinned evilly. I wiggled out and got away.  “OH NO!! soldiers.”

I coerced Liam to get out but we’ll be back.!

Week 10 A game vase by Colin

One bright summer morning I lazily fell out of bed and put on my gear for rugby. I went downstairs and got toast to gobble down. Quickly I hid Jeffs boots in the rubbish bag and chuckled away to myself.

A good 10 minutes later Dad and I left. I got out when we got there and had a chat with Ryan my friend before we started playing. I got 4 tries and 1 brilliant pass for a try. I asked could Ryan come over and dad said ya. When we got home we broke Mam’s favourite vase. We decided to hide it but where would we put it all?

Week 9 The Goddess Spirit by Colin

One morning at school my teacher read a book called THE CORRIDOR. In the book it said Ghosts aren’t real. BUT that night I went to Holy Hill forest and I set down some camo cameras.The next morning I went back to the location and nothing was spotted. I went to my friends house and we went on the horses But when we got back it was dark and spooky.

I was scared as I galloped on ….Ssssssss – a noise – it was a snake and it bit my horse’s leg. I rubbed my eyes. FLASH Something passed… I saw spirits in front of me.


Week 7: Life of the dead by Colin

One day I was out on my bike when I heard a scream.

“Hello,” I said but the scream came back. AGAIN I called hello but no answer. I went looking but there was no sign.

Suddenly a doll-like character appeared to me – it had a knife and shiny red blood on its eye. I raced away but what I didn’t know was I was running towards Draco Demon dragons abandoned mansion.

Was I going to survive or not?

I rushed into his house terrified …what if he was there. I saw broken lamps doors vaults and a red staff with pure lava. As the door slammed I knew I was wrong to go in…

Week 5 My Treasured Item by Colin

it reminds me of when I was at the County final- Kanturk vs Mallow. I saw all of the green and red players and felt proud we were in the final.I had my hurley and helmet because we were playing at halftime. I was nervous and a small bit scared but the time came we went on and we all played hard and beat Mallow 2 to 1. Soon the big players came on and we jogged off in delight when the match was over. Kanturk won. I went on to the pitch and Kanturk lifted the cup At the end I met a few players and my mom got all of them on her phone.

Hint:  It is on the camera.

Week 4: The Wizard School Spell by Colin

One day in Bogwards a new student came. I was the best at magic and Joe was the best at handball I told him.But the new kid had no interest in anything so Joe and I gave him advice. He got better and soon he was as good as us.When magic class came we learned the spell Alpha toe trofikes –  it was meant to make a dog wearing glasses appear but instead, a huge bulldog appeared – we all jumped out the window into the great grave sea.

When we got back we couldn’t see the new kid. We looked everywhere but could not see him.  We went to the woods, but there was no sign – we looked into the reflection mirror and saw him in the river…