Week 1 The get away plan by Conor C

The men were going to rob a bank. A man gave him some money to  be the driver. Then they started the robbing in England. They had a plan. There was a statue and they hid behind it. The police passed them and they got out of the county. When the men arrived home they got arrested and they were put in prison for 5 years. They were sad.

After that they were released . Now they are looking for a new team.

100wc by Conor c

I went to the beach and I saw a seahorse. Afterwards I went to the hotel and I got a purple avocado with steak.  I saw cat bones on the path and I went to the  shop and I got ice cream. The following day I went to  the zoo and saw an elephant. A few days later I went onto the plane and went home. I went to bed and when I woke up I got to go to school.