Week 16 The Videogame By Conor H

One normal day at my house I was playing my favourite videogame, Derby crash. This game is a car game. You win by crashing into the other people and when their car explodes. IT IS THE BEST!

‘Henry’ Mom shouted ‘Time for bed’

‘Ok’ said Henry.

Off I went.  I walked down the hall and leaped into my bed. I was really looking forward to the following as it was Saturday. ..

Suddenly I teleported into an unknown dimension. Then I realized I was in the videogame. I was driving around the place crashing into other cars and the music was really loud.

Week 15 The Getaway By Conor H

I was on my way home from my friend’s house, nobody was in town this evening. But then I start hearing loud fast cars rushing down the road. I was starting to get a bit scared. Then ‘WHOOOSH!’ a car came flying towards me. It stopped right in front of me, pulled down its window.

‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted. I answered and said ‘ Take a right at the end of the road then keep going straight, why?’

But it was too late, whatever it was… was already gone.

I went to see what he was doing in the shop. You will not believe what I saw in the shop. I saw a WEREWOLF!

Its face looked like the creature in the car. Maybe it was!

Week 14 Killer Bees By Conor H

It was a lovely summer day and all my friends were playing with me in the park. We were having a game of catch when about 7 bees flew after us. The first thing that came into our heads was …… RUN.

We ran down to the square where the science lab was. Everyone in the town was very excited to see the new invention they were making called the shrink-ray. This could make stuff big and small.

BUZZ was all we could hear as we were near the shrink-ray.

‘NOOOOOOOOOOO!’ cried the scientist ‘Don’t lead the bees here’

OH-OH … suddenly all the bees had turned into gigantic bees.


The Enchanted Ship By Conor H

It was the day of the wedding that everyone was looking forward to. Everyone was well dressed especially the bride and groom. The bride was wearing a lovely summer dress and a hat and a leather handbag in her arm. The groom was wearing a fantastic navy suit with an expensive-looking suitcase.

After the wedding, they decided to go on a luxury cruise for 2 weeks.

On the boat, they were having a great time until they hit a humungous wave and went flying into the air like birds in flight. The bang of the ship when it hit the great waters was deafening. Everyone was nervous that something was wrong with the ship.

The captain exclaimed that we were about to hit a storm and everything would be ok. But we all felt that something was going to go wrong.

We entered the storm. Everyone stared out their windows and all they saw was a furious looking storm. Something happened that had never happened before. The ship just enchantingly changed to a pirate ship. The first thing we thought to do was jump out of the window.

We swam and swam as fast as our legs and arms could take us.

At last, we were there, at the mythical colourful island. This place was amazing; there was so much wildlife. The only problem was we were……..stuck…. Stranded on this island for the rest of our life. It was all over – we were doomed. The two of us tried to calm down by taking 10 deep breaths.

We could see the horrific smoke from the boat that was leaving us.

Now we needed to make a life of our own here. First, we are going to make a hut from twigs and moss.

This life will be the hardest ever!


Week 11 The world record by Conor H

It was the evening before the world record for the most jars of marmite to be eaten . Everything was in its place and nothing could possibly go wrong………..or could it.

On that night another contestant trying the record snuck in and put a load of pepper in the jars of marmite.

The following day –  the day of the record and everything was perfect until someone tried the marmite just to make sure it was ok to eat. It was not ok to eat because it was the hottest thing on the planet. The producer told the man there was something wrong with the marmite.

‘Do you still want to take part?’

‘No’ he said, “I like marmite but that isn’t marmite.”

Week 7 The Pearl By Conor H

One very pedestrian day I was about to sit down on the sofa but then I noticed that the remote for the TV was missing and I knew just where it was. Down the sofa, so I stuck my hand down and took out a sheet that exclaimed go to the bedroom and you will find the …But the last word gone, so I called my friend Sophie.

In my bedroom, we were trying to work out where it could be. We searched everywhere and there it was in the closet -the shiny pearl awaited us.

We were scared and enthusiastic. At last, I put my hands upon it and everything went white.

In this world, the pearl was gone .’ But where did it go?’ she shouted.

Week 5 The Day I Became Tall By Conor H

I was on the way to my uncle’s house. I could see it in the distance -the great big mansion that he owned. I was so excited  that I  rapidly ran to the house.

When I got there I knocked on the door and nobody answered, so I erratically knocked harder still nobody answered so I went to the lab that he made all by himself. Finally, I found him there and he cried ” AAH, Conor you are just who I need for my new potion!”

So I did what he told me to do and I drank it and now I am super tall.

Week 4 The Getaway By Conor H

‘So, here is the plan’ exclaimed the leader.

“Firstly, we are going to dress up as normal people and sneak into the bank. Secondly, we will aggressively bust open the ATM and run and that is where Phillip comes in and drives us home to victory.”

Just outside the bank door, the criminals were getting ready.

“1,2,3,” they whispered.

Suddenly they snuck in and busted open the ATM. Then was the time to run.

“GO,GO,GO!” they screamed.

Just then Phillip tried to start the car.  When it just wouldn’t take off, he knew he was in massive trouble.

Week 3 The Crash By Conor H

It was a lovely sunny day and I had soccer training that day. I was really desperate to go. But before I walked out the door my mom called me back and warned me to look both ways at the crossing but because I was so enthusiastic about soccer I got my bicycle and did not listen.

When I got there, the crossing the light was red then yellow then green but after that, a man greedily drove on and clicked my back wheel and broke my bike. How am I going to get back I asked myself.

A few hours later I still was not home and I knew I was in trouble.

Week 2 The Bomb By Conor H

One day I was on the plane to Lanzarote. Everything was going fine but suddenly the pilot exclaimed ” Greetings passengers there has been a small problem in the cockpit.” Everybody was surprised.

Meanwhile I was the way to the bathroom and heard this ticking sound. At the start I did not take any notice , but in the bathroom I was getting kind of worried so I ran into the hall of the plane and bellowed “THERE IS A BOMB IN THE PLANE”. Then everything stopped and there was complete silence. The bomb had a timer on it for 30 seconds.

Everybody was panicking. 5 seconds.


AHHHHH!! …was all I heard falling into the North Atlantic Ocean…


The shipwreck By Conor H

‘Land Ahoi!’ announced the captain of the ship. Boom is all you heard when the captain came to the island. All the fresh avocados flew to the front of the ship and hit the captain in the back of the head.’ OWW’ he cried.

Everybody got off the ship. Half of the crew put on diving suits and the others followed to go hunt for an elephant.

Meanwhile, the divers came to a shipwreck with a load of bones outside of the shipwreck. Floating past the shipwreck were some lovely purple seahorses.

The divers went in the shipwreck to find out what was in the ship and in the ship there was a massive treasure box!