Week 21 The master’s poison! BY CONOR

Today I was out in the forest and saw people doing taekwondo. I was wondering if it was a trap because the person who was leading them was doing really weird moves and did not know what he was doing.

For a second he paused and rummaged in his bag. He took something out of his bag that looked like a bottle with a poison in it. Everyone screamed. AAAHHH!!!!!!

He poured it over everyone and they all turned to wood!


Week 20 My Family Are Rich By CONOR

One normal day I was my family’s mansion. My brother and I were feeling kind of bored so we went into the garage. My dad owns a load of cars such as a Bugatti, a Ferrari and a Lamborgini. I wanted to get in the Ferrari. So we did.

The key was still in the car and I accidentally turned the key and drove out of the garage. On the road, we were moving very fast when……………KABOOM!

It smashed into smithereens!

Week 19 Borrowers by Conor

One day I was going out to clean the mossy drainpipe, but when I went out to do the job I heard something rattling in the drain. I was terrified.

I took the lid off the drain and two microscopic people came flying out. They shot up the drainpipe and up to the gutter.

Unluckily it started to rain and one of the little people tried to hold on but it came down the drainpipe.

Week 18 Made Of Stone by Conor

One beautiful day I was walking down the street in China with my family to go to a restaurant. On the way, I thought I saw superhero ( or villain?) Stoneman and got a bit terrified. But  I decided to just ignore him and went in.

After I was done in the restaurant he was still there. Then I saw them! There were some affable people down the road that got turned into stone!


Week 16;The Adventures Of Mr Hand Man By Conor

One day Mr hand man was up on an enormous building.


The bank was being robbed by robbers. So Mr. Handman flew down. When he got down the robbers were no ordinary robbers – they were feet. These little feet were big buffoons. They were causing a lot of skulduggery. Luckily  Mr. Hand had a special potion. This potion made Mr. Hand really strong.

BOOM!!!!! BANG!!!! KA-POW!!!!

The feet were defeated!

Week 14: The annoying monkey by Conor

Every day when I wake up I always ask my mom if I can get a pet monkey.She is getting tired of me always asking her so she finally says yes.

So we get in the  car and drive to the pet store. At the pet store we see lots of monkeys causing pandemonium. We buy a monkey and bring it home. When we got home I wanted to do some writing on my computer but the monkey wants a go too so I let him have a go but he pushes it off the table!

Week 13 : The great escape by Conor

One day I was going on a school tour to the zoo. Before we left the school our teacher warned us not to go near the cage with the tigers in it.When we arrived she warned us again.

But my friend and I loved tigers so much. Like spies trying to steal from the bank we secretly went to the cage with the tigers in it. But sadly they were not there.

But when we turned around the tiger was blocking our escape.Soon after we saw the teacher leaving on the bus without us.What would we do?

Week 12 The football match by Conor

Excitedly the players hurried out of the dressing room.They were so determined to win the match to get to the top of the table.But there was something in their way.They were up against the best team in the league.

10 minutes later they were up two nill and you could see their batteries were running low. At half-time, they got some sandwiches. After eating their sandwiches they felt a bit more energetic.

Sadly after the match, the score was 3-2 to the other team and everyone’s faces were white in shock.

Week 11 The statue by Conor

One day I went to the park. I wanted to climb the trees. When I reached the trees I saw a statue of a man with black clothes on. He looked very aggressive. I thought it was some kind of shenanigan.I felt a bit bamboozled because I never saw it there before.

After I finished at the trees it was time to go home. On the way home I heard pandemonium. I told mom to turn the car around. When we got back the place was a big mess. Then I saw the man murdering people.

Week 10 by Conor

One cold and stormy night Jeff and I were playing in my room but it started getting boring so we wrote a story with robbers in it. Meanwhile, I asked Jeff if he wanted to become a robber. But he said”NO, NO, NO!” but then I said “Come on it will be FUN.”

Finally we started the hunt for gold. Sometime later, we reached the bank. Around the corner were security guards in front of the door. But luckily we had a spell to put people to sleep.So we did it on the guards. We took the gold and then we ran back home. When we got in we said but where will we keep it all?

Week 9: Ghosts by Conor

One evening my family and I were out shopping. When we were coming out of the shop I saw these blurry things so I decided to tell my dad but he didn’t believe me. Now I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin.

So, later on, I decided that I was going to put up cameras so I could see them. When I checked them and it showed clowns, ghosts, goblins,  and witches.

I showed dad and he finally believed me for once but it was just people playing tricks.


Week 6 The Haunted House by Conor

One dreary night my friends and I  were trick or treating. We decided to dare each other to go in the haunted abandoned houses. One time I was dared to go into that house at the end of our street.

I went inside and it seemed lovely. After a while, the light started flicking. Then I was trembling in fear. I decided to have a look around. So I went into the living room but as the door slammed, I knew I was in huge trouble.

All my friends were calling me because I was so long in there. But I could not get out because I was trapped….

WEEK 2 Jewels by Conor

One day my brother and I were walking down the street.

Then Donagh said,”Why are we waking down this street?”

I replied”I have to show you something.”

Then we arrived.”I saw this earlier” I said.

It was a pile of jewels.We started looking at all the jewels, and suddenly we saw a bomb. So we quickly put it in the dump.

That was close we thought

Week 1: New boy by Conor

One day at school we were all coming in from break. I turned back and I saw that there was a boy sitting beside Colin. He was just staring at me, with a freaky face.

I said to myself ” So what lies ahead of me here?” I wonder. The next day the boy was playing soccer and he was staring at me. So I started running out of school and ran down to my grandad’s garage but he was not there. So decided to go to my nana’s house. She said “why are you here?” it’s not three o clock!

The boy followed me but he just wanted to be my friend!