The Superhero from Cork by Colin

Hi. I’m Colin but the people of Cork know me as The Superhero from Cork. Yeah I mean a pretty big deal here. Of course there’s always Kieran from Kerry, trying to out superhero me.

Anyway, the Superhero Olympics are coming up and I’m freaking out. “The Superhero of Ireland” is hosting the games and I can’t wait to meet him. He is the most powerful hero in Ireland and has stopped more than 50o, ooo criminals this year alone. The games are hosted underneath Cork this year. At least I don’t have to fly two hours to Dublin again.

I’ll be competing in the Flying race, Extreme tag and Air fighting. I won first place in Extreme tag last year because I stayed hidden in a building until it was me versus Carlow. Then I snuck up on Carlow and simply tapped his head. He’s still mad at me to this day. I came fifth in the flying race and sixth in Air fighting.

I was born into a family of superheroes. I was an only child, so I was showered with affection from my parents. I never had any friends because most county superheroes hate each other.

It all started when, now Northern Ireland, was taken over by the British. The Superhero leader told Ireland to not interfere and that’s when the ISC ( Irish Superhero Council) decided to make a national superhero. Every county wanted their superhero to be the best. But then one day a random superhero conquered the ISC and declared himself leader of Ireland. Everyone was shocked but knew that if they tried to fight back they’d be banished. Only one superhero was strong enough to defeat him… My Father…

He went to battle with the leader of Ireland. The battle lasted 3 days and 2 nights until finally my father let his guard down and was captured by the ruler and thrown into jail for life. Soon after that, the ruler turned into a good man and let my father go. But prison had changed my father and he started doing illegal activity. He was caught and banished from the country. The ruler announced that all superheroes must do 5 years at the Superhero Olympics to determine if said superhero is good enough.

The day of the Superhero Olympics:

I warmed up then got ready to do the Flying race. I hovered in the air until I heard the air horn. I raced to the finish line. I was the second person to pass over the line. After two hours rest I did Air fighting. I came 3rd in that and finally Extreme tag. I came 1st again. At the end, The ruler passed out the medals. My emotions got the better of me and when he gave me my medal I tackled him to the ground. With a wave of the Ruler’s hand he floated me back to the podium. I blushed and tried not to think of how stupid that was. Yeah, super stupid.

The setup: By Dan Short Story Comp


The thief stuck his hand in through the broken window and opened the dented and scratched car door. I was walking along the street when I saw him. I ran straight towards him trying to scare him off; my fists were aloft as I tripped and fell into a pothole. It all went black…


My eyes slowly crept open. “Where am I?” I muttered faintly to a person in a medical uniform. “You are in hospital,” she said.” You were shot in the leg by a thief, so, we had to replace your leg.”

A few days later, I was discharged from hospital so I walked across the street and into a clothes shop. “I need a tight black suit,” I told the shopkeeper. After that I located the hardware store and bought a grapple hook and a long reel of rope. I was going to try and scale a skyscraper to look for the thief, but first I was going to need to make some additions to my very awkward prosthetic leg. I limped home that night, with a plan fixed in my mind; nothing could stop me now.

As I scuttled in the oak door of my red brick house, the telephone began to ring. When I picked it up and put it to my ear an unfamiliar foreign voice began to ramble about a problem with my computer. I knew he was a fake so I hung up immediately. I was tired so I ate my dinner and went to bed.


I put one foot on the pane of the thick, clear glass. I had already secured the grapple hook on the top of the building. The new special magnets that I had fitted to my prosthetic leg were going to help a lot. Now I was prepared to climb this beast of a building. I had got hold of a handy new gadget that could tell me where the thief was by using his DNA that I had found on the car he broke into.

I was halfway up when the fear began to show, the steps became more of an effort and my pace began to slow. By the time I got to the top I was exhausted. I tugged out the gadget from my utility belt and turned it on.

It began to scan. It had found him……..behind me.

The Superhero From Cork: By Liam A

It was another cruel and dangerous day. Another one of Cork’s building down again. “This isn’t right,” said Colin, as he stroked the back of his trusted friend Spot, the dog. There has to be something done to stop this mayhem. Colin went to school where the windows were blackened and the yard was burning slowly every day. It was nightmarish for Colin.

But Colin has a secret. When school is over Colin isn’t Colin. He is “Nightgazer”. He is cape is indestructible and his armour protects him from Falcon’s pulsar lasers. Every day he and his archenemy, Falcon, the cause of this destruction, would fight gruesome battles. Colin only wants everyone to be happy but Falcon wants the whole of Cork in his evil grip.

Once, Colin nearly trapped Falcon but he evaded capture with his teleportation machine.  Falcon increased his powers and returned. This time this fight was going to be the last but was this to be a win for Nightgazer or for Falcon? Falcon had fashioned a deadly new weapon, The Golden Arrow, the only weapon that could penetrate Colin’s armour.

They entered the Shandon steeple where this final showdown was going to take place. Each step Colin ascended, echoed through the building. He reached the top.  He looked down at the empty streets and the burning buildings. He was saddened and angered by what Falcon had done to his beloved city on the banks of the Lee. He ran up the steps and kicked the door down and saw Falcon waiting,  his two golden wings coming out of his back and his red laser eye. Colin approached.  He hesitated as he spotted a gold flash of the razor-sharp edge of this deadly device he had never encountered before, The Golden Arrow.

For the first time in his life Colin felt unsure but he knew he was the only hope that Cork had left. He had to conquer his fear. The hurling heroes of the past flashed into his mind. Colin ran towards Falcon but quickly Falcon put his hand out and lifted Colin straight off the ground and threw him against the Shandon bells. Falcon was stronger than ever and lifted the Golden Arrow to annihilate Nightgazer.

Suddenly Spot appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Falcon’s arm, the arrow missed, Colin took his chance, he got up. He had a surprise of his own. From under his cape he produced a silver pistol that shot a silver bullet, the only metal that Falcon was defenseless against. There was however only one bullet. He couldn’t afford to miss. He got up, took aim, his hand was shaking, he took the shot. The bullet lodged in  Falcon’s armour. The armour turned to ashes and Falcon’s superpowers drained away.

The silver had worked. Falcon was no more. Colin looked down, a crowd had gathered below. They clapped and cheered. Cork city life could return to normal. Colin rang out the “Bells of Shandon” and Corkonians could do “Panna” again.