Week:21 Sprinting Statues ,Dan

Huff! Puff! I went as I jogged my usual lap of the park.

It was just then that I noticed some new wooden statues by an old bunch of trees.I ignored them and kept doing my lap.

As I headed for home I bumped into Barry, he said that the day before the wooden statues were running around the park. I didn’t believe him for a second until he showed me a video of them having a race.

“Do you think it is fake? “I asked him.

“It’s not because I took the video,” he answered in a serious way.

Suddenly … they came to life…




Week 20: The Concord By Dan

Wa hooo! Up we went high above the clouds.

Suddenly I heard glass breaking and alarms ringing. l was piloting the Concorde.

“This is great,” I thought.

I’m above cloud level so I can push the top speed button.

“Whoosh!!” I said as I sped across the Atlantic Ocean.

I was going at 600km an hour. Immediately  I heard a beeping sound and it was coming from the plane.

“I think we’re going to crash,” I roared. “Prepare for impact,” I shouted .

The nose was pointed down…CRASH…

Two hooks hitched onto the plane.

“Who saved us ?”  I wondered

Week 19: Magpie Thief, By Dan

One day at my house my Mom took off her rings. She put them by the window and walked off to go shopping.

When she did that, the diamond on the rings sparkled in the light. But that particular day she left the window open and a magpie flew off with the ring.

When Mom realised that her rings were gone she started crying. That night it started to rain and I heard metal falling.

The next morning I went outside and saw Mom’s ring. It came down the drain pipe. “The magpie must have dropped it,” I thought.

Week 18: Stone statues, Dan

One bright sunny day in my favourite game called MINECRAFT, I felt like going to Blocky Bill’s restaurant.

As I walked out the door I saw a  flying bow. I ignored it because  I thought I had seen it before. What I did not know was that an evil mastermind was holding the bow.

I walked out onto the street and bumped into my neighbours Steve and Alex. We all decided to go to Bills together. As we walked into the restaurant an arrow landed on the ground.

CRACKLE!!  Everything turned to stone … including us.


Week 16 Robo hand By Dan

Proffesor  Ninetails  loved science but he always wanted a hand . One day he invented a stone hand . He splashed a mixture of cocktails on it. Suddenly a face appeared on the hand.

“I am Zygard ” buzzed the robot hand.

The profesor jumped with joy . The proffesor had programed him to get materials for inventions . Can you get me some scrap tins please ? asked the professor as soon as they got to know each other.   They became very close friends .



Week 15: Demon Teacher, by Dan.

In the beginning, all was fine. Our new teacher Frank was teaching us.
We were just after finishing Irish when our teacher took off his glasses.
He glared at all of us.


The front rows’ heads all fell down.He had just hypnotised them.
The rest of us ran for our lives.


He had just zapped Jim and Tim. He swished his finger and the whole room went on fire.
“Our teacher is a demon,” I shouted.
Only then I realised that it was a dream.


Week 14 An angry animal by Dan

Click! Went the computer mouse.
I had just hired a monkey to do my homework.
I loathed homework-  it is a waste of time.

The next evening the doorbell rang and a little hairy figure was staring at me.
AAHHH! I screamed as the monkey walked inside my house.

He scuttled over to my school bag and threw all the books out on the floor.
Surprisingly he was able to land them in a neat pile .
He snatched my laptop and sat on the floor .
He typed a couple of sentences and threw the laptop into the air .
Crash went the laptop as it hit the floor.

I won’t hire a monkey again to do my homework

Week 13: A bad day , by Dan.

One day deep in the jungle my friend Oran and I lay asleep under a tall shady tree. As we awoke feeling ravenous, I stood up and smiled with glee. We rushed out of camp, and we were hoping to catch something in our handwoven trap.

As we approached our death trap what did we hear? Nothing but a loud roar that made us tremble with fear.

We peered into the deep hole and found a tiger. As we pulled him up he ran in front of me.

The tiger was blocking our escape


The End…

Week 12: A dream machine, by Dan

One morning on Goldcrest Farm I felt super energetic. I rushed out the door leaving my breakfast on the table. I walked to the huge tractor in front of me. As I climbed upon the steps I started to get a bit peckish so I pulled an old sandwich out of my pocket and started to eat. I turned the key and it started up very well.

The hum of the engine was like music to my ears. On the dashboard, my battery came up LOW!. Just then a huge white Valtra arrived.
It was like a dream and the farmer in the tractor gave me a new battery.
“That was weird,” I thought.


Week 11 : Friends with the Vikings, by Dan

One day a long time ago in my little Monastery, I was on the lookout in the tall round tower. I was really looking forward to having my afternoon nap.
Suddenly I spotted a black figure on a Viking longship.

I ran up the stairs and ran the big steel bell. As they rowed their boat on to our shores, the black figure stepped out of the boat.
He spoke quite softly but I made out some words and these were the words”HELP us”.

We healed their cuts. We were the first monks to become friends with Vikings.

Week10: Treasure by Dan.

Awesome 5000 and I always wanted to steal the diamonds of truth . But there was one big problem, there was a fierce giant blocking the path. Then I  remembered that it was his birthday and that meant that he was on holiday.I slipped through the gate and got into the maze of doom. Inside that maze lay the diamonds of truth.

It was a tricky maze to get through that no one has been through before. I could see the diamond and it lay on a pedestal that was made out of copper. Then I heard a huge bang. I felt terrified. I snatched the diamonds, ran through the maze, crept out the gate and raced down the path. Awesome 5000 was waiting for me.

We scuttled in our front door and thought but where would we hide it all?

Week 9: The Shopping Center By Dan

The next day after my dreaded Halloween night it suddenly felt really cold.

“Off to the shopping center” I thought as I skipped along. Soon enough I got there and to my surprise I met Barry. “Hi Barry” I roared. Almost immediately he turned around but it wasn’t Barry… it was a ghost. I ran in horror and disbelief.

I fainted but I was alright. That noon I woke up. I could feel a tugging on my leg – it was the ghost again. I’m doomed…

Week 8: A Night Of Doom, by Dan.

A flame of red and orange light danced in the long narrow hallway. I was frightened, but I wanted to follow it at the same time. Thoughts of what it could be were now swimming through my mind.

As I slowly crept along, the moon flooded white light flashed through the old building. A shiver ran down my spine…As I rounded the corner the light got brighter.

I could hear voices, a party was being celebrated, but I was the only human guest. Skeletons and spooks witches and zombies, it’s HALLOWEEN NIGHT…I’m DOOMED.

Hopefully tomorrow morning won’t be long coming.

Week 7: Surviving by Dan

Suddenly my mansion blew to bits. Nothing was left except an axe, a shovel, a bow and arrow and a backpack.

“I need to find shelter,” I thought to myself. I started to walk down the long narrow road. I brought the tools with me. A few miles down the road a rabbit wandered onto the road. I pulled my bow and arrow out of my bag and I shot it. I put it away in my backpack. I strolled down the road a bit more and came to a big house. I took refuge in the house, but when I walked inside a creak from the roof set off a trap. As the door slammed I knew I wasn’t safe…

Week 5 : My precious item, by Dan

Try to guess what this item is.
My family gave it to me. It is a cuboid shape.
Sometimes I play games on it. I put it in my playroom.
My friends think it is cool. It has remote controls.
It is made of hard plastic. It is electric.
I play it on weekends. It was really expensive.
I got it in Game Stop. It is black.
It has two words in the name. The first word begins with p.
It is connected to a tv. There is a number in the name too.

Put the answer in the comments.

Week 4: The amazing dog by Dan

One day I went for a walk down a lane behind my mansion.
I also brought the dog. Suddenly I heard a strange bark.
My dog and I hid behind a bush.
We found a pair of glasses.
“Put them on boy, ” I whispered.

POOF! He scuttled away.
A minute later he came back with another dog.
When we got home the dog spoke. “Ruffy ruff” he barked.
I asked my dog to translate “Please to meet you,” he said


Week 2: The Sweets by Dan

One sunny day Barry and I wanted some sweets.
“Let’s go to Super Sweets ” Barry said.
“They do amazing sweets ” Barry explained.
We walked in and stumbled upon a big poster on the wall.
There was a nice looking sweet on it.
“I’ll have that one, “I said pointing at the poster,” same,” said Barry.

The shopkeeper handed us our bags.
“These sweets smell good,” said Barry.
“They look nice too,” I said.
Soon I opened my bag and POOF!! …I shrunk.

Well, how did this happen?

Week 1: The Creation by Dan

One day my friends Conor and Ronan came to my house for a sleepover. But things did not go well.

So let’s get started:
“How long more do we have to play lego for? said Conor.

“Just let us finish our project,” I said.

Ronan built a ship and I built a tractor. Suddenly something happened and Ronan’s ship was changing -it turned into a great big monstrous looking ghost. The ghost roared words like this “animals in danger” he roared. We all thought for a second. Connor came up with a cunning plan….