Living by a Bus Stop: By Dan

I watched as the last bus of the day passed by.                                                                Night had fallen and the streetlights were aglow.                                                         Gone was the hustle and bustle of the day, gone was the smell of diesel fumes, after the last bus had departed.

I could see from my bedroom window the shadows of the bus stop and the orange glow of the city beyond. I often dreamed of perching myself on top of the canopy to go stargazing, and tonight I would. I slid open the window and hopped onto the window ledge.

Tonight was a breezy, cold and blustery night.  I grasped on to the slippery gutter and slid down it. It would have been easier to go out the front door as my clothes were covered from the sludge on the gutters.( A great start to my adventure!)

As I began my ascent up the bus stop canopy I could hardly contain my excitement; it was like climbing Mount  Everest, and finally, I got there. The cold night air hit my face with a blast; it was so welcoming after the climb up, but it was well worth it, the view was amazing.

I opened my backpack and got out all my essentials, my compass, my blanket and grandad’s old binoculars -the old gold-colored clasps on them shone in the moonlight. To my amazement, the night sky was aglow, so different from my bedroom window.





Week 35: The Mountain: by Dan

It looked stormy up there.

Why couldn’t my relatives choose a better place to reside in, like Spain.

There was only one way up, by plane.

Waffles, the dog and I set off into the air. I had to fly around the back of the mountain to land on the Manor’s private runway.

BEEP! BEEP!  Pull Up, Pull up!

The plane began to plummet into a nosedive. I was heading straight for the river. I leveled the plane off just in time as the aircraft’s underbody skimmed the water.

I looked at the gauges – we were out of fuel.



The setup: By Dan Short Story Comp


The thief stuck his hand in through the broken window and opened the dented and scratched car door. I was walking along the street when I saw him. I ran straight towards him trying to scare him off; my fists were aloft as I tripped and fell into a pothole. It all went black…


My eyes slowly crept open. “Where am I?” I muttered faintly to a person in a medical uniform. “You are in hospital,” she said.” You were shot in the leg by a thief, so, we had to replace your leg.”

A few days later, I was discharged from hospital so I walked across the street and into a clothes shop. “I need a tight black suit,” I told the shopkeeper. After that I located the hardware store and bought a grapple hook and a long reel of rope. I was going to try and scale a skyscraper to look for the thief, but first I was going to need to make some additions to my very awkward prosthetic leg. I limped home that night, with a plan fixed in my mind; nothing could stop me now.

As I scuttled in the oak door of my red brick house, the telephone began to ring. When I picked it up and put it to my ear an unfamiliar foreign voice began to ramble about a problem with my computer. I knew he was a fake so I hung up immediately. I was tired so I ate my dinner and went to bed.


I put one foot on the pane of the thick, clear glass. I had already secured the grapple hook on the top of the building. The new special magnets that I had fitted to my prosthetic leg were going to help a lot. Now I was prepared to climb this beast of a building. I had got hold of a handy new gadget that could tell me where the thief was by using his DNA that I had found on the car he broke into.

I was halfway up when the fear began to show, the steps became more of an effort and my pace began to slow. By the time I got to the top I was exhausted. I tugged out the gadget from my utility belt and turned it on.

It began to scan. It had found him……..behind me.

Week 34: The Crash Disaster : By Dan

I stepped out of my damp cheap tent and into the barren deserted forest.        A slightly broken chair lay neatly on the ground. As I reached for my backpack, a Racoon scuttled out of it and into the dense foliage.

Bits of the plane I had crashed there, were strewn in every corner.   It had just fallen out of the sky. I was lucky to locate the supply box.

“Help!”  came a cry.  It was a human, maybe my friend Claude too.I was desperate to find him. I squashed a leaf as I Stumbled to a halt.

It was him.


Week 33: The Terror: By Dan

The deafening screams echoed through the night as I stomped through the forest. A person had gone missing and now they seemed to be in imminent danger. There had also been reports of a Big Foot in this forest. This rescue mission was becoming scarier by the minute.

“OVER HERE” roared my colleague from a distance.

I Looked over to where he was and saw a giant figure in his place. Mud oozed off its fur as it approached. Only then did I notice the body of the missing person in its hands. It dropped it in front of me and ran.


Week 32: No Essential Medicine

I stepped on to the sleigh.

“Good Luck”  chanted the crowd of onlookers.

“HIKE!”I roared to the sleigh dogs.

I felt a sudden jolt of speed as we disappeared into the night.                                  All the people in the village were depending on me to bring back the essential medicine.

We were dashing along the snowy cliffside gaining speed all the time.I had the waypoint insight and my dogs were beginning to tire as I slowed down in front of the hospital. I walked into the waiting room and overheard a conversation.

They were out of medicine!

Week 31: The lair :By Dan

It was under the cover of darkness I struck.                                                                  There looked to be no sign of a lair out here in this wilderness but intel had told me there was.

I walked up to a tree and knocked on it, it was hollow. I kicked it down with ease and looked down into the hole beneath the roots. I cautiously jumped. It wasn’t very deep.

In front of me lay a table with piles of cash on top. It looked as if I had found a bank robber.

“WHO’S THERE!” Came a shout.

I was in trouble now…


Week 30: The mission : by Dan

Crash! BOOM!

A bomb hit the ground and sent pieces of brick flying everywhere.                      I scrambled to my plane and started the engine.

As I began to lift off the radio crackled into life.                                                             The commander’s voice boomed out of my tiny earpiece.

“I want you to get that wee bomber out of my airspace,” he said in an Australian accent.

I spoke up into my speaker and discussed the plan with the team.

“It doesn’t matter what you think, does it, “The Commander yelled, “Just take down the bomber.”

The bomber was in sight, this was going to be a legendary dogfight!

Week 27: The situation: By Dan

Rat a tat tat!

The machine gun began to spray bullets in our direction. I dived into a shell crater, and pulled out my rifle and began to fire back.


A shell landed right alongside me and I was blown back towards our trenches. It was a blood bath out there.

Suddenly the enemy whistle blew. I knew what that meant. Running, was this the only option I thought as I began to run to higher ground. I reached the hill and hid behind a tree. There were four other soldiers there.

We would fight to save our friends!

Short Story Competition: The Journey : By Dan

The boat began to slow down as a wave crashed against the steel hull. We were approaching the undiscovered island. I stepped onto golden sandy shoreline that seemed to stretch for miles into the horizon.


A tree smashed into the ground and a pile of rubble erupted out of the surface. Millions of tiny creatures swarmed out from the new hole in the ground.; they were heading straight for us.


Gunshots echoed from behind me and a man in rags carrying a gun emerged from behind a rock. The creatures were disintegrating into thin air. My filming crew dived to the ground and so did I. This was definitely a mistake coming here.

A few minutes later, all the creatures had dissapeared and the man walked over to us. We thanked him but he didn’t seem to understand, instead he scampered away into the distance.

We were all alone.

I pulled out my map and studied  it very carefully. We were on the north coast of the island. My film crew were still shaking after the terrifiying incident. I began to walk into the deep dense forest of palm trees It was at that moment that I heard a flock of birds flying away from the forest.


A poison dart flew past my ear and a group of people with the man that had saved us ran towards us. They were brandishing their silver steel swords and spears in anger. We were in trouble now.

“Run!” I shouted to my crew.

We ran back to the boat,raised the sails and took off. Our pursuers were beginning to climb into the water as we sped off into the sunset.

That adventure was not made for us!

Week 26: The Invasion : By Dan

The horn sounded and the robotic soldiers marched towards the opera house. Their leader was being held captive by their dreaded enemy.

Clank! Clunk! Their heavy metal feet marched across Sydney Harbour Bridge and into the opera house.

Bang! Bang!  A laser cannon began to fire at them as tourists began to flee the area.

“Stay back “yelled their human enemy.

Their boss was being escorted out of his cage towards them

Suddenly, the impossible happened… a human enemy walked over to the boss and cut his power supply.

The robots raised their weapons and fired.

Week 25: The Thing : By Dan

Smash! A window shattered, and a gigantic, hairy black beast stumbled out of its cell.

We were all in danger. I needed to call for help, or else this beast would eat us all alive. We had captured it from an inhospitable planet and experimented on it since.

As it stomped up the deserted street it stopped and looked at a building full of people.

It jumped on top of it, but it only damaged the building a small bit because the beast wasn’t Heavy enough.

It looked around and saw a banana on the ground and his eyes lit up.

Week 24: The Challenge : By Dan

I was going to take it one foot at a time.

I was absolutely terrified, I had never walked a tightrope in public.                      I had no harness so if I fell I was a definite goner.

It wasn’t the calmest day, fairly windy and it was bucketing rain. If I completed the walk I’d beat the record for highest tightrope walk by 400 metres. I was halfway out and going well when I heard a snap and a scream.

“I’m trying to hold on” he shouted.  I looked around and saw a man holding the rope in agony.

I Was Doomed…

Week 23 : The Pursuit : By Dan

I was nearly there –  the filing cabinet was just metres away.  I took my chance and was it a daring one …the sergeant nearly caught me as I nipped the file.

I fled the police building undetected and hopped into the car. The engine was running and my friend Liam was waiting in the driver’s seat.

“HEY YOU!” called a young officer from the footpath.

“Drive!” I yelped

We sped along the winding bustling streets of town and into the country. There had been a police car chasing us the whole way.

We took no notice of the sign that said sharp turn…

Suddenly, it all went black…

Week 22: The Raiders : By Dan

I read the letter carefully, I knew the time was coming but I didn’t expect it to be that day.

I was going to be evicted.

I walked over to my rusty old telephone and called my friends.                              The Landlord had evicted them before, and they weren’t going to let it happen to me.


We could see them getting closer, his soldiers.

One look told me that this was going to get extremely violent.                    Bang! Bang!  they were shooting at us.

Bang! I shot back, so did my friends.

They were right at my door!

We were going to fight!

Week 20 : The Encounter : By Dan

We were heading straight for it.

Jim explained that it was a meteor but I knew that there was none this deep in space. It constantly loomed closer to our state of the art shuttle. Suddenly it accelerated. As it flew towards us I couldn’t make out what it was, but it definitely wasn’t a meteor.

It unfolded from its meteor shape into a ship- one that was definitely not made by a human. A hatch opened on the top of the ship and a being stepped out of it. My heart was racing!

We had found a new species!!

Week 19: The Catastrophe: By Dan

The guns woke me on that dreadful day.

They got closer and closer each day but that day they were there. I dressed and ran to the military station. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened, including the station.

Suddenly a group of enemy soldiers walked across the bridge, they were heading for the station.

I prised the door open with a branch that I had found, ran inside and locked the door. I ran to the telephone and called the Military.

I jogged into the armory and plucked a gun off a rack.

I was going to defend our town!

Week 17: The Bike Burglar: By Dan

There it was, its canary yellow paint gleaming out of the shop window.

It was now or never thought John. He walked up to the shop and smashed the window – glass shattered everywhere.

As the deafening alarms wrung out into the night breeze, John hastily plucked the bike from its stand and began to cycle into the distance.

Police sirens edged closer all the time. John took a hard left, he was heading for the park where the bike could transform into a jetski and he could sail down the river.

Suddenly the bike began to spin out of control, the bike had been hacked.

He was done for.

Week 16: The Demolition Derby: By Dan

3! 2! 1! GO!  We were away every Demolition Derby vehicle.                                      Team Furry was the favourite for this race, but they were already near the very back.

I drifted slowly around the first corner and I did so lap after lap until the last lap. It was a battle for the front- My team Vs Team Furry.  Both our cars were in a horrendous condition after the crashes and bashes that we had received.

Suddenly disaster struck. Furry ‘s  Car shot into the air and hit the ground. I looked back as the driver climbed out of the wrecked car.

I Had Won The Race.

Week 15: The Weird Robber: By Dan

Beep, Beep.

I picked up my phone. It was an unnamed user, probably my agency calling me for a new mission. “There has been a robbery at the Diamond Jewelery shop. The thief is heading your way. Catch him. ” Then the call ended.

I turned the key in my car and moved out of the underground carpark. Just as I was leaving, a masked ” thing”  walked up to the car. ” Which way to the shops?” it panted. I pointed towards the elevator and it ran towards them.

I knew exactly who this was, it was the thief.

Week 14: Bee Trouble :By Dan

It was getting closer… that sound I dreaded. The ginormous bees had already killed thousands of people and it looked like I was next.


A gun had begun to fire bullets at the bees and sure enough, the gigantic insects began to drop out of the sky.

“Get Down” roared the gunner, and with that, I dived behind a wheelie bin.    Suddenly a giant golden bee whizzed past. That must be what happens when they die.

I scampered over to the gunner and thanked him for saving me. Neither of us knew if we would survive.

Week 13: The Ostrich : By Dan

It was Christmas Eve.  All of us toys were extremely exited to see this years new arrivals.

Suddenly a pile of soot erupted out from the fireplace, then a head and body squeezed out. There Santa stood looking down at all the toys in his ginormous bag. He simply clicked his fingers and presents whizzed under the tree.            I glanced over to where the cookies and carrots were; there were bite marks and crumbs everywhere.

After Santa left, a new toy burst out of its box and it started to fly around the room- an ostrich I think it was called. None of us old toys could fly and I didn’t realise they could fly.

The Children’s Great Escape :by Dan

Ciara and Josh lived in a wealthy family, in fact, they were the wealthiest family in the area, but the war changed all that.                                                             Then one day they got the news that would change their lives. Their parents had been assassinated and their quiet, peaceful town was being invaded.

Suddenly loud noises began to rattle the school. At once school was dismissed and children and teachers began flocking out of the building. Ciara and Josh ran home; their house was completely destroyed.  Then they realised that they needed to escape.

“Tonight there’s a ship leaving” murmured Josh “it’s our only hope of escaping.”

Ciara nodded in agreement, still in shock by what had happened.

So that night they snuck into the dock. Hundreds of enemy soldiers were parading out of a Spanish Galleon and there were many more waiting at sea. Then Josh spotted it, a small boat in comparison to the Galleons.

“Now is our chance” whispered Ciara as the soldiers turned away and marched off into the distance.

Josh and Ciara crawled over silently to the ship and climbed aboard.                   Only when they were aboard, did the children realise how big the ship actually was.

“Pssst” someone whispered.

Ciara instantly recognised the voice, it was of Captain James, her  Dad’s best friend. The two children scuttled over silently to the Captain’s Cabin.                 As the door slowly creaked open, it sent a shiver down Josh’s spine.

“Good evening” Captain James bellowed.

“We’re going to America, I assume you have snuck on to escape,” he continued. ” If you’re coming, I advise you to hide”

With that, the children walked outside and hid under a couple of barrels.

The next Morning the boat sailed out of the docks.                                                       The children were excited for they were off to America!


Week 11: The Kidnaping : By Dan

I was bouncing up and down inside the back of the van.    I knew why they had kidnaped me, it was all because of the key that I had found in granny’s attic.

Then we stopped and two figures emerged from a deserted building. They opened the doors and hauled me inside.

I was persuaded to sit down at a table. Then the man at the other side of the table spoke:

“You Have Taken My Key!, Where Is It?” he roared in a foreign accent. I didn’t reply as I was too scared to.

“Do I Like Butter Or Marmite ” He bellowed

“Butter”  I replied faintly.

“No,” he said,” I Like marmite – Put him in the Celler.”


Week 10: Death Valley : by Dan

We were dropping like flies. The poppies had given us away – they didn’t blend in with our uniform.                                                 What used to be muck was now a sea of red blood.

Suddenly bullets fired from behind the tree on the hill. We had been led into a trap by the Germans. Then the shelling started and all hell broke loose. Screams of agony and horrendous pain filled the air around me.

Then everything stopped, and the English tanks rolled down the hill. I saw the Germans leave their guns and run.

We were coming for them and they knew it.


Week 9: A surprise : By Dan


More trick or treaters I thought and then I opened the door. Two masked Men one with an orange shirt stepped in the door.

“Hey, where are ye going?” I asked as they walked into the kitchen and took the bowl of chocolate bars. They sat down and started to devour the chocolate. The orange one spoke first “I’m surprised you don’t know it’s us yet” He jeered as he finished off his ninth Mars Bar. He was right I should recognise the voice. And then it clicked. They were the escaped criminals.

They were done for now.

Week 7: The Blob : By Dan

It slid  steadily towards the front door.  It’s deadly dripping acid drool left a long crack in the floor. At that moment Ciara rounded the corner her torch raised aloft. The blob disintegrated and disappeared .” But where did it go” She shouted angrily.

She began to wander around the museum again in a desperate hope to catch the dark red blob.
BANG! Ciara spun right around. It was sliding rapidly towards her.  She turned on her torch. The blob began to squeal and shrink.

Ciara threw her net over the Monster. It was finally captured.

Now the Museum could reopen.

Week 6: The Box : By Dan

“I want a robust fearless man to complete my mission” bellowed our bunker’s leader.

“I’ll do it” I shouted.                                                                                                                      I walked over to the airlock and pulled on a nuclear suit. I picked up the box that I was supposed to carry. It was Heavier than I expected, but I didn’t take notice of that because I had a job to do.

I stepped outside into the remote and deserted barren lands that so many in our cramped little bunker used to call home, but after the undetectable enemy plane nuked it we were left only with a bunker. I struggled along into the distance with the box.