Week 10: Death Valley : by Dan

We were dropping like flies. The poppies had given us away – they didn’t blend in with our uniform.                                                 What used to be muck was now a sea of red blood.

Suddenly bullets fired from behind the tree on the hill. We had been led into a trap by the Germans. Then the shelling started and all hell broke loose. Screams of agony and horrendous pain filled the air around me.

Then everything stopped, and the English tanks rolled down the hill. I saw the Germans leave their guns and run.

We were coming for them and they knew it.


Week 9: A surprise : By Dan


More trick or treaters I thought and then I opened the door. Two masked Men one with an orange shirt stepped in the door.

“Hey, where are ye going?” I asked as they walked into the kitchen and took the bowl of chocolate bars. They sat down and started to devour the chocolate. The orange one spoke first “I’m surprised you don’t know it’s us yet” He jeered as he finished off his ninth Mars Bar. He was right I should recognise the voice. And then it clicked. They were the escaped criminals.

They were done for now.

Week 7: The Blob : By Dan

It slid  steadily towards the front door.  It’s deadly dripping acid drool left a long crack in the floor. At that moment Ciara rounded the corner her torch raised aloft. The blob disintegrated and disappeared .” But where did it go” She shouted angrily.

She began to wander around the museum again in a desperate hope to catch the dark red blob.
BANG! Ciara spun right around. It was sliding rapidly towards her.  She turned on her torch. The blob began to squeal and shrink.

Ciara threw her net over the Monster. It was finally captured.

Now the Museum could reopen.

Week 6: The Box : By Dan

“I want a robust fearless man to complete my mission” bellowed our bunker’s leader.

“I’ll do it” I shouted.                                                                                                                      I walked over to the airlock and pulled on a nuclear suit. I picked up the box that I was supposed to carry. It was Heavier than I expected, but I didn’t take notice of that because I had a job to do.

I stepped outside into the remote and deserted barren lands that so many in our cramped little bunker used to call home, but after the undetectable enemy plane nuked it we were left only with a bunker. I struggled along into the distance with the box.

Week 5: A Bad Doctor :By Dan

I really wanted to join the local basketball team but I was not tall enough. I arranged an appointment with my Doctor to see if he could make me taller.

“Dan for the Doctor” called the secretary

I walked into the room and sat down.” Doctor, I want you to make me taller” I exclaimed.

He rooted around the room until he found what he was looking for. A small glass bottle lay on the table ahead of me.

“Take this” he sniggered “It will help you to grow”

I slurped the bottle greedily. Suddenly… I began to grow rapidly!



Week 4: Tsunami Situation : By Dan

A loud siren had woken me up and I knew exactly what it was. I rushed to the front of the boat and looked into the foggy and misty distance.

A red light glowed in mid-air, a buoy I thought. The Tsunami looked to be about ten minutes away and getting higher and stronger.

I scrambled back into the control station and hit the ignition, all I heard was a faint cough. I panicked when it just wouldn’t take off.

Suddenly the sound of a Helicopters blades spinning filled the vicinity, they had come to rescue me.

I was saved!

Week 3: Danger :By Dan

I knew I shouldn’t have come the short way  -after all, Mom had warned me not to but I was so desperate to be home in time watch my favourite TV programme.

My yellow bicycle creaked underneath me as I put pressure on the pedals. I looked behind me, the pitbulls were still up my tail.

A ditch lay ahead of me I knew it was my last hope. I dropped my yellow bicycle and scrambled over the ditch. I watched on as my bicycle was devoured greedily by the dogs.  I walked away quietly just lucky to be alive.


Week 2: The Predicament : By Dan

I could hear a faint ticking noise in the plane’s cockpit. I looked behind me and hung on the wall was a small bomb. I put my head down swiftly.


It was only a small explosion but had damaged the wires, and then everything stopped and we were just gliding. There were a few screams from the seats in the back of the plane.

“Bill, manually drop the landing gear,” I told the copilot. I looked out of the window. There was a field below me that seemed long enough for a runway.

“Land it, Dan Just Land it,” Bill said nervously.

Week 1: A Genius Plan : By Dan

Sparks flew in all directions around the shed.  John had just finished his robotic statue. He was going to use it that night to rob the bank . . .

John parked outside the bank and unloaded the statue. John Swiftly drove to a dark ally and powered the statue on. It had an internal camera so John could see where it was going.

The statue walked over to the ATM and cut around it with its laser eyes. Suddenly the statue yanked the ATM  out of the wall.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance as John loaded the statue into his van and drove away swiftly.


Elephant on the Loose: By Dan

I was nearly finished mashing my avocado when…                                                         Beep! Beep! I answered the phone.

“Dan Bones the elephant is after escaping, we need your help” Bellowed Bill my boss.                                                                                                                                             I ran to my purple car and drove to the Zoo.                                                                     I could hear the howling of the elephant as I ran past the seahorse enclosure.

I opened the equipment and grabbed a tranquilizer dart gun.

“Crash”!! a giant foot appeared outside. I pulled the trigger as hard as I could!!