Week 3 The New Rollercoaster By Danny

It was the day that we were going to the new Team Park called Fun Land. I was very excited as a new Rollercoaster was opening and I wanted to be the first on it.

Standing in the line my teeth were clattering together uncontrollably when suddenly a thick mist descended. I was a small bit nervous but the boy behind me was irate.

I was the first person in the line and when the Mayor cut the ribbon I was the first person on it.

When it started it was so much fun… but it seemed to be going backwards…

Week 2 The New Teacher By Danny

It was the start of a new school year and this year my class were getting a new teacher. We had never met her before and everyone was excited to see what she looked like.

When she came in she looked like a kind teacher but when I looked at her shoes they were made from alligator skin. They were Mauve. She was very demure at first but after a few days, she started to relax.

On her first day, she gave us very little homework but it was tricky. She is also very strict because when Tom climbed on the wall she roared at him.

But now she is a lovely teacher.

Week 1 The Prison Escape by Danny

One dull rainy day my friend and I decided to break out of prison as we had been there for many years… actually too many to count. We were being abominable – well that’s what the guard said.

We had been planning it for the several weeks and today was the day to do it. I called over the guard to have a chat with him while Johnny took the key out of the guards pocket. I punched him and Johnny opened the prison cell which we were in and then we ran like a bullet from a gun…

Week 37 Stop Crying By Danny

It had been raining all morning and everyone was getting tired and frustrated. My baby sister was crying so much because she was teething and every one was getting very cranky … including me.

There was so much noise I couldn’t think. All I wanted to do was go out and play with my friends.  Suddenly the sun came out and everyone went outside.

I asked my Mom could we get a paddling pool and she said yes. So we went downtown and got a pool. Everyone was happy and we all cooled down in it.



Week 36 Dear President Tommy Bowe By Danny

Dear President Tommy Bowe,

The past few days there has been shooting in our school. Almost forty people have died in our school in America. People of fifteen to eighteen years old just came into our school and start shooting. They are shooting teachers, young people. They are bullies.

It is just outrageous that people are coming into our school and shooting. Some people are scared to come into school because of what’s happening.

So could you please close all gun shops.

Signed : John Long from Kanturk Co. Cork.

Week 35 The door was open By Danny

One day I was in the park playing hide and seek with my two friends Tara and John. Tara was on and she was looking for me and John but she couldn’t find us. So she went to the house next to the park.

She looked all around the house but she couldn’t find us. Suddenly she heard the door of the house open but no one went in or out. She looked in  the open door but she couldn’t see anyone, all she could see was the wallet of the man who lived there and she got it and ran away-  however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34 SPLASH By Danny

One lovely Spring day  I was sitting on a bridge in the centre of the town that I lived in eating my ice-cream sprinkled with marshmallows. Suddenly I saw a man coming towards me wearing a black mask. He looked like a robber so I ran home.

When I went in I saw a bunch of daffodils on the table in the hallway. After a few hours at home, I went back to the bridge but just then it collapsed and there was a huge splash. I got a bit of a fright when it collapsed so I went home.

Week 33 The Tree Of Life By Danny

One day  I was climbing the highest mountain in Ireland Carrountohill which was 100000 metres high.

I was nearly at the top when suddenly I saw a tree but not just any tree –  a tree of life.  It had apples on it and people say that if you eat one- you would live longer and your birthday would happen every second year. So you would live twice as long.

I ate one apple and after that, I went home and since then my birthday happens every second year.

Week 32 BOOM CRASH BANG By Danny

Boom Crash Bang was all I heard sitting down in HQ  station for the FBI.
It was the day that the president of Ireland Michael D Higgins was visiting our town Chapel Hill.

I was called straight to the scene where the crash had happened.
I tried to open the door but there was a lock on the door in case anyone would get in. It was locked from the inside so only people who knew the password could get in.

The driver tried to give me instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions.
After 2 or 3 hours at it, I finally got it and Michael D Higgins was fine and with only a few cuts.

Week 31 Gerry the Glowing Giraffe By Danny

Gerry the Glowing Giraffe is a glowing, affable, friendly giraffe who loves relaxing behind trees in the Whispering woods and loves helping his friends.

He thinks the Lord of Nulth is very pompous and gets everything he wants.  Gerry’s favourite place to go is Igloo City with his friends Colin the Courageous Cobra, Harry the Hilarious Hippo and Matthew the Menacing Monkey.   They also love going to the Whispering woods together.

Their favourite game to play is Hide and hollow which is like hide and seek but just a different name. Gerry is the worst at playing this game because he is always glowing.


Week 28 I did see it by Danny

In Wicklow people say that once every year a pair of legs sitting on a huge stick appears in the local park. They call it Bodyless Ben.

It comes up on the 21st of January every year for a half a day .  Some people don’t believe in it just like some people don’t believe in Yetis and the Loch Ness monster.

On the 21st of January 1988, I was in the local park when suddenly I saw Bodyless Ben.  I ran home to tell my family that I had seen it but they didn’t believe me and they called me a liar.

Week 27 The Race By Danny

On the 21st of January 2010, my school Scoil Colm was running in the Relay Final up in Cork. I was up there to give them a boost and a little bit of energy.

At 3.20 it started and they got off to a great start and we were first but although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and to make it worse tall Tim looked behind him to see where his opponents were and fell over a rock…

Even though we didn’t win the relay we won the Boys’s 50 m sprint. So it wasn’t all a bad day.

Week 26 What a comeback By Danny

It was 5.45 pm and my team Mighty Boys were playing our all-time rivals Cod Boys in the Division one final. By halftime, they were annihilating us and the score was 5-1 to the other team.

Our manager felt the situation was hopeless at halftime as we were loosing by 4 goals but suddenly he cheered us up and we ran out on to the pitch wearing our yellow shiny kit.

Our captain Tiny Thin Tom started the second half and in minutes we had pulled the score back to 5-4 and we were only losing by one goal now.

Immediately after I scored two goals and we had won the division one Final.

Week 25 : How did she get up there? By Danny

But how did she get up there? I asked myself

By the way, I am a journalist.
I usually go around my school to hear the gossip every one is talking about like when Neill locked himself into the bathroom… but Sally is the one who we are talking about now.

She tied her up herself on the top of the tree outside our school.
You’d be wondering how and why she is up there? Well I am not sure how she got up there but she is up there because she wants people to hear her.
I wonder will she ever get down?

This is Tom Sweeney reporting for Schools News.

Week 24 : I did see it! By Danny

One sunny afternoon my brother and I were playing hide and seek in our back garden and it was my turn to hide.

I went behind my shed and just then I saw a tea cup in my next door neighbour’s field. But was it wasn’t a small China cup -OH NO- it was a huge China cup.
I went in and told my mom that I had just seen a huge China cup behind the shed.

When we went behind the shed it wasn’t there and my mom got really cross because she thought that I lied to her and she sent me up to my room.

While I was there, I looked out my window and I saw the China cup again!

Week 21 Men Looking Like Trees By Danny

One fine sunny afternoon my family and I were in the park when suddenly we all saw men looking like trees in yoga poses. They were all in different poses. After looking at them for a few minutes my brother and I went on the swings, the slide, the roundabout and the climbing frame. After that, we got an ice cream, went home and watched television for a while.

Just then my mother noticed that she had forgotten her hat at the park so my father and I went to get it. When we got there I noticed the tree people doing yoga were gone. I was really scared.

Week 20 Last day of school By Danny

It was the last day of school and there were loads of things to do. There was a three-legged race and a fun run and lots of more things to do. My friends and I were all staying together to keep each other company and to do all the stuff together.

First, we played a soccer match and my team won 4-3. After that, we played hook the duck. Next one of my friends and I did the three-legged race. We were moving very fast when suddenly we fell over each other’s legs. We started to laugh and just then everyone past us out.

Even though we came last we had so much fun.

Week19 Pandemonium Everywhere By Danny

My cousin scientist Sam loves science but he’s not very good. He works day and night trying to think of a new potion. Once he tried to make his brother Daniel disappear but he actually turned him into a girl so now Daniel is called Sarah but that’s another story.

But one day he made a potion and the potion was to make spiders smaller because he hates them. So one day he put it down a drainpipe. As it came down the drainpipe it hit a spider on the way down. Suddenly the spider got bigger and it didn’t get smaller.

There was pandemonium everywhere. Just then the spider bit him and now he is in hospital.

Week 18 The Hotel By Danny

Once there was a family with 3 people in it. The mom’s name was Sandra, the dad’s name was Kevin and the son’s name was Jeff. They were a very kind family. They would always say hello to you if they walked past you and would always give money to the poor.

But one Sunday they got knocked down by a car and all 3 of them sadly died. So all the community built a hotel for them and put a statue made out of stone in front of the hotel.

Nowadays everyone goes there to have a chat, a drink and a bite to eat.

Week 17 Runaway Snake By Danny

One dark dreary evening my brother and I were watching the news. On the news it said, a black cobra which, is an aggressive snake, escaped from the nearby zoo. It said that it had already killed 9 people.

Early next morning my brother went for a cycle on his red bike. Just before he went he had a bowl of cheerios for his breakfast.  Later that morning my alarm clock rang out loud and I went downstairs and ate my breakfast.  Suddenly my brother cycled through the door in a panic and broke a vase…

Just then a snake slithered out the door and down the steps.


Week 16 Handman and the Governor’s antics By Danny

One day I was reading my comic but then suddenly I was in my comic.  By the way my name is Tom and I am reading Handman and the Governor’s antics.

Well back to the story. When I got in the comic I was on a building with Handman. The building was enormous. Then I saw the Governor and he was up to his usual antics. He was robbing a bank so Handman jumped down and… then I heard my mom calling my name.

Thank God it was only a dream. She woke me because we were going for a drive. When we were driving down the road, I saw an enormous hand on a huge building and then I remembered it looked like Handman in the comic.

Week 15 Changing By Danny

In the beginning of the school year there was going to be a new child joining our class. My class and I started asking the teacher what his name was. She said that his name was Tom. When I first met him he was smiling and was cheerful. After a few weeks he was sad and never smiled. So I decided to investigate.

So after school I followed him home. I wondered why he was walking home because his mom usually collected him from school. His Dad was waiting for him at the door and then Tom started crying. I wondered what had happened? Soon after then I realised that his mom had passed away.

Week 14 The Monkey by Danny

One day a new monkey came to the Zoo, by the way, I’m the zookeeper. When he came first he was as white as snow.  You could see that he was really scared and I wouldn’t have blamed him because there were loads of people around him.

Suddenly he jumped off the table and knocked some liquid off the table. There was pandemonium everywhere. He ran out the door but thank god the manager caught him. He was really angry with all of us and we all got a warning but I thought we in big trouble. I was really happy that we didn’t get fired.

Week 13 The Trip by Danny

One year we went to Dublin Zoo for a school trip. My friends Tom and Con and I were playing Truth or Dare. Tom asked me and Con which one we wanted. We chose Dare. When he heard Dare he put on a mischievous smile.

Suddenly he said, “I dare you to go into the restricted area. ”

We were really nervous going in. It was pitch dark when suddenly we heard the door close. There was pandemonium in there. And then we heard a roar – it was a tiger. We backed up against the wall. We went to open the door when suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape…

Week 12 : Munster Final Day by Danny

At the Munster Final, it was halftime, 1/13 to Kanturk and 13 points to the other team. All the players hurried into the dressing room. I had a sandwich in my pocket so I took it out. Then I realised that it was brown and I hated brown bread but I loved white bread.  I ate it anyway because I knew I would be energetic afterwards.

After a while the players came out and lined up from 1 to 15 just like the first half ended. They were wearing white with a green stripe in the middle. There were ten minutes left when suddenly it seemed as if everybody’s battery ran out.

I said to my dad  – what will happen next ?

Week 11 In the park by Danny

One day my friend asked me to go to the park, so I said yes. When we were there we swung on the swings, jumped up the steps, and then slid down the slide, hanging for our lives on the monkey bars and finally went around and around on the roundabout. We were having so much fun that the time just flew.

Suddenly I saw a statue beyond the trees wearing just black. I went up cautiously. I pulled the cloak off and inside I saw one of my friends standing on my other friends shoulders . They had bamboozled me .

I got really mad at first but I forgave them after a while .

Week 10 Pirates by Danny

One night my crew and I set sail from Copenhagen. By the way we’re Pirates, very menacing Pirates actually. Our names are Black Jack, (that’s me) the captain, One eyed Zach, Fishlegs Fin and Long John silver. We have been looking for treasure all our lives and finally we’ve found it.

But then we saw another Pirate ship coming our way. It was the Tangling nets ship. I said to my crew hide the treasure, but where would we hide it all? they said.  Just put it in the cabin I said.

When they were right next to us, they asked us what we were doing. We said we were going for a spin on our boat. Although they knew something was wrong, luckily they continued on their quest.

Week 9 Ghosts By Danny

Legless Luke and Headless Harriet are Ghost friends. They live in a castle called Ivy Hall. They always have great fun jumping out and scaring people out of their pants but now people are too scared to go to the castle except one person who is never scared.

Both of them got bored because they could not scare him. So one night they went down town. Legless Luke went to the supermarket while Headless Harriot went shopping for a black dress. When Headless Harriot was done shopping she went to pay but then she noticed that no one was there so she went to get Legless Luke and both of them went back to the castle and lived happily ever after.