Week 34 April Fool’s Day By Danny

On the 1st of April 2017 it was April Fool’s Day and my brother had a cold. I really wanted to play a trick on my brother as he had done a really good prank on me the year before. He gave me two biscuits with mustard on them instead of butter. This year I was going to get him back.

For supper that night we had burgers and chips. I put vinegar into a glass for him to drink and it looked just like a glass of water and I put a glass of water into the vinegar jar

When we sat down he put water on his chips and drank the vinegar as he couldn’t smell it…

Week 30 Run By Danny

My friend Gerald and I were outside playing soccer when suddenly we heard a bang from the house next to Gerald’s. We walked over there cautiously to the door as we were a bit nervous. After that, we heard a Bang, Crash, Zap.

I knocked on the door feeling a bit scared to go in. Eventually, someone came to the door and asked us to come in for a new drink they had  “bought.”

When we went in, we sat down and then they gave us the drink. Just then Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing and was in peals of laughter.

But all that came to my mind was RUN.

Week 29 Christmas Eve By Danny

It was Christmas Eve and I was getting everything ready for Santa. I gave Santa a glass of milk, some cookies, a bar of chocolate and of course some carrots for the reindeers. I was really looking forward to getting a giraffe because I asked for one every year but this year was the year to get a real one.

Before bed I had a brown bread sandwich with melted cheese on it and a greasy, salted sausage with it.

The next morning I woke up to find a robotic giraffe and not a real giraffe. My Dad was in peals of laughter and that was the person I had open admiration for.

Well NOT Any More.

Week 28 World War 3 By Danny

On the 22nd of April 2000 World War 3 started between the English and the Irish. The Irish were hiding in large holes in tents so the English wouldn’t see them. The situation was fraught with danger and the troops didn’t know what was going to happen to them.

The English were moving forward cautiously but they didn’t see the Irish hiding in the tents. The Irish were about to destroy the English.

BOOM, BANG, CRASH and the English were down. The Irish had smug smiles on their face as they had won World War 3.

…Well, that’s what my Granddad told me.

Week 24 April Fool’s Day By Danny

It was April Fool’s Day 2017 and all my family take it very seriously. We always trick my younger brother John as it was his birthday. It’s as if he was born by an accident.

For his birthday my mom made him a delectable sponge cake – it looked scrumptious.

At three o clock, my brother’s friends came over and we were having great fun. After the party, I gave John his present. But when he opened it,  he said ” Empty. What a surprise! “

Week 23 A Terrible Day in Irish History By Danny

On the 10th of April 1912 the Titanic was just about to set sail. Everyone was waiting for the red rope ladder to come down so that the people could get on.  Poor people were counting their coins to see if they had enough to get on. Other people were standing on the pavement waving at their family saying goodbye.

Four days later news came in and it wasn’t good. The Titanic was just after sinking. Everyone with family on the ship felt a bit queasy and were squirming with sadness yet hopeful they might have survived.

A terrible day in Irish History.

Week 22 Trying to impress By Danny

Looking at the jobs page of the paper I felt depressed and weary as I had no job but suddenly I saw a job just for me. It was in a Tayto  factory and they wanted just one person and it said: ” Call this number if you are interested but hurry because it’s only for a short time.”

The next day I went down to the factory and to my relief, no one else was there so they hired me straight away and said: ” I want you to make a new pack of vinegar Taytos  as the vinegar was too sharp in the Salt and Vinegar packet.”

So I said ” yes sir” and started working straight away to make a new flavour  pack of Taytos.

Wee 21 Lost From The Teddy’s point of view By Danny

Hi my name is Eddy the Teddy and I live with my owner Lauren. We go everywhere together, to the park, shopping and even out eating when she goes out which isn’t regularly.

She is very affable and very crafty in her own way. I have been with her for three years now. One day when we were shopping in the bustling town I fell out of Lauren’s hand but the sad thing was that she didn’t notice and I was isolated in a town I didn’t know very well. But than god Lauren’s mother noticed and picked me up.

Week 20 The Old Graveyard By Danny

One dreary old night my friends and I went to the old isolated Graveyard at the fringe of the town. I was a bit apprehensive as it was very dark. When I went into the graveyard with my friends I felt lonely and suddenly I noticed that my friends had left me alone.

Just then I heard music and  it was completely out of tune so I ran away because it was like an introduction to a horror movie. As I ran out of the graveyard I noticed that my friends were in peals of laughter on the ground.

Then one of my friends started impersonating me so I said, ” I’ll get ye back some day.”

Week 19 The Easter Egg Hunt By Danny

For Easter this year my granddad was doing an Easter egg hunt at the fringe of the town where we lived. He did it every year but this year was very special as he was hiding 12 eggs instead of 6.

When we started I found my first one in seconds and I was over the moon. After half an hour I had found 5 of them and my older brother Tommy had found six.

Just then I saw the last one. It was covered with a black file. After that I washed as it was dinner time.

Just then the light started flickering. Oh NO – A great start to the  day but a bad finish.

Week 18 My Holiday In Sydney By Danny

In 2017 my family and I went to Sydney on our holidays for two whole weeks. When we arrived in Sydney we went to our hotel, booked in and went straight to sleep as the journey had taken us an astonishing 23 hours.

One week later we had visited Sydney Opera House, Sydney F.C. home ground where they play, the beach and of course the pool in the hotel every day.

On the day we were going home we decided to go and see the twelve statues across from Sydney Opera House. When I went to take a picture of one … he put his hand on my shoulder.


Week 17 Milly, my guinea pig By Danny

“But how could she just disappear ?” I asked my mom.

But then something came to my mind. I had been in school that day,  when my brother John was at home and my mom had invited his best friend Tommy over. Straight away I ran up stairs just to notice that Tommy was still over. And then I thought to myself, ” I’m watching you Tommy. ”

The rest of that day I stalked the two of them but especially Tommy to see if he had Milly my guinea pig. Later on, I went into my room and noticed Milly on my bed. After that I said, ” well that was a waste of my day. ”

Then I noticed I didn’t have my homework done.

Week 16 Working In The Zoo By Danny

Hi, my name is Mick and I work in Dublin  Zoo. Every morning I cycle to work on my bicycle. First I always go see Bubbles the monkey. After that I go see Joey and Zoey the twin gorillas. After all that I go for my lunch. Once a week I have a pink milkshake.

After my lunch, I go see my favourite animals – the penguins. These are my favourite animals because they are my responsibility. When I went I zigzagged through the enclosure but it was empty. And then I knew I would be fired by my cantankerous and irate boss.

Week 15 Blinding by Danny

It was the FAI cup final and I went to see it because my friend who was goalkeeper was playing in it.  It was 7 o clock and time for the match to start.

At the start of the game, the other team was far better than my friend’s team but he kept them in the game with some astonishing saves. At halftime, it was nil all and that’s how it stayed until the last minute of the match.

The other team was on the counter-attack and one of the players slid inside the box. ” Penalty!” the referee said. The keeper was ready but just then the floodlights turned on and the light blinded him…

Week 14 Remembering The True Meaning Of Christmas By Danny

  1. Bauble:  Hanging up the Christmas decorations with your family until you forget whose turn it is to put the star on top of the tree and then the trouble starts. But you make friends and put the star on the top of the tree together.
  2. Mistletoe:  Under which you meet the person you will live with and find true love.
  3. An Eye:  To be always watching you wherever you are, with your family or not.
  4. Presents:  When it’s Christmas day and children up at seven and hyper to see if Santa has come. And then it’s unwrapping time -the children’s favourite time but the parents had been wishing it wouldn’t happen until  later.

Week 12 Cork Schools Hurling Final Day By Danny

It was the day that my school, St. Colman’s Boy’s National School were in Pairc Úí Chaoimh for the Cork School’s Hurling Final Day. We had won every game so far in the competition. When we got onto the pitch there was a thick mist descending. A few minutes later the school we were playing, Scoil Mhuire Milford from Milford swaggered onto the pitch. One hour later the match had started and it was time to get my game face on.

With one minute to go to the Final whistle we were down 2 points but just then I had a shot which rattled the back of the net. Just after that, the referee blew his whistle and we won.

That evening we seemed to be on the television.

Week 11 The Twin Brother’s Race By Danny

Tom and John are twin brother’s and like anyone else they were very competitive. Tom always won but John was never far behind. One day John asked his older twin brother Tom to have a race in the forest. Tom said yes of course of course and being cocky like he usually is he said it would be a piece of cake and that John would be wasting his time.

Later on that day Tom swaggered to the forest to start the race. Tom raced ahead but just then out of nowhere John picked up speed and passed Tom out. When he was past him he looked back to see that Tom was in shock and dismay. Then John zigzagged through the course and won the race.

Kanturk Arts The Cliff Of Moher By Danny

On Sunday morning, the 20th of March 2012 my family and I were coming home from France from our holidays when suddenly we heard a BANG, CRASH, BOOM. Our plane had just landed in the water near a very big cliff so my mom, my dad, my brother and I swam to a colossal cliff for safety. When we got there we realised it was the Cliff Of Moher. We had to climb to the very top so it took about a half an hour. When we got up it was dark, everyone in my family was weak and docile and my brother and I were groaning wearily so we went to sleep.

The next morning me, my dad and my brother went to go look around the place.  About half an hour later we found an abandoned house – well that’s what we thought it was. We also saw smoke billowing from the chimney so from my point of view I thought someone lived there. When we went in, the fire was on and there were paintings all around the house of different species of bears from all around the world. But no one was in there. There was also a very nice comfy chair in the little cottage and it was obvious from the imprint that someone was sitting on it earlier on.

Later on that day we went back to get our mother and when we got her we went to show her the little cottage that we had found but this time we were not alone. When we were walking towards the cottage we noticed that there wasn’t smoke billowing from the chimney but then in the blink of an eye there was smoke. When we arrived at the cottage there still wasn’t anyone there but just then we heard the wind outside. We ran to see what was making the noise. It was the Wallaby 2 Mountain Rescue Helicopters coming to save us.

“Yippee,” I said




Week 10 Dear Diary By Danny

Dear diary,

Today the school bully strutted over to us – one by one asking for our lunch money. He took my money but a few minutes later he wasn’t looking so I grabbed my lunch money back out of his back pocket and started running pretty fast. Soon after he was on my tail and I was starting to get weak and docile.

But then I remembered that this is the way that I go and come home from schools so I knew it very well. I also remembered that there was a wall with yellow bricks  and on the wall, there was a spray-painted gorilla so I jumped behind it and I was safe.

Week 9 New in the Neighbourhood By Danny

On the 12th of May 2015 my family and I moved into a new neighbourhood.  I was always on my phone so my parents told me to go out, get a bit of fresh air and make new friends.

Outside there were lots of children playing but I was too demure so I kept to myself. Just then I saw a really big old abandoned house but I remembered what our new neighbours said “Don’t go into the big old abandoned house.”

But I was so tempted to go in there.  I wondered what was behind the door but I was too scared so I just went home.

Week 8 The Big Hide and Seek Game By Danny

It was the day that we were playing the big hide and seek game. Every year my neighbours and my family used to gather in one of the neighbours’ houses and talk for hours and hours but the children would get bored so we would go out and play a big game of hide and seek.

This year the gathering was on in my house so I got to choose who was on. I chose Billy even though he was on the year before.

He said “Why am I on?”

So I said ” because I said so.”

After that we carried on and had a great time.


Week 7 Dinjo The Lego Man By Danny

One day my friend and I were playing with my Lego set in my basement. We were having so much fun having a little war between ourselves – I was the good guy and John was being the bad guy. Suddenly we heard …

Boom, Crash, Bang! …

My favourite Lego figure was standing right beside me and believe it or not he was my size. I was so happy to see him. His name was Dingo. He was my favourite figure because he was so enthusiastic. He was happy as well because he could move his friends around.

Even though he broke a few pieces he was making a mammoth effort.

Why I love wearing the School Jersey By Danny

Dia Duit, Is Mise Dónal agus tá mé i Scoil Naomh Cholmáin.

In our school we wear G.A.A. jerseys, basketball jerseys,  soccer jerseys and every boy who wears them- let it be for any sport – wears them with pride and responsibility. They don’t want to let the team down and all the boys here respect the school jersey.

In our school we are a part of a team, a group, a school and a community. I think everybody will agree with me that it is important to belong and in St Colman’s we all belong.

When I wear my school jersey I always respect my teammates and those we play against.

Slán leat agus go raibh maith agat.



Week 6 B.A.T.H. By Danny

It was the 12th of May 2018 and I was getting ready for my first league match this season. I played for Boys Academy in Tottenham Hotspur but we called it B.A.T.H. for short. Everyone use to say that I was a fighter because I didn’t start a match. But I stayed with the academy because I loved it.

A week before the game I had been working non-stop to make the team and it worked because I was named up front. The game had started and midway through the game I fell over my orange laces clumsily but I got up and scored the only goal of the game and then I danced off in celebration.

Week 5 Three Years Ago Today By Danny

3 years ago to the day my closest grandmother had died. My family always had a feast on that day but ever since she died we hadn’t done it anymore.

I used to always love it and sometimes after the feast I would say to my mom I can’t wait until next year.

So today I went to the church because it reminded me of when my grandmother and I went there and we used to go to the shop after church to buy me a bar of chocolate and a drink.

Week 4 Don’t Get Sucked In By Danny

It was Saturday evening and I was playing my video game “Don’t Get Sucked In” when suddenly my mom roared out to me “Go to bed now young man.” So  I did as I was told BUT the thing I didn’t know was that I left my video game on.

The next morning I was in my video game. I was a bit anxious but I really wanted to start. The aim of the game was not to get sucked in and believe it or not, I didn’t get sucked in. So then I could go home and eat my breakfast.     YUM

Week 3 The New Roller coaster By Danny

It was the day that we were going to the new Theme Park called Fun Land. I was very excited as a new Rollercoaster was opening and I wanted to be the first on it.

Standing in the line my teeth were clattering together uncontrollably when suddenly a thick mist descended. I was a small bit nervous but the boy behind me was irate.

I was the first person in the line and when the Mayor cut the ribbon I was the first person on it.

When it started it was so much fun… but it seemed to be going backwards…

Week 2 The New Teacher By Danny

It was the start of a new school year and this year my class were getting a new teacher. We had never met her before and everyone was excited to see what she looked like.

When she came in she looked like a kind teacher but when I looked at her shoes they were made from alligator skin. They were Mauve. She was very demure at first but after a few days, she started to relax.

On her first day, she gave us very little homework but it was tricky. She is also very strict because when Tom climbed on the wall she roared at him.

But now she is a lovely teacher.