Week 9 The Carnival of Doom by Dylan

The sweet smell of popcorn crept up my nose. I was at the carnival with my friend Gavin. It was announced over the loudspeaker to report to the big tent . On the way there we saw two people , one in black and one in orange. The orange one spoke first ” I am the star of the show- Mr Tophat ”

Unfortunately Mr Tophat was a name I never forgot….

When he stepped out on stage his smile to everyone sent a chill down my spine . The lights then went out and when they went back on Mr Tophat was beside me. We left straight away.

It the morning I asked Gavin if he remembered the carnival last night .

” What carnival? ” he said …..



Week 7 The Dare by Dylan

My mouth dropped open and I shook nervously . My friends and I were playing truth or dare when Laura and I were dared t go into the woods.

We said “Ok ” nervously and walked in.

We were talking and laughing so much we realised we were lost. Then we heard a nearby growl that sent a chill down our spines.

I could only see its gleaming daggerlike teeth and the deadly dripping drool foaming at its mouth. I turned to Laura.

” Keep an eye on it,” I said .

” But where did it go?” she shouted.

All I could do was scream when I saw it pounce …


Week 6 The Chase by Dylan

I screamed, I tried not to but I couldn’t help myself.

I was walking downtown and I saw a group of animal like people crawling around in an alley.

They saw ( and possibly heard me ) and started crawling towards me at an amazing speed.

I dashed to the nearby park and hid behind the slide until I felt something breathing on my neck…

I threw my elbow back and heard a spine chilling screech.

I picked up a rock and threw it .

It was heavier than I expected but I managed it .

I was then cornered and they pounced.

Week 5 The Statue by Dylan

” Did that statue just move” ? I asked my mom.

We were in the vicinity of Missouri when we came to a roundabout and there was a statue of a weird creature that I thought moved.

“No don’t be silly ” said my mom.

The rest of my trip in the beautiful Missouri was great although I thought I kept seeing the statue.

When I got home I decided to look up the statue

It said the statue just appeared there one night.

I then heard pounding on my window and saw the statue there.



Week 4 The House by Dylan

My heart was pounding, sweat was running down my face. I was terrified. I was after sneaking into the old abandoned house with my friend Derek and the door shut behind us.

We were in total darkness until I turned on the torch on my phone. What we saw was horrifying, there was a man in a clown costume!

We kicked the door open and ran. We hopped into my car but when it just wouldn’t take off I got out and realised the tyres were slashed…

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder but it was not Derek…

Week 3 The shortcut by Dylan

Cycling on my yellow bicycle I was terrified. I was after taking the shortcut home that my mom warned me not to and now I was being chased by thugs.

I was desperate to get away. My heart was pounding like a rabbit being chased by a fox. One of them caught me and threw me off my bike. He greedily snatched my money and pummelled me with his fists.

Rolling on the ground in agony I kicked him, grabbed my bike and cycled for my life. But when I got home somehow 5 of them were waiting for me…

Week 2 The Bomb by Dylan

The robber put the bomb down in the middle of the street and ran . There was 10 minutes before it would blow up.

One of the police called the bomb squad to defuse it. The leader of the squad said it could blow up the whole city. ..They were depending on me.

I opened up the bomb and saw a red cable, a blue cable and a green cable.nI fumbled with the wires and accidently cut the green one…

Then everything stopped and … it didn’t explode.

I saved the lives of millions.

Week 1 The Robbery by Dylan

I was after losing my job and I needed money for my son Timmy. I made some new friends whom I later found out were ghastly people. I was out with them one night when Bob [ my friend ] asked me to be a getaway driver.

I thought he was joking so I said ” ya ” sarcastically. He said “ok meet me here tomorrow night .”

When I realised he was for real and said “no”. He said, ” ok then I’ll hurt Timmy “.

I had to do it so I did and he gave me $100000.

Then I saw police lights coming my way…….

My strange day at the zoo by Dylan

The day started off great. We were told we were going to the zoo and then going to KFC. On the way to the zoo, I ate an avocado and watched a movie on my phone.

At the zoo there were wooly mammoth bones. There was an elephant and beside it, a tank with a purple seahorse

Then it went downhill fast. I got to hold a lizard and it bit me. We had to go because my hand was bleeding.

The good news was that we were still going to KFC. We went to the drive-thru and got the boneless meal.