Week 19: The clown attack by Dylan

One bright sunny day my friend Tim and I  were playing soccer. Suddenly Tim turned as white as a ghost and pointed behind me. I turned around and saw a clown running towards me.

Tim and I ran for our lives. We climbed down a drainpipe and into the sewers. And then it came down the drainpipe. We ran and ran and Tim fell.

The clown grabbed him and pulled him into the darkness and he went silent.I ran down a tunnel and saw a red balloon. I touched the balloon and it popped.

When it popped the clown was there. I tried to run but it was too late…


Week 16 The Hand’s Revenge by Dylan

One bright sunny day my friend Tom came back from New Zealand. He brought me a hand called Quasi. I hated the hand and put it in the attic.

That night I heard noises in the playroom but I thought it was nothing. When I got up the playroom was a mess. I cleaned it and played my PS4 .

The next night I heard a whisper in my ear. I was startled. Scared I hid under my covers.

The next morning my favourite toy was ripped to shreds.

Who did this ? Then I realised it was Quasi…

Week 15 The Return of Slenderman By Dylan

In the beginning, I was very happy until my parents and I moved to Norway.
Our new house was in the middle of the woods. In the middle of the night, I saw strange shadows outside. One night I decided to abscond from the house to see what was going on.

Slowly I crept out of the house. I walked around the woods for a while and all seemed normal. Then I saw a tall man with a white face in front of a tree.
Scared I dashed back to the house. Then I realised he was in front of my house.
Suddenly he vanished and then I realised he was behind me.

Week 14 Pandemonium in the office by Dylan.

“Breaking news: Jeff the baboon was up to his usual shenanigans and he broke out of Dublin zoo,” said the news reporter.

Suddenly I heard a weird noise outside my office. Slowly I crept to the door and opened it.
“Argh” I shouted as I saw a monkey outside my door.
Before I could slam my door shut the monkey rammed the door in. Scared I hid under my desk. The monkey rushed over to my chair sat down and threw my files and laptop all over the place. The monkey swung over to the fridge.
There was pandemonium everywhere.

Then I realised he was hungry. I gave him my orange and called animal control. When animal control arrived they took him to the zoo.

Week 13 The zoo experience by Dylan

“What do you want to do ? ” said Jim.

” I don’t know”, I said.

“Wait let’s go to the old zoo ” suggested Jim.”

” Ok, ” I said.

When we got there we looked around for about 10 minutes. Suddenly we got a cold shiver down our spine. I saw red bloodshot eyes. Then a ravenous looking snarling tiger stepped out of the shadows. Suddenly he charged at us. We ran for the exit. The tiger jumped over us. The tiger was blocking our escape.

I saw a gun on a brick. I grabbed the gun and shot the tiger. I thought I  killed the tiger so I went over to him. When I got to him he opened his eyes snarled and his strong sharp paw swiped for my head…

Week 12 The school tour by Dylan

“Oh no ” I groaned.
Today was the school tour day and we were going to a play called The Ballerina Queen. I loathed plays.
We called our teacher Miss Bossy but her name was Miss Mossy.
On the way Miss Bossy caught me eating my sandwich.

“Sorry Miss Bossy,” I said without thinking.
“What!” she shrieked.

I turned white in terror. Suddenly the bus stopped.

” The battery is dead,” said the driver.

When we got out we were very energetic. Miss was becoming cantankerous.
John and I went into the woods on an adventure.
But when we hurried out and the bus was gone….

Week 10: The killers at night by Dylan

One dark dreary night Jeff, Bobby and I were having a sleepover at my house. At about 8.00 my parents went out. We`ll stay at your nanas house to leave ye alone they said. When they left Bobby said he would get us candy.

2 minutes later we heard a ghastly noise. Bobby was screaming. Terrified we crept downstairs.On the floor was Bobby in a pool of blood. We have to hide it said Jeff. Where will we hide it all? I said. In your closet.

Jeff checked outside. I heard Jeff scream. I opened the door and Jeff was there lying on the ground.

Week 9 : The ghost picture by Dylan

I believed ghosts were real but whenever I say it to my friends they laugh and now I am known as ghost boy.

One day I decided I would prove them wrong. I took my camera and placed it in the woods and put it on motion sensor so if something moved my camera would take a picture. I came back in the morning to check the pictures. …Deer, rabbit, fox, rat, squirrel and whoa what was that?

In one of the pictures there was a figure of a little girl. There was a video. I played it. The little girl said, ” turn around Dylan.” I turned around and she was there…

Week 7 The abandoned house by Dylan

One dark dreary night Jake Kyle and I were playing soccer when Jake said: “Let’s GO INSIDE THE abandoned house.”

“Okay” I said unsure.

Kyle agreed so we went to the creepy house. When we slowly stepped inside we heard an eerie noise. Then as the door slammed I knew we weren’t alone. I tried to open the door but it was locked. Then we heard a chainsaw noise. Jake screamed and started to get petrified. Suddenly we heard a voice and it shrieked “Get out.” Then I knew we wouldn’t get out alive…

Week 5 : My most treasured item by Dylan

My parents gave it to me. It is special to me because it keeps me company.
My friends think it’s cute. During school it stays at home.
At the weekends I play with it.
I take it for walks frequently. It is 6 months old.
Its name is Bella. Its colour is gold.
When I play with it I get a comforting feeling.
I got it for my communion. It makes me feel safe.
I had it for 4 months.
On rainy days I play with it inside.

Week 4 Mystery dog by Dylan

One day when I was home alone I found a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. I took the dog into my room. It started making a weird noise. Then I noticed its eyes were human eyes. It sounded like it was crying.

I got it a drink but it wouldn’t drink so I started to rub it. Then I noticed a zipper on its stomach. I zipped the zipper down. “There was a little girl inside singing-  “Daddy’s going to be sad -daddy’s going to be sad.”

Then my door opened.

Week 3 : Professor crocodile is missing by Dylan

One day in school I got sent to Professor Crocodile. He was not difficult to work with. He had a pet purple crocodile. When I went into his lab he was missing. I decided to look for him.

There he was. Some robbers had him. I tripped over a twisted bottle. I ran after the van the robbers were driving. Then they stopped. I got the professor out. We rushed to his house. We called the police. They said they’d be there fast. I saw the robbers getting arrested. The professor gave me a homework pass. The end

Week 2: Murder mystery by Dylan

Come on! I shouted to Conor as he slowed down.

There he was- the guy with the knife. He grabbed Conor. He pulled Conor into a corner and all that came out was blood.

No! I shouted.

That’s when I realised he had vanished.

I’ll get you for this! I shouted. I went to the police station. The place was a mess. All that was left was a bucket of sweets. Then I saw him again. I fled for my life. This time I realised it was killer Adam.

Oh no. It’s over. I’m dead. I ran as long as I could. Then he appeared in front of me….

Week 1: Halloween Horror by Dylan.

It was Halloween night. Liam,  Conor and I were trick or treating in what they called the haunted neighborhood. We were fine until we reached the haunted mansion. I knocked on the door.

“So,I wonder what lies ahead of us,” said Liam.

Suddenly the doors creaked open. We slowly stepped in. Immediately the doors slammed shut. They were locked. We then heard a scream that would break glass.

“Let’s go explore,” said Liam. “Are you crazy!” I screamed.