Week 38 The Savanna Meeting by Dylan

There is a tale in the African culture of an Elephant who gave a speech that brought peace and fair hunting to the Savanna.

It was a warm, dry African evening. The Elephant called a meeting because the lions and zebras were fighting as the lions were killing all the zebras. As soon as the two groups of animals saw each other they started bellowing at each other.

“QUIET” the Elephant shouted.

Then the Elephant delivered his speech. “Lions, if you kill all the zebras than you will have no more food.”

The lions agreed and the zebras were happy too.

This is why the African people spell Elephant with a capital E. Without him, zebras would be extinct.


Week 37 Tomb of the Lost Mummy by Dylan

My trusty assistant Viola and I searched for years to find the lost, ancient mummy’s tomb.

Finally, after an awful sandstorm, a dark crevice was revealed on the side of a pyramid. We slowly and carefully crawled through it in case it collapsed. When we got to the other side, the most magnificent room came into view.

There was a giant sarcophagus made out of gold, with rubies, sapphires and diamonds on it. The room was filled with gold and precious jewels. As soon as we touched a gold chalice on the ground, the whole room began to crumble.

Luckily we got out alive but with no gold. We decided to keep the tomb a secret.

Week 36 No Man’s Land by Dylan

Hell, that’s the only word I can use to describe what happened that dreadful day.

I was at war fighting for my life. My whole team had died. I was the only one left. Then suddenly I heard the thumping of horses hooves and gunshots aimed at me. That’s when I knew I should run. I ran as fast as my legs would take me but it was of no use; the enemies started throwing grenades.

Suddenly I blacked out. I woke up a couple of days later in a hospital. I was extremely injured but luckily  I survived. We had won the war.

Week 35 Herodog by Dylan

Little did I know today would be the day my dog ironically named Hero would become famous .

The day started out normally, I had my breakfast and decided to take Hero for a walk in the forest. We walked along the gravel path, some fallen leaves crunching at our feet. We made our way to the river to go for a swim when we heard screaming…

A child was being dragged along by the current. Hero leaped into the water and helped the child out.

Hero was a hero. The child thanked us and went home. Later that night Hero and I were on the news. I was so proud of Hero.



Week 34 Racoon by Dylan

“Hand me the syringe, ” said the mad scientist.

“It’s on the chair,” said his assistant.

“Where’s our raccoon?” he said.

He then realised there was a moving box. He took the hissing raccoon out of the box. There was a leaf on its head. He stuck the syringe into the raccoon and it began to shake vigorously.

Suddenly the raccoon stood on its hind legs and began to TALK!!!

“What have you done to me? ” it screeched.

It then ran off outside and jumped into an airplane that took off into the sky. The raccoon laughed as it flew off.



Week 33 The Screams by Dylan

There is a tale of demons living in the forest behind my house and you know they’re watching you if you hear chilling screams but by then it’s too late…

One night I decided to investigate, big mistake…

I was wearing my coat over my pajamas and holding a torch in my hand. Suddenly I heard something that sent a chill down my spine, the deafening screams echoed through the cold night.


I could hear laughs of the demons behind me. I could see my house in the distance and when I reached it, it vanished before my eyes.

I was doomed……


Week 32 The Demontors by Dylan

They saw us …

“RUN” I shouted in fear.

The floating creatures drifted slowly towards us . Their glowing eyes stared into our soul. I knew they were Dementors. These creatures bring out the worst in you by staring into your soul. They started moving faster and faster until they grabbed my friend.

“NO” I screamed, terrified.

Then they came for me …

I could see my friend changing into a Dementor before my eyes.

I was outnumbered 4 to 1 and I felt a chilling hand on my back and suddenly I felt excruciating pain as I changed into a Dementor.

We disappeared into the night hungry for more souls…

Week 24 Shadow Agency by Dylan

I am Agent Midas, the most wanted agent on the planet, a previous agent of Ghost, now an agent of Shadow.

My first mission was to go with Agent Brutus to stop a runaway helicopter at an oil rig from transporting weapons to an island called the Shark.

We left our yacht asap to go to the rig.

We were too late but I got to use my new custom grapple gun to get onto the helicopter.

We threw the enemies out into the water below us when suddenly Brutus slipped…

“It’s ok I’m trying to hold on” he shouted.

I grabbed him just as he was falling and we got back to base.

Week 23 The Forest by Dylan

We were in the jungles of Brazil scouring around when we came across a sign saying, “Warning Dinosaurs Exist Here.” We took no notice of the sign because we thought there was no such thing. How wrong we were…

It all started out ok, we heard the peaceful sound of birds singing when suddenly we heard a sort of screeching noise. I knew it was a Velociraptor, but where was it? I knew they were lurking somewhere. Suddenly we heard a rustling in the bushes all around us. ” They’re ambushing us,” I said in terror. We were doomed…

Week 22 Witch Hut by Dylan

They tell a tale of a witch hut in the woods. I didn’t believe that tale until one day I went into the woods as a dare and found it…

“Truth or dare” my friend Joe asked me.

“I’m no weenie – dare!” I replied.

“I dare you to go into the woods and knock on the door of the witch hut.”

I strolled into the woods and saw a hut, I rang a doorbell made of bones and looked into a hole in the door. I saw a cauldron filled with a weird concoction as an old woman ambled to the door. The door shot open and the woman pulled me in…


Week 21 Safari by Dylan

We were driving on the dusty road in search of the rare white rhino when we saw a flock of pink flamingos. They sang a beautiful song. We were so distracted by the flamingos that we accidentally hit a giraffe with our jeep. It looked very painful for the giraffe and we got out of the car to help it when we heard the roar of a lion. We dashed to the car but we noticed one of our crew was missing. We drove off in our jeep and we found our missing person hiding in the boot of the jeep.

Week 20 Twin Crash by Dylan

There was a HUGE explosion in the sky. My friend Joe and I  were blown back by it. I could see something in the sky and as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. As it got closer I realised it was a PLANE!
I was terrified but luckily it hit a few floors up. We agreed it was a mistake until about 15 minutes later another plane hit! The other Twin Tower beside us exploded in a sea of flames. Then the fire reached the building we were in and I realised our only option was to jump…

Week 19 Outbreak by Dylan

Day 1042 of the Coronavirus outbreak
As far as I know, I am one of the only non-infected people in the world.
I was walking around town and although it was Saturday nothing was opened thanks to the virus. The once-bustling town I lived in was now a deserted wasteland. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard running behind me. I put on my gas mask and ran to my car. I tranquilized the person and injected him with the antidote I have been working on.
” What’s going on? “he said.
Time to save the world…

Week 18 The Getaway by Dylan

I sprinted out of the bank, my bags stuffed with money. I knew the guards would be there any second. I hopped into my car but it just wouldn’t start. I dashed away as I heard sirens behind me.
I had a cunning plan I would go to the train station because I knew a train would be there shortly and just as the train was about to arrive I would jump to the other side and run away. I ran to the train station and saw the train coming but it is so slow, I jumped and fell onto the track…..

Week 17 Evidence By Dylan

This is a story about a missing child called Roger. He was riding on his yellow bike at night, on the way home when he saw something on the ground. He walked over cautiously.

He got his first glance of its deformed face as it turned around. He screamed at the top of his lungs as it grabbed him. He wrestled it away and ran to his bike.

He pedaled as fast as he could possibly go. He turned around to see the thing chasing him. He tied his bike to a pole and ran into the woods with the thing right behind him.

This was the last ever sighting of Roger and nobody knows what the thing was……



Week 16 The Crash by Dylan

I was sweating. This was the biggest moment of my life. If I won this race I was the Formula 1 champion of the world. There was music blaring in the background. My furry mascot, Ryan the Rhino cheered me on as I walked nervously to my vehicle.

I started out when suddenly, CRASH!!!! I lost control of my car and it went flying off the road. I climbed slowly out of the wreckage and got away with only minor injuries.

I later found out my rival driver hijacked my car and did something to the engine so I would lose…

Week 14 The bee apocalypse by Dylan

It was pandemonium.

We were experimenting on wasps to make them bigger and more robust to be able to use them as war animals. But somehow, they were now gold and going MAD!

They broke through the windows at astonishing speed and were heading for the city. They started destroying cars and buildings and even people. Then they started connecting and formed one giant one. It started sucking up everything in sight including our lab.

The army came and started shooting it but it just sucked them. Then the air force came and I realised that they were our last hope or else the world would end…











Week 13 The Heroes by Dylan

I thought Paul and Billy were acting peculiar until I found out their secret…

I was strolling home from school thinking about how erratic Paul and Billy were acting in school today. Then I saw them walking up ahead whispering to each other. They walked down an alley and  I followed them. I saw them putting on some weird suits and WHOOSH, they took off and flew away .

“I didn’t know they could FLY ” I chuckled  to myself.

They saw me and zoomed back to the ground .

“Do not tell anyone what you saw!” said Paul menacingly .

“Ok ” I squeaked in fright .

We are all great friends now.

The boat to freedom by Dylan

“We have to get out of here,” sighed my sister Sandra.

“I know, I heard that a ship is leaving Cork Harbour in 2 days,” I added.

The famine had already taken our parents and we decided that we wouldn’t let it take us.

” Cork Harbour is 150 km away . We will never make it ” she whimpered sadly.

“We might if we leave now, ” I answered determinedly.

We set off on our journey with a lot of water and a bit of food because food was extremely scarce. After about 50 km of walking all our food and water was GONE!

“What are we going to do “? cried Sandra.

“Keep moving, ” I replied brightly.

But I started to lose my determination after about another 20 km. After that every step was agonising; every movement sapped away our precious energy. Our breath was ragged, there was sweat trickling down our face and our legs were aching. Then it was like we saw heaven; there in front of us was a clean river of water full of fish. I was so happy. I dived into the cool water and drank mouthfuls of water and caught about 10 fish with my bare hands. That got us more determined than ever and after a short rest, we strolled off again as happy as ever.

When we arrived at Cork Harbour, we cried tears of happiness. But the weather was ferocious, the wind was blowing against us and the waves were like skyscrapers. We ran out to a few very slippy rocks and we could see the boat, but it was leaving…

I was the saddest I had ever been… until the boat pulled up beside us !

“I thought it was leaving,” laughed Sandra.

“So did I,” I sobbed exhilarated.

We made it to America and lived a happy life.

Week 11 The Kidnapping by Dylan

“Get in the van,” said the man in the ski mask.

I was on a walk with my friend Conor when a white van pulled up and a man threw us in the back. He took us to an old warehouse and tied us to chairs. He went into the drawer and got a tub of Nutella and put a white powder in it.

I then realised the truth-  IT WAS POISON!!!!! He told Conor to eat it .

“No,” he said “I like marmite. ”

The police then kicked down the door and arrested the man. He forgot to take our phones and on the way and I called the police and told them the code word was – no I like marmite.


Week 10 The Fire by Dylan

It was pandemonium. Some buffoon bombarded my house with numerous fireworks and now it was on fire ! The menacing red and orange flames demolished everything in sight.

I woke up first to an avalanche of flames consuming my room. I covered my mouth and dashed to my parents room and pounced on their bed to wake them up. When they were awake I ran to my sister’s room to wake her up.

The fire brigade was  alerted to the scene by our neighbours .We all escaped through my bedroom window and the fire brigade saved our dog.

Sadly our house was consumed by the vast amount of flames.

Week 9 The Carnival of Doom by Dylan

The sweet smell of popcorn crept up my nose. I was at the carnival with my friend Gavin. It was announced over the loudspeaker to report to the big tent . On the way there we saw two people , one in black and one in orange. The orange one spoke first ” I am the star of the show- Mr Tophat ”

Unfortunately Mr Tophat was a name I never forgot….

When he stepped out on stage his smile to everyone sent a chill down my spine . The lights then went out and when they went back on Mr Tophat was beside me. We left straight away.

It the morning I asked Gavin if he remembered the carnival last night .

” What carnival? ” he said …..



Week 7 The Dare by Dylan

My mouth dropped open and I shook nervously . My friends and I were playing truth or dare when Laura and I were dared t go into the woods.

We said “Ok ” nervously and walked in.

We were talking and laughing so much we realised we were lost. Then we heard a nearby growl that sent a chill down our spines.

I could only see its gleaming daggerlike teeth and the deadly dripping drool foaming at its mouth. I turned to Laura.

” Keep an eye on it,” I said .

” But where did it go?” she shouted.

All I could do was scream when I saw it pounce …


Week 6 The Chase by Dylan

I screamed, I tried not to but I couldn’t help myself.

I was walking downtown and I saw a group of animal like people crawling around in an alley.

They saw ( and possibly heard me ) and started crawling towards me at an amazing speed.

I dashed to the nearby park and hid behind the slide until I felt something breathing on my neck…

I threw my elbow back and heard a spine chilling screech.

I picked up a rock and threw it .

It was heavier than I expected but I managed it .

I was then cornered and they pounced.

Week 5 The Statue by Dylan

” Did that statue just move” ? I asked my mom.

We were in the vicinity of Missouri when we came to a roundabout and there was a statue of a weird creature that I thought moved.

“No don’t be silly ” said my mom.

The rest of my trip in the beautiful Missouri was great although I thought I kept seeing the statue.

When I got home I decided to look up the statue

It said the statue just appeared there one night.

I then heard pounding on my window and saw the statue there.



Week 4 The House by Dylan

My heart was pounding, sweat was running down my face. I was terrified. I was after sneaking into the old abandoned house with my friend Derek and the door shut behind us.

We were in total darkness until I turned on the torch on my phone. What we saw was horrifying, there was a man in a clown costume!

We kicked the door open and ran. We hopped into my car but when it just wouldn’t take off I got out and realised the tyres were slashed…

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder but it was not Derek…

Week 3 The shortcut by Dylan

Cycling on my yellow bicycle I was terrified. I was after taking the shortcut home that my mom warned me not to and now I was being chased by thugs.

I was desperate to get away. My heart was pounding like a rabbit being chased by a fox. One of them caught me and threw me off my bike. He greedily snatched my money and pummelled me with his fists.

Rolling on the ground in agony I kicked him, grabbed my bike and cycled for my life. But when I got home somehow 5 of them were waiting for me…

Week 2 The Bomb by Dylan

The robber put the bomb down in the middle of the street and ran . There was 10 minutes before it would blow up.

One of the police called the bomb squad to defuse it. The leader of the squad said it could blow up the whole city. ..They were depending on me.

I opened up the bomb and saw a red cable, a blue cable and a green cable.nI fumbled with the wires and accidently cut the green one…

Then everything stopped and … it didn’t explode.

I saved the lives of millions.