Week 1 The Robbery by Dylan

I was after losing my job and I needed money for my son Timmy. I made some new friends whom I later found out were ghastly people. I was out with them one night when Bob [ my friend ] asked me to be a getaway driver.

I thought he was joking so I said ” ya ” sarcastically. He said “ok meet me here tomorrow night .”

When I realised he was for real and said “no”. He said, ” ok then I’ll hurt Timmy “.

I had to do it so I did and he gave me $100000.

Then I saw police lights coming my way…….

My strange day at the zoo by Dylan

The day started off great. We were told we were going to the zoo and then going to KFC. On the way to the zoo, I ate an avocado and watched a movie on my phone.

At the zoo there were wooly mammoth bones. There was an elephant and beside it, a tank with a purple seahorse

Then it went downhill fast. I got to hold a lizard and it bit me. We had to go because my hand was bleeding.

The good news was that we were still going to KFC. We went to the drive-thru and got the boneless meal.