Week 15 The Robbery By Evan

My name is Jake and I am a local cop. I was downtown one day when someone asked me which way to the shops?  So I told them to take a left then a right 2 times and you will be at the shopping centre.

So I went back home and then got a phone call off the office saying there was a robbery at the local shopping centre.  I got my car and rushed over there. Then I saw the man that asked me where the shopping centre was earlier.  He had bags with money in it. I swiftly rushed over and caught him. The End.

Week 14 The Bee Swarm By Evan

Hi My Name is Dara and this how I survived the 4587 Bee Invasion. I was coming downstairs to read the news. And I saw there were bees everywhere and suddenly the TV turned off.

So I went to tell my mom and we went into my bunker. We got some food and I got my teddy named Jack. I looked up through the gap and there were loads of bees breaking in. I told my mom so she told me to swiftly run. I said I am not leaving you behind. Before I could say anything else she pushed me into the secret entrance and locked the door…

Luckily …it was all a dream.

Week 13 The Caterpillar By Evan

My name is Jake and I am 5 years old. I am on holidays in America. One day we were in a forest and we found a dainty caterpillar. My parents said we could keep it while on holidays. So we took it home and gave it some delicate food.  We let outside for a hour then we had to go home so I put it in a bottle and put some food in there. And so off we went – once we got home I snuck it out into the back garden and suddenly it evolved. I didn’t realise they could fly.

The Love Escape By Evan

I woke up on a Friday morning to find out that my dad the king was making me marry a prince. Then when I met him he was really fat and his name was Oliver and he had bad manners. Dad also knew that I already had a boyfriend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        So I told dad that I don’t want to marry him. He said you have to but I said I am not marrying him. We will have this discussion later.

I ran to tell Jake my boyfriend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So he told me he would come up with something. So I went back to the castle to tell dad that I was not marrying him. He said you have to … for royalty. I said he has no manners –  he is fat and lots more –  how is that royalty?  He said if you do not accept it I’ll make you pay.                                                                                                                                                                                                        I went back to Jake – he said don’t you have access to the docks for a boat – yeah I said. We can trick the sailors to take us somewhere and then we can run away. That’s perfect – we should head tomorrow morning                                                                                                                                                                                               So I went to bed that night and I woke up the next morning in great hope that we wouldn’t get caught. I went as quick as lightning to the docks it worked and we got to England.  We saw waves crashing, lightning striking  and wind whistling on the way there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 But before we knew the Captain Robert was there and he knew I was marrying that scum.

So me and Jake ran away and had a happy life.

Week 11 The Bake Off By Evan

It was the day of the bake-off. I was getting ready. When I got there, they gave me the food. I was confused as to what it was. It was black cream or so I thought. I started to make a cake. I got some sprinkles to go with the cream.

When the cake was baked I gave the judge a slice of the cake and he said ” its horrible.” I said “what’s wrong with it?” He said that I put marmite in the cake.” I said” it was cream”.  “No,” he said “I like marmite and  I know what it tastes like.”

Week 10 The War By Evan

It was 1923 and it was the Germans against the British. I was about to go to war. I am a German.  We took over a town in less then ten minutes. We got into our houses and got our snipers out and  before I knew it I sniped someone. The red blood laid all over the ground. Soon enough we burnt the town and moved on through the road. We were faultless… But suddenly an avalanche of soldiers came out of no where. I ran swiftly through the forest and when I came back … they were all dead.

Week 9 The Alien Rush By Evan

It was Saturday night and I was making a video about nature in a forest. Suddenly I looked up and saw a UFO. Then it landed and an avalanche of aliens came out of it. Every single one of them was green except one that was orange.  The orange one spoke first and said ATTACK.

So I ran as quickly as I could to my motorbike and went to my bunker. I had something to eat and then watched some Boxing where one other guy got pummelled by another guy. I went to check the news and saw that the orange alien and the alien army was brutal and faultless and had taken over England.

Week 6 The Robbery By Evan

It was Thursday night and the gang and I were going to rob a bank. Warren was the getaway driver and Liam and I were the thieves. So we went and we cut open the back of the bank. We took as much gold as possible. I could not take all of it because it was heavier than I expected. So we got in the car and in no time we were up by a town called Mallow. But before we knew it there were helicopters above us so we kept going. But soon enough there were police cars behind and in front of us. We were caught and we were jailed for 7 years.

Week 5 The Tallest Man On Earth By Evan

Hi, my name is Patrick I am 36 years old. My dad is a scientist.

One day I wanted to become stronger. So I asked my dad could he give me a potion that would make me stronger. He gave me the potion and I drank it. But it made me so tall. When I asked him what happened he said he gave me the wrong potion. So I asked him if he had an antidote and he said no. But he said he could make one later. I went out shopping and very soon there were news reporters outside the shop.

I was famous.

Week 4 The Prison Escape By Evan


I woke up for my second day of prison.  I went to the cafeteria and met the gang and found out that they were going to escape. I was hooked in. They already had the key card so they could let everyone out of their cells to make a massive distraction.  Then we would use the key card to open the door, get into a car and escape. The plan was faultless.

The next morning we opened the cells and ran through the prison. We opened the door and got to the car…When it just wouldn’t take off, we got caught

Week 3 The New Bicycle To Yellow Lightning By Evan

I asked my mom greedily could I get a new bicycle because she wanted me to get exercise. So she took me to Smyths and I chose a bicycle. After a while, I was faultless at it and I even joined the cycling club. Then one day I asked my mom could I go out for a cycle.  She said yes but she warned me to come home before 8 because of the storm.

So I went out for a while and got lost. But by the time I found a path home. There a storm and yellow lightning everywhere. It felt like I was getting pummelled by a boxer but I eventually got home.

Week 2 The Time Reverse Shrine By Evan

One day my friends and I were walking around town. And then everything stopped and I mean time stopped. So I ran around everywhere and no one was moving. For decades I ran but still, I was the only one moving and growing older by the day.

Until one day, I saw a meteor coming down on top of me. But lucky me it landed next to me and there were three birds flying to different areas. There was a note which said- find the birds and time would reverse. So for a decade I looked and found the birds and then everything reversed.

Week 1 The Floating War By Evan

Once upon a time, there were three floating islands. One had humans on it, another had statues then the other had aliens. One day the aliens sent out a note to the statues declaring war.  The statues knew they probably would not have enough time so they had a random idea. They sent a note to the humans asking them did they want to team up on the aliens. So they did.

They got their ships ready. The war began. After ships got demolished. Statues, aliens and humans were dying left right and centre. Suddenly aliens brought out a nuke which destroyed loads of ships. Then the humans and statues brought out the biggest ship ever which destroyed the aliens.