Week 36 : The Sly crow , By Dan

” I’ m hungry!” squaked Bill the crow.

“Go eat the animals food then” his mother replied.

Bill flew down from the tree above and into the window of the barn. He sat on the feeder and pecked at the animals’ treats. Suddenly the barn door creaked open. It was the farmer with a REVOLVER!

BANG !! BANG!! Two shots rang out of the gun. Bill was just able to avoid them. Bill flew up to the loft and tried to hide.

BANG!! another shot fired right near Bill’s head.

“Where are you?” the farmer cried out.

Suddenly Bill noticed the shutter at the back of the room…

Week 36 Miss and Run By Matthew D

I was at my house alone. All I had was a revolver.  I knew that my arch enemy was in town. I knew this wasn’t going to end well but I was willing to do it…

I walked into the town where I knew I would find him. I walked down the narrow alley and there he was. He was standing there with his big black boots, his bald head, blue jumper and a black pants. We eyed each other for a second.

I got out my gun. I only had 1 bullet. I then shot at him. But I missed… He had dodged the bullet… Now I was in trouble.

Week 35 The running race by Aidan

The four contenders jogged to the starting line – Katie ,Tom , Charlie and Alex. There was a sound of a horn and everybody ran off. Katie was in the lead straight away until Tom caught up and passed her out.  Alex was way behind and Charlie started so fast he tripped and he was taken away.

Katie and Tom were tying. Suddenly Katie tripped and Alex and Tom zoomed past her. Katie was hurt but she kept on going. Katie didn’t win but she did cross the finish line. The crowds went wild-  however, she couldn’t believe what she had just done.

Week 35: Trembling ,by Dan

Mary was terrified. The German machine guns seemed to be getting closer every day.

Suddenly Mary was called out to help a wounded soldier. She ran across No man’s land with her head down. Her side was roaring at her to not do it, but she was determined.

Amazingly everyone stopped firing bullets. Mary hurled the soldier on her back and scuttled to the trenches. When she got back everyone thanked her for saving their friend , however , she couldn’t believe what she had done.

When she returned home after the war she was awarded the  VICTORIA CROSS  [V C ]  for saving the life of another person.


Week 35: Has She Gone Bonkers? By Naglis

“Ding Dong”.

Nobody answered. Cautiously and slowly she opened the door which was half off its hinges. It was dark and the smell was of damp and decay. She saw a wallet full of money inside it. Quickly she snatched the man’s wallet and darted home. She hid the wallet. However, she could not believe what she had done.

The next morning she heard a knock on the door. It was a policeman.

“Have you seen anyone entering that dark house and coming out with a wallet?”

“Sadly not no sir” she answered. 

What will she do now?  Will she own up?…or will she not..?

Week 35 Friends By Matthew D

She was just gone in the school door and her arch enemy Ava had given her a kick. She really hated Ava – every day her and Ava would be bickering. Then one day at break she hit Ava. Ava was on the ground crying, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

She told the teacher what happened she got an ice pack for Ava. Now she and Ava were actually becoming friends. And by the end of the week, her and Ava were best friends.

Week 34 Wonder World By Szymon

“Where am I” ? I whispered.
I was in a place where everything looked different. The water in the river was like lemonade and the fish were like gummies. I was hungry and thirsty so I ate the fish and drank the pink lemonade.
I crossed over a bridge that was over the river. It started raining but it was more like someone had sprinkled marshmallows over me. I hid under a huge daffodil.  I loved this place but I didn’t stay for a long time…
Suddenly I heard a bell ring and I woke up. It was all a dream. I was sad when I woke up.

Week 34 The kidnapping by Dylan.

My dad is a millionaire. He owns his own bridge a huge house and whenever he eats ice cream he has it sprinkled with edible gold. My mom has a pink Bugatti with daffodil designs on it.

I go to the bridge my dad owns every day for a sit down under it. But one day when I was there I saw a gang of abominable clowns. They saw me too.

I tried to run but I felt a hand on my mouth… I began to fall asleep …

When I woke up I was tied to a chair surrounded by clowns.


Week 34 Harry Houdini by Conor

One day I was going to history class. We were learning about Harry Houdini. This guy could get himself out of locks that were locked onto him. So one day he went to a huge bridge and tried to jump off of it while trying to unlock 21 locks that were locked onto him. It was a big task but he could do it. He was very nervous.  He stood on the side of the of the bridge and …JUMPED! …

Everyone thought that he was gone but just then out of the pink tulips and yellow daffodils came Houdini. Because he had made it they sprinkled confetti over him.

Week 33 The crash by Liam O

The story begins in 1954 in Spain near the city of Seville on a bridge. The American army was bringing a dangerous nuclear chemical to a test site.

When they were driving the truck over the bridge the truck crashed and a small hole came in the oil tank and some of the dangerous chemicals sprinkled on a yellow daffodil.  Then the daffodil turned pink and after that incident, the oil tank exploded.  Chemicals went everywhere.

Now 2 armies and the UN had to intervene.  The US of A had to pay 5.8 million.  The bridge is off limits now because the daffodil got too big.



“Not now,” I said “not ever” and I ran away dripping wet even though the rain only sprinkled on my head.

The giant grabbed me and put me back in his cave. The cave was dark and had no heating as I suspected so I shivered from the cold until the giant rolled a stone over the door.

I wanted to run back into my pink house and see all the yellow daffodils in my garden. I wanted to go and drive over the bridge near my house and head into town but no –  a giant had to be my long lost father that wanted me to stay with him instead of mom.

How will I ever escape?…

Week 34 The story by Colin

I was on the hillside eating a 99 cone sprinkled with pink fluffy marshmallows when suddenly Joe started talking about a bridge to Alcatraz!

He said after you cross the bridge you will see a book and a HUGE entrance. You have to get inside and go to the execution yard, get the key to the gas chamber and the loot is there.

I picked up a daffodil and tickled him with it. “You really believe all that rubbish,” I said.  I walked home in disbelief at what I heard.

“Fake News.”

Week 31 Gerry the Glowing Giraffe By Danny

Gerry the Glowing Giraffe is a glowing, affable, friendly giraffe who loves relaxing behind trees in the Whispering woods and loves helping his friends.

He thinks the Lord of Nulth is very pompous and gets everything he wants.  Gerry’s favourite place to go is Igloo City with his friends Colin the Courageous Cobra, Harry the Hilarious Hippo and Matthew the Menacing Monkey.   They also love going to the Whispering woods together.

Their favourite game to play is Hide and hollow which is like hide and seek but just a different name. Gerry is the worst at playing this game because he is always glowing.


Week 31 Jack The Jolly Giraffe By Jack

Jack is a jolly giraffe when other animals are around but when he is on his own he is a jolly jaguar. This is inexplicable and at the same time, he is very affable.

He can use a supersonic roar and can camouflage. He loves Bertie and the bumbling bees and their honey and he hates the Lord of Nulth. He loves swimming in the pink lake and he hates Conor the King Croc.

He also likes helping to defend the night zoo whenever the voids attack. He is the only one of his kind after Nulth destroyed his village.

Week 31 William the Wise Wallrus by Mathew OG

Tom leaped from rock to rock in search of William the walrus. He lived in the pink lake. He has a great power of telling and predicting the future. Tom wanted to know when the voids would come back to the Whispering Glade.

As Tom pushed through the brambles he saw something pink glisten. That must be it thought Tom. He sprinted over to the lake… Slowly an old affable walrus immerged from the water.

“What do you wish to be told? ”

“When will the voids come back to the whispering glade? “said Tom.

“Soon,”  William replied…

Week 28 The Amazing Robot By Szymon

“Yes!” shouted a scientist. “I have completed the robot.”

He turned it on and it started to pick up the litter that was in the room. Soon after it became a peacemaker and it helped solve all of the problems of the world. No one was homeless or poor. Everyone had clean water and food. There were no more wars and the earth wasn’t polluted.

When the scientist died his son had a plan to destroy the robot and make the earth the same as it was before. He crept up behind the robot and cut it in half. He buried the top part deep underground but left the legs above ground.

Week 28 Long Legs by Aidan

People say that once every year one lucky kid gets to see Long Legs.

Long Legs is a mythical creature that is claimed to be only legs. One year that lucky kid was me. In the middle of the night, I heard a voice saying ” Go down to the woods.” It kind of creeped me out but I wanted to know what was there. So I got out of bed and walked down to the woods .It was freezing outside.

Suddenly there was a ruffling sound in the bush. That’s when I noticed that I was one of the luckiest kids ever. …I went to school the next day shouting “I saw long legs! ” but nobody believed me. From that day on I have been studying long legs and trying to prove he was real.


Week 28: The long legged sausage by Liam O

One sunny day in the Forest of Sausage there lived a mythical creature called the Long Legged Sausage.  A man liked the sound of it and tried to prove to the world that the Long Legged Sausage was real so in the middle of the night he set off into the Forest of Sausage to find the Long Legged Sausage.

At  4.37 he hears thumping across the forest and he responds with his camera held out like a gun.  He snapped a picture and dashed away with the Long Legged Sausage running behind him.  When he got to his house he shut the door on the monster and knocked him out.

The police came and shook hands with the man and then he was proud.

Week 27 The prison escape by Ronan

The thieves decided that they were in prison for long enough. Almost twenty years.  There were two people per cell. Out of all the cells they had the worst one. The thieves had a plan to escape from prison.

They splashed a boiling effervescent liquid onto one of the security guards and he let them out. The thieves jumped out the window onto their ancient motorbikes which did not work … so they ran for their lives. They could see security guards in the distance. Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress… It was back to prison for those two.

Week 27: Dreadful Plan By Naglis

“Let’s rob the jewellery shop” insisted Frank’s chubby pompous boss-Mark. “Alright” Frank answered.

As they sat into the car Mark slurped the last of his cold juicy slushy. Frank was disguised as a guard and tried to distract the rather large guard who was monitoring the shop that night. Quietly Mark dashed into the shop and stole almost every jewel and every single penny.

Suspiciously the guard called the police and reported that some kind of man (Frank) was trying to bamboozle him by telling him to go home! Steve and Mark ran. Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress…

Week 27 We’re out by Matthew D

The prison guard’s key was on his belt and when Tom saw it he grabbed it immediately. The prisoners waited until he was gone.

“He’s gone,” said Jim.

“Open the cell door, ” Tom ordered to Brian.

“We’re out lads,” whispered Tom.

As they walked down the clean white hall Jim knocked over a  brown rusty bucket. An alarm filled the prison. Now the prison guards would already have left their tea and biscuits and be rushing to catch them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and just that very minute a prison guard jumped out and said: ” Back to the cell boys!”

Week 26: Torpedo ! By Dan

“Torpedo!” Shouted the thin steward.

I ran for my dear life to a lifeboat. I looked around to see a shiny scope submerge under the water. I wasn’t first in the lifeboat but at least I wasn’t last.

Suddenly white smoke rose from the ship. I was scared as I could see no other rescue boat until a steamer appeared with yellow funnels. It was a tiny one compared to our ship.

The situation had seemed hopeless until now…

Week 26 What a comeback By Danny

It was 5.45 pm and my team Mighty Boys were playing our all-time rivals Cod Boys in the Division one final. By halftime, they were annihilating us and the score was 5-1 to the other team.

Our manager felt the situation was hopeless at halftime as we were loosing by 4 goals but suddenly he cheered us up and we ran out on to the pitch wearing our yellow shiny kit.

Our captain Tiny Thin Tom started the second half and in minutes we had pulled the score back to 5-4 and we were only losing by one goal now.

Immediately after I scored two goals and we had won the division one Final.

Week 23: The Titanic by Liam A

“The unsinkable ship,” people said but they were wrong.

In 1912 a ship called the Titanic was having its first ride on the Atlantic Ocean. The captain of the Titanic wanted to get to America as fast as possible. Splitting the waves straight in half it was going nearly as fast as it could go.

3rd class was for the poor and then the 1st class was like a five-star hotel moving on the water.
All the other captains of nearby boats were telling the chief to slow down and that there were icebergs ahead.
CRASH the ship crashed and started sinking…

But what if I was in charge?…

Week 23 : The Evil Babysitter by Dylan

“But I don’t want Bob to babysit me ” I said to my parents.
Let me introduce myself my name is Jeffy and I am 10 years old.
Bob the babysitter is about to babysit me .
All my friends have had Bob before and said he’s horrible.

Suddenly I heard a knock at the door and Bob came in .
“Hello Jeffy,” said Bob evilly.
As soon as my parents left Bob sent me to my room.

But what if I was in charge ? I thought cunningly.
I grabbed my pet tarantula and put it in Bob’s bowl .
I grinned evilly…

Week 22 The flying fish by Ronan

Walking to school with my friend Dara was no fun. All he did was walk slowly. He did not do anything else except for when a pheasant flew past. I was told that the school bully Johnny Brown was having a rendezvous in the yard that day. I was not looking forward to what might happen after that.

The teacher read us a book about how things fly. I could not get that out of my head. So when I got home I went straight to the garage and got the big brown ladder. After that, I snatched the goldfish bowl, some wax and some feathers.

Slowly I climbed up the brown ladder on to the roof. I made wings for my fish and threw him off the roof…

Week:22 The prison escape by Mathew OG

I knew I heard the code word…goldfish.

As I heard it I dashed from my smelly prison bed to the vent. I had prepared a fake vent from the weekly newspaper. Slowly I removed the real vent and crawled through. I then placed the fake one perfectly in place.

When there was enough room to stand I spotted a ladder that led right to the courtyard. All the cameras were still on so I had to steal past quickly. I flew across the yard and over the high wall.

From then on I was number 1 on their wanted list.


Week 21 A Close Call by Joe

“Why though? ” said David. Dad was in shock. He was speechless. But then Mum came in. “You are going because you said you wanted to,” shouted Mum.   “Not with granny Margaret, ” he replied.  He was so annoyed and ran to the park.

As the day went on he realised there was no getting out of it…

“What was that?” he thought. It was coming closer. There it was – the evil doctor Bob and he was turning all of the yoga people into trees.

In the end, David got turned into a tree too.

Well, perhaps it was better than staying with granny Margaret.