Week 21 Night ninjas by Colin

The night trees look sweet but inside they are bitter. They move around at night and attack about 70 people too. The biggest fear is the hazardous stench off them. At day time they look like they are doing yoga or Kung-fu.

One day a child went over and started climbing the trees. He asked his mom could he get a picture with the trees. His mom said yes so they got a picture. The boy gave them all names. After that something hit the trees hard. IT was that humans were actually nice! The boy said "bye" and skipped off in joy. 

Week:20 The Escape By Mikolaj


Suddenly we were moving very fast when our boat crashed into rocks. My friends and I robbed all the banks in NY so we were in cages to travel to the most secure jail. We saw water coming in so we pushed the bars out and broke them. We went out of the boat. At least all of us knew how to swim home.

The captain said, “Everybody on the boat – go on this lifeboat NOW.”

But we didn’t want to go on the lifeboat because they would throw us out of it anyway.

Week 20 World war By Kacper

Hi there, I’m Daniel and I’m telling a story of when I was in a war with the Germans.

It was the year 1105 when we were fighting with the Germans.  My friend and I were looking for the German base but on our way, we found a German soldier.

He was in a tank. We were moving very fast when … BOOM –  Luckily he missed us.  We got past him and got to the German base where their leader and his army had a rendezvous. When we went inside we got kidnapped. Then there was an explosion and our side was back in the lead.

Eventually, we got their leader and sent him to prison.

Week 20 Unpleasant Idea: By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank” insisted my pompous chubby boss, Isaac.

“We can’t” I roared back. “We will get caught. “

I didn’t want to go but I had to. At last we got there. Isaac slurped the last of his Slushy.   Cautiously we tiptoed over to where all the cash was. Suddenly we spotted a bright light flickering in the distance. Isaac broke all the cameras and boasted “I’m the best.”

“Yes I know” I sighed.

When we got the money we tiptoed back. Soon we saw a guard. We were moving very fast when the guard was chasing us. We stopped at a dead end.

What would we do now?

Week 19 The robot By Tadhg

I looked at my watch. “It’s time! It’s time” I exclaimed.

I ran to my room and grabbed it. It looked amazing with its dazzling light its inexplicable colour. I couldn’t believe it.  I had made my own robot. Even if it was tiny I still loved it.

As I went into the kitchen to wash my hands I left my robot outside.  When I was done I went to get my robot but it was dangling above me on the gutter. I rushed for a ladder but when I went out it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere and then I found it sliding down the drainpipe

I couldn’t believe it, it came down the drainpipe.

Week 19: Rooftop Rendezvous By Aidan

I was on the tallest house in town. I had done this before so surely I could do it again. I took a step back and leaped… I made it again.

I kept on walking on until I saw Bruce up to his usual shenanigans. I saw him go through a window of a house and come out with a necklace.

The rotten filthy old cat.

When he had left I kept on walking then I came to the washing line. I took a gulp and walked across. Finally I got to the meeting point but there was nobody there. I thought I saw something. It came down the drainpipe.  I looked forwards and saw a dog!

What would I do now?

Week 18: Stone statues, Dan

One bright sunny day in my favourite game called MINECRAFT, I felt like going to Blocky Bill’s restaurant.

As I walked out the door I saw a  flying bow. I ignored it because  I thought I had seen it before. What I did not know was that an evil mastermind was holding the bow.

I walked out onto the street and bumped into my neighbours Steve and Alex. We all decided to go to Bills together. As we walked into the restaurant an arrow landed on the ground.

CRACKLE!!  Everything turned to stone … including us.


Week 18 The Statue By Matthew D

One dark dreary night a robber and his gang had just robbed the bank. They got away. Cunningly, their leader said,”Let’s hide behind the three statues.” As soon as they made that move they knew that they were going to regret it .

All of a sudden the statues came to life. This bamboozled the robbers . Quickly the three statues coerced them into giving them all the money. They then tied them up and called the Gardaí to take them away. Then they gave all the money back to the bank.

The three courageous  statues saved the bank’s money.

Week 17 Diary Entry By Szymon

This was the best day of my life. First of all, I woke up to the chiming of my grandfather clock. Before midday, I cycled to my best friend’s house. We played with lego at his house. We also played his x-box one. Arond three o clock my family and I had a flavoursome, scrumptious and appetizing dinner.

Then we went to the zoo. I saw menacing lions, monkeys making buffoons of themselves and baboons up to their usual skullduggery. I dashed over to see a red mamba snake. It looked very scary and aggressive. After that we went home and ate supper.

Week 17:The accident: by Liam A

One wet stormy night I was lying on the couch. I was watching my new clock ticking left and right. I got up and saw something red behind the TV. I walked closer and closer until I noticed it was a snake.

It was the KING PYTHON, nearly the most venomous snake in the world. Before it sprayed its venom on me I just got out the way. I started running and the snake wasn’t far behind. I saw my bike over by the shed I got up on it and cycled away from the snake.

I looked back to see if the snake was there…CRASH!!!

Week 16;The Adventures Of Mr Hand Man By Conor

One day Mr hand man was up on an enormous building.


The bank was being robbed by robbers. So Mr. Handman flew down. When he got down the robbers were no ordinary robbers – they were feet. These little feet were big buffoons. They were causing a lot of skulduggery. Luckily  Mr. Hand had a special potion. This potion made Mr. Hand really strong.

BOOM!!!!! BANG!!!! KA-POW!!!!

The feet were defeated!

Week 16 The Hand’s Revenge by Dylan

One bright sunny day my friend Tom came back from New Zealand. He brought me a hand called Quasi. I hated the hand and put it in the attic.

That night I heard noises in the playroom but I thought it was nothing. When I got up the playroom was a mess. I cleaned it and played my PS4 .

The next night I heard a whisper in my ear. I was startled. Scared I hid under my covers.

The next morning my favourite toy was ripped to shreds.

Who did this ? Then I realised it was Quasi…

Week 15 Changing By Danny

In the beginning of the school year there was going to be a new child joining our class. My class and I started asking the teacher what his name was. She said that his name was Tom. When I first met him he was smiling and was cheerful. After a few weeks he was sad and never smiled. So I decided to investigate.

So after school I followed him home. I wondered why he was walking home because his mom usually collected him from school. His Dad was waiting for him at the door and then Tom started crying. I wondered what had happened? Soon after then I realised that his mom had passed away.

Week 15: The chase by Liam O

In the beginning of the chase my friend and I were running from soldiers to an old abandoned huntsman shaft and when we got there we hid in a small room at the end of the hall.  The first few minutes were quiet and fine. Then we heard a loud bang as the door opened.

The soldiers were armed with rifles and they went into a room near the entrance.We raced upstairs and opened the window as if we escaped. We locked all doors except one. We hid behind a locked up door. It was quiet and BANG! …Everything went white and I woke up in jail.

Week 14 :NATO by Liam O

It’s the 14th of August 2017 and the leaders of all the countries in NATO (N for North – A for Atlantic – T for treaty and O for organisation) are having a meeting in Seoul, South Korea. We are discussing how we will prevent WW3.

I am the leader of Canada and I am in control of this meeting.  Then 2 hours into the meeting the German leader talks about how it uses its technology to create a SUPERWEAPON.  2 minutes later I see Rusian, Chinese and North Korean soldiers waiting for a response at the front door of the building.

I was getting so frustrated I pushed my computer off the table and then I hear a crack in the front window. I stopped … I knew I had to run before the 2nd Korean War started…

Week 14 A Switch of habitat by Colin

One morning I was swinging through the dark forest when a loud bang gave me a fright. The birds flew like bullets out of the trees and I knew that this was a bad omen. Slowly I climbed down the trunk and suddenly a tranquilizer shot my leg. My leg hardened with fear when 6 cantankerous men stormed towards me. I was so ghastly afraid, my face hurt.

Slowing down the men called A14 and a helicopter flew high above the trees. The men grabbed me and grabbed a rope to climb up. Wrecked and beat up I soon saw I was in a zoo. All I wanted to do was eat because I was ravenous when suddenly kids came and took the food.

I loathed kids now.

Week 13 Just one picture by Ciaran

One day my friend and I were extremely excited to be going to see the aggressive tiger in the zoo on our school tour.

When we finally got to the zoo we ran as fast as the wind but there was a huge queue in front of us. Tom spotted a restricted area next to the tiger cage. Tom wanted to open the door to take a quick picture then suddenly the tiger pounced on us and gave out a mighty roar. There was pandemonium everywhere. We ran for the door out but the tiger was blocking our escape…If only we stayed in the line.


Week 13: The prison escape by Sean

One day Micheal and I were in prison for robbing a shop. We had been  caught by 3 cops that had guns.

Micheal was cantankerous in prison. Sometime later a man with a ghastly voice said “I have keys for you to help you get out.”  We trusted him.

We escaped through a vent. In the vent we felt a big shiver down our spine. So we ran as fast as the wind. Then we got to the door. “Why is there a tiger at the door?” I shouted.

The tiger was blocking the escape door…

Week 13, The Lucky Day For Us : By Wojciech

One day my friend Mikolaj and I were in the zoo. We saw lots of the animals, but one thing that was really strange was that there were no tigers. We decided to turn around and look for them.

We turned around and the tiger was blocking our escape.

I whispered, “pretend that you are dead. ”

So we fell down –  ouch!  The tiger was surprised so he left us. I started to mess with Mikolaj as we walked to the car.  We drove back home… but my head is still hurting from falling to the ground.

Week 12 The football match by Conor

Excitedly the players hurried out of the dressing room.They were so determined to win the match to get to the top of the table.But there was something in their way.They were up against the best team in the league.

10 minutes later they were up two nill and you could see their batteries were running low. At half-time, they got some sandwiches. After eating their sandwiches they felt a bit more energetic.

Sadly after the match, the score was 3-2 to the other team and everyone’s faces were white in shock.

Week 12 Curly`s Adventure by Colin

Curly the hamster was aggressively bitting the thick metal bars when the wooden door opened – it was Ave munching on a white ham sandwich. She opened curly`s cage door and threw in a crumb of the ham sandwich. Curly was an energetic hamster and would always get attention.

Ave was called by her mom and forgot to close the cage door. Curly absconded out the door and rolled like a pig in mud down the stairs. He crept into the playroom and saw a ginormous battery coming his way. He hurried out the door when he heard Ave`s abominably aggressive dad.

Curly ran like a cheetah and just made it back up. He started chewing the bar. Soon, Ave came in, fell into bed and nodded off to sleep.

Week 11 A Day NOT To Remember By Jack

I was on my way to school on a Friday when I saw a building. I wanted to investigate it but a part of me was telling me not to trespass.

So after school at ten to three, I decided to snoop around the building. I looked in a window and saw a wizard putting a spell on a boy. But then the wizard saw me -oh no! I gasped and started to run.

Running.  Bamboozled. “Oh what a buffoon I was to have trespassed a private property” I said to myself.

Then my friend Bob saw me, threw his cloak on and yelled at the top of his voice – DUCK! He jumped in front of me just as the wizard tried to turn me to stone but sadly got him instead.

Week 11 The thought of dying by Aidan

One night I was in my bed and I couldn’t get a thought out of my head. It wasn’t a good one – it was an extremely bad one – it was the thought of dying.

It was so sad just thinking of me slowly passing away. I tried to think of something happy but then I thought of the most wonderful thing you could think of. My family. Mother is so nice and my father always goes fishing with me.

Then BAM- I ended up in the middle of the forest and a hooded figure started walking towards me.  He was holding a reaper and then he slowly said “it’s time”

“No I am too young. I have to see my family again. No no nooo!…

Week 10 The Diamond by Ronan

One day my friend John and I came in from the yard at school and our ghastly teacher announced that we would be going on a trip to the museum. we got extremely excited.

When we got to the museum the first thing we saw was the world’s largest diamond. The school bully coerced us into smashing the glass around it with the emergency hammer. I said to him but there was a menacing guard protecting it. “Go over and do it or I will beat you up when we get back to school,” he said. So we crept past the guard and got the hammer and smashed the glass. We caused enormous pandemonium. Glass everywhere. John said to me “but where will we hide it all?”

Week 10 The cunning plan by Mathew o’G

One day my roommate Larry and I were sent a big bill that we definitely could not afford. We had six weeks to pay it. We thought of absconding but we decided not to.It took me two weeks to come up with a great plan of robbing the big chubby mayor’s house across town.

Then I realised he would not be there so that was a bonus. When we were in the house Larry found the money closet. The closet was as wide as an elephant’s bottom. Later on, we found a thousand dollars…

One week later the police arrived outside our house looking for the money. But where will we hide it all? we wondered.

Week 9 : Proved you right by Liam A

One Halloween night Mick and I went into the forest and set up camp.
Mick was trembling when we went outside so we set a big bonfire.
“I saw something move,” said Mick.

“Stop messing around – It’s fine it was probably your mind messing
around with you. I’ll set some cameras up. let’s get some sleep, ” I said.

The following morning Mick still felt the place was haunted. They decided to check on the cameras.
Something was floating and then the camera shattered.  What will happen next?

Week 9 Be careful or else … By Matthew D

My friend Craig and I were out trick or treating. We absolutely love trick or treating because we get loads of scrumptious treats. The big talk was about the house at the top of the hill as it is supposed to be haunted.

My friend and I said that we would go up there some time tonight . We saw a flash from the haunted house so we ran up there with our hearts thumping in fear. We knocked on the door and saw a ghost… he grabbed Craig. I ran down the hill and into my house… God only knows what happened to Craig.

Week 5 My Treasured Item By Joe

My treasured item is very important to me. Many people have it and love it. I use it every day and never want to get out. Loads of people love it and don’t want to get out ever. My own one is very comfy and it’s blue and very tempting to stay inside of it. It was a challenge to pick out what to write about. I picked this one because I had lots of ideas. If I lost it I would probably cry and sit in the corner of my room. I have no clue when and where I got it but I don’t care as it’s still comfy. Either way I would have one but the one I have now is the best. I bet you love your one too. My item is the amazing…