Week 5 My Treasured Item by Colin

it reminds me of when I was at the County final- Kanturk vs Mallow. I saw all of the green and red players and felt proud we were in the final.I had my hurley and helmet because we were playing at halftime. I was nervous and a small bit scared but the time came we went on and we all played hard and beat Mallow 2 to 1. Soon the big players came on and we jogged off in delight when the match was over. Kanturk won. I went on to the pitch and Kanturk lifted the cup At the end I met a few players and my mom got all of them on her phone.

Hint:  It is on the camera.

Week 4 The dog’s babies by Ronan

I came home from school one day and my dog looked a lot smaller than usual. Straight away I saw that there were six other baby dogs.

One of them was quite a lot bigger than the rest and the dog was wearing glasses. Suddenly the biggest dog jumped up on me. Immediately it turned into an orangutan that was wearing a ballet dress.

Then I heard a BANG and I heard … my teacher’s voice. I was just daydreaming all that time.

Week 4 The journey from Cork by Maciej

One day when I was training hurling my dad came to collect me and my friend Carin. He brought our dog. The training was in Cork so the journey took an hour to get home.

In the middle of the ride, I put on my sunglasses. When we were driving up the hill my glasses fell off my eyes and landed on the dogs eyes. When Carin looked over the dog was wearing glasses. We both laughed. But then they broke and fell off.

Week 3 Crocodile Problem by Szymon

One day Professor Paul Paddington was creating a liquid. His pet crocodile hit the glass with the liquid and it spilled. He slowly but steadily drank the liquid. This all happened the one minute when the professor was not in his laboratory.

When he came back he saw that the crocodile started to twist. He twisted for 10 seconds and then began to grow. He escaped from the laboratory. The professor called the army. After a difficult and aggressive fight the crocodile was captured and shrunk back to normal size.

The professor had to pay for all the destruction and say sorry to the people that had their houses destroyed.

Week 3 Professor Crocodile’s peculiar day by Aidan

One day Professor Crocodile was in his lab. He was trying to turn a crocodile purple. He needed a spiders leg, one chocolate finger and of course a bit of purple paint.He put it all in one tube and then he shook it around.

Finally he brought in the crocodile and poured the mix on top of it. Oh no he had put in growing paint accidently. Quickly he twisted the crocodile’s tail but it did not work and the crocodile just snapped back at him. It was too difficult and now he was stuck with a giant crocodile in his lab!

Week 2 : The invasion by Tadhg

Ben was an alien and he liked killing people. He had a boss that wanted to take over the world. When they were nearing the green and blue planet they launched a shrink bomb. It exploded all over Earth.

When Ben landed on Earth he started shooting people and they turned into beads. The alien armada succeeded in taking over Earth.

But they got greedy and also took an alien armada to planet T-rex. They attacked the aliens from T-rex. These aliens were highly armed they killed Ben and his army.

Week 2: The Sweets by Dan

One sunny day Barry and I wanted some sweets.
“Let’s go to Super Sweets ” Barry said.
“They do amazing sweets ” Barry explained.
We walked in and stumbled upon a big poster on the wall.
There was a nice looking sweet on it.
“I’ll have that one, “I said pointing at the poster,” same,” said Barry.

The shopkeeper handed us our bags.
“These sweets smell good,” said Barry.
“They look nice too,” I said.
Soon I opened my bag and POOF!! …I shrunk.

Well, how did this happen?

Week 1: Halloween Horror by Dylan.

It was Halloween night. Liam,  Conor and I were trick or treating in what they called the haunted neighborhood. We were fine until we reached the haunted mansion. I knocked on the door.

“So,I wonder what lies ahead of us,” said Liam.

Suddenly the doors creaked open. We slowly stepped in. Immediately the doors slammed shut. They were locked. We then heard a scream that would break glass.

“Let’s go explore,” said Liam. “Are you crazy!” I screamed.

Week 1: The Criminal by Danny

Once I was in jail because I killed the president of America. I killed him because I thought he was a pain and that’s why I’m here but I’ve been trying to get out for about 10 years. Sadly every time I try to get out I get caught.

My friend said one day,”so, what lies ahead of you? maybe execution …” but by the time he finished I had nearly dug another hole. One hour later I was finished and we both got out.

Well that’s what we thought but then we looked back and we saw a guard and he shot at both of us.