Week 37: The lost Egyptian: By Liam A

It was a scorching day in the Sahara. My Dad and I were explorers and we have put historical animals in the natural history museum in Dublin.

As we packed our tents into our bags, I saw a tiny triangular shape under us. We brushed away the sand and saw a yellow block. It was a pyramid we took out our shovels and dug. My dad studied pyramids for years and he knew that the entrance was near the top.

We got in and saw a light leading to a tomb. We followed the light and saw gold and a viola.  As we searched we saw an ancient mummy.  It was amazing… That was when we noticed it was the lost Egyptian.

Week 37 Tomb of the Lost Mummy by Dylan

My trusty assistant Viola and I searched for years to find the lost, ancient mummy’s tomb.

Finally, after an awful sandstorm, a dark crevice was revealed on the side of a pyramid. We slowly and carefully crawled through it in case it collapsed. When we got to the other side, the most magnificent room came into view.

There was a giant sarcophagus made out of gold, with rubies, sapphires and diamonds on it. The room was filled with gold and precious jewels. As soon as we touched a gold chalice on the ground, the whole room began to crumble.

Luckily we got out alive but with no gold. We decided to keep the tomb a secret.

Week 36: A Close Call By Benny

The weekend finally came so my friend and I went outside to play some basketball. Next to my house there was a very old house with stone walls surrounding it. I took my shot and the ball went straight over the wall.

“You threw it so you get it” Jake said.

“Fine” I replied.

I hopped the wall. Since the ground on the other side was much lower I wasn’t able to hop back over. The man who lived there jumped out of his back door and started sprinting towards me. That’s when I knew I should run. I was cornered, but Jake had managed to open the gate in time. I just barely got out.

While I never got the ball back I’m happy I never got caught by that grumpy old man.

Week 36 The New Museum By Kristupas

I was super excited.  My mom was going to take me to the new museum down the street. From what I heard, it has a lot of ancient artifacts. from the late 1500s. Before I knew it we were in the car going there. When we got there it was awesome- there were so many cool things and items.

Suddenly everyone started to scream and run. That’s when I knew I should run. We ran but didn’t know from what. I saw the police bash the doors down. I was scared.  After my mom told me that there was a robbery and we were lucky to survive.

Week 34 A Raccoon Life By Evan

I woke up one summer morning and I was shocked when I realised I was a raccoon …

I felt a leaf fall on my head. I looked up in the blue sky and then I realised how high in the air the sky was. I thought i should go to my  house. So I swiftly went to my house and waited for someone to come out from the  back door, so I could go in.  My mom opened the door and I rushed in and went upstairs into my room.I jumped from the box to the chair and then to the bed…

I scratched my human self and then I woke up in confusion as I felt blood on myself .

Week 34: The Crash Disaster : By Dan

I stepped out of my damp cheap tent and into the barren deserted forest.        A slightly broken chair lay neatly on the ground. As I reached for my backpack, a Racoon scuttled out of it and into the dense foliage.

Bits of the plane I had crashed there, were strewn in every corner.   It had just fallen out of the sky. I was lucky to locate the supply box.

“Help!”  came a cry.  It was a human, maybe my friend Claude too.I was desperate to find him. I squashed a leaf as I Stumbled to a halt.

It was him.


Week 33: The Old Haunted house by Rhys

It was a cold misty night. My friends and l were out trick or treating for hallowe’en. We walked through the fog gathering sweets and treats.  We went to house after house. Our bags were full to the top.

As the streets became empty my friends and I began to go home. I was walking past a house when I suddenly heard loud screams.  I paused for a moment. I was trembling with fear. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. I turned around slowly and sprinted for my life.

I arrived home and never returned to that street again.

Week 33 Quiet Night By Adam

It was a peaceful quiet night when the sly robber slowly tiptoed into the house! He was tiptoeing around very slowly and came close to knocking a plate but just about caught it.

He went to my sister’s room but the creek of the door opening woke her up. She started screaming and the deafening screams echoed through the cold night… the whole house woke up and ran to her room and turned on the light.

The sly robber sneaked out and ran away and we decided to change our lock code on the door because that was an essential feature during his break-in for him!

Week 32: The Midnight Thieves: By Liam A

It was a very quiet night –  a perfect night for a robbery. My Granny and I met in the town square and planned to rob the jewelry shop.

My family is fanatic about robberies- it runs in the family.

After a while, we reached the shop and we saw a robust-looking diamond perched on the window. Granny got out a laser and cut a perfect hole in the glass. We sprayed around the diamond and saw loads of lasers. We climbed through the hole and broke all of the switches in the fuse box.

The diamond was ours, we ran back and took it immediately. Then we disappeared into the night.

Week 32 The Demontors by Dylan

They saw us …

“RUN” I shouted in fear.

The floating creatures drifted slowly towards us . Their glowing eyes stared into our soul. I knew they were Dementors. These creatures bring out the worst in you by staring into your soul. They started moving faster and faster until they grabbed my friend.

“NO” I screamed, terrified.

Then they came for me …

I could see my friend changing into a Dementor before my eyes.

I was outnumbered 4 to 1 and I felt a chilling hand on my back and suddenly I felt excruciating pain as I changed into a Dementor.

We disappeared into the night hungry for more souls…

Week 31 The Old Tree by Colin

Every 4 years, on February 29th the moon shines on the old tree. This means that the fairies get their magic powers. But it didn’t go to plan this year.

It was bustling in the fairy tree. The moon festival was going to happen in 6 hours. I stood in the long queue in the decoration shop. It was the only day I got off from the fairy army. Suddenly the general burst in and called my name. I walked over to him and asked him what was wrong.

“The moon’s rays aren’t strong enough to give every fairy magic” he said with a worried expression.

“Oh no,” I replied.  This really was bad.

Week 31 The Camping Story By Liam O

It was a stormy night. The children were all asleep but me as I could hear footsteps outside of the tent.  It was very misty and I could not see anything. I woke up my friend and told him to be quiet and careful. He followed. I peeked out of the tent and saw a huge tall slender being standing in front of a tree. I quickly got back into the tent and got under the covers of my sleeping bag.

“What’s going on?” my friend asked.

“It’s c..c…coming,” I replied.

The zip of the tent opened and the alien stepped into the tent…I closed my eyes. Then the alien stopped, turned around and walked away…


Week 30: The mission : by Dan

Crash! BOOM!

A bomb hit the ground and sent pieces of brick flying everywhere.                      I scrambled to my plane and started the engine.

As I began to lift off the radio crackled into life.                                                             The commander’s voice boomed out of my tiny earpiece.

“I want you to get that wee bomber out of my airspace,” he said in an Australian accent.

I spoke up into my speaker and discussed the plan with the team.

“It doesn’t matter what you think, does it, “The Commander yelled, “Just take down the bomber.”

The bomber was in sight, this was going to be a legendary dogfight!

Week 30 The New Football By Conor H

One lovely sunny day I was playing soccer with my brother and my favourite soccer ball. Then suddenly my brother kicked the ball as hard as he could into a big bush of thorns. I was FURIOUS! I just wanted to punch him so badly. I went in and told my dad that he popped my soccer ball. My dad said he would give me €20 to go to town and buy a new one.

At the sports shop, there was one soccer ball left and it looked really old and dusty. If I didn’t get a soccer ball I would have nothing to do.

I asked the shopkeeper “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?”

Week 27 Space Adventure By Aidan

We zoomed across the moon rock speeding for our life. The Colijop was gaining on us and we had to find Zara. We were practically flying over the rocky moon surface. Suddenly we saw her –  the figure of a woman in the midst of space. We skidded to a halt and grabbed her swiftly swiveling around and racing off to the space station. When we got there we frantically searched everywhere to find the Colijop bite antidote

“She might not live,” said the captain.

“No I’m not letting her die,” I said.

“We have to head to the planet they call Earth!”

Was this really the only way? I thought.

Week 27: The situation: By Dan

Rat a tat tat!

The machine gun began to spray bullets in our direction. I dived into a shell crater, and pulled out my rifle and began to fire back.


A shell landed right alongside me and I was blown back towards our trenches. It was a blood bath out there.

Suddenly the enemy whistle blew. I knew what that meant. Running, was this the only option I thought as I began to run to higher ground. I reached the hill and hid behind a tree. There were four other soldiers there.

We would fight to save our friends!

Week 26 The attack by Colin

I watched from the opera house as the soldiers attacked. They had been trying to break in for 12 hours. At the moment they had retreated back across the river but I was sure they’d be back. I walked over to my friend who was at a different window.

Suddenly before I could talk to him, a bomb smashed through the roof. I turned around to see that the soldiers on our side had erupted into a panic. The bomb had a timer on it and I could see that the mechanics were trying to dismantle it. I rushed down the steps and sprinted to the bomb.

Suddenly I heard a click…

Week 26 by Jacob The rebellion

My friend and I were reading a history book when we came upon a story about a rebellion…

It was about a time when a rebel leader grew great and powerful. The leader wanted more power and decided to raid a big and vast castle. The king was surprised when he saw a giant army heading towards him. He called the wizard and asked him to make a spell to freeze them. The wizard agreed and he forged a spell. He gave it to the king and he threw it at the leader.  He froze and his men were as still as a tree.

“That was a good story! “said my friend.

Week 25: The Zoo Disaster By Benny

The monkeys were escaping! The heavy rain made it hard to see. Around 15 of them got out. My first thought was maybe to lure them in with a banana but I bet they preferred freedom. The other zookeepers watched in shock while while monkeys jumped from tree to tree, desperately trying to get away. No one knew how they escaped. Maybe their cage was damaged? I saw people screaming and running away. Soon, the black monkeys were gone. There was nothing we could do now. The monkeys have escaped.

Week 25 The Bullies By Conor H

It was another normal day for Arthur at school. Arthur always got bullied. The only problem was that he never had the guts to tell anyone about the bullies. Whenever Arthur went to bed he would worry about the next day.

The next morning he made his lunch. He was having the last black soggy banana that was in the fridge. After that, he jumped into the car with his mother.

Then his mom gave him a kiss before he walked into school.

Somehow today he felt he could stand up to the bullies and show them what he was made of.



Week 20: The War: By Liam A

It was a brutal battle but it wasn’t over yet. Every day the gunshots would get closer to the trenches. Every day we would hear the crackle of machine guns and the screams of pain. As my friends and I crouched down and plodded along the trench we could hear people outside. They were Germans. We loaded our guns and BANG!!! They were dead.

That was the first person I killed and I didn’t want to do it again. Suddenly there was a whistle in the air – it was a strange object. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. Suddenly I realised it was a missile.

”GET DOWN” I screamed.

But it was too late…

Week 20 Disaster In Pompeii By Conor H

Everyone thought it was the end of Pompeii. They were all talking about the raging Mount Vesuvius. Families ran everywhere to find shelter. The next day there were heeps of tremors and it was getting hot. Then suddenly hot ash blew out of the volcano, and lava rushed down.

Straight away something came out of the sky. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. Suddenly all the people screamed PUMICE ROCKS!

We all rushed towards the other cities, but they were under attack too. We really didn’t want to die like this.


Week 19: Deserted Village By Liam O

At the beginning of the day, I woke up very tired. I walked downstairs and got myself a cup of coffee, my father had the news on. I was so tired that the news was a mumble and all I heard was dangerous, evacuate and squad.

My father seemed worried but I didn’t think much of it and went for my morning walk. I went into the village and it was deserted. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened.  I saw a green box in the middle of the junction in the centre of the village. Since there was no one was in the village I decided to go home. When I got home no one was there… then it clicked with me –  what I heard on the news  – the green box was a bomb.

I whispered to myself “oh no” I heard an explosion and everything went black…

Week 19 Why is it not open? by Rhys

I was watching tv but I got hungry. There was nothing in the press.  I was irate.  I didn’t want to go to the shop but I guessed  I had to go to the shop. I was walking through town and no one was there –  strange.  I was in a quandary whether to go back or not.  It felt like I was in a ghost town but I continued to the shop.  Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I was bamboozled. I went home and no one was there.

“Hello!” I screamed.

I looked out the window and saw everybody was running.

“Why are you  running?”

“There are five bombs in town –  run!”



Week 18: Late For Hogwarts By Benny

We were going to be late. It was going to be my first day at Hogwarts. We all rushed into the car. King’s Cross station was about 2 hours from our house. There was no way we’d be there on time. My siblings weren’t helping because they were fighting about which house I would be in. I hoped to be in Ravenclaw.

Our car broke down halfway there so we borrowed a vintage car. “We’ll be there in no time.” My dad said. “But it is so slow.” I said back.

We finally arrived at King’s Cross station. The gate to 9 3/4 was closed. We were too late.

Week 18 The Getaway by Dylan

I sprinted out of the bank, my bags stuffed with money. I knew the guards would be there any second. I hopped into my car but it just wouldn’t start. I dashed away as I heard sirens behind me.
I had a cunning plan I would go to the train station because I knew a train would be there shortly and just as the train was about to arrive I would jump to the other side and run away. I ran to the train station and saw the train coming but it is so slow, I jumped and fell onto the track…..

Week 17 The Yellow Bike By Ronan

One day as I was riding my bike through the woods I noticed that its colour was a little bit faded so I went down to the local hardware store and bought two cans of yellow spray paint. I cycled back up to the woods and strapped my bike to a telephone pole beside a near by-road. I whipped out the cans of spray paint and started painting.

After a while one of the cans wouldn’t stop spraying I turned around in the direction of the road and tried to get it to stop but instead, I accidentally sprayed a long yellow stripe on a passing red car.

Week 17: The Bike Burglar: By Dan

There it was, its canary yellow paint gleaming out of the shop window.

It was now or never thought John. He walked up to the shop and smashed the window – glass shattered everywhere.

As the deafening alarms wrung out into the night breeze, John hastily plucked the bike from its stand and began to cycle into the distance.

Police sirens edged closer all the time. John took a hard left, he was heading for the park where the bike could transform into a jetski and he could sail down the river.

Suddenly the bike began to spin out of control, the bike had been hacked.

He was done for.