Week 34: Dutch Dyke (Alternative Ending) by Jack

Merrily skipping along, the little Dutch boy approached the local dyke. Abruptly, he stopped.  To his dismay, he found a hole in the dyke. Water was flooding out. Thinking fast, he hurriedly stuck his thumb in the hole. Gladly, he sighed with relief. He was safe……….he thought………..

After hours of helpless calls and shouts, he was beginning to grow extremely tired. Curiously, he pulled his thumb out of the hole. The water just kept gushing out. Frantically, he stuck it back in.

Days passed; no one came. The poor little Dutch boy couldn’t even feel his thumb at this stage. Suddenly, he heard something. A crackling noise. He looked at the dyke. It was cracking. The water pressure at the other side was too much. And then, it burst. The water flooded everywhere. Life was destroyed…….

Week 34: Wrong Switch! By Shane C

Earlier today my aunt had gotten married. We all now sat in a hotel after the ceremony, all dressed up, awaiting our food. After the food most of the children were as bored as a bear so we decided to go outside onto the small green at the front of the hotel.

Some time later I needed to use the toilet so I went inside.

I reached the toilet and it was quite dark in there. I hit a few switches and eventually the light came on. When I got back outside some wet and angry faces were looking at me. The water just kept gushing out of the sprinklers.

….”Ammmm… It wasn’t me!

Week 33 The crash by Gary


I woke from a dream where I was fighting in a war. I was on the plane home from Spain with my family heading towards my home country Ireland.

Everyone on the plane was still asleep which was no surprise as it was 12 o clock at night. Suddenly I heard some thunder outside. I began to feel a bit scared as I hated thunder and lightning.

Suddenly in the flash of lightning one of the plane’s wings came off. Everyone jolted awake and the gas masks came down from the roof. ”This is your captain speaking please remain calm.

Then we heard him shouting ” O MY GOD WHAT IS TH-…..

Week 33. Cracked Wing!. By Shane C

I was so excited, I had never been on a plane before. We were flying to France to celebrate Uncle Joe’s first anniversary.

Soon everyone began boarding the airplane. A little while later, everyone was on board and the pilot began the preflight tests.

After ten minutes we were high in the sky. I was actually beginning to get a bit nervous about the flight. My family was relaxed so there was hardly anything to worry about. Suddenly in the flash of lightning, I saw Uncle Joe. This couldn’t be happening -he was dead. He was calling my name and beckoning me to come to him.

The next time I looked out the window the wing was gone….

Week 32 The Best Burger Ever by Calum

Tired, hungry, cranky. I was plodding up the street, looking for somewhere to eat. My car had broken down in the middle of nowhere and I hadn’t eaten for a whole 24 hours and I was so hungry. Then I looked to my left and saw a nice looking restaurant.

I ran over and pushed open the door. The smell was amazing. There were hundreds of people ordering food. My turn had finally come. I stepped up and ordered the biggest and best burger in the restaurant. A few moments later two hands emerged up for the counter holding the nicest burger I had ever seen. I ate every crumb. It was the best burger I ever ate.

Week 32: Breaking News by Sean M

Breaking News just in that MacDonalds are not using beef for their burgers!At eleven o’ clock that night a customer walked in planning on buying a big mac and a chicken nugget sharebox but ended up running out of the building with big gossip.

A  man called Paul was going to get a big meal for himself after a hard day of work. He overheard some young employees talking about how they were making much more then they used too after switching to horse meat. Now MacDonalds are being sued. The man reported this to RTE.

Week 32 The New Creation by Laurynas

Mr Willy Wonka was bored. He was tired of making sweets and wanted to make something new. In the blink of an eye, he had an epic idea. He was going to make a burger!

He got all the ingrediants in about ten seconds with the help of his oompa-loompas and started making his new creation. After a while he made the burger and asked Charlie Bucket to test it. It was so delicous that he fainted.

When Mr Willy Wonka sold the burger everyone wanted one. And that is why people all over the world want a burger because of Mr Willy Wonka’s thoughts.

Week 31: Sniper Struggle by Christopher

I swam across the water to a small island about 20 metres away from shore. I hid in a small hedge, got my rifle and put the bipod down.
In the distance, I saw a BMW jeep with somebody on its mounted Light Machine Gun. Carefully, I measured the distance, took aim and fired.

Suddenly a crocodile grabbed my leg. It was like getting caught in a bear trap. I got my Pistol and shot it. I swam back out of the water and collapsed on the sand.

Eventually, I got up and limped into a bush. I stayed within the leaves and ate an orange.

What was I going to do now?

Week 31: The best match ever By Liam

For 87 minutes Newtown AFC and Rockchapel UTD, my team, have been equal. The score was 2-2. I had the ball in front of the goals. Unexpectedly, a defender came right at me. I collapsed onto the ground.

This was my chance.

“Aagghh! I’m hurt” I screeched. I cried crocodile tears harder than ever. Within a few seconds, medics, teammates and the referee crowded around me.

“Penalty” said the Ref.

I willingly took the penalty. I stood in front of the wide goals. I took my match winning shot. As my team bellowed joyously with the orange lit sky behind us, we headed home for a party.

Week 31 The Escape By Shane F

“You got a package ” the guard shouted through the cell door .

He slipped the package onto the cold floor . Slowly I took the package and carefully tore it open . It was a crocodile skin bag . Almost unbelievably the bag held everything I needed to get out of this retched place. I got a hammer and chisel out of the bag and began to break through the wall

An hour later I made a big enough hole so I could shuffle through it into the darkness of the night . I got a black jumpsuit from within the bag and strapped it to my back . I saw a boat in the distance with orange streaks around it . It was wide with armour and guns on the side .

“I must be  valuable for this sort of getaway ” I told my self .

The boat parked beside the shore and suddenly a huge light was on me.

“We’re leaving” the man shouted

Week 30: I hate it By Aivaras

I just could not do it. I just could not eat something so disgusting. It was broccoli. For me it just does not look right. It kind of looks like a tree. My mother told me I must at least eat one or no phone.
Nervously I picked one up. Bravely and sadly I put it in my mouth and chewed. “Now was that so bad ,” said mom. Unfortunately for me it was terrible. I was in the toilet before you knew it. I just absolutely hate broccoli.



Week 30 The letter by Gary.

My parents had died in a car crash last month. We had just come straight from the graveyard back to our house for the service. My sister and I decided to talk to some people – my friends, cousins, my nana and my grandad and some of my mom and dads old friends.

There was food but I just couldn’t eat so I decided to go upstairs to my parent’s room. Silently,  I crept up the stairs into their room. It felt weird going into their room without them being there. I saw a note on their bed.

I picked it up and read with a mixture of surprise and horror…

Week 29 : Bulging And Bulbous, Raging And Insane By Paul

I heaved and puffed when I slammed and locked the door. I crumbled into a worthless heap. All I heard was the soft drip drop of the slime. The slime dripped through the floorboards overhead.

I stared up. Another pair of eyes met me. They were bulging and bulbous, raging and insane. CRASH! The person fell before me. I wasted no time.

I took hold of the pale man’s head and slammed it into the wall. The little cottage shook. Then I flung it over my shoulder as if I was a pro wrestler.

It screamed and ran at me. Taking out my crowbar, I swung it like a baseball bat. The thing flew away a meter and never got up again.

I fell to the ground and tried to sleep. But something wet landed on my cheek…

Week 22: Tennis Finals by Paul

Nervous and excited, Penny waited to be called.

“Penny O Leary from Ireland versus Abel Brenden!” boomed the announcer.

Penny heard the roars of excitement because she swears that it raked her skin.

The crowds were suddenly quiet. Abel bounced the ball with a smug look on her face. Penny had never even seen Abel before but she wanted to smash that face.

Abel flung the ball without warning. Penny caught it with her racket. “Love 15 for Penny,” Now Penny wore the smug look.

After a grueling battle of stamina lasting two whole hours, it was finally the end. Penny launched the ball with all her strength.

“PENNY HAS WON!” screamed the announcer. The crowds cheered until they were hoarse.

Crying and laughing she took it all in. She had WON!

Week 22 Escape from Alcatraz by Gary.

Tonight I was going to escape from the most heavily guarded prison in the world. Alcatraz. I had finally dug a hole big enough in the wall of my cell for me to crawl through. I had been chipping at the wall for 7 months. But in case one of the guards passed by my cell I carefully designed a head made out of plastic and put it at the right angle to make it look like I was asleep.

As soon as I escaped the main building I ran down the harbour. Laughter escaped out of my mouth. But as I jumped onto one of the boats a shot rang out and everything went black……..

Week 22 The Christmas Day Truce! By Calum

It was Christmas day and the war had been going on for a few months now. Everyone felt miserable and sad because their families were back home. Suddenly the Germans emerged waving a white flag. We decided to go towards the Germans and see what they were doing.

Surprisingly we all decided to have a truce. Later on that day one of the British soldiers got a ball and we had a game of soccer. It was Britain against Germany but in a game of soccer. The joy on everyone’s face was delightful and the sound of laughter was wonderful. For a few hours, everyone forgot about the war and we all became good friends. The game ended 5-3 with the British winning but that didn’t really matter.

But then the time came and we all had to go back. It was the most fun everyone had had since the war started.

Week 21 Falling By Shane F

Scared, nervous, frightened I nervously walked onto the plane taking us to France. It was World War two and we were flying over a town near Paris. As we flew closer we heard more gunshots; they were like a lions roar. I glanced over to see the five other planes to our right .

“GET READY TO JUMP,” the captain shouted angrily.

Suddenly all the lights went out and I could see smoke coming from the engine. I heard the captain roar,  ” JUMP JUMP!”

And as the plane fell we all jumped as fast as we could. I saw other men falling without their parachute. As I opened my parachute four bullets hit it and my gun slapped me in the face…After that,  I was just falling to my inevitable death…

Week 21 The Plane crash by Laurynas

” Please sit down and fasten your seatbelts –  we’re experiencing a bit of a wind turbulence,” said the pilot to his passengers.

Confused and a little bit worried I sat down and looked around to see people whispering about what was going on. I was going to fly to Spain for a holiday but I didn’t know that the weather was that bad.

The pilot’s voice sounded again but in the middle of his sentence, he screeched. Suddenly all the lights went out and everyone was scared and worried by now. I looked out the window and noticed that the plane was flying lower and lower.

Eventually, it hit me at the last moment ……. we were going to CRASH.

Week 21: Carnival Disaster Part one by Kallum Y

Joy. Colour. Brightness.

We arrived at the carnival at 7:30.p.m. It was nearly dark. My brother and I ran for the roller coaster, bought a ticket and got into the carriage. Ascending we were nervous but excited.

Suddenly all the lights went out and the rides came to slow, eerie, hault. “What’s going on?” I whispered to my brother who was as scared as I.

“I don’t know,” he whispered back.

Suddenly we heard screams from below. There was nothing we could do. The carriages started moving backwards at a tremendous speed and then darkness.

To be continued….

Week 20: AAUUEEEHHHAAHH, by Sean M

Walking home, Sean was excited to get his homework done. He wanted to go and play hurling but he had to finish his homework first. He usually had no problem with the gigantic but lazy black dog living next door; he never bothered with Sean. Being the predicament that he was in he didn’t see or hear the dog. But when he was nearing the home of the cantankerous animal out of nowhere, he heard AAAUUUEEHAAAHHH.
The black dog galloped after Sean for about 100 yards. Sean never ran as quick. Looking back at what had happened, the noise was SO loud that he had gotten a headache which he was still feeling a while later.

“Oh memories,” Sean whispers to himself.

Week 20: I didn’t do anything! By Christopher H

I was just playing my Xbox when I got a terrible fright.
I thought it was the game I was playing but the noise was so loud that it couldn’t possibly be that.

I went into the hall to investigate. My Mom’s new vase had been knocked over but then I saw my sister cleaning it up. It was all over the floor. Before I even got to say a word my sister called Mom.

“Mom!” She shouted.

“What?” Replied Mom.

“Christopher knocked your new vase!”

Mom rushed upstairs to see that her new vase has been turned into bits.

“I’m in big trouble” I whispered to myself.

Week 20 My Last Goodbye! By Calum

Lonely, Depressed, Miserable. I stood at the pier, watching my mother board the boat that would take her to America, The Titanic.

It was earlier that morning my mother got a letter in the post. We never get post so she was quite nervous. She opened the letter and it was like her heart dropped. The letter was from my granddad. It stated in the letter that my grandmother was after dying in America.

Dejected, my mother ran down to the pier in Queenstown to try and get a ticket for The Titanic. Luckily she got a ticket. But just one. My uncle and I went down to the pier to wave her goodbye.

The horn hooted. The noise was so loud it nearly burst my eardrums. The ship sailed off and …that was the last time I ever saw my mother.

Week 19: A Bomb by Kayden

As they walked down the forest the drug lord and his goons tried to be as quiet as they could so they wouldn’t wake up any animals. They were all setup for their raid. They were going to sneak into an outpost and steal all the drugs they could. To get there they had to use the famous boat used to rescue the Portuguese President from a terrorist attack on his island.

The gang headed towards the outpost with the boat. Everyone on the island was asleep, this was their chance. Suddenly one of the goons noticed a red flashing light behind the steering wheel. It was a bomb. Before the gang could jump off the boat it exploded, waking up everyone on the island.

Week 19 The Lost City Of Atlanta BY Sean Mcs

Tired and cold, I trotted through the forest. But out of nowhere some old boats fell from the sky. I went into one and immediately I was teleported to the Lost city of Atlanta. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

I explored the ancient city to find an ominous temple. I went in. There were traps every where. So I had to face my fears and I did. I ventured into the deepest parts of the temple. I got through in one piece and I was surprised to find a skeleton holding a sign that said,”If you read this you are the luckiest person alive” and I was from then on wards.

Week 19 The Whirl Pool By Dylan O’C

A few fishermen set out at noon to catch some fish.They got a radio call from an unknown person saying, “There is a ship with lots of treasure inside.”

They sent a map of where the treasure would be. They went to check it out and found nothing. Just then the wind got worse and the rain started pouring on us. A big whirlpool opened and the sailors fell in. They were in shock when they arrived.

“Where are we?” a fisherman asked?

We explored the inside and found so much treasure.

“WE ARE RICH!” we exclaimed.

Then we saw a big sign saying, The Lost City Of Atlantis.

How are we getting home?


Week 18: The Funeral by Christopher

The priest came, then there was complete silence for a few moments. About thirty people were there.  There wasn’t much space because we were in the house.

The priest just finished and my Mam started crying. I hugged her, my eyes got tearful; then I started crying. While the coffin was entering the car my brother played the national anthem on his bag pipes. We then walked behind the car to the church.

We shook hands with everybody. While the coffin went under we all threw a Mauve rose in. The steel outskirts were covered. We then all had a lovely dinner in silence, Beef and Carrots.

Week 18 The Chase by Gary

I looked back over my shoulder and to my relief, he was gone. I had been running for a half an hour.

It all started when I went to the new newsagent’s shop which was mauve. I opened up the door which was so heavy it was like pushing steel. I only had to buy milk and carrots but even that was tough as the shop was so messy.

After I left the shop I noticed someone behind seemed to be running at me. I started running but he kept following me. I decided to hide under a bush. Suddenly I heard rustling behind me. When I turned around I was staring at the barrel of a gun…..

Week 18 The Great Carrot Heist By Shane F

As I got up for work in the carrot bank of Rabtopia, I walked out of my mauve apartment. I heard my four neighbors planning something very suspicious. I didn’t want to eaves drop on their plan but it sounded too suspicious . I heard Jerry whisper, “I have genetically engineered these carrots to explode with a push of this button!”Suddenly I heard  Marcus coming to the door so I ran as fast as I could to work.

Later that day I told the manager but he didn’t believe me. About twenty minutes later 4 rabbits in ski masks marched in armed with steel knives and guns . I was tearful that no one  believed me . But I hid under the desk.

“Give us all your carrots or these ones will blow you up!”