Week 17: December 26th 2004 By Kallum.

I was at the swimming pool at our resort when suddenly I heard people screaming coming from the beach. Trees were falling and as the weather changed the sound of rushing water was drawing nearer and nearer. Out of nowhere water poured over the buildings and everyone started running for their lives. I was caught by water and washed down the main road. The sounds all around were deafening.

I grabbed hold of a fallen tree: not knowing if would be able to hold on for long. Petrified I held on to the tree for an hour until rescue teams saved me.

I will never forget that day.

Week 17 The Intergalactic Mission

I have to save the world from the evil doctor Ravenhill; he cannot be stopped by anyone. He is the invisible man .

At the moment, he is up in space with his high-tech army of computers and hacks everything but not my computer. As the weather changes the people get a a little bit suspicious so I have to go to space and destroy his lab .

5 4 3 2 1 take off I am going to space to stop the evil doctor but as soon as I am in space, he fires all his missiles. He misses all of them but now it is my turn.

BOOM! I have destroyed him and his lab and the world is now safe .

Week 17 : Red Snow by Paul

Overworked and cold, hungry and clammy, Alice continued to work. Alice was a weapon smith apprentice. In her words, though she was a slave. She hammered over and over. Nearly all of her delicate skin was blue and black.

As the weather changed they stopped. Alice looked outside. It was…snowing. She had never seen this before. “Alice!” Shouted the blacksmith. “Stop looking at the snow you buffoon,”

Her arms were freezing. Suddenly they stopped. Shakes were running down her spine. Two short bursts of knocking banged on the door.

The blacksmith’s face looked like a sheet of paper. Frost was creeping through the door. The door flew open. There stood ice that looked like a man.

Alice could see people outside: Tainted with crimson blood. Alice was frozen. Out of nowhere, the blacksmith threw a hammer.

Walking and unfazed, It pierced the blacksmith’s leather.

It walked up to Alice “Come,”

Week 16 : Infinite loop by Liam

A challenge. A task. A puzzle.

“Nothing could’ve prepared you, for what comes next. It’s a quest for the finish,” a man, his face hidden behind the hood of his cloak sighed sympathetically.

“As I have said to the others in the past, I hope luck is on your side. Stay calm. I truly hope you succeed. Now go,” he said, as I walked through the door.

Inside, it was eerily quiet and lonely. It was odd; there were only two ways. I looked in front and behind. Which way?

Onwards I went. Turn after turn, a new route appeared. ..Suddenly…. Whoosh! Somehow I had fallen through some sort of wormhole and I had teleported back to the start. So I decided to try the other way. The same outcome either way. I was trapped in a loop

Week 16 The Grim Reaper’s Revenge by Laurynas

The damage was done.

The Grim Reaper was coming and I had to run.I just shouldn’t have done the trade for my soul.The Grim ( that was his nickname ) coerced me to give it or my family would die but I couldn’t.

But as I approached the woods I had to go in.

Suddenly the Grim teleported straight in front of me and held me by the throat. My lungs started bursting with pain but I managed to push him away just in time.

I started running again into the woods for an hour. I stopped and I looked in front and behind. Which way? Suddenly the Grim howled like a wolf and I raced in never to return.

Week 16 : A Great Weekend By David

Last Saturday my dog Skip went missing. I was gutted.  I knew he was going to run out as we did not have a gate. And one day he did. I tried to run after him but I fell. I did not see which direction he had ran in. I looked in front and behind. Which way? I did not know.

Dad was trying to be nice so he said ” let’s go camping for the weekend – that will take your mind off it. ”

On the second night of our camping, I was getting into my sleeping bag when I heard growling. I looked outside- it was Skip. I was so happy.

He never left my side again.

Week 15 In 2017 I hope By Sean McS

In 2017 I hope that it will be a good year and I will have fun.  I hope I go on lots of trips.

I also hope to see my sister walk and talk.  Hopefully her first word will be my name.

I’m looking forward to my birthday.  I hope I get a big surprise.

I am looking forward to Summer and hope I will go abroad in the Summer with my mom, dad and my sister.  I would like to go somewhere warm.

I am excited for my sister’s future.

I think 2017 will be a great year and me and my family will be very happy.

Week 15 In 2017 I Hope by Shane F

In 2017 I hope that the new school is started because we need the bigger space . More and more children are coming to our school and we need a bigger school for everyone.

It would be great if we lowered the numbers that are homeless – it’s devastating to see all the people on the streets tired cold and hungry. There are loads of vacant houses

I would love if the world became more peaceful  – it’s simple to abide by the rules and stop fighting . In my opinion, all the nuclear weapons should be disarmed  and used for power and it would save us from using natural resources.

It would be wonderful if we save all the endangered animals like the tiger or the panda and to stop pollution -it’s ruining the ozone layer which is protecting us from radiation .

Finally I hope we start preparing to colonise other planets


Week 15 My Dreams To Make The World A Better Place In 2017. By Shane C.

In 2017 I hope that In school I will receive my first Showcase. I would also love if the building of our new school would get underway in the New Year.

In my town which is called Kanturk, I hope that the level of litter drops. I also would love if my town won a competition called Tidy Towns, this prize is awarded to the cleanest town in Ireland.

I would love if the Munster Rugby Team won the Pro12. In soccer, I wish that Cork City would  win the Airtricity league.

In the world, it is vital that crimes and Drugs draw to an end.

I hope that anybody reading this agrees with these suggestions.

Shane C.

Week 14: Galaxy Gazing by Jack

Walking on the moon was like being in a slow-motion world. Every step felt like forever. I gazed into the never-ending galaxy, staring at the prodigious planets, admiring the effulgent stars.

Allured by Earth, I stopped for a moment and thought,”So this is what our planet looks like from space; exquisite.”

As I turned around, it changed shape, and I realised that I was watching it orbit the sun while rotating on its axis.

All of the other planets had their own riveting features. Neptune and Uranus had their intriguing blue. While the vibrant glare of Venus was like watching the sun set.

The solar-system; the greatest sight ever.

Week 14: Self-Destruct by Kayden

I was working on an experiment in my lab.I had almost finished. All I needed was the final part. As I turned round it changed shape.I rushed over to it and scanned it with my detector to check if it was ok. It started flashing red and violently beeping.I panicked because when it beeps like that it means that it is going to go out of control and possibly kill people.

I immediately got my self-destruct remote and got everything out of the lab.I pressed the red button in the center.There was a massive explosion.

Had I destroyed it ?  Or had it gone out the window that I left open?

Week 14 Winterhold Academy by Kacper

One day I was going into Winterhold Academy. But someone was standing in the entrance to the bridge – it looked like one of the students.

When I tried to enter she said, “You don’t look like one of the students, who are you? What did you come here for?”

I answered,” I want to enter the Academy.”

She answered, “If you want to enter you have to know the spell of summonsing a demon. If so you could come through. ”

I used all my magic on the spell and cast it on the ground. It worked but as I turned around it changed shape. What I really summonsed was an ice wraith.

Week 13 Prison Break by Christopher

Two more years to go... I can't wait, I mean it. I'm sick of staying within the walls.
A prison escape is planned.
At lunch tommorow, a fire is going to break out in the canteen as a distraction because my friend, Jack found a firelighter. 

We then will break into the security room with a fire-axe, take explosives and try to collapse the perimeter wall - hopefully wide enough for somebody to fit through.

That's only a distraction. We were hoping we could slip out while the guards try and quench the fire. Forgot to mention, all there is outside the perimeter wall is about five-hundred metres of a swamp, hopefully with no crocodiles

When I first came here I saw orange Hovercrafts.
We hope to take one, and off we go.

Week 13: The Nightmare Incident By Liam

The beautiful evening sun lit up the slow flowing river with an orange glow. The perfect day comes to an end. The wide, busy street was packed with heavy traffic.

The unsuspecting civilians were bewildered and flabbergasted when the wall of the city bank blew open onto the street causing havoc amongst the car drivers and pedestrians. The wall slammed on the ground faster than a crocodile’s closing jaws. Out from the rubble emerged a group of masked men. Several people rang for police and other forces, no one could get through to them.

“We’re done here, light the bombs, I want flames!!” shouted the group leader. “Fire in the hole!! The group made a run for it… within a few seconds, the building collapsed.

Week 12: Water Park Disaster By Kallum Y

Frightened. Worried. Upset.

We made our way through the gates to the water park where the accident happened…

I saw the monument they put up and I also saw the ride. Then it all hit me –  all of the memories and sadness at once. We got into the little carriage with an angry face on it and we set off. The water was hitting us in the face and it was fantastical fun. Suddenly we went around a corner and the connection broke and we all fell out. Screaming for my life I tumbled down but my leg got trapped and I couldn’t move.

Frightened. Worried. Upset.

Week 12 The Enemies Attack! By Calum

One dreary, windy, rainy day, two other troops and I were guarding the village and we were camping under a tent. Suddenly as we were dozing off to sleep, the alarm bells rang loudly around the village, We were under attack!

We sent out a signal to base camp and they were sending out troops immediately. We also got confirmation that it was our neighbouring enemy village who sent out troops to scout our village and plan an attack. All of a sudden the mood changed from normal to hostile.

As the enemy troops came into sight, we annihilated them. We then brought out our evil looking cauldron and put the enemies into it head first. This meant war!

Week 12 A Useless City By Shane C

3:13   15th February 1913.   New York city AKA The Big Apple.  The USA.                    

Scaring, Frightening and terrifying, this guy’s plan to ruin the big apple that only I knew about, was going to destroy everything. The statue opening was at half past 3 which was 17 minutes from now and only I could save America. But yet I was hesitating about it because anything could happen.

The whole opening was going brilliantly until people realised that fresh blood was on the statue and then mayhem broke out. So I went to save my country but when I opened the door to my horror slime was flowing out and the fuse began to burn.

…The bomb had gone off early….


Week 11:Terrorism by Kayden

Greeting humans of Earth, I am here today to state how terrorism is one of the world’s worst problems.First off there is no good side to terrorism.There are many terrible things about it and I am going to start off by saying how unpredictable it is. You could be taking a tour of a famous landmark or structure to find out that there is a bomb planted on it. The sad thing is it happens in many well-visited places or at celebrations.

Secondly the amount of people that are killed. There could be thousands of people just happily doing their thing and all of a sudden a group could come and open fire on the unexpected group of civilians.

I strongly believe this should all stop and it could save millions of  lives.

Week 11: Let’s End Homelessness by Jack

“Greetings humans of earth, today I would like to draw your attention to a worldwide concern. Homelessness is becoming a huge issue. Statistics show that the last time a global survey took place, it was proven that 100 million people in the world were homeless.

I’m sure that seeing the poor, lamentable,  life-less faces on homeless people, truly brings out the guilt in people. Others must agree that old, abandoned, unused houses across the globe are going to pitiful waste. I’m absolutely certain, that if the people of this planet would pitch in and try to eradicate the word homeless from the people’s vocabulary, the world would be a much happier, joyful and elated place.”

Week 11 Show mercy and give less homework by Kacper

Greetings humans of earth,

I want to bring you a message, especially for teachers all around the world. It’s about homework. Kids sometimes spend 2 hours in front of their copies doing all of that homework.

They probably think, “I was working half a day in school and now I spend about 2 hours doing my homework, I don’t have time to rest, play outside, watch T.V or even not eat for HOURS!”

Everyone knows that sometimes you could spend a DAY just doing useless homework. I send this message so that the teachers might show mercy and give less homework.

Week 10, Up for the Match by Bryan

Delighted,  excited and hopeful as the Cork city fans marched and sang their way down Lansdowne road heading in towards the Aviva.

Cork city was playing Dundalk  in the FAI cup final. A few of the Dublin population were the were wondering, ” but where are they going?”

Cork were the underdogs leading up to the match but they held their own and brought it to extra time. They were doing okay through extra time and in the dying seconds Sean Maguire netted a lucky but meaningful goal that led Cork to a 1-0 victory.

Cork were the champions

Week 10 : Wet. Dark. Foreboding. By Paul

Wet. Dark. Foreboding. It was still the same street, Poppy has always lived in. Dragging the same bag through the same street with the same weary bones with the same …

Her train of thought left the station when she saw two cloaked people walking down an alley. “But where were they going?” she thought

Beads of sweat trailed down her face. “Hello!” …..

Poppy’s mom went out to find her lost child. A grotesque smell hit Poppy’s mom. Suddenly she looked down the dead end alley. Poppy was hung by her legs. Her jaw was gone. She was trying to speak but all that came out was more blood. The last thing the mother heard from her daughter was a blood gurgling groan…

Week 10: Story of the TITANIC By Kallum Y

After nearly one hour we finally reached the deck. All of the lifeboats were gone but where were they going? I couldn’t understand.  At that moment the ship began to shudder.  Suddenly it split down the middle and we made a dash for the edge where the last lifeboat was being filled with people. My mother and I and two of my brothers got on but my father was stopped!!  Bereft, traumatised, confused – we left him on that sinking ship.

To this day 80 years after it happened I can still remember the last words he said to me…” I’ll be on the next one.”  But he never got on the next one.

Week 7 The fantastical web by Dylan O C

One day my friends and I went to the park to play football. We were playing a match and suddenly the ball was hit straight into the ditch and I went to get it. My friends had another ball and they played on.

I slipped into the ditch and nobody saw me.I saw a huge fantastical web.The bad news was that I was stuck in it. I was screaming for help but nobody heard me.

Well, that’s what I thought when a huge spider came out of nowhere. I was chased by the spider. When I got back up out of the ditch everybody was gone and so was the spider…

I woke up and I said to myself – it was just all a bad dream.

Week 7: Agent Black Widow by Liam

Computer hacking! Ha, like I would like to do something so devious and illegal. That’s what I would’ve said when I was younger, but now I’m the best security firewall disabler and the most brilliant account hacker in the world. If it’s a hack I made it

Although I’ve done all that, I still to this day haven’t been able to get inside the main super computer of The Pentagon. A highly advanced facility with biological weapons that could take out a nation.

Finally, I came up with a simple but ingenious design with so many possibilities and tools. I call it Agent 008: The Black Widow. I now want to have the opportunity of a lifetime to see all the projects that go on inside that base.

Week 7 The Battle by Gary

This was it. I was among 100 other men chosen to fight the giant spider. The spider had taken over New York.

We got there by parachuting from a plane. As well as killing the spider we also had to look for survivors. When we got there I heard the scream of a baby. I wasn’t the only one who had found survivors. We got them on the plane and the crew flew away with the survivors.

Suddenly we heard a boom. The spider was bigger than I imagined. Nothing we used worked seemed to work. Then I decided it was time to end this. I got the atomic bomb and then I pressed the detonator….

Week 6. New Football Boots !! By Sean M

Listening carefully and patiently for the arrival of my new football boots. Suddenly I heard a soft slap on the floor. Straight away with no hesitation I sprinted like an absolute maniac towards the front door.

It was a silky, smooth package from Adidas! Still panting from the immediate burst of pace to the front door, I was so eager to tear into the box like an animal.

Seeing the official Adidas writing gave me goosebumps. The material felt like a baby’s bottom. The colour of the boots were gold, faded black and simple white.

I was so thrilled.

Week 6 The Dungeon by Shane F

On a warm Spring day, I was searching for the dragons dungeon in the woods. Later that day I found a gigantic cave so I slowly crept down into the cave . As I went in deeper it got darker so I had to light a torch.

Suddenly a skeleton  monster jumped out and attacked me with his sword and shield. I swiftly drew my sword to attack it.  I managed to find the dragons lair .  I silently crept in there with a crossbow and sword in my hands. Eventually, I killed the dragon . I walked up the steps  and saw a big chest. I opened it and I stuck my hand in. The material felt like metal.

It was the legendary master sword.