Week 6 : The Forest Guardian By Paul

“Eh! Where are ye?” bellowed the lumberjack. “I guess if you won’t come to me I’ll chop down this here tree!” After that, he started revving up his chainsaw.

Suddenly the chainsaw stopped. It was cut in half. Shocked the man looked up from his chainsaw and saw a figure wearing black. The man looked so scared. The figure in black ran his fingers up the sword. The material felt like hot iron.

At last the man came to his senses and swung a wild swing at him. But all too slow.  Suddenly he pounced back and lunged, sword first, into the man’s arm.

No one came to the forest again.

Week 5: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 3) by Jack

Tiptoeing past the man, we thought we were safe but out of nowhere, he pushed us into a miniature, diminutive room. The walls were very  dusty. Then the lock clicked and a loud chortle came from outside.

After a while, Amelia spotted a gap in the wall, revealing  a secret tunnel. Teeming with happiness, we crawled through. Aidan, who was very claustrophobic, was hyperventilating.

Eventually we escaped from the room but Aidan accidentally activated a booby trap. Suddenly, giant boulders fell from the ceiling, pushing Amelia down a hole…..

Narrowly escaping, we felt very crestfallen and bereft after losing Amelia.

(Below are links to Part One and Part Two of “Adventure of a Lifetime.”)

Week 1: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 1) By Jack

Week 4: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 2) by Jack


Week 5 : The Prison Break By Bryan

There he sat bored ,tired and baked in the heat of his prison cell. His daily meal came through the wall. He looked at it, bamboozled and thought what was the effervescent beverage on his tray.

He heard nothing but silence … then the lock clicked and 2 guards walked in and said: ” Walker, you have 2 days to live because we are executing you due to the horrible crime you committed.”

He punched the wall in frustration and a pathway appeared. He walked through and followed the path.  Suddenly he popped up outside the prison. He ran but heard gunshots.  He saw guards chasing him.

He was on the run.??.

to be continued


Quietly I made my way  to the main square of the prison. Petrified, it was my turn to feed the beast down in the witch well. Many guards were lost down there such as Bobby and Sam. Anybody who saw the beast – never came out alive.

I remembered the training from Samuel. I lifted the lid of the bucket and saw a red effervescent liquid. I unlocked the huge gate and poured all of the liquid down the cold stone steps. Soon after I heard loud slurping noises.

All of a sudden I was pushed into the cell and the door was closed behind me.  …Then the lock clicked and… I was trapped.

Week 4 What a tour! by ShaneC

“Now don’t forget your sun cream for tomorrow,” said the teacher quietly, just before the bell rang for hometime.

Suddenly the classroom was empty. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow because it was school tour day. The next morning when I got up I went straight to school. When I arrived at the school I was stunned when  I saw that we were going on a pink bus.

On the bus, I was hoping that I would see a giraffe but then disaster struck and the bus broke down right next to a construction site. All you could hear was drilling. Everyone’s parents had to come and collect them. I thought to myself well what a  start!

Week 4: Rare Breed Giraffe by Christopher

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you cloned a giraffe and a flamingo together?

When I was small I always loved to listen to my teacher telling me how cloning worked so I tried it myself. I peered into the pond as I tried to ignore the sound of the drilling making the new habitat.

Suddenly I heard Michael scream, “It’s born, it’s born!”

I ran over thinking this is a joke but… it was real! When it was born it just stood there quietly staring at a wall. Eventually the Giraffe started growing hair with pink spots on it!

Week 4:The Giraffe Heist by Kayden

There were 5 of them. 5 clever, pink giraffes waiting outside the bank. They were going to rob it.

One by one they started climbing to the top of the bank. Slowly and steadily they descended down from the roof to the vaults with a rope. There were cameras everywhere but the giraffes were able to dismantle them. Quietly they started drilling through the vaults and collected all the money.

There was only one thing left.The Diamond. They got through the red door and saw the 6-feet wide 6-feet high diamond. And of course, giraffe number 3 had to run over to it, hug it and sound the alarms by running over the trip-wires and through the lasers.

Giraffe number 5 (who was a teacher) then said “Oh well…We’re screwed.”

Week 3 Peace by Sean Mc

One day I was playing outside and I saw something in the sky. I didn’t make a big deal out of it but little did I know that it was aliens.

When I realised it, I was really scared. I ran down the street saying aliens are coming. Then everyone went silent but soon  started screaming.

The aliens came out and said “sedan ca” in alien language.  Then a translator said, ” do not be afraid. We are friendly.”

People were sceptical at first but after a few weeks they had decided that they could stay and then they signed a peace treaty.

Week 3 Finding My Family By Calum

It was a cold morning during the war and I was woken up by the sound of gunshots. I got up and went towards my mother’s torn up bed. As I approached the bed I noticed that there was nobody in there.

I searched and searched but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked underneath the bed and I found my little brother’s ripped up teddy. I went outside to see if anybody was around but all I could see were soldiers running up and down the street.

A soldier grabbed me and said, “You shouldn’t be here”.

He took me to a massive tent and tossed me inside.  I glanced around and I saw them sitting down. I was overwhelmed with tears. I was so happy to find my family.

Week 3: Peace of our Time by Liam

Guns Firing.  My eyes blistering from no sleep. This was the norm now.

“Make sure, you have the essentials, water, food , blankets,” my mother repeated for the hundredth time.

“Move it, move it, more hustle less tussle!” the army man bellowed.

Finally, I thought, a relief from this war-torn country. I had never travelled overseas before. Across the Mediterranean is a long way especially by boat. I’m probably going to be bored to death. But at least I’m going to have a better life.

Out of the blue, shots reigned down on us –  we were being attacked.

We prayed, “Hail Mary full of Grace…

Week 2 Believe in magic! By Dylan k

One miserable cold day, Matilda returned home from a long day at school.

“What will I do? ” Matilda said.

“Oh read a book, “she thought. “There’s so much to choose from  -J.K Rowling, Roahl Dahl or maybe …


What was that?  Matilda ran down stairs horrified of what she could see. To her amazement, she recognised a tall, dark,man. It’s the BFG!

“Come with me,” the BFG said, “we can go on the most wonderful and adventurous trip!. All you have to do is to believe in magic.”

“Ok I’ll give it a go. But you need to promise –  you won’t eat me up? ”

Before Matilda could begin she found herself flying over the most beautiful city. She felt like she was in a dream….

Later  Matilda woke up to realise that she had been dreaming and dozed off to sleep.


Week 2 The Tiny Umpa Lumpas By Christopher

I woke up hearing my friends whispering by the window.

“What are you looking at?”, I asked as they turned around in fright.

They didn’t say anything but Alan pulled me over and whispered,                  “Why don’t you have a look?”

I opened my mouth with amazement as I saw tiny people climbing up on each other looking into bedroom windows. I wondered what were they doing?

I shouted, “What are you doing?”

They all then fell down off the man-made tower and they started running towards us. They were just about to speak but then I  … woke up. It was all just a dream.



Week 1: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 1) By Jack

Standing before me were ten explorers. I needed to choose four of them to join me on an adventure of a lifetime. We would explore the world, discovering tremendous things.

Choosing the team was quite a challenge. They all had their own skills and weaknesses. Eventually I picked them. Ruth, Conor, Amelia and Eoin. Ruth had a lot of exploring experience. Conor was very brave. Amelia was trying to bamboozle everyone with her amazing intellect and Eoin was doing flips and cartwheels everywhere.

Suddenly, there was a bang. I turned around to see Eoin lying on the floor in a very uncomfortable position and I thought “well what a start.”

Week 1 Horse Racing by Laurynas

” And only 5 minutes left to place your bet,” the loudspeaker said.

I came to the desk to place my bet but which one would I choose? Maybe Runner, no, Slow Coach, in my dreams. But as I  saw Lightning I knew he was mine.

The man asked, ” Now which one?”

“Lightning ” I repeated.

“And how much? ” he asked again.

“Just to try my luck, 1 million “I replied handing in the money.

” Ok here is the ticket, “he said.

I took the ticket and went in. The race started and I thought well what a start. I could see Lightning in the lead. With only one turn left he crossed the finish line first.

” Yesss, Three Million here I come!”